Top 10 Best Tile Cutters in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to tiles, having a tile cutter is among the crucial tools that you should have. Working with tiles minus a tile cutter will make your project harder. It will kinder be impossible to lay those tiles in your preferred styles and designs. Using tile cutter is the most effective and reliable way of cutting tile. The cutters will give you smooth walls and floors. You should therefore take the initiative of investing in the tile cutters. They come in various types and sizes and they also have very different abilities. Some are designed for specific tiles while others are very versatile; they can be used on all tiles and other materials.

List of Best Tile Cutters in 2024

#10. HDX 10214X Ceramics Tile Cutter

HDX 10214X Ceramics Tile Cutter

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The HDX 10214X tile cutter has snapped and score technique. With this tool, there is no need of repeatedly rubbing the wheel on your tile. It’s just done once or twice, and you can split the tile with your hands. This cutter is designed with the same ball bearings and chrome plated rods of steel that are used in scaling the tiles with a cutter. This cutter model comes with a rubber that is padded with an aluminum alloy breakers bar, which ensures that minimum pressure is used in cutting the tile. This tool minimizes fatigue thus making you to cut the tiles for long without getting tired. Its bottom is reinforced with padded rubber that enhances stability and prevents it from tilting due to the tile’s weight.

The HDX 10214X tile cutter is designed with cutting wheel of the tungsten carbide. But the wheel is less durable compared to the cutting wheel of QEP. The cutting wheels of this tool can be bought separately, though majority of customers prefer a bit long lasting wheels.

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#9. Vitrex 102380 630 mm Pro Flats Bed Manual Tiles Cutter

Vitrex 102380 630 mm Pro Flats Bed Manual Tiles Cutter

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The Vitrexs 102380 tile cutter is among our best tile cutters. This is because of its good solid construction that gives unmatched durability. It’s easy to set up this tool and it makes you use less effort in cutting it up. It works perfectly out of box and it can be adjusted if necessary. The Vitrex 102380 has enhanced durability and strength because of its tungsten carbide cutting wheel. The machine can give a straight cut of up to 630mm, 445mm diagonal cut and a maximum thickness of up to 13mm.

It is easy to transport and reposition this tile cutter at 8.4kg. It’s designed with an adjustable cutting guide that enables it perfectly cut every tile. This product’s manufacturer allows the customers to see it wheel so as to get accurate cuts, even though there are users who have claimed to see the wheel from its sides.

#8. M-D Building Product 49905 Tiles Cutter

M-D Building Product 49905 Tiles Cutter

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The M-D tile cutter stands out among other products on the market due to its durability. This tile cutter is perfectly mad. Those who have used this product will tell that it’s the best tile cutter you can get. It has a 24” length that’s best for the regular sized big tiles.

This product has a cutting head that’s made of aluminum to help in splitting the tiles. The aluminum cutting head cannot be compared to tungsten carbide blade; it’s just unique and special. It’s long lasting but unlike tungsten cutting wheel, it cannot cut in just one swipe. With the M-D cutter, you need at least 4 swipes for the tile to split. Even though it takes time to split the tile, at the end you will have an accurate clean cut with very sharp edges.

#7. QEP 10600BR Pro Porcelain Tile Cutter

QEP 10600BR Pro Porcelain Tile Cutter

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The 10600BR is the toughest tile cutter you will get on the market. It comes with an intricate design plus a big space for the tile to rest. This tool has a cutting wheel coated with the tungsten carbide that is 7/8” Its correct specs and measurements are as follows.

10600BR can diagonally cut a tile of 24” by18” with a half inch thickness. It has the capability of cutting even thicker tiles but that the results might not be precise and clean as you need them to. This tile cutter has the widest and the best base made of an aluminum alloy and the heavy-duty rubber pads. This helps in providing good surface for placing the tile.

#6. Bullet Tools 13 in. EZs Shear Laminates Flooring Cutter

Bullet Tools 13 in. EZs Shear Laminates Flooring Cutter

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Bullet Tool 13 tile cutter is a great tool that has the ability of cutting a wide variety of flooring materials together with the tiles. This tile cutter can effectively cut a 5/8” thick and 13” tiles. The Bullet Tool 13 cutter is crafted with functional design that plays a crucial role in preventing the flying dust thus giving you a good experience as you cut the tiles.

With the Bullet Tool 13 tile cutter you can cut plank, engineered wood, laminate flooring plus various types of tile so easily. It’s manual and it doesn’t need any power supply. It’s constructed with quality materials of iron that are rust resistant. It can be used perfectly for a long period of time even on the heavy materials.

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#5. QEP 10220Q Professional Tiles Cutter

QEP 10220Q Professional Tiles Cutter

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This is tile has a unique design and it can cut both porcelain and ceramic tiles efficiently. The base of this QEP 10220Q is constructed by the high quality material of the aluminum alloy. Manufacturer constructed the base so well making it durable for a long time of being used. It also has rails of chrome-plated steel that give smooth scoring and protect it from rusting.

The QEP 10220Q tile cutter can cut 20” square and 14” diagonal wall and the ceramic floor so easily .It has cutting wheel of the tungsten carbide that allows it to make accurate cuts and changes on the tiles when necessary. It has sharp wheel that can cut even the hardest tile with less efforts.

#4. M-D Building Product 49194 14-Inches Tile Cutter

M-D Building Product 49194 14-Inches Tile Cutter

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The M-D Building is among the best tile cutters you will find on the market today. This product is trusted and loved by most buyers because it guarantees their money back. The M-D Building tile cutter is 14” in length and from the reviews; it has proved to be perfect for most customers. This model is available on the market but not all of them are good. Some brands of this model are perfect for a short time period and after that they start giving poor performance. They can therefore not be used for long.

Just like other models below, the M-D Building is an exceptional tile cutter. It’s an item that can be completely trusted. It’s designed with replaceable cutting carbide that can be replaced easily after a short time. The replaceable cutting carbide makes the tile cutter to start performing well as before. Its steel base has non-slip cutting area that’s important and makes working with this product easier.

#3. Roberts 10-64 13” Pro Flooring Cutter

Roberts 10-64 13” Pro Flooring Cutter

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The Robert flooring cutter is a great tile cutter that’s why it’s found on this list. It’s a perfect tile cutter though is very expensive as compared to normal tile cutter. As a buyer, you should not be scared by its price as it’s superior in all aspect and that is a good compensation for your money. The Robert flooring cutter is a commercial cutter that lasts for long. This guillotine-style cutter is designed to give clean-edges and precise cuts on all types of the flooring materials. It has big cutting table that helps in stabilizing planks and the extendible handle that gives leverage for additional cutting power.

Apart from cutting laminate and the engineered wood, this tool can be used in cutting other numerous flooring materials like the foam/rubber tiles, VCT tiles, vinyl siding and the vinyl flooring. Its cutting guide swivels and locks quickly in place to give an accurate angle of cutting. This is because it’s very adjustable. With this tool, it’s very easy to get perfect square cuts even after several years of using it. The Robert flooring cutter gives everything you might expect from a quality tile cutter.

#2. QEP 10630Q 24-Inches Manual Tiles Cutter

QEP 10630Q 24-Inches Manual Tiles Cutter

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The QEP 10630Q is among the best ceramic tile cutters that the ability of also cutting efficiently the porcelain tiles. It has several amazing features and it has been proved to be the best manual tile cutter available on the market. It cuts diagonally 26” rip and 16” porcelain tile and the ceramic tile. It has 7/8” tungsten carbide that’s coated by titanium to makes a smooth and durable scoring.

The base of QEP 10630Q is made of quality material of aluminum that makes it to be used for a long time. It comes with ball bearing system that helps to move the carriage thus giving you a smooth operation without adding any extra efforts. This tile cutter has rails that are made of steel and they are chrome plate thus making the tool resistant to rust.

#1. DEWALTs D24000 1.5-Horsepowers 10-Inch Wet Tiles Cutter

DEWALTs D24000 1.5-Horsepowers 10-Inch Wet Tiles Cutter

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The DEWALT D24000 tile cutter is made by the DEWALT manufacturers that are known for producing several power tools. This tool is among the best cutter for wet tiles in the market. It has 10” blade that’s coated by diamond that gives very smooth diagonal cuts of a 24” by 24” tiles and 28” by 18” With DEWALT D24000, a 2-1/8 “ deep tile can be cut . It has miter feature that’s 45 to 22.5 degrees integrated that allows you to do angled cut with it.

Its rail system is made of stainless steel materials that ensure that it makes accurate and clean cuts. This tile cutter has a weight of 69 pounds and it measures 34” by 26”; thus easy to store and carry it to anywhere you intend to use it. It’s designed with a stand for support plus five gallon water pan that’s found beneath the stand, that’s easily removable.

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The Best Tiles Cutters Buyers Guide

Tile cutter is essential to seasoned DIYers, handyman, professional builders and also the hobbyists. These cutters should therefore not miss on their toolkit since it’s very handy. There are various tile cutters on the market and finding the best among the numerous options can be a real struggle. But you should always go for the best. Below are the things you have to look for before buying any tile cutter:

  • Type of the Tile cutter: There are various types of tile cutters and before settling for any of them, you should which one them perfectly fits your needs. These tile cutters are classified in various ways but the most common classifications are; dry or wet and manual or electrical. All the available tile cutters have their advantages and disadvantages. They can also differ from one another when it comes to capabilities and price.
  • Blade: When buying a tile cutter, don’t forget to consider the blade. With the tile cutter blade, there are many factors that you should put into consideration; power, capacity, adjustability and the blade type. All the listed factors are crucial as they are what determines if the tile cutter will cut the tile r not. And also they are the determinants of the tile cutter’s overall performance. There are those tile cutters that are compatible with the wet and dry blade types. There are those that allows direction and position to adjusted so as the tile cutter can make beveled or mitered cuts.
  • Size: The size of a tile cutter is very important. It is what determines the space you require in your garage or workshop to allocate to it. The size also determines whether it will be easy to handle the tile cutter or not. Apart from the physical size of a tile cutter, you have to consider the size of its motor and the speed it can run at in RPM. Having a large motor means your tile cutter is powerful thus higher speed will be produced.
  • Portability: When you intend to use your tile cutter from stationary position, portability may not be that important to you. But for those who intend to use their tile cutters on different work stations, then it’s important that they put portability of the tile cutter into consideration. When dealing with portability, always go for the lightweight and compact tile cutter.


If you’re a DIYer or a builder, you will agree that tiles are the commonest construction materials that you must use at one point at your worksite. Therefore, it’s important to get a way of cutting those tiles when the need arises, and that’s why you need a tile cutter. There are various tile cutters on the market. We believe that our review and the buyers guide above will save you the struggle and help you get the best tile cutter that will suitall your tile installation projects.

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