5 Best Electric Skillets Reviews In 2019

Did you know that an electric skillet is a handy device used to bake, fry, stew or stir fry without the use of range or oven? Now you know, and you have the chance to take your cooking expertise to the next level as you engage in new recipe courtesy of these handy devices. Besides, they provide double duty as an ideal serving dish, a buffet setting.

This kitchen appliance also boasts of special features such as cool to touch handles, non-stick surfaces and temperature control functions among others. You’ll probably encounter thousands of brands in the market as you try to get your choice. In this review electric skillets, we explore the contemporary brands that are worth your investment.

List of Top 5 Best Electric Skillets in 2019

ZZ SK577 10 by 10 Inch Non-Stick Electric Skillet with Glass Cover LidBuy on Amazon
BELLA (14607) 12 x 12 Inch Electric Skillet with Copper Titanium Coating, 1200 Watts Immersible Non-Stick Multipurpose Skillet with Tempered Glass LidBuy on Amazon
Hamilton Beach 38528 Deep Dish Ceramic SkilletBuy on Amazon
Black & Decker SK1215BC Family Sized Electric Skillet, BlackBuy on Amazon
Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet, BlackBuy on Amazon

#5. ZZ SK577 Non-Stick Electric Skillet

ZZ SK577 Non-Stick Electric Skillet with Glass Cover Lid

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Are you looking for a perfect tool that isn’t restricted to one meal only? ZZ SK577 electric skillet is exactly what you are looking for. It’s ideal for preparing a variety of meals conveniently wherever you are. It features non-sticking surface which is ideal for grilling chicken, steak, bacon among other sumptuous dishes.

It also has a desirable and highly performing stew function. This feature provides you with the best opportunity to prepare fondue, vegetables, pasta and the likes. Featuring a large cooking area measuring 10 inches square, it provides more than enough surface to prepare as many ingredients as you can.

But it also possesses special features which put it ahead of other brands on the market. These unique features are a vent on the lid which releases steam and eliminates gravy from overflowing the skillet. Not to forget, this skillet boasts of temperature adjustment function which allows you to tune temperature depending on the ingredients requirements.

The durable and heavy duty die- cast base enhances stability and durability. Apparently, so single component of this skillet contains any harmful substance. Hence, it ensures you cook safely and comfortably without worries.

     Pros     Cons
  • Nonstick surface is easy to clean
  • Stays firmly
  • Provides for accurate and precise heat adjustment
  • Compact design
  • You can’t use nonstick utensil for the sake of coating

#4. BELLA 1200 Watts Electric Skillet

BELLA 1200 Watts Electric Skillet, with Copper Titanium Coating

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Boasting of ceramic copper titanium coating, Bella electric skillet is one of the most reliable cooking tools on the market. This unique coating is durable and heats 30 percent faster than the standard no stick coatings. This ultra-durable coating can tolerate heat up to a scale of 850 degrees. Furthermore, unlike other competitive brands, this skillet allows you to use a metallic or non-metallic utensil.

On the other hand, the coating is healthy and eco-friendly as it doesn’t contain any toxic substance including PTFE and PFOA. Another positive regard is the fact that the non-stick surface allows you to unpack all food from the containment and is easy to clean too. It is fully immersible, and the tempered glass is dishwasher safe. The easy release feature is another critical aspect that makes this product worthy than most of the competitive brands. This easy release factor is linked to the ceramic, copper and titanium coating which allows no fuss and makes clean up a one-way step.

     Pros     Cons
  • The legs are not scratchy hence protects your counter
  • Lightweight lid that fits excellently on the pan
  • Even distribution of heat
  • Super easy cleanup
  • Lid requires some rotating for it to fit snugly

#3. Hamilton Beach 38528 Ceramic Skillet, Black

Hamilton Beach 38528 Ceramic Skillet, Black

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Do you want to sauté, braise or simmer conveniently and comfortably? Hamilton Beach ceramic skillet is among the best options you can rely on. You can likewise use it to obtain a French toast casserole or classic lasagna for supper. It is upon you to use it for whatever purpose, but it remains powerful and highly performing at all costs. With its duration ceramic finish, this skillet provides an ultra-nonstick performance.

Unlike the traditional nonstick coatings, this one is almost four times durable and doesn’t peel or crack. Moreover, this durathon coating is free of harmful chemicals such as PTFE and PFOA. And featuring a heat range from warm to 400 degrees Fahrenheit you have all it takes to simmer or high heat. You can use the warm setting to keep the food warm until the whole dinner is ready.

     Pros     Cons
  • Exceptional nonstick coating
  • Warm heat function increases the usability
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Easy to clean
  • Loud pitch noise
  • Cord is quite short

#2. Black & Decker Family Sized SK1215BC Electric Skillet, Black

Black & Decker Family Sized SK1215BC Electric Skillet, Black

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Are you a cooking enthusiast looking forward to cooking like a professional? Well, you must have the best cooking accessories with you. One of such items is the Black and Decker electric skillet. It boasts an innovative and patented design that allows you to get organized and prepare various dishes of your choice.

With its large and deep cooking area, it provides an excellent cooking that will allow you to resonate with your family. Of course at the heart of every family, there is a properly functioning kitchen with great cooking devices.

This skillet is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to enjoy delicious meals and reunite with friends and family. The device allows you to go from kitchen to dinner table with the right food having the right temperature. Thanks to the quick release and variable temperature control which allows precise adjustment of temperature depending on your eating schedule.

Besides, the cool to touch handles allow safe handling of the equipment and enhance a smooth table serving. The tampered glass gives you the opportunity to observe the progress of what you are cooking.

     Pros     Cons
  • Cool to touch serving handles
  • Easy to use temperature control dial
  • Dishwasher safe base easy clean up due to its none- stick surface
  • Offers a large cooking surface
  • Pricey

#1. Presto Electric Foldaway Skillet, Black

Presto 06857 Electric Foldaway Skillet, Black

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Winning the most desirable position of any ranking Presto 06867, electric skillet showcases an exceptional design that takes your cooking experience to the next level. Whether you want bakes, stews, fries, roasts or any one dish meal that makes you happy. It features a built in pour spout that functions as a spoon rest.

The base is removable so that it detaches from the handles and nest in the pan to ensure easy cleaning. The base measures 16 inches and the high side walls allow you to cook more and increases the serving capacity. It is a preferable cooking appliance than the oven or a range burner because it is more energy efficient.

The tempered glass ensures that you continuously monitor the progress of your cooking food to avoid any mess. Also, the handles are designed with a heat tolerant material so that they stay cool all the time for easy handling. The handles also enable this gadget to double as a buffet server. There is also a master heat control function which mains the favorable cooking temperature for various meals.

     Pros     Cons
  • Evenly cooking
  • Automated temperature control
  • Fabulous pour spout on the side to rest the cooking spoon
  • Removable base for easy cleaning
  • Cool to touch handles
  • Pricey

Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Skillet

There is nothing so traumatizing than cooking using unsuitable appliances. For you to select the right electric skillet, you need to revisit the following factors.

  • Suitable size: The size you select will depend on the number of people you’ll be serving. So, if you just want a skillet for your travel, you should select the one that can accommodate about two people. The Smaller size is portable and easier to handle.
  • Nature of the surface: Nonstick surfaces are the best for an ideal skillet. It ensures quick and easy cleaning and also ensures that you pour all contents without leaving any content behind. Besides, many models of skillets are dishwasher safe for an effortless cleaning exercise.
  • Cool to touch handles: Cooking involves constantly making contact with the handles as you prepare various recipes. Without insulated handles, you are prone to getting burns now and then. Fortunately, most top brands come with cool to touch handles that can tolerate high temperatures. These unique handles add safety during cooking.
  • Color compatibility: Though it won’t directly affect the functionality of a skillet, the color says a lot about your kitchen. Its color should match or supplement the existing décor of other kitchen components.
  • Temperature control features: Just like in any other electrical device, skillets possess heat adjustability functions too. These controls provide a wide range from warm to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range enhances versatility which is important in food preparation and serving too.
  • Price: Depending on your economic uncertainties, you’ll need to consider the prices of various brands and models. The purpose which you’ll be using the skillet for and how often will dictate the price range that you should be exploring. Size also strikes a role in determining the price. There are other factors and special features that also contribute to price.
  • Durability and material of construction: You need to consider the nature of construction as well as the material used because it affects the durability of any tool directly. The thickness of the material of the skillet also dictates how sturdy the equipment is, and shouldn’t be overlooked.


Now that you have the best electric skillets at your disposal, it is quite easy to improve your kitchen performance. You can now engage in various recipes that seemed quite hard and catastrophic. Nothing is hard, provided you have the best tool working for you. The five products in our review feature desirable size, price, temperature control functions, and cool to touch handles among other desirable features.


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