Top 10 Best Height Adjustable Desks Reviews in 2024

Life requires that you have to work if you are to survive. Some jobs demand long hours of sitting down without standing breaks which can be harmful be harmful to your health. If you have complained about back and neck pains, it is probably time to look at your working conditions. While it is not a guarantee that while working you will be allowed to have breaks, you can still access all the benefits of standing by getting an adjustable desk. Following is a review of the top 10 best height adjustable desks in 2024 that will help you continue working even while standing on your feet.

List of Best Height Adjustable Desks in 2024

#10. Wide Adjustable Height Standing Desk

Wide Adjustable Height Standing Desk

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  • Product Dimensions: 41.8 x 23.5 x 16.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 25.8 pounds

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative that will still deliver all the full benefits of an adjustable height desk, then this is the one to go for. The 42-inch space it offers is enough to put a monitor or laptop and all other accessories that you may require to perform well. Since height is of the essence for better health and comfort, it provides for a variety of height positions with a one-inch increment to suit your needs. With it, you can convert any workstation to a standing desktop. It is also easy to assemble as it only requires fastening of eight screws only.

The heavy weight makes it difficult to lift and significantly compromises its stability. If you receive a defective unit, it fails to deliver its purpose leading to disappointments.

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#9. Mobile Adjustable-Height Stand Up Desk with Monitor Mount

Mobile Adjustable-Height Stand Up Desk with Monitor Mount

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  • Product Dimensions: 28.5 x 39.2 x 42.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 61 pounds

Working from one spot for long is boring. You need a desk that can help you move from room to room or from one or from point to point easily and smoothly. With the 40-inch Mobile desk, you can achieve all that thanks to the four wheels while at the same time keeping yourself healthy. By varying the height, you can choose a position that you are comfortable with hence improving on back and neck pain. Also, it comes with a large desktop shelf that gives you ample working space and a monitor mount which can comfortably hold a monitor weighing up to 25 lbs. It is possible to tilt and swivel the monitor mount, and the desk has a sturdy frame which guarantees you of its durability.

Assembling this desk is hard and consumes a lot of time. If you are impatient, it will be a frustration. Another problem is difficulty in adjusting it to different heights.

#8. Standing Desk The House of Trade Desk Riser

Standing Desk The House of Trade Desk Riser

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  • Product Dimensions: 32.5 x 6.5 x 20.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 27 pounds

Long hours of sitting causes back and neck pains but this should not be the case anymore. With this Desk Riser, you can easily alternate between sit and stand positions for improved health. Also, it is easy to operate, and you can vary the height for better sitting posture and reduced discomfort. The ergonomic design is suitable for many users, holds up to two monitors and the retractable keyboard tray adds to its convenience. Not set up is required as it comes fully assembled.

The desk is heavy to lift when adjusting. Also, the keyboard tray does not adjust either up or down causing inconveniences when the desk is adjusted to a higher position.

#7. Rocelco ADR Standing Desk – Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Rocelco ADR Standing Desk - Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter

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  • Product Dimensions: 20.5 x 32 x 16.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 26.7 pounds

A small working space can negatively affect your productivity and wellbeing. The Rocelco solves this by having a large space where you can mount up to two 24-inch monitors or a single 32-inch. Even without adjustments, you can have the keyboard and monitor placed in positions that enhance comfort by preventing your eyes and neck from straining. If you get tired and want to tap into the health benefits of standing and moving around while still working, you can make use of the smooth height adjustment to move from sitting to standing position. It saves you on time as it comes already assembled and ready to use.

Its weight with or without the monitors mounted makes it heavy to lift and adjust. Therefore not suitable for the elderly and the sick. Locking at any given height for some units is difficult thus defeating its purpose.

#6. Halter ED-258 Preassembled Height Adjustable Desk

Halter ED-258 Preassembled Height Adjustable Desk

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  • Product Dimensions: 35.6 x 16.9 x 16.1 inches
  • Item Weight: 47.2 pounds

If you have problems with your back, neck or blood circulation, then you should go for the Halter. It is very efficient as it adjusts from sitting to standing positions in a matter of seconds thanks to the easy to use squeeze handles. Besides improving your health and enhancing comfort, it also allows you vary the height according to your preferences hence giving you the freedom to work from any position. Also, it comes while already assembled which saves you time and could be difficulties due to limited knowledge of assemblage. Due to its size, it will fit perfectly in any of your office or cube.

For some units, you find it very hard to adjust due to their weight. Also, it has no springs to absorb the shocks when lowering hence banging on the table.

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#5. FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Stand up Desk Computer Riser

FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Stand up Desk Computer Riser

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  • Product Dimensions: 35 x 31.5 x 5.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 50.6 pounds

FlexiSpot provides you with a smooth and easy transition between the sitting and standing modes with variations in between. It makes use of a single handle to adjust the heights, and you get the ergonomic benefits that come with each level. Besides a spacious surface for your monitors, laptop and paperwork, it also features a quick release keyboard tray. The tray is big enough to accommodate a large keyboard and mouse pad. When you are not using the keyboard, you can remove it and easily return it when necessary.

It makes use of plastic threads to hold the keyboard and wooden screws for the tray which cannot withstand the high stress that comes with raised heights. For some people, the desk is too high even when folded.

#4. 60-Inch Crank Adjustable Sit to Stand Up

60-Inch Crank Adjustable Sit to Stand Up

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  • Product Dimensions: 62.4 x 28.5 x 47.2 inches
  • Item Weight: 96 pounds

Sometimes if your work involves sitting down for too long, fatigue may catch up with you. Time to time you may need to stand up and stretch and relax. Unlike with traditional desks, the Crank Adjustable allows you to adjust it from sitting to standing position. Doing this helps you to keep on working while standing, and hence you enjoy all the benefits that come with it. Also, it is great for everyone in the family and works place as anyone can use it by adjusting the crank to their desired height. The ergonomics of the desk is enhanced by its two-tier design which keeps the hands at 90 degrees while typing and the computer monitor at the eye level thus reducing discomfort and increasing efficiency. If you get tired of working from one place in the room, then you can move the desk easily and freely with the help of the four small wheels. When you settle on your favorite working place, just lock the front wheels, and it stays stationary. The steel frame and powder coat finishing ensures the desk is durable and of high-quality.

Without clear instructions, you may encounter difficulties in assembling the desk besides being time-consuming even when done correctly. Also, the top cannot withstand hot objects like cups and bowls. The crank mechanism may malfunction, and this results in problems with adjustment.

#3. VIVO Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

VIVO Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

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  • Product Dimensions: 40.4 x 25.4 x 9.6 inches
  • Item Weight: 52 pounds

Finding a healthy balance between sitting and standing when you are working can be tricky especially if your job has few breaks. With the Vivo, every moment counts as you will still have the benefits of alternating sit with stand positions without stopping working. With the help of dual gas springs a locking mechanism, you can vary the height of the desk to obtain a favorable posture. Apart from a large working surface, it features a two-tier design for enhanced comfort. Also, it is easy and quick to assemble.

For some units, adjusting the desk from sit to stand position requires massive strength. For a weak or a senior, the desk becomes useless as they cannot move it.

#2. ApexDesk Elite Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

ApexDesk Elite Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

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  • Product Dimensions: 71″x 33″
  • Item Weight: 160 pounds

For you to have better health, you should obtain a sit/stand balance throughout your working day. The ApexDesk makes your life easy because all you need is to press a button to transition from sitting to standing position. Also, it has a memory controller that allows you to program up to four preset heights for the whole day that alternate from sit to stand and a dual motor system to help you with seamless height adjustments. Its construction beside being ergonomic is also stable, and the materials used to ensure long life hence the value for your money. Aside from being easy to assemble, it comes with a choice of six colors.

For a defective desk, the lifting mechanism will not work even when you press the button. Some units will work well for some time and then fail which is discouraging.

#1. VARIDESK 49900 Height Adjustable Standing Desk

VARIDESK 49900 Height Adjustable Standing Desk

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  • Product Dimensions: 15.7 x 2.6 x 12.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 52.1 pounds

When it comes to working space, the VARIDESK is the best choice. It has a spacious desktop shelf to accommodate to monitors and lower deck for the mouse and keyboard. The working posture it provides helps improve comfort and productivity by minimizing strain to the eyes and hands when working. You can adjust the desk to 11 different positions to suit your height. Even when fully extended, you can have peace of mind as it remains stable and sturdy. Also, operating the desk is very easy using the dual squeeze handles and with the help of a spring-loaded lift mechanism. It comes while already assembled and all you need is to purchase and begin to use which makes it very convenient and time-saving.

It is height limited and will not work you if you are taller than it when fully extended. Also, it weighs a lot which causes heavy to lift and adjust at times.

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What to consider when buying a Height Adjustable Desk

  • Mode of Adjusting: For you to adjust a desk, you will need some form of energy. Depending on the purpose and preference, you can either have a manual, electric or hydraulic adjusting mechanism. A manual one will require you to put a lot of strength while the electric which is the best for standing desks necessitates only the press of a button. A hydraulic one is more efficient compared to the manual.
  • Weight Capacity: The desk you buy should be guided by the weight your monitors, paperwork and other accessories. The heavier they are, the more the desk should handle.
  • Working Area: The working space is determined by the number of things you will be using with your desk. The many they are the larger the area you will need and vice-versa.
  • Minimum and Maximum Adjustable Height: Depending on your height, you should choose a table that you can comfortably use when in the sit position and remains ergonomic when fully extended.
  • Assemblage: A good desk should come while assembled, but even if you have to do it yourself, it is easy to do so with clear instructions.
  • Stability and Reliability: The desk should be sturdy enough to hold the recommended weight without failure. Also, the lock mechanism should be reliable to avoid losses.


At any given moment, you should never sacrifice your health for a job. However, because you still need to earn a living, it is worth investing in a proper height adjustable desk that will allow you to alternate the sit and stand working positions. Consider the above reviews, and select any of the desks and begin a life of excellence and productivity at work while keeping your health a priority.

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