Top 10 Best Chain Locks for Doors in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

A secure home brings peace of mind and relaxation. You never have to worry about anyone breaking into your home. However, the normal doors don’t guarantee maximum protection and intruders can easily break in unless you have smart security systems. If you cannot access smart security systems, there is a cheaper way to stay protected.

Invest in a chain lock for door. This chain lock provides your house with enough protection and intruders need to use a lot of energy to break from the outside. Other than keeping your house safe, you can prevent pets and kids from getting outside without your permission. Here are the 10 best chin locks for doors you can purchase to keep yourself safe.

List of Best Chain Locks for Doors in 2024

#10. QCAA Keyed Chain Door Lock

QCAA Keyed Chain Door Lock

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Security is the most crucial thing every home should have at all times. You need to have the best security system or tools so that no one can access your home without your permission. The QCCA chin door lock will be the best to purchase.

Using this door lock is simple and convenient as it is built to open from the inside with or without a key. The included chain holder helps prevent damage that can be caused by the chain when not in use.

The QCCA keyed door lock is designed to secure your door safely while allowing maximum ventilation and viewing. Furthermore, the heavy-duty die cast construction makes it impact-resistant and durable.

  • Constructed of durable die cast construction
  • Designed to open from the inside with or without a key
  • Features a chain holder that prevents damage
  • 3-1/4” chain door guard
  • It allows ventilation and viewing
  • The door lock is lightweight and easy to install
  • Construction is heavy-duty and durable
  • The size description is accurate, so pay attention.
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#9. Door Chain Lock, 2-Pack

Door Chain Lock, 2-Pack

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This is a heavy-duty door guard with a secure lock constructed of steel bars that give ultimate strength and long-term use. It will need an intruder to use a lot of force to open this door chain lock from the outside.

Installing this 2-pack chain is easy. You only measure, mark, and do repairs. There are included screws in the package that will help you finish installation within minutes. In addition, the chain allows you to open the door to view outside or ventilate the house without worrying about safety.

It is one of the best chair door locks to purchase as it locks from the inside and it requires a lot of power to open it from the outside. This is a great extra locking device that can be added to your front and inner doors to prevent your kids and pets from leaving the house without your permission.

  • It has a silver design that fits most decorations
  • Made of a powerful and heavy-duty material
  • Powerful coating on the surface prevents rusting and scratches
  • Comes with screws for installation
  • Improves safety and keeps you protected
  • It is child safe and pet friendly
  • Practical and beautiful door lock
  • The heads of the included screws are flimsy.

#8. SAISN Door Reinforcement Lock

SAISN Door Reinforcement Lock

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SAISN door lock is built to provide safety with sliding holes and double fixed bolts that ensure ultimate and reliable protection. It is built in a way that it will never open even when the wind is strong, thanks to the flip latch.

The door lock is constructed from sturdy stainless steel that has increased thickness so that the latch can tolerate heavy loads and it won’t deform easily. It will provide security for your cabinets, fences, windows, doors, and many more. Installing is simple because it comes with everything you need for the job.

The main reason this lock stands out from the rest is the compact and heavy-duty construction that makes it resist up to 200 pounds, making it a reliable home security tool. Furthermore, the beautiful finish will resist corrosion, scratches, and rust to ensure maximum durability.

  • Made from heavy-duty and thick stainless steel
  • Comes with all the accessories needed for installation
  • Equipped with sliding holes and double fixed bolts
  • Designed to withstand up to 200 pounds
  • Strong finish resists corrosion, rust, and scratches
  • It provides ultimate safety to your kids and pets
  • Simple to install and maintain
  • The construction is rugged and durable
  • Not the strongest door chain lock.

#7. Alise Slide Bolt Safety Door Lock

Alise Slide Bolt Safety Door Lock

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Meet the Alise safety door lock that is designed of heavy-duty stainless steel with a brushed finish that ensures it will not rust or scratch to give you years of use. It has a stylish appearance that makes it match with any door.

The door lock features a spring button lock that enhances anti-theft performance and gives your home maximum protection. It is equipped with bolts and latches made from quality stainless steel which ensures durability.

Overall, this safety door lock is hassle-free to install because it comes with screws that make your job easy. Furthermore, it has an affordable price that makes it perfect for anyone who is on a budget.

  • Constructed of stainless steel with a brush stainless steel finish
  • Package include slide bolt and screws
  • Boasts all metal construction that ensures reliability
  • Features a spring button lock for better anti-theft performance
  • The door lock is sturdy and durable
  • Hassle-free to install and maintain
  • Provides reliable protection from intruders
  • The finish does not resist scratches effectively.

#6. NELXULAS Security Door Chain

NELXULAS Security Door Chain

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NELXULAS brings you this quality stainless steel door chain that is designed to secure your doors from intruders. It is built in a way that allows air entry and easy viewing.

The door chain is constructed of quality stainless steel that will not rust even after years of use and the brushed finish protects against kick and crash. It has a material thickness of 2.0mm, making it easy to install for most doors.

This door lock will provide extra security on apartment and residential doors and it is designed in a way that it can’t be opened with ease from the outside. Included screws make it hassle-free to install with no unique skills needed.

  • Made of 304 stainless steel material
  • Brushed finish resists corrosion and rust
  • Comes with screws that help you finish the installation
  • It is lightweight, weighing 5.29oz
  • The allows for ventilation and viewing
  • No unique tools required for installation
  • Not that sturdy and suitable for light use.
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#5. Jack N’ Drill Chain Door Lock Guard

Jack N’ Drill Chain Door Lock Guard

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This is another heavy-duty door lock guard that is made from reinforced steel that gives ultimate strength and years of use. If someone wants to break into your home, it will require them to use a lot of force to break it from the outside.

The door chain lock comes with screws and instructions that will bring you more convenience when installing the door lock guard. Installation process is easy and no special skills or complicated steps are required. Furthermore, it helps you open doors for viewing or ventilation without worrying about safety.

With this door lock guard, you can protect your family against intruders, where it can be used for front and interior doors. It provides your doors with extra security without compromising the desire for designer finishes.

  • Constructed from reinforced steel for strength
  • It comes with screws and instructions for installation
  • Suitable for front and interior doors
  • The quality finish on the surface resists rust and corrosion
  • Involves hassle-free installation
  • Allows for secure viewing and ventilation
  • It is child safe and burglar-proof
  • Reinforced and renter-friendly
  • For those with thick molding around their doors, this is one is a bit short

#4. 2 Pack Door Chain Lock

2 Pack Door Chain Lock

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This is another stainless steel door lock that is designed to secure your home or office doors with extra safety and it allows you to open for viewing and ventilation. The chain guard is constructed of quality stainless steel which is scratch-resistant, corrosion-free, and rust-resistant.

It has an anti-theft press lock that gives reliable protection against forced entry and you can install the door latch high on the door to keep your clever kids out of reach. Furthermore, the security chain guard red bronze color which looks stylish and it makes a match to your home décor.

The good thing about the door lock is can be used for most doors, ensuring safe viewing and ventilation when the door is partially open. For your intruder to break in, it needs them to use a lot of force from the outside.

  • Made of wear-resistant and durable stainless steel
  • Features a spring anti-theft press lock that adds safety
  • It has a polished red bronze color that matches any home décor
  • Boasts a smooth surface for a comfortable touch
  • Fitted with screws for simple installation
  • Gives maximum protection for your home and office doors
  • The door lock has a smooth and elegant design
  • It is scratch-free and rust-resistant
  • The included screws are not strong.

#3. National Hardware Chain Door Locks

National Hardware Chain Door Locks

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National Hardware brings you this quality chair door lock that is built to open from the inside with or without a key and it is very hard for an intruder to break in from the outside.

It has everything you need to finish your installation and it has an included chain holder that prevents damage from the chain when it is not in use. You can install this door lock wood or metal doors to give installation flexibility. Furthermore, it allows your door to open partially while still giving enough security.

The good thing about this door lock is the flexible and long chain that allows the door to be opened partially for ventilation and viewing without worrying about your safety. It is a great tool that will give extra security on most residential and apartment doors.

  • The lock is built to open from the inside
  • Comes with tools needed for installation
  • Features an included chain holder that prevents damage when not in use
  • Offers security for residential and apartment doors
  • It can be installed on wood and metal doors
  • It is affordable
  • The lock is safe and easy to install
  • Doesn’t require much energy and time for installation
  • The design is not smart and any clever kid will know how to open it.

#2. V-CORME Extra-Thick Door Chain Lock

V-CORME Extra-Thick Door Chain Lock

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V-CORME brings you this heavy-duty door lock that is built to give maximum security in your home. It is fitted with a flexible chain that helps you open the door partially to let air in or see outside safely.

The material is constructed of extra-thick material that provides enough strength to resist impacts from the outside. It has a heavy-duty design that makes it durable and it can withstand everyday use.

V-CORME door chain lock with a 13cm length, 3.5cm width, 0.8cm height, and a chain length of 14cm. The security guard is easy to install, where it can be unlocked from the outside and unlocks from the inside.

It comes with all the needing mounting hardware that makes it easy to install. What you will like about this door chain lock is the sturdy construction and reliable finish on the surface that resists corrosion, rusting, and scratches for optimal performance and durability.

  • It comes with all the required mounting hardware
  • Constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Features a brushed finish that resists scratches and rust
  • It is extra-thick and durable
  • It is fast and simple to install
  • 100% strong and durable
  • Requires less maintenance
  • The price point is a bit unfavorable for anyone on a budget.

#1. Alise FD9000-B Chain Door Guard

Alise FD9000-B Chain Door Guard

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This might look like an ordinary chain lock at first look, but the quality door chain provides ultimate protection to your house. You will never have to worry about intruders with this door guard with a spring locking mechanism.

It is made of a stainless steel and metal that will withstand heavy impacts and it has a brushed finish that will withstand rust and scratches. There is a spring-loaded locking mechanism that keeps the chain from falling out of the lock.

Overall, if you are looking for a door guard that will provide your home with ultimate protection from intruders and the black appearance makes it blend well with most doors. Furthermore, if you are on a budget, this is the best door guard to purchase.

  • Constructed from quality stainless steel for durability
  • Boasts a matte black finish that withstands every day use
  • Feature a spring anti-theft press lock for reliable protection
  • It has a 6.7-inch length, 5-inch body length, and 1/16-inch material thickness
  • Included wood screws make installation easy
  • The spring mechanism is flexible and strong
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • The latch gets stuck if set vertically.
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Things to Consider when Choosing a Chain Lock for Doors

  • Construction: When you are out there looking for a chain lock for your door, you need to buy something made from quality materials. Buy the chain locks constructed from metal and stainless steel materials because they can withstand everyday use and are durable. Most of them have a powerful finish that resists rust, scratches, and corrosion to increase durability.
  • Safety: You should pick a chain lock for door that provides you with ultimate safety. Choose those chain locks that are built with heavy-duty materials that can resist heavy impacts. It should be built in a way that the chain allows you to open the door partially for ventilation and view outside without any safety concerns. Furthermore, you might need a chain lock that can only be opened from the inside so that the intruder will have a hard time breaking in.
  • Price: Chain locks for doors are available at different prices. Depending on your budget level, you can get a top-quality or a medium model. If you want something functional and durable, you can go for the high-priced models. You can find some locks that come at affordable prices but they function perfectly.


There are the 10 best chain locks for doors in the market. They are all made from heavy-duty materials that will resist impacts and can withstand everyday use. Furthermore, they are simple to install and you won’t require any professional help to finish the job. Therefore, we hope you have found a perfect door lock for your home.

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