Top 10 Best Under Desk Foot Rests in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

If you are facing persistent fatigue, muscle cramps or back pains after long busy hours, then you need to find the way out. In all honesty, the sitting posture and the work environment can cause emotional and physical fatigue. Also, the long sitting hours brings bad posture habit, poor blood circulation, and joint strain. If you are not careful, all these can disturb your performance and productivity level.

Undoubtedly, the solution to this problem can only be derived from ideal under desk footrest. Acquiring the cost-effective Footrest for your workstation is the wisest investment you can ever venture in to provide comfort. The right Footrest do away with risks of health distresses, promote general well-being and improves performance level in the workstation.

List of Best Under Desk Foot Rests in 2024

#10. Mount-It! Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest alongside Massaging Rollers

Mount-It! Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest alongside Massaging Rollers

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Use this ergonomic Mount-it! Footrest to improve your comfort. It also helps in keeping your legs and feet slightly raised off the ground for less strain and better posture. Additionally, the unit occupies minimal space under the desk thus providing substantial benefits. Most importantly, the unit features sole and toes massaging rollers that will aid in improving blood circulation.

What’s more, the unit has a non-skid surface and tilt setting that extends up to 30-degrees. Moreover, its surface incorporates textured round bumps that help in reducing stress. When you place your feet on the Footrest, the non-skid surface increases feel, provides excellent grip, control, and stability.

Reasons to Buy This Product

Made with 18 in. by 13.25 in foot space that offers optimum comfort. It adjusts to various height setting and many tilt angles.

  • Comfortable positioning: 30-degree tilt
  • Package measures 18.2 by 13.5 by 4 inches
  • Multiple height setting
  • Weight 4.25 pounds
  • Non-skid texture offers an ideal grip
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#9. Halter F7011 Foot Rest

Halter F7011 Foot Rest

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With a lifetime warranty, you can freely enjoy lifetime services with premium footrest by Halter. This Footrest is constructed with high-impact polystyrene. Its large platform has a dimension of 13.4-inches by 21.9-inches alongside non-slip rubber feet for increasing overall stability. Additionally, the unit freely adjusts to various tilt angles (0°~30°). Also, it manually adjusts to different heights of 3.6″/ 5″/6.3″.

More interestingly, it features an ergonomic design that offers ultimate legs support and also helps legs and feet elevated thus improving circulation and posture.

Reasons to Buy This Product

The most imposing aspect with this unit is that adjusting the height from 3.6-in., 5-in. and 6.3-in. is much possible. It also has a large platform that features a dimension of 13.4-inches by 21.9-inches. For quality and durability assertion, a lifetime warranty is allowed. It’s designed with High-Impact Polystyrene for durability concerns.

  • Weighs 6.85 pounds
  • Manually adjusts to heights of 3.6″/ 5″/6.3.”
  • High-impact Polystyrene construction material
  • Package measures 22 by13.7 by 4.3 inches
  • Non-Slip Rubber Feet
  • Tilt angles (0°~30°).

#8. VIVO STAND-FT01 Ergonomic Standing Foot Rest

VIVO STAND-FT01 Ergonomic Standing Foot Rest

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Simplify and enhance everyday life in the office and at home with Footrest by VIVO. The height of the platform is adjustable, and it ranges from 6-inches and 11-inches. The frame is constructed using durable yet and sturdy steel. Increasingly, the bottom base has a dimension 14.4-inches deep by 15.7-inches wide, occupying a minimal surface area under your desk. It features a fixed rubber padding beneath the frame to deter scratches and slips.

Additionally, the unit features anti-slip platform surface that offers optimum slip-free footing. Also, the Footrest has padding on the bottom for slide prevention.

Reasons to Buy This Product

Its sturdy steel construction design is accompanied with friendly technical support and 3-years manufacturer warranty. These trustworthy technical team will help you in answering any concern and question that you might be having.

  • Height adjustable ranging from 5-inches to 10-1/4-inches
  • Measures 16.9 by 14.5 by 5.2 inches
  • Sturdy steel frame construction design
  • Weighs 8.05 pounds
  • Fixed rubber padding
  • Anti-slipping platform surface
  • The frame has a dimension of 9.8-inches by 15.7-inches

#7. Safco Products 5124 TaskMaster 9 Positions Adjustable Footrest

Safco Products 5124 TaskMaster 9 Positions Adjustable Footrest

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Most people experience pressure points after sitting for a long time or when standing. This Task Master Adjustable footrest by Safco relieves you from such pressure points. It has an anti-slip platform which mounts at an 8º angle and also allows room for adjustments for individualized comfort. This Footrest easily adjusts to nine various positions with its height ranging from 5 ½” – 15”.

The Safco Task Master Adjustable footrest is perfect for use in cashier stations, standing desks, assembly operations and any other occupation that involves standing. Looking at its dimensions, this Footrest measures 20” by 12” by 15”.

Reasons to Buy This Product

Its black tubular heavy-gauge steel construction ensures maximum stability and strength hence long-lasting use.

  • Black tubular steel structure
  • Weighs 12 pounds
  • Measures 14 by 14 by 5 inches
  • Anti-slip platform
  • Adjusts to nine height positions

#6. 5FOLD PRODUCTS Under Desk Hq foot hammock Adjustable footrest

5FOLD PRODUCTS Under Desk Hq foot hammock Adjustable footrest

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This 5Fold foot hammock features high stability and adjustability levels. This is evident from its universal clamps that ensure back and forth adjustability and high-tension ropes to facilitate height adjustability. About durability concerns, this under desk footrest is constructed from robust fabric reinforced with double stitches.

Also, it’s easily foldable hence saving on space when not being used. As an added advantage, 5Folds offer a FREE phone stand to wrap your earphones or hold your phone helping you relax even more.

Reasons to Buy This Product

5Fold Products incorporated an ultra-stable Universal Fastening System making this under desk footrest ultra-stable and compatible with any desk. Lifetime satisfaction guarantee is offered as well.

  • High-tension rope stoppers
  • Premium construction materials
  • Universal clamping system
  • Double stitches durable fabric reinforcement
  • Adjustable Footrest: back-and-forth and in height
  • Measures 25.7 by 7.5 inches
  • Extensive foot hammock material
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#5. FS100B Large Guitar Footrest by Hercules

FS100B Large Guitar Footrest by Hercules

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Unlike ordinary footrests, the Hercules Guitar Foot Rest is durable, practical and sturdy. More importantly, it’s very compact and can be folded for more accessible storage and can even fit in a travel bag. Equally important, it provides a variety of 5 positions to facilitate angle and height adjustments to accommodate different comfort needs.

To elaborate more, its height can be easily adjusted from 5” to 10”. Even for the most demanding guitarist, this Footrest could be a perfect choice. Also, in case of any concerns and complaints, Hercules offer a 1-year warranty.

Reasons to Buy This Product

The Hercules Guitar Foot Rest features a big foot plate which is bound by solid eco-friendly rubber providing non-slip support. Also, in case of any concerns and complaints, Hercules offer a 1-year warranty.

  • Base diameter measures 11-Inch by 5.5-Inch
  • Product measures 5.4 by 12.1 by 0.9 inches
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Weighs 1.54 pounds
  • Height adjustable of 5-Inch – 10-Inch
  • The load capacity of 198 lbs

#4. Well Desk Rest My Sole – Under Desk Footrest

Well Desk Rest My Sole - Under Desk Footrest

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Unlike the too soft, too tall and short-lasting footstools, the rest my sole pillow does not deform when used daily. The padded Footrest can be used in homes, in offices or while traveling because it is comfortable. Also, to better your experience, its design can make you do away with your footwear.

This Footrest is suitable for the health of all individuals regardless of the place where you are sitting. This is because it relieves you from back and leg fatigue. Furthermore, the ergo footrest pad helps elevate the legs thus ensuring better circulation

Reasons to Buy This Product

Its improved circulation reduces the chances of you developing circulatory problems. This protection is ensured by elevating your feet on a quality footrest.

  • Low Profile for Optimal Leg Clearance
  • Product measures 20.5 by 13.4 by 5.1 inches
  • Resilient Comfort Foam
  • Weighs 14.1 ounces
  • Non-Slip Lower Surface

#3. Kensington K56144USFAdjustable Footrest

Kensington K56144USFAdjustable Footrest

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For over twenty years, professionals have been selecting Kensington whenever they require comfortable and innovative ergonomic solutions for home, office or business. Also, its luxurious foam eliminates pressure points and soothes tired feet. Moreover, one can adjust the angle to be perfect for leg and back comfort by flicking the foot-operated lock.

Additionally, its height is adjustable between 3.5 and 5 inches to match your SmartFit color. Furthermore, the foot pedal adjustment allows you to make footrest adjustments without moving out of your chair.

Reasons to Buy This Product

Its ergonomic positioning allows you to work comfortably while seated thus reducing pressure on your feet and back. A 1-year warranty also accompanies it.

  • Adjustable angles: 30-degrees maximum
  • Measures 4.2 by 22 by 14.1 inches
  • Adjustable height: 3.5-inches – 5-inches
  • Appropriate foot pedal control
  • Weighs 7.3 pounds

#2. Mind Reader Ergonomic Foot Rest (Adjustable Height)

Mind Reader Ergonomic Foot Rest (Adjustable Height)

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With adjustable Footrest from Mind Reader, you will rest assured that your comfort is taken care of. It does not matter whether you’re at home, at work, or wherever, but with this Footrest, you will undoubtedly enjoy some unsurpassed relaxation! Enjoy stretching your legs and removing the shoe to comfort your feet.

This under Footrest is fully adjustable to various height settings and tilt angles; it enables you to acquire precisely what is just ideal for you to relax contentedly. What’s more this Footrest features ridged edges that provide your feet with excellent grip onto it without slipping off. More importantly, the foot placement on flat Footrest helps in improving your posture as well.

Reasons to Buy This Product

The Footrest incorporates rigid edges alongside flat design for convenient storage is what contributed to its uniqueness. The other impressive aspect with this product is that you can freely adjust its height up to 3- positions.

  • Adjustable angles or tilting angles
  • Flat design for convenient storage
  • Adjustable height up-to three positions
  • Non-slip surface platform
  • Rigid edges

#1. AmazonBasics Black Foot Rest

AmazonBasics Black Foot Rest

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Establish more ergonomic and relaxed workspace with the help of Foot Rest AmazonBasics. The unit is designed explicitly with low-profile in mind for placement under the table or office desk. Ideally, the unit occupies a minimal space thus providing substantial benefits. Moreover, it features durable plastic structures alongside a glossy black color that blends well with surrounding décor.

As it’s not enough, this Footrest has a multi-position design which allows you to elevate leg and feet to reduce physical stress and support better posture. Additionally, it also incorporates the free-floating platform which provides the tilting capability whenever the slight pressure is applied.

Reasons to Buy This Product

This Footrest by Amazonbasic is excellent and a must-have one because of its capacity to provide user-friendly stay-put and improved ergonomics designs. Also features a great attribute like a free-floating platform that tilts forth and back and geometric circular bumps surface texture.

  • Measures 15.3 by 11.8 by 3.4 inches
  • Weighs 5.09 pounds
  • Multi-Position Design
  • The free-floating platform that tilts forth and back
  • Textured surface for creating massaging effects
  • Geometric circular bumps surface texture
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How to choose the under desk Footrest

  • Ergonomic Design: Ergonomically designed footrests integrate aspects that assist your feet in conforming to the Footrest while making them comfortable. Also, most of their surfaces are ribbed or dotted textured for massaging your feet to help in inducing blood circulation and keep your lower limbs healthy. In general, a footrest that tilts should also be your ideal option. Footrest with the surface that rocks back & forth is also a perfect option, as it supports active sitting thus keeping your blood circulating and legs moving.
  • Height Adjustability: If you are having many chairs of totally different heights, then the Footrest with adjustable height should be your better option. Also, the ones with adjustable heights are the right one for shorter people.
  • Quality Material: The material used in making Footrest can either help in providing short-lived foot resting experience or not. The ideal material should be premium-grade wood, plastic or even steel. For you to enjoy long-lived resting experience, you need to acquire the proper quality material & design.
  • Versatility and portability: For portability concerns, the Footrest of your choice should be small-side or lightweight if you intend to make the use of it when on the go. Also, the versatile one should provide the capability of switching between non-rocking and rocking modes or even incorporates clip-on sling, which can correctly function for the various yet different plane seat.


To sum up, the information regarding the above footrest description is more comprehensive and even more than what you would require to enable come up with the one that caters for your needs best. In all honesty, all product features adjustable height and tilting angle as an additional convenience. Kindly don’t hesitate, order yours today and start enjoying what you’ve been missing.

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