Top 10 Best Fingerprint Door Locks in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

The safety of your office, home or any room is determined by how secure its lock system is. There is constant lock innovation and this has flooded the market with multiple door lock systems on varied technologies. This, as a result, makes it challenging choosing the best and most convenient door lock system for your business or home. However, if you are the kind of person who would prefer not carrying keys around and still have your room secure, there is a perfect lock system for you. If you lose your keys every now and then, there is a particular key that you will never lose and you will never have to wonder about its whereabouts – your fingerprint. Fingerprint door locks provide additional security and great convenience to your house. Therefore, you can now cut short your trips to the locksmith. Have a look at the fingerprint door locks below then, order the one that represents your needs.

List of Best Fingerprint Door Locks in 2024

#10. CBEC Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

CBEC Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

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Are you in search of a reliable door lock? This CBEC fingerprint lock comes with a solid body which heightens the reliability of the whole system. Its lock panel features a double layer and the body is made of a fireproof aluminum material, making this lock pretty handy for long-term use. The other best thing you will love about this system is that it gives you flexibility. This is by offering you various means to secure your room, house or business. You can, therefore, operate the lock using your fingerprint, mechanical key, or a key code. This is the ideal lock system for your office as it can take up to 100 fingerprints.

The lock is hence a heavy duty system that allows you to combine various security measures to keep your home safe. Its price is also pocket-friendly when compared to other similar products on the market, making this one of the ideal locks for you to buy.

  • Heavy duty
  • Deadbolt lock
  • Lockout feature

#9. Hodely Adel Fingerprint Lock

Hodely Adel Fingerprint Lock

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Here is one of the most versatile fingerprint door locks on the market. With this product, you get a capacity of 99 individuals who can use their fingerprints. This means that if you have a large family or you have numerous employees, here is an ideal fingerprint lock that will accommodate all of them. Unlike most fingerprint door locks on sale, this one is easy to set up and also less complicated to operate. Therefore, it won’t matter whether you have used a similar one before or you are a beginner. The door lock will also serve both personal and commercial level entry systems.

If you are the kind of person concerned about looks, this one will definitely catch your interest the moment you see it. It comes with a Satin chrome finish, enhancing the look of your door. You will also enjoy the convenience that comes with this product because it features an interval of just 5 seconds between opening and locking the door, making it amazingly incredible.

  • Reversible handle
  • Single latch lock
  • Affordable

#8. Ardwolf Keyless Fingerprint Door Lock

Ardwolf Keyless Fingerprint Door Lock

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This product comes with an intuitive OLED display that helps you customize the users of the lock. This implies that the touchscreen helps you to delete or add a device user. Hence, you can lock out unauthorized entries from your home or office. Apart from this, you will love the large capacity this lock comes with. Actually, it can accommodate up to 256 fingerprints, making it ideal for large organizations with hundreds of employees. In addition, this lock allows 300 users to define 4 o 12 digit codes for maximum security. You do not have to worry about the elderly or the kids because the lock is user-friendly and easy to use.

One of the reasons why this is the perfect fingerprint door lock for your home, office or business is that it uses a double verification mode. This implies that you can unlock the door by combining the fingerprint and the user code or better still, a fingerprint and another fingerprint. However, you can switch off the double verification mode when you want to.

  • Flexible
  • Quality guarantee
  • Large capacity

#7. ZK Teco Fingerprint Door Lock

ZK Teco Fingerprint Door Lock

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You enjoy amazing flexibility when you buy this fingerprint door lock. This is because there are 4 different ways to operate this product. You can unlock the door using your fingerprint, smartphone, ID card or mechanical key. Therefore, you are not restricted to a single form, making it one of the incredible fingerprint locks available. The strike, handle and latch are all reversible, hence your door will have an all door open direction with this lock. Additionally, the lock system is simple to install because all you need to do is follow the practical instructions on the YouTube video.

From your smartphone, you can easily keep track of visitors as there is a detailed log information of anyone who has used the door to either exit or enter. The other best thing is that you can customize the Timezone function to allow dog walkers and housecleaners access at specific times of the day.

  • Supervisor password
  • Flexible
  • Customizable access

#6. HARFO HL90 Fingerprint Door Lock

HARFO HL90 Fingerprint Door Lock

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First of all, the color of lock- Satin Nickel makes the product a decorative piece on your door. You should, therefore, consider buying it if you are keen on the door appearance. Secondly, the door lock features OLED display as well as a voice guide to ensure that the product is highly ergonomic. With these two, it becomes easy to operate the product regardless of whether you are a beginner or not. The touchscreen also facilitates the customization of who can gain access through the door or who needs to be locked out.

You do not have to worry about the direction of your single latch door when buying this product. This is because the lock has a reversible handle that can fit either right or left handed single-latch door. There is also a semiconductor sensor that comes with this lock. It facilitates easy use of the lock for the elderly and the kids by bringing a secure and effective fingerprint recognition system.

  • Deadbolt button
  • Lock flexibility
  • Semi-conductor sensor

#5. SCYAN Door Lock with Fingerprint Scanner

SCYAN Door Lock with Fingerprint Scanner

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Are you a fan of satin chrome finish? Well…. You can get this fingerprint door lock and enjoy the beauty that it brings to your doorstep. The door comes with a keypad and a fingerprint scanner for maximum security of your home or business. You can, therefore, use any of the security means to unlock your door and lock out unauthorized entries. With this door lock, you will never lock yourself out as it features a self-leaning ability. This function updates the user fingerprint template once a fingerprint entry is recorded. Therefore, you will witness minimum rejection rates unlike with other fingerprint locks on the market.

There are 2 modes that you can use to login to the system. One of them is the administrator fingerprint while the other one is a programming code. This makes the lock operation easy and secure.

  • Reversible handle
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Flexible

#4. MENGQI-CONTROL Fingerprint Access System

MENGQI-CONTROL Fingerprint Access System

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Here is one of the high-quality fingerprint lock systems available. You can use various forms as the mode of identification to gain entry with this product. Some of these forms include a fingerprint, password, keyfob, combination or card. Therefore, there will always be some amazing flexibility with this lock. You also get to enjoy professional access control where a support member can use the system to unlock the door at specific times.

With this lock system, you can check your employee time attendance, it can generate a report and download detail records, making it a worthy investment for your business or home. It is, therefore, ideal for multi-family house, hotel, school, apartment, factory, and office entry.

  • IP/TCP Ethernet communication
  • Flexible
  • Professional access regulation

#3. AUSVO Fingerprint Door Lock

AUSVO Fingerprint Door Lock

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You will love the 4 in 1 keyless entry options presented by this lock. One of these is unlocking the door with your fingerprint and hence, you will no longer have to worry about losing your keys ever again. You can also gain entry using a password, 9V power emergency or key.

In addition, there is an anti-peep random password feature on this lock that allows users to use random digits of the correct password to gain entry. This is very convenient for elderly people and kids who tend to be more forgetful.

  • Stainless steel material
  • Advanced fingerprint recognition
  • Flexible

#2. Samsung SHS-P718-LMK Push Pull Biometric Touchscreen Digital Door Lock

Samsung SHS-P718-LMK Push Pull Biometric Touchscreen Digital Door Lock

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You can have up to 31 RF ID tags or user codes when using this fingerprint door lock. In addition, the door lock can accommodate up to 100 fingerprints, making this lock ideal for offices, businesses, and homes. If your door is between 40 mm and 80 mm thick, this is the perfect fingerprint lock for you. It comes with automatic locking and it is easy to use. Hence, your kids or the elderly will equally have a fun time using this door lock.

Samsung develops a lot of products and all of them come with a sophisticated design. This door lock is no exception as it has a sleek design that is fashionable for modern doors. Therefore, you can be sure that the product will easily match the exterior or interior door in commercial business, office building, or residential home.

  • Durable and stable
  • Easy to use
  • Sleek design

#1. Ultraloq UL3 BT Fingerprint Sensor

Ultraloq UL3 BT Fingerprint Sensor

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This is the ideal door lock that tops this list. As a matter of fact, it is one of the few best fingerprint door sensors that you will find at a friendly price. Its amazing features boost its functionality, making it a convenient and a must have lock, if you are concerned about your home’s safety. There is an advanced fingerprint identification, intuitive OLED display, and anti-peep touch keypad technology on this lock. Therefore, you enjoy flexibility as you are not just restricted to one security means as is the case with other similar products on the market.

This lock comes with an ultraloq app that you can easily access on your smartphone to check the logs. As a guarantee that this is a product is worth your investment, you get 18 months warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty covers the mechanical and electronic components of the lock to avoid any inconveniences after buying it. Make your order soon as stock lasts and you will never regret this investment.

  • Ultraloq app
  • Reversible handle
  • Single latch

Fingerprint door lock buying guide

Fingerprint door lock is one of the most trusted lock systems invented. However, the convenience and effectiveness differ from one brand to another. In order for you to buy the best fingerprint lock on the market, here are some of the major factors you should consider.

  • Flexibility: The best fingerprint door locks should offer you an alternative mode of entry. Therefore, buy a door lock that can use a key code, password, ID card or a key to open the door.
  • Ease of use: Gaining access to a room, home or office using a fingerprint door lock should be as easy as using the other conventional locks on the market. Therefore, avoid door locks that are too complicated to use for the sake of an emergency, the elderly or the kids.
  • Warranty: It is important to know that the manufacturer has great confidence in the product. This is mainly demonstrated by the warranty policy given. If possible, choose a product that comes with quality and satisfaction guarantee.


Fingerprint door lock use is no longer limited to government foundations and corporate sectors. Inns, schools, offices, and homes are now enjoying the maximum security that comes with these locks. Their high availability has also reduced the cost of the locks on the market, making them highly affordable. For your home or business, pick any of the above fingerprint door locks in order to avoid carrying keys everywhere you go. Your fingerprint is enough to unlock your door and the best thing is that you will never lose it.

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