Top 10 Best Double Sleeping Bags in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Do you share a sleeping area with your partner or loved one whenever you are camping outdoors? Do you have a hard time sleeping in the hard and cold tent that you travel with often? Buying a bigger and better tent sounds like a good solution. Unfortunately, it is not. The extra bulk and weight will only slow you down and lower your experience in the end. Look for double sleeping bags instead. Their light and portable designs are suitable for traveling. Their warm, spacious, and padded interior are comfortable.

List of Best Double Sleeping Bags in 2024

#10. Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide

Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide

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This Doublewide Tru.Comfort sleeping bag from Kelty is a popular regular-sized sleeping bag with admirable features. Traveling with it is easy. Most people can carry its lightweight 9-pound design for long while hiking or camping outdoors. It also has a durable 15.5 x 28-inch design with a temperature rating of 20 F/-7C. During cold nights, it will keep you and your partner warm. Its excellent thermal regulation also lowers risk of frostbite.

This doublewide sleeping bag comes ready to use. The two blankets that come built-in, for instance, are soft, warm, and comfortable. Its comfort-tuck zipper system is non-irritant, while the free stuff suck (compression) on offer ease its storage and or transportation. Order yours now. It will make your long camping nights special.

  • Temperature rated 20 F/-7 C
  • Doublewide (15.5 x 28-inches)
  • Compression stuff sack
  • Built-in blankets (two)
  • Lightweight (9 pounds)

Why Buy This Sleeping Bag

  • Warm and comfortable design
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Long lasting sleeping bag

#9. Winterial Double Mummy Sleeping Bag

Winterial Double Mummy Sleeping Bag

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The Double Mummy from Winterial is an 81×53-inch double sleeping bag that folds into a compact 18x10x10-inch package. It also has a lightweight (8.2 pounds) design and super warm interior (rated +20F), which make it suitable for camping outdoors. Instead of purchasing two heavy sleeping bags for you and your partner, buy this one. It is cheaper, fits in most tents, and has a stylish all-in-one design that works well in all settings.

Can Winterial Double Mummy withstand the stress associated with camping outdoors? Because of its quality of construction, this sleeping bag rarely disappoints people. The Diamond Ripstop fabric used to manufacture its shell is durable. It stress and water resistant design offers people the ultimate camping adventure on sand, savannas, and even rain-forests. It also has a durable lining with duel inside pockets (two) for your electronics.

  • Diamond Ripstop fabric
  • Lightweight (8.2 pounds)
  • Warm interior (rated +20F)
  • Duel inside pockets (two)
  • Spacious (81×53-inches)

Why Buy This Sleeping Bag

  • Superior warmth
  • Long-lasting design
  • Fits two people comfortably
  • Easy to store and transport

#8. Forbidden Road Double

Forbidden Road Double

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This roomy two-person sleeping bag from Forbidden will make your camping trips special. Whilst in use, you do not have to jostle for space. Its 59×75-inch design is sufficient for most people. Its temperature rating of 60F is also suitable for most people. During freezing nights, you will stay warm in this sleeping bag without using heavy blankets. Moreover, because of its waterproof design, it comes in handy during rainy nights as well.

Traveling with this Forbidden Road Double sleeping bag is easy. The 380T nylon used to manufacture it is not only durable, but also light (2.1 pounds). You will also like its foldable design and the premium silk cotton used to pad its lined (190T polyester pongee) design. The latter does not shift nor degrades as fast as foam often does. This sleeping bag has a free compression bag (15x5x7 inches). This boosts its portability further.

  • Lightweight bag (2.1 pounds)
  • Waterproof nylon shell (380T)
  • Polyester pongee lining (190T)
  • Compression bag (14x5x7 inches)
  • Comfortable silk cotton filling
  • 60F temperature rating

Why Buy This Sleeping Bag

  • Easy to transport
  • Stylish color options
  • Low-maintenance fabrics
  • Warm/waterproof design

#7. Active Era Double Sleeping Bag

Active Era Double Sleeping Bag

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Active Era is one of the most popular double sleeping bags among campers for many reasons. Its spacious double design (87×60 inches), for instance, is convenient. Laid flat on the ground or in tents, it is larger than traditional queen-sized beds. Two people can fit and sleep in it all night long without issues. The two pillows on offer boost its suitability further. After a good night’s rest, you will wake up happy/refreshed in the morning.

The 250GM fiber filling in this double sleeping bag is convenient. Its warmth offers all year-comfort whilst in use outdoors. The material is also light, durable, and lacks allergens found in feathers and other fillings. Like most sleeping bags that we have reviewed, Active Era is a water-resistant sleeping bag. It also has a wind proof design with two internal pockets for storing delicate personal items such as phones, keys, and money.

  • 250GM fiber filling
  • Spacious (87×60 inches)
  • Water-resistant shell
  • Internal pockets for personals
  • Money back guaranteed

Why Buy This Sleeping Bag

  • Warm and comfortable interior
  • Larger than similar brands
  • Portable wind-proof design
  • Non-allergenic filling (fiber)
  • Comfortable pillows (two)

#6. KingCamp Envelope

KingCamp Envelope

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Tall individuals have a hard time using most standard double sleeping bags. If you are one of them, look for a new KingCamp Envelope sleeping bag online. Its oversized envelop design fits individuals up to7’8″ tall. This is admirable. Its open fully zippered design is also convenient. When it is time for bed, you and your partner will not struggle to get into this sleeping bag. Its quilted shell is stable, while the warm polyester lining that it has does not scratch not irritate the skin. You can spend the whole day and night in it without problems.

Backed by a 1-year limited warranty, this is a high-quality sleeping bag. Its rip-proof design benefits frequent campers. Cleaning it is a breeze, while the drawstring closure on offer contains heat well to maximize the comfort of its users. Buy a new one for traveling worry-free. Packed, KingCamp Envelope weighs two pounds.

  • Lightweight (2 pounds)
  • Spacious envelope design
  • Half-circle drawstring hood
  • Six different color options
  • Polyester (100%) lining

Why Buy This Sleeping Bag

  • Easy to transport
  • Limited warranty (1 year)
  • Easy to enter and exit
  • Durable quilted shell
  • Fits over 7-foot tall people

#5. Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag

Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag

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Are you looking for a comfortable double sleeping bag that can protect you from the elements as well? Ohuhu is a reputable polyester (210T) model with a water-resistant design. Lined using luxurious cotton, this is a comfortable sleeping bag. It does not irritate the skin. Moreover, the material does not bunch or gather whilst in use. Lovers or partners can cuddle in it all night long with memorable results. Buy a new one for camping.

The ability of this Ohuhu sleeping bag to withstand environmental abuse makes it an ideal item for campers. At temperatures of between 31 and 50F, for instance, it is warm and cozy. Moreover, cold, harsh winds, and or heat do not damage its structure, as they do most cheap brands. This sleeping bag has a set of pillows.

  • Set of Pillows
  • Polyester (210T) shell
  • Water-resistant bag
  • Luxurious cotton lining

Why Buy This Sleeping Bag

  • Portable design (lightweight)
  • Warm and comfortable design
  • Comfortable bonus pillows
  • Weather-resistant design

#4. Ohuhu Double Bag

Ohuhu Double Bag

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Sleeping bags are among the most vital accessories for campers and hikers. To get a spacious and durable model for day-to-day use, look for Ohuhu. This warm sleeping bag has a durable quilted design that benefits men and women. Made from lined (cotton) 210T polyester, for instance, it does not scratch the skin as some low-grade synthetic ones do. The material is also weather resistant. Water does not penetrate its outer shell.

This is a giant sleeping back. During your camping trips, you will not jostle for space with your loved one to enjoy a comfortable night’s rest. Zippers (detachable) are convenient. Even in the dark, you can get into and out of this novel sleeping bag with minimal hustle. Each bag has two pillows and a compact carrying case.

  • Water-resistant polyester shell
  • Weather resistant double bag
  • Lined interior (premium cotton)
  • Detachable wide-opening zippers
  • Comfortable built-in pillows (two)

Why Buy This Sleeping Bag

  • Heavy duty shell (polyester)
  • Non-irritant lined interior
  • Wide opening (detachable zipper)
  • Sleeping bag is easy to transport

#3. Canway Flannel Sleeping Bag

Canway Flannel Sleeping Bag

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Suitable for adults and teens, this flannel Canway sleeping bag is a spacious accessory with a quality design. What makes it special? First, you will like the 210T polyester used to manufacture its shell. Even though light, it is durable. You can toss, roll, and turn in it without its fibers and or seams giving. Its size (8t5x57-inches) is also impressive. Set up in gazebos or camping tents, two adults or teens can sleep in it all night comfortably.

Whilst in use on the ground, dirt and mud stain sleeping bags often. To prevent this, most people spending additional amounts of floor covers, which do not offer 100% protection. Avoid making such mistakes. For the best results, look for a low-maintenance sleeping bag such as Canway. Even though huge, cleaning it is very easy. Moreover, because of its quilted design, its cotton filling (300g) does not shift over time. This is ideal.

  • 210T polyester shell
  • 300g cotton filling
  • 42F temperature rating
  • Weather-resistant bag
  • Two built-in pillows

Why Buy This Sleeping Bag

  • Holds up to 180 pounds
  • Fits up to 5.8-foot tall people
  • Easy to clean/maintain

#2. Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag for Backpacking

Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag for Backpacking

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Do you hike in cold and wet environments often? Do you have issues sleeping comfortably with your loved one in your tent? You need a weather resistant sleeping bag such as Sleepingo Double. The camping-grade polyester used to make retains body heat well. Once tacked in this bag, you will sleep like a baby all night long. Its stable shell, its plush lining, and its the two built-in pillows that it comes with boost its comfort further.

Sleepingo Double has a spacious 87×59-inch design. If you are 5-6 feet tall, you can fit in it without folding your legs. Its zipper is wide and non-irritant, while its foldable 3-pound design is convenient. It is portable.

  • Lightweight (3 pounds)
  • Two comfortable pillows
  • Smooth cotton-lined interior
  • Camping-grade polyester shell
  • Spacious (87c56 inches)
  • Lifetime factory warranty

Why Buy This Sleeping Bag

  • Huge, warm, and comfortable
  • Prevent heat loss (32F)
  • Durable shell and lining
  • Easy to transport (lightweight)

#1. TETON Sports Mammoth

TETON Sports Mammoth

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TETON Sports Mammoth is a popular family-sized sleeping bag for camping. If you enjoy stargazing in your backyard, you will also enjoy using one for these reasons. It’s poly-flannel lining, for instance, is comfortable. It is safe for people with normal or sensitive skin. Its double layer design (SuperLoft fiberfill and polyester shell), on the other hand, is durable. Ripping is a non-issue. Its survival rated design (20-30 degrees), on the other hand, has saved hundreds of people outdoors. It retains body heat well to lower the risk of hypothermia.

TETON Sports Mammoth unzips from both sides. At night, you can enter and exit it for both the left and the right. Even though large (94×12 inches), it is lack. It also has a compression sack for easy storage/transport.

  • Spacious (94×12 inches)
  • Free compression sack
  • Unzips from both sides
  • Survival-rated sleeping bag
  • Poly flannel lining
  • Durable double layer design

Why Buy This Sleeping Bag

  • Professional grade design
  • Easy to enter and exit
  • Comfortable in cold weather

Features of Good Double Sleeping Bags

Reports from regular campers indicate that double sleeping bags are perfect for couples. This is very true. However, make sure your bag of choice has the following attributes for the best outdoor experience:

  • Material: The quality of a sleeping bag is only as good as the type of material used to make it. To own a suitable brand for camping, check the material used to make it. Is it durable? Tough fabrics such as polyester are the best. They do not puncture nor rip easily when used on rugged terrain. The fabric should also have a smooth and comfortable structure. Double sleeping bags that scratch and or irritate the skin are not fun-to-use outdoors.
  • Padding: Unlike what some people think, thick and or bulky sleeping bags are not always the best. What matters most is the quality of the padding used to manufacture it. It should be as comfortable as possible. Cotton or down filling is ideal. Moreover, padding should be safe for the intended users of your double sleeping bag. If your partner is allergic to feathers, for instance, buying a sleeping bag with feathers as its filling is a poor decision.
  • Size: Always check the size of your preferred double sleeping bag. It should fit you and your partner comfortably.
  • Portability: Whether you like camping in your backyard or in an isolated offshore location, you need a portable sleeping bag. Check its weight and bulk. Can you travel with it effortlessly? Look for a product that you will enjoy using.


If you can afford a quality double sleeping bag, you will sleep comfortably whilst you are camping outdoors. Their warm and lined designs are comfortable. The structure of the materials used to make them is also good. Even though light, for instance, they are durable. Transporting, cleaning, and or maintaining them is also easy.

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