Top 10 Best Water Skis Reviews in 2019

The concept of water skiing dates back to the early 1900s when eighteen-year-old Ralph Samuelson suggested one can ski as easily on water as he can on snow. Since then, water skis have advanced incredibly with the current models equipped with multiple features to give you the best water skiing experience.

First-timers and even advanced skiers often have a hard time when deciding which ski to purchase. It is why we have compiled a list of the top 10 best water skis reviews in 2019.

List of Top 10 Best Water Skis in 2019

Full Throttle Traditional Combination Skis (Blue, 68-Inch)Buy on Amazon
Connelly Supersport Combo WaterskisBuy on Amazon
O'Brien Pro Tour Jr. Slalom Water Ski, 58-InchBuy on Amazon
Radar 2017 Senate Water Ski - 67" - 150-190 LBS - Blank Waterski Only | No BindingsBuy on Amazon
CWB Connelly Aspect Slalom 2017 Nova Water Ski for Age (9-12), 67"/Large/X-LargeBuy on Amazon
AIRHEAD WIDE BODY Combo Skis, 53", pairBuy on Amazon
RAVE Sports Pure Combo Water Skis - AdultBuy on Amazon
HO Burner Pro 67 Inch Combo WaterskisBuy on Amazon
Hydroslide Adult Victory Water Skis Combo Pair, Black, 66-InchBuy on Amazon
O'Brien Pro Tour Slalom Water SkiBuy on Amazon

#10. Full Throttle Traditional Combination Skis

Full Throttle Traditional Combination Skis

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The Full Throttle water ski set by Absolute Outdoor is an excellent buy for skiers of all levels. It makes a particularly suitable item if you are looking for water equipment that can be used by all family members.

The 68-inch water skis, which are available only in blue, have been reinforced with steel to make them durable and sturdy. Each ski has a concave-shaped base and beveled edges. It also features a tapered tail that facilitates easier turning through the waters.

     Pros     Cons
  • Ideal for all skill levels
  • Features a tapered rear design
  • Only comes in blue color

#9. Supersport Combo Waterskis

Supersport Combo Waterskis

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This Supersport combo came about by downsizing the popularly known Pilot slalom ski design. More correctly, this combo is engineered for young and lighter skiers. It features Connelly Tracking Software (CTS), a mechanism that provides you with sufficient stability when in water. Supersport combo skis feature a reinforced composite design and a glass filled fin that ensures your skis are always pointing in the appropriate direction.

The bindings have been made adjustable; hence, they can fit sizes two to nine. The Supersport Combo pair measures 54 inches in length and can accommodate skiers who weigh up to 125 lbs.

     Pros     Cons
  • Reinforced composite
  • Glass-filled nylon fin
  • Quality and adjustable bindings
  • Pricey

#8. O’Brien Pro Tour Slalom Water Ski

O'Brien Pro Tour Slalom Water Ski

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It is one of the best water ski set for beginner and intermediate skiers. It is a high-quality ski made in a way that allows you to advance gradually. Essentially, the skis are wide enough to offer first-timers ample stability when skiing.

It features an X-9 binding, which offers ample comfort and versatility. This binding is fixed at the front and back. It is also adjustable; hence, can fit a majority of individuals.

     Pros     Cons
  • Stable design
  • Makes beveled rides easier
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Bindings are adjustable
  • Not ideal for double board trained enthusiasts

#7. Radar Skis 2017 Senate Water Ski

Radar Skis 2017 Senate Water Ski

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Since its invention, the Radar Skis Senate water skis has quickly gained popularity. This pair is engineered for advanced skiers who know just the features they want for their skis. Radar Skis comes in four different sizes including 65, 67, 69 and 71 inches. The set of skis, which are designed for a maximum speed of 34 mph, are made purely from carbon fibre laminate. Aside from the size options, you also get to choose between different colors.

     Pros     Cons
  • Made of 100% carbon laminate
  • Has an all-terrain core
  • Incorporates a precise fin system
  • Comes in four sizes
  • Not durable

#6. CWB Connelly Aspect 2017 Slalom Water Ski

CWB Connelly Aspect 2017 Slalom Water Ski

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The Connelly is a type of slalom water ski, engineered for skiers who love aggressive turns and can afford the higher price tag. It has a broad fore-body and incredibly sharp bevels that enable it to sit well in water and facilitate a much smoother skiing experience.

Thanks to the design of the Connelly Aspect slalom, the water flow around its base is well-controlled, a feature that boosts its maneuverability. It also reduces the chances of dragging, allowing you to glide on the water effortlessly. Besides, making turns with this ski is a piece of cake.

     Pros     Cons
  • A unique, exquisite design
  • Covered in durable fiberglass
  • Offers smooth rides
  • Expensive

#5. Airhead AHS-900 Combo Water Skis

Airhead AHS-900 Combo Water Skis

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This pair of Airhead 900 Combo skis is one of the best deals for beginners. Both kids and adults can use these combo skis. With regards to features, the Airhead combo bindings are adjustable to a vast range of sizes. Also, the ski set has a detachable crossbar that comes in handy for novice skiers.

Constructed using composite foam core base, which has a fiberglass shell, the Airhead combo skis are made for the long haul. This sporting vessel also features reinforced nylon fins that enable you to track through the water smoothly.

     Pros     Cons
  • Best for beginners
  • Includes fins that are made of fiberglass reinforced nylon
  • Features a removable crossbar for first-timers
  • Relatively small

#4. Rave Pure Adult Water Ski Combos

Rave Pure Adult Water Ski Combos

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The Rave Pure combo pair is designed with the advanced skier in mind. It has a broad body that makes it incredibly stable in water. The double density bindings can be adjusted up to a size 12, and can also slide to give you the ideal setup.

This ski set is distinctive due to its square-shaped noses and narrow fins. Made of RIM molded polyurethane material alongside a plastic laminate top, the skis have also been strengthened using fiberglass rods. Also, the Rave combos feature a stiff outer membrane for supporting your ankles. With a length of 67 inches, these skis can be used by either gender.

     Pros     Cons
  • Double density and adjustable bindings
  • Perfect for adults who are over 125 lbs
  • Broad surface area that provides stability
  • Not the best quality

#3. HO Sports Burner HO Burner Combo Water Skis

HO Sports Burner HO Burner Combo Water Skis

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Besides making it to our best water skis list, the HO Sports has also been spotted in some of the most famous magazines such as Esquire. Primarily, this is due to its array of quality and high-end features. Any skier can use the HO Combo skis, that is, beginners, intermediate and advanced. Try taking this ski set to the lake with you, and you will be incredibly impressed. It features a V-bottom design, providing you with plenty of control and stability when skiing.

The Burner Combo also has an extensive surface area. It is designed so, to give riders a higher buoyancy. Also, these skis come equipped with freeMAX- a 2-lace binding that is ideal for sizes between seven and eleven.

     Pros     Cons
  • High-end skis
  • Features a 2-lace binding
  • Has a V-design for optimal stability and smooth cuts
  • Skis are only available in plain red or black color and not the multicolor that is advertised

#2. Hydroslide Adult Victory Water Skis

Hydroslide Adult Victory Water Skis

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The 66-inch water skis are specially designed for the adult water-skiing fanatic. They are designed in a way that makes it easy to get up and enjoy a thrilling experience. This ski set features a tunnel concave bottom for additional stability. One of the skis features a slalom toe, perfect for a single ski session. You will also find slide adjustable bindings as well as the drop-through fins that enhance stability.

Hydroslide water skis have adequate surface area and a round-shaped nose that make starts easier. These water skis can accommodate individuals who weigh more than 120 lbs.

     Pros     Cons
  • Have adjustable slide bindings
  • The bottom is a tunnel with a concave shape
  • Has drop-through plastic fins
  • The round nose and extensive surface area allow for easier starts
  • Pricey

#1. O’Brien Performer Pro Combo Water Skis

O’Brien Performer Pro Combo Water Skis

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The O’Brien combo skis are engineered for the extremely advanced skiers. Retailing at about $ 240, these skis are a bit pricier than most of the skis in our review. The skis set is perfect for an individual who is advancing well in the sport. With regards to features, the skis have a fin fabricated from aluminum.

The skis also have a large surface area; thus, you can be sure of nailing those deep waters. O’Brien Combo skis are an easy set, particularly because of the foam-padded foot-beds. They can fit makes of feet size between 7 and 13.

     Pros     Cons
  • Have aluminum flush mount fin
  • The aluminum fin enables easy tracking
  • Lace bindings can fit shoe sizes 7 to 13
  • Feels heavy
Water Ski Buying Guide

Your best bet at getting yourself water skis that meet your needs is to enlighten yourself on the vital features that a pair of skis ought to have. These are:

  • Skier Type: The primary factor that determines the kind of ski that you get is your level of skiing. If you are a beginner, getting a bigger pair of combo skis will do. Combination skis are ideal for first-timers because they offer far more stability than slalom skis. They also give you an allowance of making mistakes as you learn. Conversely, intermediate skiers are better off choosing slalom skis. Slalom skis are continuously evolving, and are usually designed with a particular type of skier in mind.
  • Skiing Speed and Ski Size: Ideally, the skiing speed of an individual determines just how deep they sit in the water. As a rule of thumb, people who ski at low speeds will do better on skis that have extensive surface areas. This is why more skilled skiers usually have narrow-sized skis as they do not spend that much effort sitting on top of the water.
  • Your Weight and Ski Size: Weight is yet another aspect to consider when choosing a pair of water skis. Primarily, you should apply the same concept used with speed and size. To put it simply, heavy-weighted skiers will need to invest in skis that are wide and long.



Water skiing is an exciting sport that can be played during summer or spring. For the best experience, invest in a proper water ski set such as the O’Brien Performer Pro Combo, Hydroslide Adult Victory, and Rave Pure Adult Water Ski Combos.

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