Top 10 Best Tumble Towers Game Reviews in 2019

It’s been a while since most of us played tumble towers. But, it’s the holidays and we all would like to have some fun that is reminiscent of our childhood. If you never played with tower blocks, never worry. It’s simple.

You take turns with other players and remove rectangular blocks from a block tower. Every time you take one out, you place it at the top of the tower. The object of the game is not to knock down the tower while you remove pieces. You have to space the blocks skillfully to make a tower. It is a highly addictive and contemplative game, always requiring serious concentration and even sometimes consultation. People team up against one another at the office, events, outdoor parties, etc to boost their relationships, intelligence and compete healthily with one another.

Based on an African block building game, this classic is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. It requires steady hands and balancing skills. It’s a simple to learn game as well. Not only is it fun to play with, it will also help to develop several skills. Your motor skills, eye coordination, hand steadiness, hand-to-eye coordination, general balance, patience, and self–control will be increased the more you play. You’ll also be spending quality time with friends and family, so it’s a win both physically and socially.

Tumble Towers are a great pastime for children and are quite affordable. The classical game comes in many sizes and can also give adults a lot of fun. Tumble towers also make for a great home artifact or decorative piece for that ultra-modern vibe. They would look perfect on your mantelpiece, in libraries or in your office. Read on to find the best tumble towers you can buy.

List of Top 10 Best Tumble Towers Game in 2019

Tumble Tower Game - 4.5 Inches TallBuy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon
Fun Sports Timber Tower 65 Pieces Wood Block Stacking Game, Giant Tumbling Timber with Carrying Case for Family Backyard Fun Model 3023-2Buy on Amazon
Victory Tailgate Arizona State ASU Sun Devils Giant Wooden Tumble Tower GameBuy on Amazon
EasyGO Giant Stack & Tumble Giant Wood Stacking & Tumble Tower Blocks Game Includes Heavy Duty Duffle Carry Bag, XX- Large, Stacks to Over 5 feet TallBuy on Amazon
Sports Festival Giant Wooden Tumbling Timbers with Storage Bag, Hardwood Block Stacking Game for Yard GamesBuy on Amazon
Giant Wooden Block Tower - Jumbo Toppling Tower - Extra Large Stacking Game - Ultimate XL Edition - Tumbling Block Game - For All Ages - 54 Pieces - Stacks Higher than 4 Feet During Play!Buy on Amazon
Mega Hi-Tower | Garden Games - Giant Tumbling Tower Game with Storage BagBuy on Amazon
Car Guardiance Karaoke Machine-2 Kids Girls Karaoke Machine Toys Music Player with Microphone & Lights, Battery Operated Portable Singing Machine with Adorable Sing-Along Boom BoxBuy on Amazon
Zomma Hammer Crown Giant Tumble Tower; with Free Bonus Block Bottle OpenerBuy on Amazon

#10. GreenBrier Tumble Tower Game

GreenBrier Tumble Tower Game

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This wooden block stacking game is made by Greenbrier Inc and when fully constructed it stands at 4.5 inches in height. It comes complete with instructions and 36 blocks for all the fun you can have with 2 – 4 players. It is also child-friendly as it is tiny.

However, some pieces are uneven and don’t fit perfectly. Plus these wooden blocks are tiny and harder for adults to play with. Share the suspense and fun with your loved ones.

#9. Slapdash by BAXBO Stack and Crash Game

Slapdash by BAXBO Stack and Crash Game

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This tumble tower pack is very durable and is made from the highest quality wood. It is a 12-inch tower and would make a nice decoration on your coffee table. It is very easy to set up and comes with 48 handcrafted wood blocks and a restacking frame packaged in a neat looking box. Slapdash has been known to keep people off all ages playing for hours on end. Even kids enjoy it and learn new skills like dexterity, care and patience.

However some users have complained that the blocks feel rough and are uneven. This could delight or disappoint you depending on your own preferences. Also the base that you stack the blocks on may damage easily, so you’ll have to be careful with it.

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#8. Fun Sports Tumble Tower Game

Fun Sports Tumble Tower Game

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These blocks number 65 and are made of high-quality wood. They are huge and made of pine wood which lasts a lifetime. They come with a carrying bag so you can take them anywhere. They also come with a lifetime replacement warranty. Each block is 8.3 inches by 1.7 inches by 1.5 inches. Each block has been smoothed for easier gameplay. An impressive tumble tower at full height, it makes for a fun time for adults and kids alike.

You may end up a little disappointed with the blocks as they are not the typical game type.

#7. Arizona Tumble Tower Game

Arizona Tumble Tower Game

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This Arizona state laser engraved tumble tower game made by Victory Tailgate is made from solid wood blocks. It is a great gift for your family.

However, you may have to get it sanded down to play with it as some of the blocks may have frayed, rough edges.

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#6. EasyGO Products Tumble Tower Game

EasyGO Products Tumble Tower Game

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The EasyGO keeps on stacking till it crashes down. It makes for a very thrilling game with blocks that are about 9 inches long, 3 inches wide and 2 inches tall. The blocks come in an easy storage bag for convenient transport. Starting at 3ft tall it can climb up to 5ft. This tower is massive and is fun for both children and adults.

It is ideal for big parties like weddings but some of its pieces have slightly rough edges so players have to be a little careful.

#5. Sports Festival Giant Tumble Tower Game

Sports Festival Giant Tumble Tower Game

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This giant tumbling tower blocks made by Sports festival can grow up to 5.5 feet when fully constructed. It is a great game for the outdoors, large parties, events, camping and much more. This pack comes with a bag for easy storage and 60 large wooden pieces of tumbling fun. This giant can reach 20 stories high r when you stack it right. They are very easy to carry. Made of raw wood, you get to see actual beautiful growth rings. They last a lifetime. The set comes with two extra blocks and can be played by up to 6 people. Take it outdoors for maximum fun.

However some users feel like the blocks are too small so this is a try before you buy.

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#4. Redwood Tumble Tower Game

Redwood Tumble Tower Game

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These tumbling tower blocks from Redwood Games are actually made from redwood blocks. They will provide fun for all ages. They grow over 4.5 feet tall and come with a free carrying case. The case holds all 54 of the premium redwood blocks. The number of blocks makes it possible to stack up an 18 story tower with 3 columns. The Redwood blocks stack up to an impressive height and can be played with by kids and adults too.

The blocks are solid wood though and may hurt when they come crashing down. Beware!

#3. GTPF Tumble Tower Game

GTPF Tumble Tower Game

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GTPF’s tumbling blocks is 60 solid pieces of timber that start at over 2 feet tall and can grow over 5 feet when fully built. The pack comes with a high-quality carrying case and is ideal for parties and outdoor events.

The blocks are smoothed with rounded edges and even though the size may initially feel a little bit too small, the quality gameplay will keep you engaged and having fun.

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#2. Induxpert Tumble Tower Game

Induxpert Tumble Tower Game

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With a limited time special offer if you click the link above, this is one of the best tumble tower games out there. It comes with 60 high-quality pieces of wood blocks made from New Zealand pinewood. It is pest-control certified and assures that no termites will worm their way through the wood. The blocks also have a smooth finish and are therefore easy to pull out and push in.

With this package you’ll get a free whiteboard and a pen to keep score for unlimited hours of fun, a bag to keep the giant blocks in and an instruction manual. The whiteboard is double-sided and is suited to long gameplay. They are well loved and reviewed by all users as an ideal game for people, whether children or adults.

#1. Hammer Crown Giant Tumble Tower Game

Hammer Crown Giant Tumble Tower Game

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And here we are at the top of the list (or bottom). Either way, we’ve arrived at the top tumble tower blocks money can buy. Hammer Crown’s game comes with 57 kiln dried, specially made wood blocks for countless hours of fun that even adults would doubtless enjoy. It is a no gap tower (has no gaps when fully built) and can reach more than 5 feet in height. The whole tower weighs not more than 45 kg.

Be careful around young kids with this because its heavy wooden blocks will hurt when they come crashing down. The zipper on the bag is also of questionable quality but that can be fixed quite easily.

Guide to buying Tumble Tower blocks

Buying tumble tower blocks may be a fun thing to do but you can’t just go for any product out there. Ideal tower blocks have to be sanded and smoothed for easy gameplay. If the edges of the blocks are rough, players can injure themselves on the blocks. You also have to buy blocks that fit well together, after all, what is the point of playing if the blocks are uneven.

Tumble tower blocks are made of wood and are therefore susceptible to wood termites and other natural damages. So when you want to purchase, check for pest treated wood. Some wood blocks even come with a lifetime replacement guarantee. You definitely want to go for those.


And there you have it. You can go online and order one of these fantastic tumble tower block games for you and the family this Christmas holidays. They are great for family time and will help in building bonds and sharing the love of Christmas.

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