Top 10 Best Hidden Wall Safes in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are living in a posh and secured place or a shady neighborhood where you always have to keep your doors lock, having a hidden wall safe can be very handy. You can store your jewelry, cash, credit cards, passports, confidential documents, and other important items without worrying that they might get displaced.

Hidden wall safes come in several shapes and sizes and it can be difficult to choose which one is the best. However, we have tried to make this job easier for you by concluding with 10 of the best-hidden wall safes that you can find in the market down below.

List of Best Hidden Wall Safes in 2024

#10. Barska’s AX12880 Wall Safe

Barska’s AX12880 Wall Safe

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Made from the best quality of steel, the Barska’s AX12880 Wall Safe is present in an elegant beige color which will blend in with any wall you mount it on. Although, if you do not want it to be on display, just hide it behind any furniture item! It has a flat surface so you can easily mask it in plain sight.

The security system is easy to program and uses a biometric mechanism for it. The fingerprint lock is very responsive and recognizes your finger within seconds. Furthermore, the safe comes with one shelf which can easily be removed. Furthermore, it also features an LED light so that organizing your essentials in the compartment can be easy.

There are pre-drilled holes all over the safe so you can easily install it yourself. It also comes with all the mounting accessories you might need in the installation process.


  • Easy and quick to install
  • Constructed from heavy-duty steel
  • The shelf can be removed
  • Has a LED


  • The fingerprint lock is inconsistent in its functionality
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#9. Gardall’s WS1314-T-EK Concealed Wall Safe

Gardall’s WS1314-T-EK Concealed Wall Safe

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Gardall’s WS1314-T-EK Concealed Wall Safe is a 13.75 x 14.5 inches product that is made from heavy-duty material that cannot be pried open. The code is easy to put in and use. Furthermore, if you want to change the password, it can do that just as efficiently and instantly.

One notable feature of this particular wall safe is that the inside is magnetic so if there is not enough space on the shelves/ledges, you can just stick it to the wall.

If we talk about the shelves, they fit perfectly inside the safe and can be removed without any hindrance.

It has a flat front surface so that it can be used anywhere around the house. This also makes it easier to conceal the safe behind pictures, curtains, a cupboard, or any other furniture.


  • Heavy-duty wall safe
  • Has a powder coating on interior and exterior
  • The locking mechanism is easy to use
  • Strong hinge points


  • The keypad makes a loud buzz which some people do not like

#8. BUYaSafe’s WES2113-DF Electronic Wall Safe

BUYaSafe’s WES2113-DF Electronic Wall Safe

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With exterior dimensions of 20 ¾ x 13 5/8 x 4 inches and interior dimensions of 19 ¼ x 12 x 5 5/8 inches, the BUYaSafe’s WES2113-DF Electronic Wall Safe is designed to be used anywhere.

It features a digital keypad that is efficient in functionality. However, if it fluctuates, then you can always use the keys (yes, two keys) that it comes with.

The safe has fire protection for almost half an hour so you can be certain that this safe will [protect your confidential property to the best of its ability. It is specifically engineered for walls that have a minimum thickness of eight inches.

To further enhance the security, it possesses dual bots and has a 3/16 inches door and flange made from steel. Lastly, it has a plush velvet interior so that if you are putting any jewelry or any other delicate item in the safe, it does not get damaged.


  • The door opens and closes smoothly
  • The keypad lock is easy to program
  • The interior shelves are strong


  • Might be complex to install

#7. SnapSafe’s Electronic Wall Safe

SnapSafe’s Electronic Wall Safe

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Made from a 16 gauge steel body with a three inches steel door, the SnapSafe’s Electronic Wall Safe is reliable, durable, and theft-resistant. It measures 22 x 16.25 x 4 inches exteriorly while it is 18.2 x 14 ¾ inches interiorly. Moreover, the unit weighs only 5 pounds so it is pretty easy to transfer it from one place to another.

The unit opens in two ways; you can either press in a code using the keyboard or you can use the key. Both ways are secure and are easy to use.

Furthermore, the unit features two shelves, a document holder, and a magnetic jewelry clip. So you can categorize all your essentials in an orderly manner.

The best feature of this safe is that it has a safe within a safe! It has a small security compartment hidden in the bottom shelf so that you can store your most confidential items safely. It also has a sound and LED warning when the battery is low.


  • Comes with two keys
  • Easy to install
  • Heavy-duty and strong construction
  • Features two storage shelves


  • It is really heavy

#6. Barska’s Biometric Wall Safe

Barska’s Biometric Wall Safe

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Barska’s Biometric Wall Safe has a very sleek front panel and an almost flat surface which makes it easier to hang a painting in front of it.

It only has two protruded bumps; one for fingerprint whiles the other is to open the safe. Despite these projections, the safe can easily be camouflaged with a painting unsuspicious!

The fingerprint lock works quickly. All you have to do to set up your biometric lock is to press the button which is present behind the lock. It will let out a beep and then place your ginger onto the scanner and wait till it beeps twice. Then just test the lock and that’s it.

However, check to see if you are using the correct mode. For example; the factory mode will allow any finger to open the safe.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • The biometric lock is prompt
  • Easy to program
  • Has three compartments


  • The battery port is made from plastic so you need to be careful when you change batteries
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#5. Viking Security Safe’s VS-52BLX Biometric Wall Safe

Viking Security Safe’s VS-52BLX Biometric Wall Safe

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Viking Security Safe’s VS-52BLX Biometric Wall Safe is made from a very sturdy type of steel which is laser cut-proof, non-volatile memory, and non-welded so we can assume that it is a secure and protected unit that can be used anywhere.

Furthermore, it has a very accurate biometric fingerprint sensor as well a s a numeric keypad that takes only a few seconds to open the safe.

The LCD is large enough and displays data in visible digits. However, a few people experience setting a code when the safe arrives is difficult.

It also adorns three different shelves which can easily be adjusted. Unfortunately, they are not removable. Last but not the least; the safe has three white LEDs which make organizing and sorting all your things in the safe much easier.


  • Made from heavy-duty steel.
  • Non-volatile, non-welded, non-pry.
  • Instant fingerprint recognition.
  • Has a beeping warning which is activated when the door is opened.


  • Initially setting the password/code is difficult.

#4. Protex’s PWS-1814E Electronic Wall Safe

Protex’s PWS-1814E Electronic Wall Safe

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Protex’s PWS-1814E Electronic Wall Safe entails robust metal that is resistant to any kind of impact. Furthermore, with its motorized locking system, the unit is reliable to be used anywhere without any worry. It is easy to install and is specifically design to be installed between 16 inches wall tacks.

One of the most notable features of this wall safe is that as soon as you put in the code or twist the key in the knob, the door opens automatically. But that’s not it! It has a small LED that lights up as the door opens which makes it easier to organize all your important things.


  • Easy to install
  • Well-made high-quality product
  • It has an LED on the inside that lights up immediately as you open the safe
  • The door opens automatically when it is opened


  • The key might not work. So, you must have a backup key

#3. Paragon Lock & Safe’s 7700 Electronic Wall Safe

Paragon Lock & Safe’s 7700 Electronic Wall Safe

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With a flat panel and a small yet efficient padlock, the Paragon Lock and Safe’s 7700 Electronic Wall Safe is ideal for everyone. It is 18 x 8 x 24.5 inches in dimensions which is sufficient for you to store all of the important documents and equipment in it without any worry of a break-in.

To ensure that you get the best security, the unit offers you two options that you can use to open the safe. You can either use a PIN Code or you can open it using the conventional way; via a key.

It has a 1-inch frame surrounding the front and a 0.1 inches thick steel door that swings open without any creek or rigidness.  With smooth hinges, anchor bolts, a padded carpet, and powder coating (both interiorly and exteriorly), the Paragon Lock and Safe’s 7700 Electronic Wall Safe are reliable.


  • Has a powder coating
  • Efficient and effective locking system
  • Easy to program
  • You can easily hide that in plain sight


  • The door might drag over the bottom frame

#2. Paragon Lock & Safe’s 7725 Electronic Wall Safe

Paragon Lock & Safe’s 7725 Electronic Wall Safe

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Paragon Lock and Safe’s 772 Electronic Wall Safe is 22 inches long and 16 inches wide and offers you an interior of 20.25 x 14.25 x 3.75 inches which is enough to store all your absolute essentials; jewelry, cash, passports, etc.

7725 gives two ways to open and close the safe. You can either use a PIN Code with three to eight digits or you can use a simple key to lock and unlock the door.  Moreover, it has a very flat panel which makes it ideal if you want to keep the unit out of sight. You can just hang a tapestry or a picture in front of it and no one will suspect anything.

It contains solid, high-quality steel that will not even budge under extreme stress, which makes it perfectly secure safe for use in homes, offices, or anywhere else. Lastly, the product comes with pre-drilled holes which make it easier to install.


  • Rigid design
  • Easy to install
  • Possesses tamper-proof hinges
  • Comes with anchor bolts


  • The beep sound when you enter the code is really loud

#1. Paragon Lock & Safe’s 7750 Electronic Wall Safe

Paragon Lock & Safe’s 7750 Electronic Wall Safe

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If you are looking for a white-colored electronic safe with a much-protected security system, then look no further. Paragon Lock and Safe’s Electronic Wall Safe embrace thick steel. The 0.1-inch thick door opens up to the right and has tamper-proof hinges so you know without a doubt that whatever you put in it will remain safe and sound.

Furthermore, it possesses a padded carpet on the interior bottom.  If we talk about the security system, the unit offers you two options to open the safe; you can either use a PIN code or you can use a key. Moreover, it features a buzzer as well as an LED which lets you know when the safe is open or closed.

It comes with pre-drilled nails which makes it easy to fix bolts and mount them on the wall. Besides, it has a sleek and flat-panel which makes it easier to hide the safe in plain sight.


  • Has two different options to lock; encode and key
  • Possesses a buzzer and LED
  • The interior and exterior are powder-coated
  • Made from high-quality steel


  • The keypad budges out about an inch from the panel
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Hidden wall Safes Buying Guide

Before we disclose all of the ideal Hidden Wall Safes, let’s talk about some of the factors that you must keep in mind while shopping for a product of this kind. These factors will help you navigate through the sea of wall safes and direct you towards the one that is fit for you just like Cinderella’s glass slipper.

  • Size of the Safe

As you will notice in the below section, each wall safe has different dimensions and each requires a certain wall thickness in which they will fit snugly. So, it is always important that you measure the dimensions of the wall you want to put it in and then find a safe that matches those dimensions.

Also, always look through specifications to see the measurements of the wall the particular wall safe is made for.

  • Locking Mechanism

Most Wall Safes come with three types of locking mechanisms; you can either enter a code using the keypad, just your fingerprint to access the safe or you can lock/unlock it using a key. Though it is a personal choice, fingerprint technology is usually the best as no one can copy your fingerprint. With the PIN code mechanism, anyone can easily guess it.

No matter which type of machine you chose, make sure it comes with a backup key so if you lose the principal key or the fingerprint or code is not working, you can always open your safe using the key.

  • Quality of the Safe

Metal and steel are two of the most used materials for wall safes. Most of the units made from these units are strong, cannot be pry-ed open, and are generally protected from mechanical and physical damage.


Hidden wall safes can be live saviors. They can keep most of your important things protected and secure no matter what. Moreover, since they can easily be hidden behind a painting, a cupboard, or any other furniture item, they can hardly be found by burglars of thieves who might have entered your home.

The above ten wall safes are reliable, durable, and secure. They are usable for offices as well as homes because of their sleek and simple design. We hope you find one that is perfect for your needs!

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