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There’s a good reason why many refer to dogs as man’s best allies. We can learn a great deal of things from our furry friends: behavior, personality, and the capacity to provide undying love and loyalty. Presently, the best gift you can give to your kid is a puppy. But before they become old enough to tend for these animals, robot dog toys make an excellent substitute.

Robot dog toys have life-like characters and look. Like real mutts, they can learn new tricks, bark and listen. They will keep your toddlers entertained for hours while enhancing their coordination and cognitive skills. In this article, we advise you on how to go about purchasing this item and also recommend the best robot dog toys of 2021.

List of Best Robot Dog Toys in 2021

Are you looking to get your child a robot dog toy for his birthday? Consider these top-rated dog toys.

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#10. Zaote Intelligent Robot Dog Wireless Remote Control

Centishop Intelligent Robot Dog Wireless Remote Control

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Available in a fancy pink color, the Zaote robot dog toy is worth considering. It’s well-constructed from a sturdy material, making it prone to breakage in case your child drops it. It also looks pretty real and behaves like a real puppy.

It can turn right and left, move forward and backward, wag its tail, shake its head, crouch and even apologize! Even in the real world, very few dogs apologize. Zaote has a DIY program that allows you to edit its activities.

Reasons to Buy This Product
  • Can be controlled 50 feet away
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Ideal for kids above the age of eight years
  • Performs various movements
  • Remote control through a 2.4 GHz wireless system
  • DIY configuration to edit actions
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#9. Durherm Smart Storytelling Robot Dog

Durherm Smart Storytelling Robot Dog

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If the primary goal of getting your child a robot dog toy is to boost his educational skills, then we recommend the Durherm Storytelling Robot. As its name suggests, this toy can actually narrate folktales to your kid.

And, that is just a tip of the iceberg. Durherm is designed to also sing, ask math questions and walk. It comes with an infrared remote control, which you’ll use if you want the dog to move forwards or backwards.

Reasons to Buy This Product
  • Entertaining, interactive and educative
  • Affordable
  • The auto-shut function saves on power
  • Requires 6xaa batteries
  • Performs a range of movements
  • Auto-shut off function with “bye-bye” when standby time over a minute

#8. Zoomer Zupps Interactive Puppy

Zoomer Zupps Interactive Puppy

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These are pocket-sized and very interactive robot pups that operate by responding to your child’s touch. Your child can play with this toy in several ways including petting his head, pressing his nose. The pup then responds by generating sweet puppy sounds. The toy can also light up his eyes and bark.

The Zoomer Zupps is perfect for children aged 4 years and over. This toy comes with an interesting ‘Zupp game’ that your kid will love. They also come with three LR44 batteries, which are used to power them.

Reasons to Buy This Product
  • Great value for money
  • Cute friendly character
  • Responsive and interactive
  • They have light up eyes
  • Each Zoomer Zupper comes with a unique secret trick
  • Are ideal for kids age 4 years and above

#7. Tekno 4G Interactive Robotic Puppy

Tekno 4G Interactive Robotic Puppy

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Pet owners are tasked with many duties that include washing and grooming their mutts. But with the Tekno 4G Robotic pup, your child won’t have to perform any of these tasks. Retailing for $60 on Amazon, this dog toy has an eye-catching white and pink design

What we love about this robot dog is that it’s interactive. It will respond promptly to your kid’s voice while providing optimal entertainment.

Reasons to Buy This Product
  • Ideal for kids of 5 years and over
  • Can perform a range of tricks
  • Comes in a white, pink color
  • Interactive – responds to voices
  • Makes numerous moves

#6. fisca Robot Dog Smart Dog Electronic

SainSmart Jr. Robot Dog Smart Dog Electronic

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fiscat was among the first companies to start inventing robot dogs. The fisca is a perfect example of their expertise in this sector. Although it’s made of plastic, this robot toy looks like a real mutt.

It’s versatile in that it can 4 dance with music, walk, wag its tail, stretch and shake its head. Also, this robot dog can display different emotion ranging from anxiety to excitement.

Reasons to Buy This Product
  • Cute and interactive
  • Offers up to 50 feet of remote control range
  • Rechargeable mode
  • Player time: 1 hour
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#5. Hi-Tech Robot Interactive Puppy Dog For Kids

Hi-Tech Robot Interactive Puppy Dog For Kids

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If it had a bright color instead of the plain white hue, we’d have placed this robot dog toy higher on our review. Nevertheless, it’s still an amazing action-packed dog toy. Right off the bat, this dog identifies itself as ‘Dada’, which is a pretty good way to start your child’s play session.

You will also be impressed by the range of modes that the toy works in. These are singing, dancing and crawling. This robot dog toy can even fart! More importantly, is the fact that your child can learn using the toy’s study mode.

Reasons to Buy This Product
  • Designed for kids between 2 and 7 years
  • Comes with a unique study mode
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for cost-saving
  • An intelligent and interactive robot dog
  • A variety of play modes
  • Remote-controllable with a range of 50 feet

#4. Paw Patrol, Action Robodog

Paw Patrol, Action Robodog

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Is your child obsessed with the Paw Patrol animated series? Get him or her this robot dog toy to make him be a part of the action. It’s incredibly affordable and will keep your toddler entertained all day long.

The manufacturer provides 3 action pack pups in each package. To experience utmost fun, have your child press the dog’s tag and it will start transforming. Each action pack pup has a unique set of transformations.

Reasons to Buy This Product
  • Requires no batteries
  • Features exceptional transformations to fascinate your child
  • Interactive
  • Weighs about 7 ounces
  • Comes with three pups
  • Designed for kids aged between one and three years

#3. Georgie – Interactive Plush Electronic Puppy

Georgie - Interactive Plush Electronic Puppy

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Are you aware that children who play often develop much faster than their colleagues, who don’t? This is not to say that you should let your son play video games all day. An interactive and educative robot dog toy such as Georgie is a prudent idea.

This robotic dog can perform tricks, snuggle and even talk. It even has a dance mode, whereby it does a range of moves that your child can mimic. Other modes in this robot dog include High Five, Let’s Dance, Sit Down, Stay, Stand up, Tug-O-War, Selfie.

Reasons to Buy This Product
  • Stylish design that includes a bandana and ID tag
  • Versatile
  • Packaging doubles up as a carrier
  • A range of interesting modes such as Selfie
  • Equipped with more than 100 interactions
  • Comes with a rope toy and bandana

#2. WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog

WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog

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Chip is among the most recent in a line of robot toys, whose invention started sometime in 2004. Once you turn him on (using the switch beneath the clip-off panel), Chipper’s eyes light up. This robot toy dog can also turn his head left and right due to the motors that it’s been fitted with.

With regards to movements, Chipper is designed to accelerate forwards, backward, to rotate and move sideways. It can move across most surfaces; be it carpet, vinyl or wooden floor. Chipper is also equipped with sensors, which allow him to respond to touch and gesture controls.

Reasons to Buy This Product
  • Incredibly charming
  • Nice mix of touch and voice commands
  • Easy to operate and charge
  • Fun fetch and search activities
  • Has a rotating head and motorized limbs
  • Touch sensors and accelerometers
  • Built-in voice recognition
  • Several chippies can sing together as a pack

#1. FurReal Friends GoGo My Walkin’ Pup Pet

FurReal Friends GoGo My Walkin’ Pup Pet

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This robot dog toy has features that will blow your child’s mind. With its adorable character and big blue eyes, GoGo My Walking Pup looks real. It’s designed to sit on its four wheels, allowing it to move freely. It also has soft fur and a leash on its neck, meaning that your child can even take the dog for a walk.

But what we love most is how FurReal wags her tail when walking. To operate, you’ll need to buy 4C batteries for power. There’s also a switch on its underside, which allows you to switch it off when it’s not being used.

Reasons to Buy This Product
  • Can respond by talking back
  • Life-like appearance
  • Comes with a leash for walking
  • Fitted with a leash controller
  • Responds by barking
  • Includes Get up and Gogo My Walkin’ Puppet and instructional manual
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Robot Dog Toy Buying Guide

Before you rush to Amazon to place an order for a robot dog toy, consider these few factors:

  • Consider your child’s age

The first point to keep in mind entails establishing the age of your toddler. If he is still pretty young, then you’ll need to ensure that the robot dog is safe in that it should not have any dangerous parts. Some dog toys are designed with tiny pieces, which are deemed unsafe for kids under the age of three.

Also, if the robot dog is not age-appropriate, your child is likely to get bored of it very quickly. Essentially, the toy should promote activities that challenge your child’s skill level.

  • The Skills that the Robot Dog Toy Teaches

The best robot dog toy is one that is not only fun and entertaining but also interactive. Interactive in the sense that it passes on valuable skills to your kid. In fact, some toys are designed in such a way that they help to prepare your child for preschool.


Robot dog toys play a vital role in your child’s life. They keep them engaged, which prevents them from participating in other undesirable activities. They also provide an avenue where your children can learn basic skills such as numbers and alphabetical letters. For the best playtime, choose a robot dog toy from one of those we have reviewed.

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