Top 10 Best LED Street Lights in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

In modern cites, LED street lights have become the most crucial floodlighting systems. They are principally designed to enhance security at all night long, and some exhibit elegant finishes to beautify nighttime aesthetics. Nonetheless, some LED street lights hardly deliver the performance as promised by manufacturers. And this entails that caution should be observed to avoid the low-quality purchase.

Before you purchase an LED street floodlight, check its energy efficiency features. Also, ensure it incorporates long-lasting and robust housing. Well, based on the above-stated features and factors, below is a compilation of 10 best-LED street lights.

List of Best LED Street Lights in 2024

#10. WYZM LED Street Lights

WYZM LED Street Lights

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This is the new product of LED street lights from WYZM which has the free dusk that reduces the power consumption to 50% and even more. To start with, it has 120-277V AC bulbs and the adjustable light direction which are 5500K of daylight color offering up to the illumination of 180 degrees which has low maintenance hence reducing the repair cost and a need for replacement.

Besides, it offers the 300W parking led lot shoebox light which has an equivalent Metal Halide of perfect 1000 watt providing the output of 45,000 lumens. Moreover, it has Aluminum + PC material and shade material plastic, which are which is ideal for the parking lots, car dealerships, roadways, parks, and campuses, among others.

Key Features
  • Adjustable light direction
  • Made of Aluminum + PC
  • Weight 21.4 pounds
  • Shade Material Plastic
  • Power Source: corded-electric
  • Linear fixture features
  • Provides sufficient lighting
  • Accompanied by10 year warranty
  • Low-maintenance cost
  • Made of a weatherproof material
  • No assembly instruction provided
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#9. Gebosun LED Outdoor Street Floodlight

Gebosun LED Outdoor Street Floodlight

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By: Gebosun

The Gebosun LED street light does not depend on solar energy. Remarkably, this LED street light automatically starts at dusk and turns off at sunrise. With an input of 100-277V AC, it’s able to output 9200 lumens. With enough not said, this LED street light saves a lot of energy. It’s able to substitute an HID light of 200-250W. Additionally, it’s long-lasting and very bright. Use this LED light to light your garage, path, street, store, yard, etc.

Also, this LED Street light is UL&FCC listed. This assures you safe operation and great quality. It’s also very easy to install as it comes with all accessories and instructions required. At 26 feet, you can enjoy up to x662 large light coverage. In case of any complaints, Gebosun promises a 5-year warranty.

Key Features
  • Adjustable Light Direction
  • Vibration and Shock and resistant fixture features
  • Aluminum made shade
  • Corded-electric power source
  • Made of Die-Cast Aluminum
  • Weighs 7 pounds
  • Rectangular shape
  • Luminous Flux: 6000
  • Modern style
  • Worry-Free 5 year warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Durable lamp
  • Not that brighter

#8. STASUN LED Security Street Lights with inbuilt Cree LED Chips

STASUN LED Security Street Lights with inbuilt Cree LED Chips

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With this LED street light, it has anti-glare and shadow-free that offer efficient lighting adding extra safety to the house without worry about the high costs of electricity. Notably, it has Cree LED Chips with the 30CREE LEDs producing up to 13500 of high brightness which help you to save the electricity bill at 88% for the lighting.

Additionally, it has a shock-resistant PC lens and robust die-cast aluminum that ensures excellent long-lasting performance and heat dissipation. Indeed, it uses an impact-resistant polycarbonate lens that is safe for use and also protects LEDs from debris and water-dust. Furthermore, it has upgraded fin heat sink with the thick aluminum plate inside, which assists in dissipating more heat efficiently.

Key Features
  • Has Cree LED Chips
  • Shock-resistant PC lens
  • Robust die-cast aluminum
  • Uses impact-resistant polycarbonate lens
  • The upgraded fin heat sink
  • Safe to use
  • Can dissipate more heat efficiently
  • Saves the electricity bill
  • Excellent long-lasting performance
  • None

#7. Bbounder LightPRO LED Street Lights

Bbounder LightPRO LED Street Lights

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This LED street light by Bbounder features a dusk-till-dawn photocell. This means there’s no need for a flip switch. The photocell automatically turns on and off the light at dusk and dawn, respectively. By being DLC & ETL listed and IP65 waterproof rated, this light assures safety and durability. More on durability, this LED light also includes a corrosion-resistant cast and aluminum housing.

Moreover, it’s easy to install on walls and other mounting arms. Its wide voltage range makes it ideal for parking lots, paths, garages, backyard, etc. Finally, this LED Street light features a 5-year warranty to cover any complaints.

Key Features
  • Weighs 4.41 pounds
  • Made of aluminum + PC material
  • Glass shade construction
  • Light direction: Up/Down Light
  • Dark Bronze color
  • Has 50000 hours lifetime
  • Fixture Features: Not Dimmable
  • Globe shape
  • Corrosion-resistant cast
  • Easy Installation
  • Rugged aluminum housing
  • Five-year unlimited warranty
  • Characterized by IP67 high waterproof & dustproof rating
  • Safe and Durable
  • None

#6. LEONLITE 75W LED Security Street Lights

LEONLITE 75W LED Security Street Lights

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LEONLITE  has come with the new product which ultra-efficient performance because of the build-in LED chips and an SMB technology that produces enough brightness for the outdoor activities during dark hours. For instance, there is the DLC Premium light yard which is of higher-performance best for the farms, garage, yard, porch, and commercial usage.

Moreover, it has dusk to dawn photocell, which turns on automatically when there is no need to flip the switch. Besides, there is IP65 top dustproof and a waterproof rating, which can work during adverse weather conditions like hurricane or thunderstorm, and also a built-in surge protector of 10 KV.

Key Features
  • Build-in LED chips
  • DLC Premium light yard
  • Dusk to dawn photocell
  • IP65 top dustproof
  • A waterproof rating
  • Accompanied by a five-year warranty
  • Has durable materials
  • No drilling required when drilling
  • More stable performance
  • Maintains the lamp for long-term
  • Poor Photocell
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#5. LEDMO 200W LED Street Parking Lot Lights

LEDMO 200W LED Street Parking Lot Lights

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Another top-rated LED street light is the LEDMO light. First, this LED street light features a dusk to dawn photocell sensor. This photocell can detect ambient light and automatically turns the light on/off. More importantly, it has a hollow out heat sink design. This gives the light a better heat dissipation and makes it lighter.

Its 200W make it super bright able to provide 26000 lumens. Its LED lamp is of high quality with no IR or UV radiation for environment protection. To sum up, this LED light assures you a long life of service. Its 5-year warranty covers any problems that may arise.

Key Features
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Has 26000 lumens
  • Automatic dusk to dawn light up
  • Weighs 14.7 pounds
  • Adjustable light direction
  • Corded-electric power source
  • No buzzing or flickering
  • Superior durability
  • Has 50,000h lifespan
  • Energy saving
  • Designed for all condition
  • Easy Installation
  • Flexible illumination angle
  • Not that great

#4. Hykolity LED Street Lights

Hykolity LED Street Lights

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By: hykolity

With this product, it serves to save the electricity bill by 70% due to the presence of Hykolity 40W LED light yard which can produce the stunning 4400 Lumens. To begin with, it has heavy-duty rugged die-cast aluminum material which is durable, resistance to shock and erosion, IP65 waterproof and suitable for the wet locations.

Also, it has 50,000hrs lifespan where the photocells turn on and off the light on the dust ad dawn automatically with the features dust to dawn. Similarly, it has the Corded-Electric power supply which makes fit for use to the farms, barns, garages, parking lots and also alleyways.

Key Features
  • Corded-Electric power supply
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum
  • Unique Features of Dusk to Dawn
  • Has 50,000hrs lifespan
  • Modern style design
  • Accompanied by a five-year warranty
  • Reduce Re-lamp frequency
  • Easy to install
  • Good light output
  • None

#3. LED Dusk-to-Dawn Street Lights by Superior Lighting

LED Dusk-to-Dawn Street Lights by Superior Lighting

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By: Superior Lighting

Have your property secured by the Superior Lighting LED street light. Other than being very cost-effective, this light is also very reliable, unlike other dusk-to-dawn lights. Additionally, this LED street light is very bright. At 5000K Daylight White Light, its 70W provide a whopping 10000 lumens. With this brightness, you can secure your parking lot, garage, barn, among other areas.

Moreover, the Superior Lighting LED light features a photocell sensor. This enables it to switch the light on/off when needed automatically. It’s also IP68 rated. This makes it ideal for wet locations. Remarkably, it’s also bug and dustproof. Superior lighting promises a 5-year warranty for this product.

Key Features
  • Luminous Flux: 10000
  • UL Listed for humid locations
  • Weighs 6.02 pounds
  • Brushed Steel finish
  • Non-dimmable
  • Offer extra corrosion protection
  • Guarantee maintenance-free operation
  • Special Features: vibration and shock and resistant
  • Back up with a 5-year warranty
  • Sensor and bulb easily breaks
  • Less durable

#2. LED Street Lights by Bobcat Lighting

LED Street Lights by Bobcat Lighting

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By: Bobcat Lighting

Bobcat LED lights to offer the 6600 lumens brightness, which is close to 150W HID light or 550W incandescent bulb. In particular, it uses the power of 60 watts which can save you the energy of about 88% energy when you compare with the other competitors. Equally, has the life span of more than 50,000 hours which is reliable to many products, friendly with the energy-efficient, and make everyone confident to its standard.

More importantly, it has the light coverage of 118ft x 118ft which provide ultra-bright 6600 lumens offering brightness and the 5000K light color. Consequently, it has a 2″ diameter elbow arm mount which can fit onto the old high-pressure light yard, making it easy to upgrade.

Key Features
  • Upgraded replaceable photocell
  • Genuine metal construction
  • weighs 2 pounds
  • Uses the power of 60 watts
  • The life span of 50,000 hours and more
  • A light coverage of 118ft x 118ft
  • Mounted on the 2″ diameter elbow arm
  • Energy efficient
  • Waterproof
  • High Sensitivity Photocell
  • Vibration and shock-resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Best Support Team
  • Poor quality lights

#1. TORCHSTAR Dusk-to-Dawn LED Street Lights

TORCHSTAR Dusk-to-Dawn LED Street Lights

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The Torchstar LED street light is one very energy-efficient light. First, this light is DLC qualified. This makes you fit for both nationwide and state rebate programs. Forget about the 250W Metal halide or mercury vapor lights. With 35W, this LED light can produce an output of up to 3500 lumens. Luckily enough, the Torchstar LED street light is ETL listed. Moreover, assures you on its safety and quality as well. Also, it’s IP65 waterproof rated, making it perfect for wet locations.

On the other hand, it features corrosion-resistant aluminum housing. Don’t worry about heating problems. This LED Street light has an excellent heat dissipation ability. It’s also equipped with an automatic dusk to dawn photocell. When mounted at 20 feet, this light can cover an area of up to 82 x 82 feet. Lastly, Torchstar offers a 5-year warranty.

Key Features
  • Rugged aluminum housing
  • Unit has 50,000hrs lifespan
  • Sensitive photocell controls function
  • Weighs 2.9 pounds
  • P65 high waterproof and dustproof rating
  • Is excellent corrosion resistance
  • Convenient light setting
  • Offers stable and long-term performance
  • Minimum power wastage
  • Allows 5-year warranty
  • Automatically turns ON at sunset & OFF during dawn
  • Not that reliable
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How to choose the best-LED Street Lights

  • Wattage: The wattage should be a crucial factor to check before purchasing LED Street Lights. This is because wattage determines light energy usage. light with greater wattage normally emits more light. Unlike traditional halogen lamps, LED lights have lower wattage. For ideal lighting, always consider a lamp with the highest lumens but low wattage.
  • Construction: The construction is yet another critical aspect that an individual should consider. Since many LED street lights are outdoors, the casing should be reliable and long-lasting. Usually, many street lights are made with aluminum housing. Fortunately, the design plays a significant role in keeping the lamp cool. Similarly, the waterproof design ensures the LED Street light is appropriate for all severe weather without suffering damage.
  • Ease of mounting: The ideal LED Street light should not bring problem while installing it. Since difficulty in installation can add unnecessary cost and thus the need for a technician. Typically, LED light with installation gears allows smooth installation with the absence of extra cost of purchasing fixing hardware.
  • Number of lumens: The number of lumens determines the sum of visible light output. For several LED street lights, the wattage and amount of chips are the major factors that dictate the lumens number. By standard, LED street lights with higher rating emit bright. Mostly, LED lights are characterized by higher lumens as opposed to traditional lights of the same watts.


The listed above LED Street light will not only emit the required brightness in the street but give appealing beauty. These LED light can adequately meet your requirements, thus making the visitor happy. It significantly boosts safety at night with its proper lighting. With these lights, you can illuminate nicely and thus cutting the cost of hiking. These reviewed LED street lights provide versatile and reliable ways to light up your street.

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