Top 10 Best Travel Umbrellas Reviews in 2024

Are you in need of a good travel umbrella? Nowadays, umbrellas have become a very basic need. We are past those days when carrying an umbrella was termed as a show-off. It is currently one of the things that you are required to possess. The main role of an umbrella is obviously shielding us from the rains, but they similarly serve some other purposes like protecting us from the sun during a sunny day.

We have reviewed the best umbrellas one can purchase in 2024. Below is a review of those umbrellas available in the market which might meet your needs. It is our hope that the review is going to save you time besides ensuring that you get the best product which has a good value for cash.

List of Best Travel Umbrellas in 2024

Having known about the factors that you should consider when purchasing the best travel umbrella, let us review the top 10 best travel umbrellas. You will definitely get one which suits your traveling needs. They are:

#10. Kolumbo Unbreakable Travel Umbrella Wind

Kolumbo Unbreakable Travel Umbrella Wind

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This travel umbrella makes use of the best and the recent technology which resists the strength of the wind. Its frame design ensures that it does not bend which makes it to remain unaffected by the strong winds. It has a wind resilience system which utilizes a high-quality fiberglass which is similarly stainless steel in order to make sure that this umbrella springs out quickly once it is opened.

It has a sturdy design and the fact it has been made of stainless steel prevents it from rusting. Additionally, this umbrella is water resistant which means that it does not easily soak even when the rains become extreme. The water resistant fabric also helps the umbrella to dry up fast. It has an automatic open and close hand button which is very ideal when one is in a hurry to open their umbrella. On top of that, the umbrella has a lifetime guarantee.

Key Features
  • Its frame is sturdy.
  • Its canopy is water-repellent.
  • It is durable.
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#9. Benkii Windproof Travelling Umbrella

Benkii Windproof Travelling Umbrella

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The striking feature of this umbrella is the ten rib canopy which increases its durability. Its ribs have made using resin-fiberglass which makes them flexible. It similarly makes the umbrella to withstand flipping in case of a windy weather. It comes with an auto open feature which makes it easier and faster to open. Another striking feature is the rain-proof canopy which water-resistant too. This canopy is similarly mildew & abrasion-resistant. The umbrella also accompanies a lifetime guarantee

Key Features
  • It is very strong & durable.
  • It’s dries faster.
  • Its grip is extremely comfortable.

#8. HappyRain Travel Umbrella


HappyRain Travel Umbrella

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This umbrella is ideal for individuals who like a strong but bulky umbrella to use when traveling. The umbrella has been made using stainless steel and it is also windproof. It has a slim design with its frame fortified with eight ribs. Its canopy has been made of a polyester material which means that it is hard for water to soak through even during the heavy downpours.

Its stainless steel frame makes sure that it doesn’t corrode after being exposed to moisture. Its strong ribs are capable of withstanding up to 55 mph winds. It has a fast close or open feature which enables it to open easily with just a slight push or pull. This umbrella simply fits into purses & suitcases.

Key Features
  • It withstands long & heavy rains.
  • It has a slim design which is appealing to buyers.
  • It opens and closes quickly.

#7. Oak Leaf Umbrella, Travel Umbrella


Oak Leaf Umbrella, Travel Umbrella

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This umbrella is small in size and has been designed to be fit for the girls. Its hardened steel ribs prevent corrosion after being exposed to constant moisture. It has fiberglass tips that make it flexible and also non-corrosive. It has a two toned coloring that increases its simplicity and stylishness of this umbrella. It has a dual canopy which has been designed to protect you from being exposed to the UV rays and also prevents rainwater from soaking your umbrella. There is also a simple button which automatically opens and closes your umbrella.

Key Features
  • It has stylish colors which make it appealing to the buyer.
  • It is durable to its double vented canopy.
  • Its grip is very comfortable.

#6. Totes Raines Auto Open/Close Mini Travel Umbrella

Totes Raines Auto Open/Close Mini Travel Umbrella

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What makes this umbrella stand out is its ability to repel water. Its canopy has been made using polyester which implies that water will never get in. On top of that, this umbrella’s canopy dries up in a very short time. The umbrella has windproof, weighs 10 ounces. With this umbrella, you shouldn’t worry that the wind is going to cause damage to the umbrella. The umbrella has been tested where it has been found that it can withstand windstorms that range up to sixty mph. This umbrella measures eleven and a half inches after being folded which implies that it easily fits in a bag, briefcase or backpack.

Key Features
  • Its canopy is water resistant which keeps you dry all through
  • The canopy takes a short time to dry up
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#5. Fenzer Unisex Travelling Umbrella


Fenzer Unisex Travelling Umbrella

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This umbrella has been made using high-quality fabric which is Teflon coated in order to prevent it from splitting & tearing. This fabric also makes the umbrella very durable. Its fiberglass frame which is flexible allows the umbrella to be automatically adjusted. When the winds are very strong, this umbrella’s frame simply bends towards the wind’s direction and then bounces back to the original angle. This makes the umbrella unique since other umbrellas would break in such a condition.

This umbrella’s handle is rubberized which makes it very comfortable. Additionally, the umbrella features an automatic open or close button which is one push implying that one can be able to hurriedly open their umbrella. It has a unisex design meaning that everyone can basically use it from professionals like lawyers to the ordinary people such a mother with her kids.

Key Features
  • Its canopy is huge.
  • The umbrella is tough & durable.
  • It has been made of premium material.

#4. Lewis N. Clark Travel Umbrella

Lewis N. Clark Travel Umbrella

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This umbrella has been made with using a water-resistant polyester material that takes a very short time to dry up. This material is similarly mildew-resistant. This umbrella is compact, and when it is folded completely it has a size of eleven inches which makes it portable. It features an automatic open or close system. It has a canopy of thirty-eight inches which automatically opens or closes by simply pressing a button.

This umbrella’s ribs & shaft have been constructed using a durable metal to prevent corrosion and at the same time make it sturdy. As opposed to other umbrellas in the review, this umbrella accompanies an additional feature which is unique. Its storage sleeve is mold-resistant. The sleeve similarly has a carry loop attached.

Key Features
  • Its light weight makes it portable.
  • Its mold resistant canopy gives it a high durability.
  • Its grip is very comfortable.

#3. AmazonBasics Automatic Travelling Umbrella


AmazonBasics Automatic Travelling Umbrella

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This umbrella has been produced by Amazon Basics. It is known due to its durability, quality, convenience and functionality which come in a single package. Its major feature which makes it to stand out is its wind vents on the canopy’s board. The wind vents permit wind to pass through the umbrella without inverting it.

This umbrella’s frame has been made using stainless steel and its canopy has been made of polyester which together help to prevent rust & corrosion. This umbrella is 28 centimeters after being folded, and due to that, it easily fits in your coat pocket or even your bag’s side pocket. This umbrella is highly portable which makes it even more appealing.

Key Features
  • It has wind vents that have been designed to prevent it from inversion.
  • It has an automatic open/close button.
  • It is not weighty which makes it portable.

#2. EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella w/Windproof Double Canopy Construction


EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella w/Windproof Double Canopy Construction

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This umbrella is designed in a manner that increases its durability & protection. This umbrella has a dual canopy which protects you from the extreme rains. In a similar manner, the canopy is supported using a stainless steel frame in a bid to prevent corrosion. Its quality fiberglass helps to improve this umbrella’s flexibility. The umbrella similarly features one hand operations that makes it quicker to use.

Key Features
  • It has one hand operations which makes it easier to use.
  • It is durable.

#1. Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella with Teflon Coating

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella with Teflon Coating

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This umbrella is one of a kind in the market. It has been constructed with nine ribs which defies the strong winds. Unlike other umbrellas whose ribs have been made using aluminum, the repel umbrella has fiberglass ribs that prevents the umbrella from flipping inside out during a windy weather. The repel umbrella got its name due to its superior ability of repelling water. This umbrella also accompanies a replacement guarantee of a lifetime.

Key Features
  • It’s incredibly compact and very lightweight.
  • The canopy dries in a short time.
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Factors to consider when buying a travel umbrella

When you have made a decision to purchase a new umbrella, you should ensure that you have purchased the best that there is. The guide below is going to help you achieve that.

  • Durability: It is vital to obtain an umbrella which is strong enough so that it can last for a longer time. Since umbrellas may be used in some harsh weather, it is good to pick an umbrella that can stand the test if time. Focus on the stretchers, the shaft as well as the umbrella’s canopy to guarantee that they strong enough.
  • Safety: In some umbrellas, the umbrella’s ribs get into your pockets along the canopy edge. The ribs ends should allow you to avoid poking yourself by mistake or even a passerby. The user’s safety as well as that of the people around is of great importance. This is the reason why you should look at the design of your umbrella’s spokes.
  • Weather Conditions: In case you wish to use the umbrella to shield yourself from the rains, it would be nice to purchase an umbrella which has a larger canopy but which can still collapse into a small size which makes it convenient for traveling. On the other hand, if you are to use the umbrella to protect yourself from the scorching sun, large umbrellas would be better since they provide a bigger shade. Smaller umbrellas suit your hiking purposes very well. A light-weight umbrella is ideal since it lowers the size of your luggage.
  • Shaft strength: Many umbrellas that have a folding and collapsing design have a shaft which is much weaker as compared to those which have a complete size or length. These umbrellas will tend to flex or even bend in case the wind becomes strong. This is why you should consider the shaft’s sturdiness when purchasing your travel umbrella.


The size of the travel umbrella that you are going to settle on will be determined by your backpack’s or purse’s size. It does not make any sense to purchase a travel umbrella which does not fit in your bag. It would be better if the canopy dries faster since it is going to save you time that you are going to wait for it to dry before putting it back to the bag.

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