Top 10 Best Broadcast Spreaders in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Broadcast spreaders are good for providing uniform coverage of granular materials. They also save you time and the amount of materials you spread by preventing under or overspreading.
These units can also be used to spread grass seed in the garden or even distribute ice melt on driveways or walkways. To enjoy the services of a broadcaster spreader, you have to choose the best. Below is a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision.

List of Best Seller Broadcast Spreaders in 2020

#10. Goplus Broadcast Spreader

Goplus Broadcast Spreader

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  • By: Goplus

With its walk-behind design, this spreader is easy to broadcast seed, fertilizer, or salt by pushing forward. It has two wheels and handles that make it easy to move it around even on rough terrains. Stability is looked into in the design of this spreader by using a heavy-duty iron frame in its construction.

The strong frame combined with a spacious hopper allows the user to carry a large capacity of seeds or fertilizer which saves time since one will not have to move to or from the garden when working. Easy to use design makes this spreader good for elders or beginner gardeners. A precise plant technology that comes with this spreader also makes it a better choice for beginners. One can also spread fertilizers or seeds evenly through the spreaders precise control spread system.

Reasons to Buy

This spreader is easy to set up and operate. Its unique features make it suitable for beginners and elders. One will get regular and even pattern which will increases the chances of better growth.

  • Walk-back design and strong wheels for ease of operation
  • Heavy-duty frame construction for stability
  • Spacious hopper to hold a large amount of spreading material you want to carry
  • Accurate plant technology and precise control spread system
  • Strongly constructed and highly durable

#9. Spyker 50-Pound Capacity Broadcast Spreader

Spyker 50-Pound Capacity Broadcast Spreader

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  • By: Spyker

Ease of assembly and usage are the best description one can give to this broadcast spreader. It spreads formulation in an impressive way that is wide and even. The large width it covers makes it easy and fast to dress your garden. You will not have to make repeated trips to fetch more fertilizer or seeds.

Setting up the spreader is not a problem. You will not be required to use any special tools and you can get started working within a very time. The quality of the unit is also unmatched and will serve you for a long time without requiring replacement. Given that the height of the handles of this unit is adjustable, it means people of various heights can use it comfortably.

Reasons to Buy

It is easy to assemble, and person of any height can operate it comfortably.

  • Strong frame coated with powder
  • Fitted with enclosed aluminum gears for easy operation
  • The height of handles is adjustable to accommodate a person of any height
  • Has a screen cover

#8. SaltDogg WB200B Broadcast Spreader

SaltDogg WB200B Broadcast Spreader

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  • By: SaltDogg

With a capacity of around 100 pounds, one can already imagine how much they can hold with this spreader. Such a large capacity means you will be saved the time of making repeated trips to fetch the formulation you are spreading.

The unit is also flexible to use given that it offers the user with an adjustable spread path of 3 to 30 foot. It has a walk-behind design which makes it easy to operate the spreader even with its high carrying capacity. A stainless steel frame construction makes the spreader strong and highly durable. A plastic rain cover keeps the spreader safe from moisture and prevents spillage.

Reasons to Buy

Strongly made and it’s easy to put it together.

  • Stainless steel frame construction
  • Durable plastic cover
  • Spread path is adjustable from 3 to 30 foot
  • Has adjustable deflector
  • Pneumatic wheels

#7. Precision Products Commercial Broadcast Spreader

Precision Products Commercial Broadcast Spreader

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  • By: Precision Products

This broadcast spreader can hold a weight load of up to 130 pounds and has a spread pattern of 10 to 12 feet. It has a steel tube frame construction and a hopper made of heavy-duty plastic. The hopper is coated and given that it’s made of plastic, it is immune to corrosion. You can use it in any weather without worrying about its durability. This makes it the best option for people living in extreme conditions and wants to undertake big and tough jobs.

There is a steel mesh hopper screen that is designed to eliminate clog which further makes this spreader suitable for use in rough conditions. 2 pneumatic tires with a width of 15 inches and fitted with steel wheels makes it easy to traverse rough terrains. When you have to use the spread in rainy conditions, a rain cover that comes with this spreader becomes an important element. You can adjust your spread patterns through a convenient fingertip cable control.

Reasons to Buy

It is well built and fitted with all features to make it withstand the toughest jobs and even frequent use.

  • Capacity of 130 pounds
  • No bending to control the spread courtesy of the fingertip cable
  • Steel tube frame construction
  • Hopper made of heavy-duty plastic
  • Covers a spread pattern of 10- to 12-foot
  • Two 15-inch pneumatic tires

#6. Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Broadcast Spreader

Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Broadcast Spreader

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  • By: Scotts

Coming with a mini design, this broadcast spreader is well designed to use by beginners or old people. It can hold a law product to cover a maximum of 5,000 feet. Ability to hold such an amount of formulation means you will not have to make repeated passes in your garden.

A control panel comes with this spreader that features a precision rate setting which provides accurate coverage. This will minimize under or over fertilizing. You will not worry about spreading materials to areas you don’t want to cover because of the EdgeGuard that comes with this spreader which blocks off the right side pattern. The unit comes fully assembled so you can start using it immediately.

Reasons to Buy

It has good size and holds a good amount of spreading product despite the size.

  • Spreads easily and evenly
  • No assembly required
  • Mini size design
  • Control panel for accurate coverage
  • EdgeGuard to prevent spreading on wrong areas

#5. Chapin International 82088 Professional Spreader

Chapin International 82088 Professional Spreader

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  • By: Chapin International

Efficiency, reliability, and functionality are what you get out of this broadcast spreader. It can hold a capacity of up to 80 pounds. A rugged powder coated with steel frame is used in the construction of this unit. An enclosed gear system is fitted in this unit which makes to withstand its holding capacity with ease. You will have minimized clumping due to an aggressive toothed auger and the pneumatic tires which makes it easy to traverse through any terrain.

This spreader is designed to be used in all seasons because it cannot be damaged by weather elements easily. A simple gate adjustment further makes the unit all weather and purpose unit. You can control your spread pattern with ease courtesy of the 360-degree baffle system. With the precision you get out of this system, you will not go over or under spread the materials you are applying to your garden.

Reasons to Buy

It is sturdily constructed, rolls around easily, and does a great job in spreading.

  • Provides a precise and controlled spread pattern due to its 360-degree baffle system
  • A capacity of 80 pods
  • Rain and water cover
  • Simple gate adjustment for all season compatibility
  • Rugged powder frame construction with steel coating
  • Aggressive toothed auger

#4. Brinly BS36BH Broadcast Spreader

Brinly BS36BH Broadcast Spreader

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  • By: Brinly

With a hopper that can hold as much as 175 pounds, this broadcaster spreader is the ultimate deal to prevent you from taking more refilling and maximize on the time you spend spreading. A heavy polyethylene hopper construction with stainless Steel coating makes the unit last for long. You can carry even the corrosive fertilizers without worrying about the unit damaged. The covering also makes it easy to clean hence add further to its durability since good maintenance is the key to prolong the life of any mechanical tool.

When using this unit to spread in your garden, an easy-to-reach tuning controls that features setting lock dial and calibrated settings gives you accuracy. This will save you time and also ensure you efficiently spread without overdoing or underdoing it. Thick pneumatic tires allow you to traverse bumpy terrain with ease. The two-behind design spreader is meant to handle various types of spreading materials.

Reasons to Buy

This unit is well built to give you a long service time. It also easy to assemble and gives quality results.

  • Calibration controls for accurate spreading
  • Versatile and good for use with any material without causing it corrosion or other damages
  • High capacity hopper holds up to 175 pounds
  • Tow-Behind design
  • Highly durable to its strong construction

#3. Earthway 2030PPlus Deluxe Spreader

Earthway 2030PPlus Deluxe Spreader

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  • By: Earthway

This is a broadcast spreader any person looking for a serious garden tool will like to have in their store. The unit is highly stable due to its big tires of 9 inches which also makes it easy to traverse through rough terrain with ease. It also spreads a good distance and also evenly which minimizes wastage of the material you are spreading. The hopper of this unit has a large capacity holding up to 65 lbs. A 3-hole drop shut-off system allows even application of all granular elements.

A strong construction will enable you to enjoy the service of this unit for a long time to come. You can start using the spreader right from the shop because it comes already assembled. A heavy-duty gearbox is fitted in this unit and also has a rate control unit positioned on the handle which allows easy reading and control.

Reasons to Buy

This unit is highly stable and well-constructed to withstand heavy-duty usage and last for long.

  • Spread pattern of 6 to 10 inches
  • Three-hole drop shut-off system
  • Pneumatic tires with a width of 9 inches
  • Holding capacity of up to 65 lb
  • Epoxy powder coated chassis

#2. Agri-Fab 45-0315 Tow Broadcast Spreader

Agri-Fab 45-0315 Tow Broadcast Spreader

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  • By: Agri-Fab

This spreader makes it easy to maintain your garden by reducing amount of time, fertilizer, and energy you will use. All this is possible because of its design and features that this unit comes with. It spreads material randomly at a pattern ranging from 8 to 10 inches. A ½ inch tubular frame is used in the construction of this unit.

You can use all spreading materials with this unit because its hopper is immune to corrosion because of its polyethylene construction. This means you are not limited to use the unit in any season of the year. With this spreader, you can spread spaces covering up to 14,200 feet because it can hold a weight load of 85 pounds.

Reasons to Buy

This unit is easy to maneuver, usable in any weather condition, and can traverse any terrain.

  • Capacity of up to 85 pounds
  • Gives a spread ranging from 8 to 10 feet
  • Two pneumatic tires designed for heavy-duty purposes
  • Fitted with a Delirn gear drive type
  • Hopper made of Polyethylene which makes it resistant to corrosion or rust

#1. Scotts Turf Builder Pro EdgeGuard Broadcast Spreader

Scotts Turf Builder Pro EdgeGuard Broadcast Spreader

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  • By: Scotts

This unit has a small design, but that should not deceive you of its capability. It is battery operated which makes it easy to use. 23 spreader settings make it more accurate to spread using this unit. After you are done using the unit, you can easily store it because of its foldable handles.

It is fitted with heavy-duty tires filled with air which makes it easy to support the unit’s large-capacity hopper. The design of this spreader is walk-behind. A unique Scotts EdgeGuard Technology makes it easy to block off the right side of spreader pattern hence preventing your spreading material falling onto areas not part of your spreading menu.

Reasons to Buy

Well designed to be used in tight areas but well equipped with features that provide superior performance.

  • Precision control panel which allows accurate and efficient coverage
  • It is calibrated
  • Fitted with EdgeGuard Technology
  • Walk-behind design
  • Fitted with heavy-duty wheels

Features to Consider When Choosing Best Broadcast Spreaders

  • Stability: How stable is the spreader of your choice? A good spreader should be stable enough to help you spread your fertilizer, seeding or other materials without accidents or spillages. Check on the wheels since they are the most determinant of stability.
  • Durability: You don’t want to buy a spreader every other month. Ensure the spreader you choose is made out of strong and quality materials to keep it going for long.
  • Capacity: The more the capacity, the better for a spreader. This will mean you will not have to refill often which will save you time and cover a large distance within a short time.
  • Precision and accuracy: Always ensure the spreader you choose have features that give you enough precision to save you time and also maximize the usage of the material you are spreading.
  • Price: Check the features of a broadcast spreader and compare its price to help you buy a unit that fits your budget and needs.


A broadcast spreader is a good tool for applying fertilizer and spreading other gardening materials. You have to choose the best unit for you to enjoy its services. The above guide gives you everything you need to know about this unit. You can comfortably settle with any of the above units that have been reviewed.

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