Top 10 Best Inspection Cameras in 2024 – Fiber Optic Camera

Inspection cameras have unbelievably come to simplify things. They are designed into tiny objects to enable you to observe and detect problems in the places you cannot reach with hands. The camera comes with a cord that may connect it to a display screen. There are various camera sets with multiple kinds of monitory displays. Some come with their screens and others are designed to use a Smartphone, laptop, and PC.

The inspection camera, depending on the design, it can be used in various fields such as automotive, water/oil pipeline, water sinks, and electronics among others. The brands in the market are many, but we have outlined and reviewed top 10 best inspection cameras in 2024. The list and the buyer’s guide below will enable you to pick the option that best suits your needs.

List of Best Inspection Cameras in 2024

#10. Whistler Diagnostic Inspection Camera

Whistler Diagnostic Inspection Camera

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  • By: Whistler

The whistler inspection camera gives you an exceptional video recording experience in your inspection process. It comes with a 3Ft flexible cable, and a 2.4 inches LED monitor for convenient and reliable work. You may need to view the results on a larger monitor/screen; the video output jack is included for that function.

The camera is 9mm and waterproofed with LED lighting making it usable in dark and low-light areas. You can make easy access through tight spaces with this diameter camera head. Additionally, the camera lens can rotate up to 48˚ wide-angle. The monitor features four different image orientations and offers detailed images. The two LED lights have six levels of brightness adjustments and 8-level contrast change. For storage purposes, the set is accompanied with the 8GB SD card.

  • Lens: waterproof, 48˚ wide-angle.
  • Comes with 2 LED lights.
  • 3.3Ft flexible tube.
  • 8GB SD card
  • A 2.4-inch color LCD monitor
Reasons to Buy This Product
  • With IP67 waterproof rating, it works in all weather conditions.
  • Efficient 48˚ wide-angle camera.
  • LED lights can adjust brightness and contrast levels.
  • The monitor capability to change an image into four different orientations.
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#9. Extech BR80 Video Borescope Inspection Camera

Extech BR80 Video Borescope Inspection Camera

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  • By: Extech

Are you looking for a compact handheld Borescope camera for easy control? The Extech BR80 Video Borescope camera is portable and simple to hold as you use it. It features a 1m flexible gooseneck cable with a camera probe of17mm diameter. You need light source while inspecting dark places as well as dimly lighted areas, and thus the waterproof camera has 2 LED lamps for illumination.

The camera comes with a color LCD monitor with a 180-degree rotation angle for detailed inspection images. It uses 4 AA batteries for power, and they are included during the shipment. For clear viewing on the monitor, it is designed with a close-up glare-free field of view. You might need to view further or deeper locations, and thus the set has a BRC-EXT cable for the extension, and the connector is 19mm diameter. For efficient navigation on areas of supervision, you can rotate the cable up to 72 degrees of viewing direction.

  • 2 LED lamps.
  • 17mm camera probe with cable.
  • Extension tools: magnet, hook, and mirror.
  • 72-degree viewing angle.
  • 39-inch gooseneck cable
  • Color LCD monitor (2.4 inches)
  • Batteries: 4 AA.
Reasons to Buy This Product
  • Single hand held and lightweight design for easy use.
  • Cable extensions for further and deeper locations.
  • 72˚-rotation angle for different directions view.
  • Can work underwater conditions.

#8. BlueFire Semi-Rigid Flexible Wireless Borescope

BlueFire Semi-Rigid Flexible Wireless Borescope

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  • By: BlueFire

With a waterproof level of IP67, this is a fantastic endoscope that will suit use in different places. The endoscope is widely versatile since it can be used by smartphones, iPad, tablets, Samsung, and IOS among others. Besides this, it comes with a semi-rigid table, which brings about better control of the direction of inspection. Due to this, it can easily get into smaller spaces for convenient performances. That said, it also features an HD resolution camera with 2 megapixels of CMOS camera. you get three adjustable resolutions and six adjustable LED lights. These will offer HD snapshot images and videos of excellent clarity.

The good news is that the borescope is that device connects seamlessly thanks to the wireless system. It features its Wi-Fi signal for a quick connection system. In addition to this, it also comes with a built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery for longer runtime.

  • 3 adjustable resolutions
  • Own Wi-Fi signal
  • HD resolution camera
  • 6 adjustable LED lights
Reasons to Buy This Product
  • Allows for seamless connection
  • Widely compatible with different devices
  • Easy to use and offers more control.

#7. SHEKAR Digital Inspection Camera with 0.21inch Lens

SHEKAR Digital Inspection Camera with [0.21inch Lens]

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  • By: SHEKAR

For hard-to-reach places and areas that cannot be seen with bare eyes, a well-crafted inspection camera becomes a piece of essential equipment. The SHEKAR Digital Inspection Camera with 0.21” lens is a helpful gadget for these conditions. It features a 0.12” diameter probe and has rotation & zooming options for more convenient and versatile functionality in tight spots. For proper movement to the intended and squeezed locations, the 9.84Ft rigid cable is sufficient as it holds various shapes.

Its power source is unbelievably reliable as it contains a rechargeable lithium battery. The power consumption is sparing as it will take 6 hours to drain negative the battery charge. For a more detailed inspection, it has a TF card slot that can support up to 32GB. The camera captures 720P video resolution and 3MP images quality. Also, both the camera head and the probe’s main body are waterproof such that it can be used under the water.

  • 9.8Ft Rigid cable.
  • 6 LED lights (high brightness).
  • LED torch connected to the main body.
  • 2.7-inch High Definition color LCD screen
  • Built-in Lithium battery (2600mAh, rechargeable).
Reasons to Buy This Product
  • Has a compact that enables you to control the buttons single-handedly.
  • Power sustainability is efficient (continually working for 6 hours).
  • The camera and probe body are waterproof.
  • HD color screen gives high-quality viewing.
  • Effective penetration by the semi-rigid cable.

#6. DEPSTECH CMOS Sensor Inspection Camera

DEPSTECH CMOS Sensor Inspection Camera

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An inspection camera that can work in all conditions is the best choice for adequate results. The DEPSTECH CMOS industrial 10Ft inspection camera has all that is needed to operate in various states. For example, it has six adjustable LED lights for dark areas and waterproof camera head for all weather conditions. It comes with a 3.5” built-in color LCD screen for directly monitoring what you record.

You can save your records in the TF card for more detailed inspection. The cable is stiff and flexible so that you can be able to move it around corners as well as vertically. Thanks to the zooming option as it makes the inspection even more convenient.

  • 6 LED lights (blue)
  • 3.5” built-in color LCD screen
  • Resolutions: 640×480
  • TF memory card slot
  • 8.22 camera head.
Reasons to Buy This Product
  • Can be used in all weather conditions.
  • The LCD screen is detachable for easy transportation.
  • High Definition camera that picks a real-time image and video recording.
  • Flexible and stiff cable for simple motion control.
  • The adjustable LED lights.
  • Has a large image display.
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#5. Vividia Portable Digital Flexible 9mm Inspection Camera

Vividia Portable Digital Flexible 9mm Inspection Camera

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  • By: Vividia

An inspection camera with detailed visuals is so helpful in problem detection. A Vividia 9mm inspection camera is capable of picking images in total darkness and extremely wet environment. It has four white LED lights which you can adjust brightness and a waterproof camera head. It comes with a 100cm flexible cable, but it got an extension where you can fix a longer cable.

The 9mm camera head diameter enables to perform the up-close visual inspection in tight places flawlessly. Additionally, it has a magnet and a hook for retrieving items that are hard pick by hands. For viewing live videos and images, the 2.4-inch LCD color screen is available. The camera and the monitor use the 4×AA removable batteries.

  • 67 degrees viewing angle.
  • Resolution: 640×480.
  • Adjustable cable extensions.
  • Battery: 4×AA.
  • Rotation camera angle: 67 degrees.
  • Monitor dimensions: 7.5×3.2×2.0.
  • 4 LED lights (white).
Reasons to Buy This Product
  • The useful LCD screen for detailed visual inspection.
  • Extension for adding longer cables.
  • White LED lights for clear vision in dark places.
  • Applicable even in wet environments.
  • Hook and magnet for picking heard-to-pick items.

#4. Fantronics USB Snake Inspection Camera-2.0 MP

Fantronics USB Snake Inspection Camera-2.0 MP

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  • By: Fantronics

For reliable and convenient inspection services, the long endoscope camera cable will do you good. The high-quality camera features a 16.4 feet cable that will reach you to further places you intend to check on. The compatibility found in this set is incredible as it comes with USB C-type Borescope. The image quality is superb with the help of high-resolution camera for capturing video snapshots and images.

This inspection camera is usable with Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, and Nexus 6p along with others. For a clear view in the dark corners, the camera has eight adjustable LED lights for illuminating the intended objects. The 360˚ rotation camera will expertly help you easily view at different angles. An added advantage for this system is that the 8.0mm wired camera is water-resistant. It can be used underwater, through gaps and wet holes.

  • 5-metres semi-rigid cable.
  • 360-degree camera rotation.
  • 8-adjustable LED lights.
  • Camera vision: 2 Million Pixels.
  • Resolutions: 640×480, 1280×720.
Reasons to Buy This Product
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • The camera is Waterproof.
  • Best image resolutions.
  • 16.4ft cable for long distance access.

#3. Teslong Ultra Slim Borescope Inspection Camera [Industrial Endoscope]

Teslong Ultra Slim Borescope Inspection Camera [Industrial Endoscope]

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  • By: Teslong

If you need an actively multi-function use endoscope camera, the Teslong Ultra Slim Borescope is one of the best choices. The camera is the 5.5mm diameter and is designed to work on all weather conditions. It can be used to check inside the water pipelines and sinks with no damage. For proper viewing in the dark, it has six adjustable LED bright lights with a long lifespan.

It also comes with a rechargeable lithium battery which can constantly work up to 6 hours. It also comes with a built-n LCD screen for monitoring the images picked. Its semi-rigid cable flexes and restrains to enable access to unreachable and narrow spaces.

  • Weight: 15.2 ounces.
  • Battery: lithium (2600mAh)
  • Semi-rigid snake cable.
  • 8GB micro SD card.
  • 6 LED lights (adjustable).
  • LCD-color screen.
Reasons to Buy This Product
  • Can support up to 32G micro SD card.
  • Long battery life (6 hours of constant use).
  • Water resistant camera.
  • You can adjust the LED lights.
  • No need to download drivers for the camera to work.

#2. THZY 1200P HD 10m Wi-Fi Borescope Inspection Camera

THZY 1200P HD 10m Wi-Fi Borescope Inspection Camera

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  • By: THZY

Looking for a modern inspection camera, you need to consider the T HZY Wi-Fi Borescope inspection camera. It features 33Ft range Wi-Fi connectivity which you are going to use to connect it to your Smartphone. The camera comes with a 10m long cable. The water-resistant camera can work underwater environment but should not be dipped more than 3.3Ft and no more than 25 minutes.

It features 6 LED lights for making it more apparent to view in dark environments. The 10m long semi-rigid cable can bend into various shapes regarding your needs. It captures high-resolution images (1280×720). Accessing cracks and holes becomes a simple job as the camera is 8.8 mm in diameter. Also, it has 3.2 megapixels that enable you to take clear HD video recording.

  • 10-meter semi-rigid cable.
  • 6 LED illuminating lights.
  • Camera: 3.2 megapixels.
  • The diameter of the camera: 8mm.
  • 33Ft-range Wi-Fi connectivity.
Reasons to Buy This Product
  • You can view the feed easily through your Smartphone.
  • The camera offers excellent quality video and snapshots.
  • Can be usable in dark places by use of the bright LED lights.
  • 10m cord is incredible for accessing deep cracks.
  • The camera and cord’s diameter is small enough for narrow areas.

#1. DEPSTECH Wi-Fi Borescope 2.0 Megapixels Wireless Inspection Camera

DEPSTECH Wi-Fi Borescope 2.0 Megapixels Wireless Inspection Camera

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Consider Depstech Wi-Fi Borescope HD Snake inspection camera for quality images. The camera features an 11.5ft cable that you can rely on many areas that require a thorough inspection. Additionally, it is the 8.5mm diameter and is waterproof thus allows you to use it underwater and other moist conditions without getting spoilt. It conforms to IOS 6.0+, Android 2.3+ Smartphone, and best operates with iPhone.

The camera features six adjustable LED lights for a clear view in the dark. For more inspection ease, the camera has a semi-rigid cable that you can contort it to various directions to access an extensive variety of squeezed place. The camera is 1200P for accurate recording of HD video via AVI format. Even more active, you can adjust it into four resolutions which are 320×240, 640×480, 1600×1200, and 1280×720.

  • Camera cable: 11.5ft.
  • 6 LED lights (blue).
  • 2.0-megapixel HD camera.
  • Weight: 9 ounces.
  • Dimensions: 5.1×4.9×1.8 inches.
  • Comes with the ion lithium battery.
Reasons to Buy This Product
  • A waterproof camera can be used underwater.
  • LED lights for a clear view in dark places.
  • Semi-rigid cable for easy access to confined areas.
  • High-quality images were useful for inspection.
  • Handy wireless operability.
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How to Choose the Best Inspection Cameras-Buyer’s Guide

Before purchasing an inspection camera, you have to consider some factors and features to have quality results.

  • Picture resolution: Importantly, picture resolution is what determines whether you will be able to see the video or images or not. This is where the qualities of images and videos are defined. The Dots per Inch (DPI) is the unit for measuring for image and video resolution. When the DPI is high, the image quality gets better.
  • Camera size: The inspection cameras are ideally meant for hard-to-reach and narrow places. It then requires small sized cameras for easy access. The smaller the camera size, the better the penetration through constricted areas. Having a camera head not larger than 19mm diameter, you will benefit inspecting many hard-to-access places.
  • Camera attributes: There are various features accompanied to different inspection cameras and can be helpful in many ways. For example, featuring a good lighting system, you can work under dark conditions. Some cameras have the waterproof capability and thus can be used in all weather conditions. It is essential to have that camera with storage such as TF cards for storing pictures and videos. This might help you to study a problem in depth later on as you multiply view images and videos.
  • Cable diameter: Not only should the camera diameter be small, but also the width of the cable. The camera might make it through narrow places, but it might not go further due to the size of the cable. The cable should have almost the same size as the camera for smooth penetration trough constricted region.


From the list of the inspection camera reviews above, there are different brands which suit other activities more than others. It all depends on the design they are crafted in. Regarding the activities you conduct, you will choose the inspection camera that goes in line with them. Some cameras can work in a variety of fields, even the ones involving water. It is essential that you purchase the product that best fits your area of work.

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