Top 10 Best Bulb Changers in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

It’s never easy to climb a ladder to go and change the bulbs. Most people have had their struggles with changing bulbs. But that has changed. Today, with the best bulb changer, you don’t have to climb the ladder again or worry about getting injured or electrocuted while changing your bulbs. The equipment helps you remove and replace the bulbs at the convenience of standing on your two feet.

However, with almost every homeowner searching for these items, the market is starting to overflow with all kinds of bulb changers. Because of this, it’s relatively easy to buy the wrong product. But you don’t have to worry much. This post simplifies things for you. We took our time to find the top best bulb changers you can buy, reviewed them, and prepared this article. Read on to know what each model offers. In the end, you’ll have a better idea of what to buy.

List of Best Bulb Changers in 2024

#10. Mr. Longarm 3002 Smart Bulb Changer Kit

Mr. Longarm 3002 Smart Bulb Changer Kit

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Mr. Longarm is here to give a better grip and reach when changing your bulbs. It comes with a patented suction cup on its mouth designed to hold the battery tight during the changing. It does also have extension poles that extend your reach. The design allows you to have the most relaxing time no matter the bulb position. Can you imagine?

You don’t have to climb a ladder to change the bulb. Now you can do the same quickly and effortlessly while you stand safely on the ground. The simplicity of this device makes it easy to use too. And you know what, the pole is easy to adjust and comes with a lightweight design to allow easier lifting. It comes with various attachments for different bulb sizes and changing convenience. The suction cup stays gentle to the bulb, allowing you to use it with even those fragile models.

  • Holds bulbs allowing easy changing
  • Heavy Duty and Nonconductive
  • Use with an extension pole
  • Patented suction cup
  • Quick-release design
  • Extended reach
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#9. Unger 977001 Universal Lightbulb Changer Kit

Unger 977001 Universal Lightbulb Changer Kit

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If you have different types of bulbs in your home or office and you need a universal bulb changer, the Unger Universal Lightbulb Changer Kit can satisfy your needs quite well. It comes with everything you might be needing to change all the types of light bulbs in your home. The best part is, it has an extendable telescope that can rich up to 11-foot high. If you include your height into the mix, you can reach almost all house ceiling bulbs.

You will no longer need the ladder to change the bulbs. It brings you nesting attachments that fit regular light bulbs, floodlights, incandescent lights, and more. And you know what, there is an attachment made explicitly for removing broken bulbs. The attachments have non-scratch heads that work even with the standard threaded bulbs.

  • Works with all standard threaded bulbs
  • Simple and convenient to store
  • 11-foot long telescopic pole
  • Easy to change attachments
  • Five nesting attachments
  • Non-scratching parts

#8. Mr. Longarm 4003 Gripper Style Bulb Changer

Mr. Longarm 4003 Gripper Style Bulb Changer

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If you have incandescent and compact bulbs that you need to change quickly and easily, Mr. Longarm 4003 is here for you. It comes as a gripper-styled bulb changer to make sure it grabs the bulbs securely and gently during the changing. Its gripper-style fingers are flexible to allow various bulb sizes to fit nicely. Thanks to its long-arm nonconductive composite pole, you do not need a ladder anymore when changing your bulbs.

The best part is, the composite pole is extendable to allow you to reach different heights conveniently. Using this bulb changer is quite simple and straightforward. All you need is to fix the attachment to the pole and use it to take the bulb out. Stick the new bulb and raise it to fix the bulb hold. If you can’t reach the holder, extend the pole by pulling out the joints. You don’t have to worry that it might fall. The Whole setup is lightweight and easy to lift.

  • For incandescent, compact fluorescent
  • Nonconductive extension pole
  • Grasp bulbs for easy changing
  • Flexible gripper-style fingers

#7. STAUBER Best Bulb Changer Package

STAUBER Best Bulb Changer Package

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The next best bulb changer you can buy with confidence is the STAUBER Best Bulb changer available as an ultimate package. It features a patent-pending and adjustable gripper mechanism making it one of its kind. The design gives it the versatility and ease-of-use required when changing various bulbs of various sizes and shapes.

Besides this, extra gripper rubber tips for smooth and narrow grab and hold are used. Thanks to this, holding the bulbs with this changer is secure and safe. It works every time, even when dealing with heavier LEDs. There are also bulb leveling stoppers underneath the rubber designed to keep the bulb’s central axis aligned for more manageable, smoother rotation when mounting it into the socket. Know this; the package comes without a telescoping pole.

  • Extra Grippy Rubber Tips
  • Secure Snapping Mechanism
  • Patent Pending Gripper Mechanism
  • Powerful Steel Wing Screw
  • Bulb Leveling Stoppers
  • Embedded Nut

#6. EVERSPROUT Light Bulb Changer

EVERSPROUT Light Bulb Changer

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This bulb changer changes most standard bulbs but works best with bulbs that measure two to three inches in diameter. It will not work with bulbs that do not have spaces around them as it requires at least one inch of space. For every Eversprout product, including the bought bulb changers, the company will plant a tree. The company has been partnering with others in planting trees to help grow more forests for the planet. With a one-year warranty, the Ever sprout bulb changer is a product that you will buy with confidence.

If it breaks, no matter the reason, you will get an immediate replacement within the first year you buy it. The company has excellent customer support service based in the USA, which is very easy to work with. If you have any issue, they will ensure that it is resolved within 24 hours. The light bulb changer is inspected severally to ensure that it is of the highest quality and ready for use. In case you are not satisfied with the bulb changer, you have to inform them and immediately sort it out.

  • Require one-inch space around bulb
  • Properly inspected and packaged
  • One tree for every order
  • High quality and design
  • It fits any universal pole
  • Padded prong fingers
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#5. Bayco LBC-600C Deluxe Light Bulb Changer Kit

Bayco LBC-600C Deluxe Light Bulb Changer Kit

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The Bayco light bulb changer is a perfect fit for floodlight, recessed and standard bulbs. You get ahead with a soft nylon gripper and a spring finger design for the floodlight and standard. These features ensure that you have a secure fit around the bulb. When it comes to recessed bulbs, you get a finger head with a suction cup. It is easy to attach and smooth and secure so as not to damage the bulb. It also has a string that is used to release the suction cup when you are done changing. All these heads will fit any standard steel or aluminum poles.

Bayco Company is well known for its high-quality products, and that is why you can trust this light bulb changing kit. It is made of high-quality, lasting material and is very user-friendly. It will not damage your bulb and help get rid of ladders that can be risky to use. The price is also very efficient when compared to those of other bulb changers from other companies. The bulb header changes are straightforward to attach to poles, so if you have a standard stick, it will be enough for all types of heads.

  • Exceptional quality and design
  • Outdoor recreation levels usage
  • Three bulb changers in one kit
  • Easy to attach to a pole
  • High-quality materials
  • Durable and safe

#4. Ettore 48350 Bulb Changer Kit without Pole

Ettore 48350 Bulb Changer Kit without Pole

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Ettore is a well-known company that has a lot of high-quality products. The products have great reviews from many people that have bought them, and that is why the Ettore bulb changer is a great product. When you buy this bulb changer kit, you should know that it does not come with a pole. However, the company recommends Ettore 43011 as it will be a perfect fit. The bulb changer kit comes in 4 pieces hence can handle different types of bulbs. It can access track and recessed lighting, which also includes changing broken bulbs.

This bulb changer also features a standard threaded end that is great at attaching to extension poles. The bulb changer is made of high-quality material and design to perform very well. What’s even better about this bulb changer kit is that it is designed to handle almost all types of bulbs. You longer have to look for ladders to change bulbs in your home. With this kit, you can reach the bulb in the house, making it safe and comfortable.

  • Includes broken bulb changer
  • High design and performance
  • Standard threaded end
  • Can change any bulb
  • 4-piece bulb changer

#3. DocaPole Light Bulb Changer Pole

DocaPole Light Bulb Changer Pole

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The DocaPole 12-inch light bulb changer kit is the perfect and safest way to change bulbs outdoors and indoors. Unlike other bulb changing kits, this one comes with a pole, so you don’t have to incur extra costs. With the stick, you get a suction cup attachment designed to give the bulb a tight grip. That is why this bulb changer is a success; the tight grip ensures that you safely remove and replace a bulb without any difficulty. When you add up the length of the extension pole and the changer, you get 18 feet, which is more than enough to reach any bulb.

If your house or the place you are changing bulbs is of high ceilings, then this bulb changer is the answered prayer. The bulb changer features rubber handle grips, a threaded tip for easy pole attachment, thumb lever clasps that are very easy to use, and a dual metal tip. You will also get a nail hook that will make it easier to hang and store this product. The internal locking nut is well designed that it will not strip the plastic in the housing unit.

  • Locking pin to prevent spinning
  • Usable both indoor and outdoor
  • High-quality premium design
  • Suction cup bulb changer
  • Secure lock thumb screw
  • Lightweight design

#2. Designers Edge E3001 Light Changing Kit

Designers Edge E3001 Light Changing Kit

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There are many reasons as to why one can choose to buy a light changing kit. It can be to keep you and your family safe or for home improvement. Whatever the reason, the Designers light changing kit has got you all the way. This clamp light includes a 360-degree swivel hold and a heavy-duty clamp. The kit comes with a 250-watt halogen bulb that is CU-listed and UL. When you buy this product, you get a 90-day warranty and 24-hour customer service. Whatever question or problem you have, they will help you solve it in no time.

This kit includes an 11- foot metal pole, suction cups, baskets, and large and small broken bulb changers. It is designed to be of versatile usage as it can be used in changing most light bulbs. If your bulb is broken, you don’t have to worry because you can safely extract it with this kit. The pole is telescopically designed and 11 feet long, making it easier to change different lights types.

  • 11 feet telescopic metal pole
  • High-quality design
  • Encourages safety
  • Versatile usage
  • 5-piece kit

#1. DocaPole Light Bulb Changer

DocaPole Light Bulb Changer

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When buying a bulb changer, most people look at the quality of the suction cup first. Well, with the DocaPole light bulb changer, you never have to worry about that because all their products are of very high quality. This bulb changer comes with a suction cup that is of high premium quality that is made in the US another great feature is the locking screw that is a secure fit; it fits perfectly onto the end of the pole where you screw it, so the changer does not move when in use. There is also an internal locking nut that ensures the plastic in the housing unit is not stripped.

The suction cup tab comes with a reinforced suction release wire that prevents it from tearing when the wire is pulled. With the 24-foot string with a metal clasp, you can release the suction after installing the new bulb. There is also a metal push pin found on the lower installed section of the cup not to spin when in use. This bulb changer is a lifesaver as you don’t have to put yourself in any harm when changing bulbs.

  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • High quality and premium design
  • Compatible with standard poles
  • Perfect for high ceiling
  • Lightweight design
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Best Bulb Changers Buying Guide

Bulb changes are all different. It would be best to get the right piece to get the best value for your money. It should be something that makes it easy and safe for you to change the light bulbs than you did before. Here are the few things you need to consider while choosing the best bulb changer to buy:

Bulb Changer Type:

You might or not noticed the bulb changers are different somehow. The design might look the same because of the telescoping pole, but the part that holds the bulb is different. There are two main types of bulb changers: a finger head or suction cup.

The suction bulb changers use a suction cup attachment to hold the bulb safe and securely—they offer a general scratchproof method of changing your light bulbs. The suctioning provides a better grip with superior turning power.

That can’t be said for the finger bulb changers. The most common finger changer is the spring finger bulb changer. The head uses spring fingers to slide in and hold the bulb. However, the turning power is low, especially with the small bulbs.


It’d also be crucial to consider the size of the bulbs you have and the size of the bulb changer you’re about to buy. If your bulbs are of different sizes, you will need to buy a bulb changing kit with multiple attachments. Also, check if the bulb changer is for specific bulb types. If it’s, ensures it’s what you need before buying.


The bulb changer should be more comfortable to lift, durable, and sturdy apart from being a nonconductive material. That means the material used in its construction has to offer all these and more.

Most of the bulb changers are made using plastic, and the suction cups are made from high-quality rubber for holding and turning power. The finger bulb changers come with fingers made from steel springs to give an ideal grip.

You have to make sure you’re investing in something you can expect to last longer, stay in shape, and do its job without making you tired.

Compatibility with Extension Poles:

One thing that makes bulb changers more functional and practical is an extension pole that extends your reach. Some models come with it, but others don’t. Those that come with it make this step for you. You don’t need to check the compatibility.

However, if the item or set doesn’t come with the pole, you have to check for compatibility. Understand the best stick you can use with bulb changer. Remember, the compatible stick needs to be nonconductive to prevent accidental electric shock.

If you have a swimming pool at home, you might have a PVC telescope pole for the skimmer net. You can check for compatibility. If you don’t have one, then you will have to buy it separately.


Using ladders to change a bulb can be very unsafe, and you may even end up breaking the bulb. With advanced innovation, there are bulb changers that will help you deal with this kind of situation. Choosing one that will be perfect for you will depend on your preference and your needs. You should put in mind how far the bulbs are, the quality you want, the type of bulbs, and how much you are willing to spend. All that will help you get the perfect bulb changer.

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