Top 10 Best Wallet Trackers Reviews in 2020

Losing your wallet or even a key can be a very frustrating experience. Your wallet is often the centerpiece of your social and professional lives. If you’ve lost it on more than one occasion, then a wallet tracker should be of much value to you.

I have put this top 10 wallet trackers list together, in order to help you choose the best tracker in 2020 for your wallet and other belongings.

List of Top 10 Best Wallet Trackers in 2020

Apsung Key Finder, Wireless Anti-Lost Tracker, Anything Finder for Wallet Bags Pet, Nut 3 Mini Locator with App Control for Smartphones.Buy on Amazon
Tile Mate (2016) and Tile Slim - 4 Pack (2 x Mate, 2 x Slim) - Discontinued by ManufacturerBuy on Amazon
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Leuri l167 Best Finder Tracker GPS Smartphone, Key Finder, Find Wallet, Phone, Item SearchBuy on Amazon
Smart Key Finder Anti-Lost Tag - Luxsure Cell Phone Wallet Bags Pet Tracker Nut 2 Mini Locator with App Control for iPhone/iPod/iPad/iOS Android Devices (2 in 1)Buy on Amazon
Dangchu Smart Finder Bluetooth Locator Pet Tracker Alarm GPS Tracker Key Wallet Car Kids Pet Dog Cat Child Bag Phone Locator Selfie Shutter Wireless Anti Lost Alarm Sensor 2pcs Random colorBuy on Amazon
Wireless Key Finder Wallet Locator - Luxsure Mini Item Tracker Cell Phone Luggage Bags Purse Pet Remote Control Anti-Lost Tag w/Base Support, 1 RF Transmitter & 4 Receivers (Black 6 in 1)Buy on Amazon
YANDOG Hot Mini Smart Finder Bluetooth Tag GPS Tracker Key Wallet Kids Pet Dog Cat Child Bag Phone Locator Anti Lost Alarm Sensor.Best Key Finder,Smart Finder Bluetooth TrackingBuy on Amazon
Tile Slim (2016) - 1 Pack - Discontinued by ManufacturerBuy on Amazon
Tile Mate (2016) - 1 Pack - Discontinued by ManufacturerBuy on Amazon

#10. Apsung Smart Key Finder / Wallet Tracker

Apsung Smart Key Finder / Wallet Tracker

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Featuring 6 finding modes, this wallet tracker can also be used to track almost any other item that you often try to find. All you need to do is to download the app into your smartphone, pair it with this tracker, and then you can attach it to your wallet, purse, remote, or whatever you wish.

This tracker works with Bluetooth, it can help you to find your phone, or to use your phone and find your wallet. You could also set it to alert you if the tracker is getting away from the phone. Since it uses Bluetooth though, you can’t use it without a smartphone.

     Pros     Cons
  • Nice design, uses Bluetooth, features a smartphone app, battery lasts 1 year on standby
  • Requires a smartphone or tablet to work

#9. Tile Mate & Slim Key/Wallet Tracker Combo Pack

Tile Mate & Slim Key/Wallet Tracker Combo Pack

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This package is definitely not for everyone. It is designed for those who have a lot of stuff to keep track of. There are 2 small tiles and 2 large ones. The Tile slim is 54 x 54 x 2.4 mm in dimensions, while the Mate is 34 x 34 x 4.6 mm.

You can either press the tracker to find your phone or use the app on your phone to find the tracker, which could be inside your wallet or purse. This package includes 4 trackers and costs $69. So, it might not be for you if you only want to track a wallet.

     Pros     Cons
  • Includes 2 different popular products, can be used to find phone as well
  • Package contains 4 trackers and costs $69

#8. K-Berho Mini Bluetooth Wallet Tracker / Key Finder

K-Berho Mini Bluetooth Wallet Tracker / Key Finder

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This tracker can remind you when you are getting over 25 meters away from it. You can leave it in your wallet or purse and it will stay in touch with the app in your smartphone. The app is available for many platforms and the tracker consumes little energy.

One disadvantage here is the reliance on a smartphone app alone, although the Bluetooth pairing system is easy. Each tracker is very lightweight though and weighs just 0.3 oz (8.5 grams).

     Pros     Cons
  • Includes app for iOS, Android, available in multiple colors
  • Requires a smartphone to work

#7. Leuri GPS Wallet Tracker Finder

Leuri GPS Wallet Tracker Finder

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The Leuri Bluetooth wallet tracker and key-finder is a modern device with amazing features. It works up to 150 ft. outdoors and up to about 90 ft. indoors. All you require is a button press to find your phone or your wallet with the tracker.

One disadvantage of the racker is that it comes in only one color, but it sends its last known location through GPS coordinates to the smartphone app, which can then plot it on a map. You can also use it as a remote shutter button when taking pictures.

     Pros     Cons
  • Works up to 150 ft, lists last position on map, tracker can be used as photo button
  • Available in only one color

#6. Luxsure Smart Key & Wallet Finder

Luxsure Smart Key & Wallet Finder

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Relying on the nut app, this tracker can be picked up by any of the millions of the app’s users all over the world. Once paired with this tracker, the app will stay in constant communication and will beep to alert you when the connection is lost. This tracker will also beep.

The battery will last for up to 10 months and is easy to replace. The app is available for a wide range of smartphone devices. This package contains 2 trackers, a user manual, and 24-month manufacturer’s warranty.

     Pros     Cons
  • Nice design, Bluetooth connection, smart app functions
  • None

#5. Dangchu Bluetooth Wallet Locator

Dangchu Bluetooth Wallet Locator

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This wallet tracker includes many nice features. It can alert you when the smartphone is getting away from it. It works up to a maximum distance of 76 ft. The app is compatible with iOS7 and above, plus Android devices.

One thing about this tracker is that it is a bit bulky and not as flat as many other models. On the other hand, though, you could use it as a shutter button for taking selfies and for audio recordings.

     Pros     Cons
  • Smart features including automatic alerts, usable as shutter button
  • Design is a little bulky and not flat

#4. Luxsure 6-Receiver Wallet Tracker Set

Luxsure 6-Receiver Wallet Tracker Set

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For those who love a handheld transmitter system, this package offers the ultimate method of finding your items without any fancy smartphones or software. You will have to pair the transmitter with the receivers first, but after that, it’s very easy to use.

The transmitter features 6 buttons, with each button corresponding to one receiver. This makes it a simple system, but which lacks the extra features of a smartphone app. The package also includes a user manual, a base for the transmitter, and a 24-month warranty.

     Pros     Cons
  • Includes 6 receivers and one RF transmitter, trendy design, RF system
  • No smartphone functions

#3. Yandog Hot Mini Smart GPS Wallet Tracker

Yandog Hot Mini Smart GPS Wallet Tracker

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This mini GPS wallet tracker from Yandog features a Bluetooth system using a smartphone app. All you need to do is to pair it, then it will alert you when you are getting away. You can also ring it from the smartphone app.

It is only available in bright yellow and it requires a smartphone to work, but its app can work on a wide range of smartphones. The app also displays the last known tracker location on a map.

     Pros     Cons
  • Nice colorful tracker, offers app for iOS and Android, offers last location mapping
  • Only available in bright yellow

#2. Tile Slim Bluetooth Wallet Tracker & Finder

Tile Slim Bluetooth Wallet Tracker & Finder

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Tile is a very popular maker of trackers and for very good reasons. This tracker has the thickness of just 2 credit cards, making it perfect for wallets and purses. In fact, you can easily attach it anything. It is very beautifully designed and looks quite fashionable.

Its smartphone app supports both Apple and Android devices. You can simply press it to make your smartphone ring. The app will also remember the last place it saw this tracker, making it very invaluable, at times.

     Pros     Cons
  • Very thin tracker can fit anywhere, can ring phone or be rung from phone
  • Has to be replaced after 1 year, but at a lower price

#1. Tile Mate Bluetooth Wallet Tracker & Key Finder

Tile Mate Bluetooth Wallet Tracker & Key Finder

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The Tile Mate is the most popular key & wallet finder in the world because of its amazing design, reliability, and efficiency. It comes with a hole in 1 corner, which allows you to attach it to a keyring if you don’t feel like gluing it somewhere.

‘This tracker’s battery will die after about a year, but you don’t have to change it, Tiles are designed to be replaced at a lower price. Its app works on most platforms and features a map function. This tracker measures just 1.3 x 1.3 x 0.2 inches.

     Pros     Cons
  • Can either be attached with adhesive or to a keyring, 1-year battery life
  • Has to be replaced after 1 year, but at a lower price

Wallet Trackers Buying Guide

Before you can be able to choose the best wallet tracker, you will have to understand the important features of a tracker, so that you’ll be in a position to make an informed purchase decision. The important features are as follows:

  • Range: From how far away you can track your wallet using the device is important because a tracker with a longer range is much better than a tracker with a shorter range. Most trackers will work around 60 and 80 feet, although some have longer ranges.
  • Alarm Type & Loudness: Once a tag picks up the tracker signal, it has to respond. The way it responds is what matters. What kind or alarm does it have? how loud is it? and does it feature any visual alerts? or only audible ones?
  • Number of Modules: Some wallet tracking systems come as just a device with an app, while others may come in a pack of 4 or more devices, including a tracker and many tags and key fobs.
  • Battery Life & Replacement Ease: Most wireless electronic devices use batteries. The problem with batteries though is that they’ll end up depleted, sooner or later. When this happens, you’ll prefer a more user-friendly device, which makes it easier to change the battery. How long a battery lasts on a device, is also an important metric to watch out for.
  • Size & Shape: Although a key or wallet tracker is just a device that just has to do its job, the way it looks is also important. If you like small, thin or stylish tags, then there are special wallet alarms that offer you these features.
  • Extras: Some devices offer more features than others. Some use simple RF transmissions, while others use Bluetooth networking, which can include many extra features. You can get extra app functions and Bluetooth features like crowd-finding, and remote control options.


We have reached the end of this 2019 list of the top 10 wallet trackers. Our recommendation is, of course, the Tile Mate or the Tile Slim. In the end, though, the final choice remains yours to make.

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