Top 10 Best Desk USB Fans in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Sometimes the temperatures in the offices are very high, especially during summer. To personalize the temperatures according to your needs, you should buy a Desk USB fan. These fans save energy since they use USB power. Furthermore, they are lightweight and portable. Also, most of them have adjustable speeds to suit your cooling needs. These fans are compatible with most USB devices, including computers, laptops, and power banks. In addition to that, they have removable covers to ensure easy clean-up.

Nevertheless, when you get to the market, you will find many Desk USB fans, but deciding which brand to buy is difficult. Therefore, here is a list of carefully chosen USB fans. Make sure that you buy your best choice of the Desk USB fan from the list shown below.

List of Best Desk USB Fans in 2024

#10. BESKAR Desk USB Fan


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The BESKAR desk USB fan is ideal for use in homes and offices. Also, it has three speeds and 360 degrees rotation adjustment. This allows for cooling at different angles to improve airflow in rooms. Additionally, it has four rubber pads. So, it does not damage the desktop or slip. Uniquely, it has an inbuilt brushless motor that operates at faster speeds. Then again, it is noiseless.

More specifically, it produces 20dB of noise. Its 3.9 feet USB cable is compatible with power banks, PC, power adapter, and car charger. Apart from that, it has a compact and portable design. Its dimensions measure 6 by 5.6 by 3.0 inches. Also, it weighs 6.9 ounces. You can carry it in any bag when traveling. Lastly, it has a warranty for 24 months.

  • Size of 6 by 5.6 by 3.0 inches
  • 20dB low noise
  • It weighs 6.9 ounces
  • 3.9 feet USB cable for flexibility
  • 360 degrees rotation adjustment
  • Warranty for 24 months
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#9. SmartDevil Mini Desk USB Fan

SmartDevil Mini Desk USB Fan

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This USB fan from the SmartDevil Store is small but powerful. Its size measures 5.23 inches. Despite being small, it produces powerful wind. This is because it has five streamlined fan blades. It reduces noise and wind resistance but increases air supply. You can use it in the office, car or on the desktop. Furthermore, it is simple to clean and adjustable. It circulates indoor air and then balances the room temperature.

Besides, you can change the speed of the wind at any moment until it meets your requirements. Most importantly, it is compatible with most USB devices like laptops, PC, mobile phones, AC adapters, and more. Finally, it saves energy.

  • An energy-saving design
  • Size of 5.23 inches
  • Simple to clean
  • Adjustable wind speed to meet all cooling requirements
  • Reduced noise and increased wind resistance

#8. iKross Mini Desk USB Fan

iKross Mini Desk USB Fan

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The iKross desk USB fan features an ultra-quiet design. Nevertheless, it produces strong wind, and it consumes less power. Furthermore, it has a pitch angle for adjustability downward or upward. The fan is powered using a USB cable. Simply attach it to a computer or a 5 volts power adapter. Next, it has an ON/OFF switch to ensure simple operation.

Remarkably, it has a size of 6 by 6 by 4 inches. With a silent operation, it is perfect for use in homes and offices. It does not interfere with your sleep, study, or work. Its stand is 360 degrees adjustable for multi-directional cooling.

  • Size of 6 by 6 by 4 inches
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • USB cable for power
  • 5 volts power adapter included
  • ON/OFF switch for simple operation
  • Quiet design for comfort

#7. iMBAPrice Mini Desk USB-MFAN USB Fan

iMBAPrice Mini Desk USB-MFAN USB Fan

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This desk USB fan from the iMBAPrice Store features an adjustable direction. It produces strong, steady, and cool air, and it directs the air anywhere you want it to. In addition to that, it has an ON/OFF switch. This helps to ensure simple operation. Another important feature of this fan is that it produces less noise. As a result, you will feel comfortable and enjoy peace of mind.

On top of that, the fan is lightweight. To be precise, it weighs 6 ounces. So, you can carry it to different positions with ease. Having adjustable directions, it will cool the exact location where you want it to.

  • ON/OFF switch for simple operation
  • It weighs 6 ounces
  • Super quiet design for comfort
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Adjustable direction for even distribution of air

#6. OPOLAR 4 Inch Small Desk USB Fan

OPOLAR 4 Inch Small Desk USB Fan

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This USB fan from the OPOLAR Store features super-quiet operation. It has a brushless DC motor design. Also, it lasts longer, and it works quietly. This makes it perfect for use in the game room, library, study room, dorm room, and home. Next, it has an energy-saving design. It uses DC 5 Volts of power. When it works for one month non-stop, it consumes 1.8KWH. Remarkably, it has a 5.7inch metal frame and a 4-inch blade. This helps to save desktop space.

On the other hand, its compact design makes it perfect for outdoor use. In addition to that, it is powered using a 3.9 feet USB cable. The fan is compatible with laptops, computers, and portable chargers. Most importantly, it has non-skid grips and a steel base.

  • 5.7inch metal frame and a 4-inch blade
  • Non-skid grips for comfort
  • Steel base for stability
  • 3.9 feet USB cable for power
  • A wider compatibility
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#5. SmartDevil Small Personal Desk USB Fan

SmartDevil Small Personal Desk USB Fan

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This desk USB fan from the SmartDevil Store has a compact design for convenience. It weighs 6 ounces only. certainly, it can rotate at an angle of 360 degrees. You can use it in cars, at the home, office, or for camping. Additionally, it is ultra-quiet, but it delivers high airflow. Moreover, it has three adjustable speeds. These include high, medium, and low speeds.

To adjust the speed, just press its power button repeatedly. It is equally important because most devices, including laptops, AC adapters, and power banks via the USB cable. Apart from being energy-saving, it is friendly to the environment.

  • A wider compatibility
  • Compact design to save space
  • Ultra-quiet but powerful
  • Friendly to the environment
  • USB cable for easy connectivity
  • It weighs 6 ounces

#4. HOLMES Heritage Mini Desk USB Fan

HOLMES Heritage Mini Desk USB Fan [

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If you want to make your desk elegant, you can get a desk USB fan by Holmes. First and foremost, the fan has 4-inch blades to produces a cool and powerful breeze. It will cool the office or home during hot days. Secondly, it is USB-powered to ensure wide compatibility. The cable connects it to the PC, laptop, or even phone.

Thirdly, it has a copper finish to make it appear beautiful. So, it decorates the office or home. Its head is tilted adjustable, and it directs the air where you want. Fourthly, it has a manual OFF/ON switch to ensure simple operation. Finally, it weighs 14.4 ounces.

  • It weighs 14.4 ounces
  • Manual OFF/ON switch for simple operation
  • USB powered for a wider compatibility
  • Beautiful copper finish
  • 4 inches blades for fast cooling

#3. Fancii Small Desk USB Fan

Fancii Small Desk USB Fan

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The Fancii USB fan is very powerful, but it works quietly. Unlike other USB fans, it is 25 percent quieter. Having a sophisticated modern design, it decorates your desktop and the interior of your house or office. In addition to that, it has a twin-turbo cyclone-blade to ensure maximum airflow. Not to mention, it is lightweight, small, and portable. Therefore, you can use it in offices, camps, at home, or when traveling.

Most importantly, it features 180 degrees tilt rotation for efficient air distribution. The USB fan is USB-powered to ensure portability and convenience. This aluminum fan has dimensions measuring 4.72 by 3.94 by 3.94 inches (L by W by H).

  • Size of 4.72 by 3.94 by 3.94 inches (L by W by H)
  • 180 degrees rotation
  • Quiet and powerful operation
  • Lightweight, small and portable
  • Twin-turbo cyclone-blade to ensure maximum airflow
  • USB powered for portability

#2. ARCTIC Mini Desk USB Fan

ARCTIC Mini Desk USB Fan

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This desk USB fan from the ARCTIC Store is highly efficient. It has 92mm blades to ensure reliable refreshment and cooling during hot summer days. Furthermore, it is silent when operating, but it delivers sufficient cooling. On top of that, it is portable and lightweight. This is because it has a gooseneck and it is USB powered. The plug-and-play design makes assembly easy.

Also, it connects with different devices via a USB cable. To be specific, it is compatible with power banks, laptops, and many other devices. Equally important, it saves energy. Remarkably, its dimensions measure 3.8 by 0.9 by 8.1 inches. Last but not least, it is made using plastic material.

  • The overall size of 3.8 by 0.9 by 8.1 inches
  • Durable plastic material
  • 92mm blades to ensure reliable refreshment
  • Super quiet operation
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Compatible with PC, power bank, and other devices
  • Easy to operate
  • Three-speed settings
  • 4.9 feet USB cable

#1. OPOLAR Small Desk USB Fan

OPOLAR Small Desk USB Fan

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The Opolar desk USB fan is small but powerful. Therefore, it cools any room faster. Next, it operates quietly. It has a noise level of 50dB. So, you will feel comfortable even when sleeping. Remarkably, it is USB-powered. The USB cable measures 4.9 feet in length. Therefore, it connects well with laptops, computers, wall chargers, and power banks. Apart from being energy-saving, it is friendly to the environment.

On top of that, it can tilt from 0-40 degrees to spread the air in any direction. Most importantly, you can remove its cover for easy cleaning. This life-saver fan saves one from hot flashes. As a result, the summer season will sound pleasant.

  • Low noise level of 50dB
  • 0-40 degrees tilt angle for flexibility
  • Easy to clean
  • An energy-saving design
  • Friendly to the environment
  • 4.9 feet USB cable for power
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Desk USB Fans Buyer Guide

  • Speed settings: When buying a desk USB fan, you need to ensure that it has more than one-speed option. Furthermore, ensure that the speed ranges between 500 and 1800 RPM even if it is small in size.
  • Oscillation: The best USB fans should have better oscillation. Oscillating fans are able to swing from one side to the other. This helps to promote airflow. As a result, they will cool the room faster, even when rotating at low speeds.
  • Power options: Some USB fans use batteries to operate. Therefore, you should ensure that the batteries are rechargeable. If you do not have a USB device for power, then a battery-operated USB fan will be the best option for you.
  • Ease of cleaning: When buying a USB fan, you need to ensure that it is simple to clean. To achieve this, you should make sure that the fan has a removable cover.


The above models of the desk USB fans are small and portable. Nevertheless, they produce a powerful breeze to make hot summer days amazing. Furthermore, most of them are compatible with electronic devices. Therefore, they can draw power from different devices like laptops and power banks. Then again, the USB cables are long to ensure portability.

1 Comment

  • When you want to buy desk USB fans, there are several things to consider. One of them is the size of the desk USB fan, which should be compact enough to stand on your desk, and big enough to provide the cooling. When this requirement is met, you should move to the next point. The price has a significant role in deciding about the best desk USB fans, and that is not the end.

    You will also pay attention to performance, power option and overall strength of the device. In order to make your buying decision easier, we selected the desk USB fans with the best characteristics and affordable prices. You will find everything you need to know about the most quality devices.

    List of Best Desk USB Fans in 2020 |Desk USB Mini Fans

    #10. Desk Fan USB Table Portable Fan By SENPAIC


    What you don’t like

    The unique square design of this portable fan is a great thing about the device. You will also enjoy the quite motor, which is designed to work completely independent. A rubber base is always a positive feature. This Desk USB fans have it. The very useful rubber base will secure the position of the fan you choose, so there is no need for thinking about the stability. This fan will remain fixed wherever you put it.

    What you don’t like

    If we have to mention some cons, we must consider the charging options. The fan would be better, if there were a battery option. All those fans with battery included are more portable and you can use them more easily. If you select to buy this fan, you will be limited only to the cord as a power option.

    #9. USB Fan with 2 Speed 5″ Table Fan

    By: CAMTOP

    What you don’t like

    Very interesting design will be noticeable from everybody in your room. Black and red combo is a sure bet when it comes to colors, but this kind of design is not the only one advantage. There are others positive features like very lightweight construction made of plastic and easy materials, which are suitable for users who need portability. You can use the fan at home, in the office or anywhere you feel like you need some extra cooling. Additional settings are good for setting of air flow speed. Therefore, you can use 2 kinds of settings whenever you want to adjust the air flow according to your needs.

    What you don’t like

    Some users mention that this fan is not big enough for their preferences. This actually means it is not strong enough, despite the 2 settings of air flow. What could be an additional disadvantage is a little bit louder spinning of the blades. This is somehow one of the biggest problems of the device. If the manufacturer takes these suggestions into consideration, we might get an improved version of the fan.

    #8. USB Table Fan, VOLADOR Mini Desk Fan

    By: CAMTOP

    What you don’t like

    So many blades are part of this fan. You are privileged to get the cooling from 5 blades in rear position and 3 blades in front. These blades work in opposite directions, so you will get the cooling from different elements inside the modern cylinder design. Thanks to a standard USB port, you can connect the fan with your laptop, your power bank or any additional device. You will enjoy the quiet operation and the noise that is only 40dB.

    What you don’t like

    The only negative side of the device is the length of the cord. It is only 3.3 feet long, and the users are not able to connect the fan with the device that is a little bit further. This could be a disadvantage for the people who like camping, when the cord is important. In this case, the length of the cord should have been longer.

    #7. USB iKross Mini Desktop Fan with 360 Rotation

    By: iKross

    What you don’t like

    Low power consumption will save your electricity in the best way. At the same time, you are privileged to have the fan with strong wind that cools the entire room. You can enjoy the relaxing time at your home, because the fan is ultra-quiet and completely portable. Place it on the table or on the side of some device with a USB entrance. Easy operation is regulated with ON/OFF switch on the back of the device, which is exceptionally good for users who want clean design and practical user options.

    What you don’t like

    Designers should have included the rechargeable option, which would be effective in times when you want to use the fan somewhere else except on the table. In the actual situation, you are limited to use the device only close to the power supply source. If your device were rechargeable, the features would be more useful.

    #6. OPOLAR USB Table Desk Personal Fan

    By: OPOLAR

    What you don’t like

    This fan is great for dorms, offices, libraries and any other spaces that need additional cooling when it’s hot outside. What is great about this fan is its size and 4-inch blades with good rotation. You no longer need to carry huge fans around. This one will be quite portable for all your needs. Keep it powered with 3.9 ft USB cable and take it wherever you go.

    What you don’t like

    The noise is the negative trait about the fan. Some users measured slightly bigger noise of 82 dB, which is noisy in some situation. You cannot do much to lower the noise and that is one bad thing about the fan. In any case, you should consider buying it, because of many positive reviews from the customers who have already had experience with the device.

    #5. OPOLAR Mini USB Desk Fan

    By: OPOLAR

    What you don’t like

    Opolar seems to be the most popular manufacturer when it comes to desk fans, and this product is a good example of that popularity. In this case, we get the device with 1-year free replacement option and constant customer support from Opolar, which is not a usual thing among producers. If you decide to buy this fan, you will get good, portable design and cool breeze in hot days. The fan is great for game rooms, offices and homes. You can also use it on trips, thanks to practical design.

    What you don’t like

    It does not have a regular 110 plug, so you will need to get the adapter that fits the power option you need. In this case, you need to invest a little bit more in the proper adapted, if you want to secure smooth operation.

    #4. OPOLAR Mini Table USB Desktop Personal Fan

    By: OPOLAR

    What you don’t like

    The characteristics this fan are exceptionally good, especially when we take into account some advantages like 6-inch frame, which is good for saving the overall space on your table, and there is also 4-inch blade, which is big enough to provide quality cooling for your room. If you want to connect the fan with the computer, laptop or any other portable device, it is possible thanks to 3.9 ft USB cable.

    What you don’t like

    The only disadvantage of the product is the non-existence of an electrical cord. Without an electrical cord, you are limited to use only the USB cable for connecting the device with power supply. The manufacturer should consider adding some electrical cord, because this will hugely improve the characteristics of the device.

    #3. Mini Handheld Fan, VersionTech Personal Portable Desk Desktop Table Cooling Fan

    By: VersionTECH.

    What you don’t like

    This fan is ideal if you need additional outdoor cooling. The football game, the summer travel and outdoor sports are the occasions that are perfect for this device. Its design is good to hold it with the hand, or you can clip it to other objects. The options are numerous, and every time you think about portable fan that could be a good companion on a trip, consider this version. You will get a USB rechargeable model with batteries that can last quite long. At the same time, you get a strong wind distance of more than 3m, which is exceptionally good.

    What you don’t like

    Some users think this fan is not lightweight. We find it as a disadvantage, because the fan is designed to be taken outside. It is not quite light when you hold it in your hand, but when you clip it onto some object, it functions perfectly.

    #2. Arctic Breeze Mobile – Mini USB Desktop Fan

    By: ARCTIC

    What you don’t like

    Get the best cooling on the market. With this Arctic fan, you can be sure that you get the best for your money. All those reviews and customers’ opinions are describing the product in the best way. The fan has a spinning option of 1,700 RPM, which is quite enough for the long days in your office or at home. With this fan, you won’t hear any noise, because it has the special motor adapted from Arctic’s successful case. Thanks to this option, the hint of breeze and silent air is guaranteed.

    What you don’t like

    In some cases, the device uses a little bit more energy from the laptop when it is turned on. One of the users recorded the usage of 168.5 mA at the average level. The usage goes higher at some points and that could be the feature that needs slight improvement. Overall, the device is perfect for all the users who want an affordable and quality fan with great performances.

    #1. iMBAPrice USB Mini Desktop Fan

    By: iMBAPrice

    What you don’t like

    If the price and performance are combined together to create a good fan, this one is to choose. The fan is not only cheap, but it also provides functionality. You can use the fan in all parts of your home, thanks to compact design and lightweight construction. If you need a good fan, with steady stream of cool air inside the room, take this fan. You will save a lot of money, and, at the first place, you will get a quality product.

    What you don’t like

    What could be taken as a disadvantage of the device is actually the tilt option. It can tilt up and down, but it cannot tilt with 360-degree option. This might be a little bit tricky, because we need the entire room to be cooled. With only left and right solution, you are not getting the complete cooling of the room. But, for the price it has, this fan should be considered one of the smartest options.


    As you can see, the selection of the best desk USB fans is quite complex, but the best devices are here. Each customer has the specific preferences and each product has ups and downs. It is your choice to select the fan with great cooling abilities and balanced features. Take into consideration our selection and buy the fan according to your actual needs. We helped with this list of the best desk USB fans you can find at this moment.

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