Top 10 Best DSLR Wireless Remote Control in 2020

When it comes to photography, the quality and clarity of the pictures you take is what matters most. While professional photographers will not struggle so much with taking stable photos while holding their cameras, for the beginners it is close to impossible.

However, you do not have to always feel inferior when presenting your photographs to people. Using wireless remote control shutter releases, you can as well take shots go beyond the set standard. But how do you select a remote control that best suits your taste and is compatible with your camera? Below a review of the top 10 best DSLR wireless remote control in 2020 and a buying guide.

List of the Best DSLR Wireless Remote Control in 2020

#10. Photoolex T720C Wireless Shutter Wireless Remote Control

Photoolex T720C Wireless Shutter Wireless Remote Control

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When it comes to photography, quality is always a priority. The Photoolex gives you just that at a very friendly cost. Even with a working distance of 10 meters ideal for outdoor photo shooting, performance is enhanced by the adoption of an anti-vibration function. The bulb mode setting allows you to take clear photos even at night when the light is limited. If you are taking group or self-portraits, you can make use of the delay option or simply set the timer to give you ample time to prepare. From a single shot, to continuous and to repeat shooting, the choice is yours.

This camera remote does not sync with all DSLR camera, and you should confirm compatible models before ordering. Also, complete failure of the remote control as a result of being defective or working for some time and then breaking down is common.

#9. Vello FreeWave Remote Control

Vello FreeWave Remote Control

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The Vello FreeWave takes photography to the next level. It has an operating distance of up to 100 meters which is ideal for a wide range of shots. If you love wildlife photography, then this should be your best pick. All you need is to set up your camera and leave. From a distance, you will be able to record every moment of the animals that you cannot approach without being physically there. Also, the remote control operates on radio frequency with up to 16 million possible channels which makes it superior to the rest.

The flipside of this remote control is that it is only compatible with selected camera models. The shutter button as well may malfunction rendering the remote control useless.

#8. CamDesign IR Remote Control for Canon EOS

CamDesign IR Remote Control for Canon EOS

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Even if you are an amateur in photography, you can never go wrong with this remote control. When lights are dim you can activate the bulb mode setting and continue taking bright shots. And when need for capturing long exposure or close-up photos arises, the 16-feet working distance comes into play. Better still, the CamDesign is not limited to Canon cameras only, but it is compatible with several other DSLR cameras. You need to find out which ones and start your journey to successful photography. Besides being reasonably affordable, it comes with two extra batteries to ensure no moment passes without being captured.

Although 16 feet is the maximum allowed range, for some remote controls, the working distance is far much less than that. Also, it does not work if you are not standing in front of the camera. Other remote controls are shipped with defects and end up not working at all.

#7. Neewer Wireless Shutter Remote Control

Neewer Wireless Shutter Remote Control

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An excellent piece if you love outdoor photography. The Neewer is compatible with several Nikon cameras and the 30-meter working distance gives you an unlimited choice of possible shots. Even in areas with limited lighting or when the sky turns dull, the bulb mode setting aids in capturing photos with high clarity. Also, you have the choice of taking single or continuous frames depending on your choice. To add to efficiency, both the transmitter and the receiver have signal indicators. A green light on the transmitter indicates focusing while a red light is a shutter. It is also equipped with a powerful anti-inference function as well as 16 channels. The battery usage is economical hence long lasting due to its energy-saving design.

With some cameras, video recording functionality only works for few seconds and then reverts to picture mode. Issues with transmitters and receivers not responding are common. A short lifespan of the remote control is also possible, and those with defects do not work at all.

#6. RFN-4s Wireless Remote Shutter Release

RFN-4s Wireless Remote Shutter Release

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The bigger the range of operation the convenient the shutter release is. And this what you get from the RFN-4s. It has a maximum operational range of 320 feet. With this range, you can photograph the dangerous objects since you only need to set the camera and then stay as far away as 100 meters. It most suitable for wildlife photographers but great for every photographer. Also, it supports bulb mode setting which allows you to capture high-quality photos even in limited lighting. The transmitter uses AAA batteries which are readily available while the receiver is powered by the camera. There is an allowance for single shots or continuous ones depending on your preferences.

Some Nikon camera models are not compatible, and this would cause you problems trying to make it work. Sometimes the press button may fail to disengage after firing successfully. The receiver does not screw to the body of the camera tightly hence the risk of losing it altogether.

#5. IR Wireless Remote Control for PENTAX

IR Wireless Remote Control for PENTAX

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The traditional way of photo shooting is tiring, and due to camera shakes, the clarity of images taken is significantly compromised. However, with the IR remote control, you can comfortably capture pictures with your Pentax or Samsung camera within a distance of 16-26 feet. With an operating temperature of between 5-40 degrees Celsius, you can continue capturing your best moments even in harsh weather conditions without risking damages. As a bonus, it comes with a cleaning microfiber cloth ideal for safe cleaning of your camera lenses. Also, you get to take as many shots as you want and the battery will not be dying any time soon. This is where you get value for your money.

Even so, the remote control has its downside. With continued use, the shutter button may eventually fail. Also, is not compatible with all models of the cameras it was designed for.

#4. Opteka RC-4 Remote Control

Opteka RC-4 Remote Control

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The Opteka RC-4 for the various series of the Canon cameras allows for a shutter release from a distance of up to 16 feet. Combined with a 2-seconds delay, it is perfect for group photos and selfies. The zoom buttons help you achieve the correct focus on the object you want to capture and video recording is also possible with the remote control. While you may be tempted to constantly worry about batteries depleting in the middle of a photo session, you need not to anymore. The package comes with batteries that will last up to two years while giving you over 10,000 exposures.

The worst part of this remote control is that some of them come with defects. They work for some time and then break down completely. Some will not even work on arrival. Also, not all series of the canon camera is compatible, and so it is better to check compatibility before purchasing.

#3. Canon RC-6 Wireless

Canon RC-6 Wireless

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The RC-6 combines versatility with a great price. Depending on your preference and what you are photographing, you have two options for shutter release mode. One is immediate, and the other is the two-second delay option. The latter works best if you need time to prepare yourself before the shot is taken. To make it even better, if you need more preparation time, the remote has a built-in timer which allows for a 10-second delay before capturing the image. This will suit well you if you love taking selfies. It is battery powered, and its range of operation extends to 16 feet in front the camera. With the remote, you can start and stop video recording remotely as well as the choice of taking single or continuous shots. Besides being easy to operate it is also conveniently portable.

Despite being made for the Canon cameras, this remote control is only compatible with selected models. It is important to determine if your camera is one of those before purchase. Some come with defects failing to work from the start while others fail after some time.

#2. Foto & Tech FTML-L3 Wireless Remote

Foto & Tech FTML-L3 Wireless Remote

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Specifically made for Nikon cameras, the FTML remote eliminates the need for being near the camera for you to take great shots. From a distance of 16 feet, you can trigger the shutter capture amazing photos even of objects that are hard to approach. The wide scope makes it great for taking group photos and selfies. Besides being lightweight, its size is very small that it somehow disappears in your hand and will not appear when you take self-portraits. It comes with long lasting batteries ensuring you enjoy every photo shooting moment without interruptions. Also, it supports the bulb mode which helps you capture amazing photos even in low-light scenes.
If you are using the D3100 camera, then it will not be compatible with the remote control. This due to the absence of a built-in IR transmitter. Sometimes the press button may fail to work while at other times the remote may break down completely. Sometimes performance is compromised when at the farthest point from the camera within the range of operation.

#1. AmazonBasics Wireless Remote Control

AmazonBasics Wireless Remote Control

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If you involuntarily tremble when taking photos with a camera resulting in blurred images, the AmazonBasics remote control is your best solution. It helps eliminate camera vibrations which in turn increase the clarity and quality of pictures you take. Therefore, with it, you can capture amazing shots that rival those of professional photographers. The wireless remote is compatible with a wide range of Canon and Nikon cameras models, and the shutter can be activated remotely from any distance within a radius of 10 and 16 feet respectively. Because of this, it is suitable when capturing a wide range of photos. Also, the slim design and light weight make it convenient to use and carry around.

The risk of misplacing this remote control is high if you are not careful given its small size. If you love instant photo shooting, you will be disappointed since it has a 2-seconds delay. However, if you are comfortable with the delay, then it is less of a bother.

What to consider when buying a wireless remote control

  • Compatibility: Each remote control is only compatible with a particular camera model. When deciding which one to buy, it is good to check compatibility to avoid disappointments.
  • Durability: Some remote controls have a very short lifespan. Only a few days of use and they break down. Go for the most durable.
  • Working Range: A working range determines how far the camera can receive the signals from the wireless remote control. Depending on your taste and how you intend to use it, there are varying distances.
  • Power Consumption: A good remote control should give you many hours of service. However, that is not always the case, and some drain the power faster than others. Go for the one that is energy efficient.
  • Cost: Since you want value for your money, the cost of the remote control should equal the quality of work it produces. Even so, some give high-quality results at a lower price. If it suits your needs and it is cheap, then buy it.


Gone are the days when you had to take long hours to train how to handle a camera if you were to do anything meaningful with it. To produce a piece of work similar to that of a professional photographer, you only need to invest a few dollars into purchasing camera remote control, and you are good to go. Consider the above reviews, pick one that suits you and begins your journey to successful photography.

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