Top 10 Best GoPro Filters Reviews in 2019

The GoPro filters have now made the underwater video shooting elementary. This is because the filters will aid in covering the green or blue color of water for a better view. When you need the right GoPro filters, you have to think of a number of features and factors. For example, it is crucial to know the exact type of GoPro filters that will suit your video capturing.

In addition to this, you also have to think about the ease of use and lifespan of the filters. The other essential things you will check out for are the cost and color. With this GoPro filters buying guide, you will definitely find the right filters for your GoPro.

List of 10 Best GoPro Filters in 2019

SANDMARC Aqua Filter for GoPro Hero 4 and 3+ Cameras - Dive, Scuba and Snorkel Accessory - Red, Magenta and Yellow Filter Set - 5 Pack - Standard HousingBuy on Amazon
CamKix Cinematic ND Filter Pack Compatible with GoPro Hero 5-4 Neutral Density Filters (ND2/ND4/ND8/ND16) - Perfect for Aerial - Not for use with Waterproof housingBuy on Amazon
Waterproof Case for Gopro Hero 7 Hero 6 Hero 5 Hero 2018 Black Accessories, Housing Case Protective Shell with Anti Fog Inserts and Filter Kit Suitable for Underwater Diving Photography 45MBuy on Amazon
PolarPro Aqua Filter 3-Pack (Red, Magenta, Snorkel) for GoPro Hero7 / Hero6 / Hero5 Super Suit HousingBuy on Amazon
WoCase Professional Switchable Lens Filter Set for GoPro HERO4 HERO 3+ Cameras (Compatible with Standard Housing ONLY)(Full Dive Water Depth Coverage)Buy on Amazon
GoPro Blue Water Dive Filter for Super Suit (GoPro Official Accessory)Buy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon
Freewell ND Filter Kit Includes ND4, ND8, ND16 and ND32 Filter (4-Pack) Compatible with GoPro Hero7 Black, Hero5 & Hero6 Black CameraBuy on Amazon
LENSKINS MRC ND16 Filter for GoPro Hero 5 Black, Hero 6 Black, Hero 7 Black, AGC Optics Glass, 18-Layer Multi-Resistant Coating Neutral Density Filter, Snug Fit GoPro Lens Filter with Lens ClothBuy on Amazon
SOONSUN 3 Pack Dive Filter for GoPro Hero 5 6 7 Black Super Suit Dive Housing - Red,Light Red and Magenta Filter - Enhances Colors for Various Underwater Video and Photography ConditionsBuy on Amazon

#10. SANDMARC Aqua Gopro Filter for Hero 4 and 3+

SANDMARC Aqua Gopro Filter for Hero 4 and 3+

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For a versatile GoPro filter that you can use on different cameras, then this is a perfect choice. The filters can fit the Hero 3+, hero 4, and hero standards among others. With up to five interchangeable filters, you will be able to capture videos at different water depth. It is also appropriate for night shooting since it features the yellow filter. The magenta filter makes it ideal for the green water.

Despite having good lenses, the attachment to the camera may be kind of poor.

Key Features
  • Five interchangeable filters
  • Tether and microfiber cloth
  • Versatile
  • Yellow and magenta filters

#9. CamKix Cinematic ND filter for GoPro Hero 5

CamKix Cinematic ND filter for GoPro Hero 5

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This is an excellent GoPro filter that has been designed to enhance your underwater video shooting. The neutral density filters help in decreasing the volume of incoming light to the sensor; hence produces excellent videos. The neutral density filters will also aid in washing away the image of the sky, which makes it appropriate for the lower shutter speeds under bright lights. It is ideal for use with the Hero 5 and, therefore, perfect for the drone owners. Despite the excellent features, it is a budget-friendly filter that you are going to like.

The filters may fall out from the holder that may disrupt the shooting.

Key Features
  • Improved footage
  • Neutral density filters
  • Versatile
  • Perfect for drones

#8. Sruim GoPro Hero 6, 5 Filter

Sruim GoPro Hero 6, 5 Filter

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When you need to get the ideal videos, then this is the ultimate GoPro filter for you. It is ideal for use with the Hero 6 and 5; hence a highly versatile. It also has a waterproof case, which allows for use at different levels. In addition to this, it comes with one red and purple GoPro filters that can be used in different water colors.

Some may make the photos appear bright red.

Key Features
  • AR-double layer optical coating
  • Ideal for surfing and diving
  • One purple and red filters
  • Waterproof to 147 feet

#7. PolarPro Aqua 3-Pack GoPro Filter

PolarPro Aqua 3-Pack GoPro Filter

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What type of GoPro filter do you need? This is one set of filters that comes with the red, magenta, and the snorkel types of filters; hence you can use them for different activities. The filters will assure you of flawless tropical videos. This is due to the fact that it features the proprietary color formulas. It also comes with a custom case that will keep the filters safe.

You may find it kind of cumbersome to switch the lens.

Key Features
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Custom case
  • Red, magenta, and snorkel filters
  • Proprietary color formulas

#6. WoCase GoPro Water Sports Filters

WoCase GoPro Water Sports Filters

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Do you want to capture the best footages with your camera? This is the perfect GoPro filter that will enable you to get the right footages with the correct color lens based on the depth of the water. It also offers a full depth coverage that makes it appropriate for diving at different feet. The filter is also highly compatible as it can be used with both Hero 4 and Hero 3+.

It may easily get fogged; hence the picture quality will be low.

Key Features
  • Full depth water coverage
  • 5-pieces of lens filters
  • Compatible with Hero 4 and Hero 3+
  • Three red filters

#5. GoPro Blue Water Dive Filter

GoPro Blue Water Dive Filter

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For the ultimate and optimal image clarity, this is a perfect GoPro filter that you will definitely like. It is because the filter has been constructed with a scratch resistant glass; hence brings the ultimate optical clarity. Secondly, the filter helps by offering the perfect color correction as you capture the videos in blue water. You can use it under a depth of 5 to 21 meters.

The filter may arrive when it is not in good condition though in rare cases.

Key Features
  • Tool-free installation
  • Perfect color correction
  • Tether and microfiber bag
  • Scratch-resistant glass

#4. PolarPro Polarizer GoPro Filter for Hero 6 and Hero 5, Black

PolarPro Polarizer GoPro Filter for Hero 6 and Hero 5, Black

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You can now enjoy a perfect video shooting with this smart GoPro filter. The filter has been specifically recommended for the GoPro Hero 6 and hero 5; hence ideal for quality images. It is also compatible with the gimbal and GoPro karma, making it a versatile filter. In addition to this, it will easily improve the quality of image even under bright conditions.

It is a very fragile GoPro filter that may easily break down.

Key Features
  • Polarizer
  • Glass lens
  • Scratch resistance glass
  • Highly compatible

#3. Freewell ND Filter Kit for GoPro Hero 5 and 6

Freewell ND Filter Kit for GoPro Hero 5 and 6

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With a pack of four different filters, you will definitely find it a perfect pick for your underwater video shooting. The filters are highly compatible as you can use them with the GoPro Hero 5 and hero 6 cameras. Additionally, they are simple to install and with the different colors, you can use them in both green and blue water. The filters comprise of the ND4, ND8, ND16, and ND32; hence can be used at different depths.

The filer may come with a crack that may lower the quality of the image.

Key Features
  • Four filters
  • Ideal for use at different depths
  • Protective case
  • Freewell warranty

#2. LENSKINS MRC ND16 GoPro Filter for Hero 5 and 6

LENSKINS MRC ND16 GoPro Filter for Hero 5 and 6

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This is a durable and superior GoPro filter that features up to 18-layers of multi-resistant Nano coat. It is, therefore, very strong and will bring out the ideal color when shooting the video. The filter also features a Japanese AGC optical glass for a crystal clear video and image. It ensures a smooth and safe operation on the gimbal since it has an ultra-lightweight construction.

Despite the hard glass, it may still easily break down.

Key Features
  • Ultra-lightweight construction
  • Direct-mounted design
  • 18-layer multi-resistant nano coated
  • Japanese AGC optical glass

#1. SOONSUN 3-Pack Dive Filter for GoPro

SOONSUN 3-Pack Dive Filter for GoPro

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The SOONSUN 3-Pack Dive Filter for GoPro is a 3-in1 filter that will provide you with the best image quality. This is by improving the contrast and colors of the image. Secondly, the filters are compatible with the Hero 6 and 5; hence you will easily capture the best images. You will also easily snap on/off since it features the direct-snap on attachment. The filters comprise of a magenta filter, safety tether, red filter, and light red filter.

It may not last longer just as advertised though perfect for underwater video shooting.

Key Features
  • Direct snap-on attachment
  • 3-in-1 diving filter
  • Highly compatible
  • Safety tether

Gopro Filters Buying Guide

So, what type of GoPro filters do you need and how much do you wish to spend? Below are key features to make the buying easier.

  • Type of Filters: There are several types of GoPro filters that you will find ideal for your video capture. Some of the key types available are; magenta filter and the red filter. The magenta filter is used for optimizing the green color besides compensating the lack of red color. This is ideal for shooting amazing videos. On the other hand, the red filter is meant for achieving an accurate balance for all the vibrant colors. It is also suitable for compensating the lack of red color.

The other available types of GoPro filters are the polarizing filters, switch-blade five filter, and macro filter. The macro filter is ideal for capturing the small details and always combined with the red filter.

  • Versatility: You always need to ensure that the GoPro filter that you just want to buy can be used with various cameras. With this, you will be assured of excellent and reliable services as you will be able to get the best videos with your camera.
  • Ease of Use: You need to find the best and ergonomic GoPro filter that you can rely on. The settings should be easily reached and allow for easy changes. With this, you will be able to capture high-quality videos.
  • Cost: This is a vital factor that you have to think about when shopping for the best GoPro filters. They always differ in cost; hence you are advised to go for the best based on your budget. You may also check out for the warranty in case it is being offered.


The above GoPro filters are now the best-selling filters that you can use for capturing quality images and videos. They are all simple to install and depending on the color of the water, you will definitely get the right filter type to use. The filters are also made to last as they have been constructed using high quality tempered glasses. They are now available at different costs and getting any of the above filters just requires you to make an order now.

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