Top 10 Best Power Towers Reviews in 2024

For fitness freaks who can’t hit the gym every day, power towers are a viable alternative. They enable one to perform many workouts that target the entire body from the comfort and convenience of one’s home. Choosing a power tower that suits your needs shouldn’t be hard if you know what you’re looking for. In every case, build quality should always be paramount. A tower that isn’t stable and sturdy and doesn’t inspire confidence can be hard to perform pull-ups on.

List of Best Power Towers in 2024

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#10. XMark Powerbase Power Tower with Assisted Lift XM-7632-34 Review

XMark Powerbase Power Tower with Assisted Lift XM-7632-34 Review

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The good: This power tower from XMark is best for beginners who don’t yet have enough strength to be able to carry out bodyweight exercises under the burden of their own weight. The lift assist technology it has can help with pull-ups and sit-ups.

The bad: The most prohibitive aspect of this fitness tower is its price which is much higher than that of most competing models. Also, it’s complex design and technology make it a bit hard to assemble. The lack of any included training materials is also a detriment.

Key features
  • Includes Vertical Knee Raise (VKR)
  • Tear and sweat resistant Duraguard vinyl cushion cover
  • Baked powder coat finish
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#9. Fitness Reality High Capacity Power Tower Review

Fitness Reality High Capacity Power Tower Review

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The good: The high capacity branding in the name isn’t just for marketing. At 400 lbs, this power tower’s weight capacity is much higher than most other models in the market. Fitness Reality’s power tower is capable of letting users perform a host of exercises. It can be used for exercises such as sit-ups, pull-ups, assisted dips, knee squats, hammer pull-ups and much more.

The bad: The toughest thing to swallow about this product is going to be its price. This power tower demands a premium for its versatility, ease of use and high capacity. While it’s worth the investment for serious fitness enthusiasts, casual users may not feel they’re getting their money’s worth.

Key features
  • High 400 lbs capacity
  • Safeguarded by lifetime warranty
  • Versatile and can be used to perform a variety of exercises

#8. Confidence Fitness Olympic Power Tower V.2

Confidence Fitness Olympic Power Tower V.2

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The good: This power tower is one of the best for performing basic exercises like pull-ups, dips and vertical knee raises. The pull-up station has padded hand grips for comfort. It has narrow grips for bicep workouts and wider grips for exercises that target other muscle groups.

The bad: While the armrests are very comfortable, they might be too short for people with long arms. Additionally, though its stability is generally great, overweight users complain about minor rocking.

Key features
  • Elbow cushioning
  • Sturdy handles
  • 220 lbs weight capacity

#7. XMark Deluxe Power Tower and Heavy Bag Stand XM-2842 Review

XMark Deluxe Power Tower and Heavy Bag Stand XM-2842 Review

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The good: This heavy duty power tower from Xmark is great for doing basic body weight exercises. Besides that, the unique thing about this model is that it also lets you hang a punching bag which can be as heavy as 100 lbs.

The bad: The materials used for the frame had to be heavy and strong to support this feature. As a result, the equipment can be quite hard to move around. It also makes assembly harder. Lastly, it’s not possible to practice with a punching bag from any direction other than the front.

Key features
  • 14-gauge steel mainframe construction
  • 100 lb. heavy bag capacity

#6. XMark XM-4434 Multi-Function Fitness Tower Review

XMark XM-4434 Multi-Function Fitness Tower Review

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The good: This fitness tower from XMark is ideal for users who are heavier or taller than average. This is because the power tower’s frame is made from 14-gauge steel, giving the model a high 350 lbs weight capacity. The higher than average height of the dip bar makes it ideal for taller people to use.

The bad: At the same time, the high height might prove to be a hindrance for users looking to use this in their basements which usually have a low ceiling. Another problem with the equipment is that the dip handles are a bit on the shorter side.

Key features
  • Tear-resistant Duraguard vinyl cushions
  • 14-gauge steel construction
  • Scratch resistant powder coat finish
  • Skid-resistant rubber feet
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#5. Body Vision PT600 Review

Body Vision PT600 Review

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The good: This PT600 is ideal for tall users looking for a tower that can match their height, but has a small footprint and is lightweight. At 85 inches, the dip bar is placed comfortably higher than on most other power towers. The push bars can also be adjusted to make chest workouts better.

The bad: The only gripes with this model are that it is relatively very simple and has an aesthetically unpleasing design. Also, the unclear instructions make assembly harder than it needs to be.

Key features
  • Padded back and arm cushions
  • Slip-resistant foot grips

#4. Weider Power Tower Review

Weider Power Tower Review

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The good: Currently one of the most popular power towers, this product comes from a well reputed and trusted brand of gym equipment. This model is great to use because of how stable it is. Its sturdiness inspires confidence in users. The thick padding consisting of vinyl cushions, especially in the backrest and armrests, makes it very comfortable to use.

The bad: However, the major issue with the product is that it’s not very easy to assemble. This is mainly a result of the provided instructions not being very clear or easy to follow. However, this won’t be much of a problem if you follow any of the more detailed instruction guides posted by users on online forums instead.

Key features
  • 300 lbs capacity
  • Weighs 94 lbs
  • Reliable brand

#3. Body Champ Power Tower Review

Body Champ Power Tower Review

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The good: The Body Champ power tower is a simple product for home users who want something to enhance their workout regime. It’s got great build quality and is made from heavy-duty steel. It’s got all the basics covered well and has been fitted with a D-frame base to boost stability.

The bad: Perhaps the only shortcoming of this model is that it’s not very versatile and doesn’t do more than the basics. Customers expecting extra features won’t find them here.

Key features
  • Handles covered with rubber for better safety
  • Extremely stable
  • D frame base

#2. Stamina 1690 Review

Stamina 1690 Review

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The good: The Stamina 1690 is the ideal power tower to get for users who are looking for something that’s compact, lightweight and easy to move around. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s a budget-friendly option too. Despite its compact nature, it is still quite fully fledged and capable of performing multiple exercises on.

The bad: Of course, the compact design and ease of moving around do come at a cost. The product lacks a professional dip section and isn’t good for performing sit-ups. It’s lightweight nature also means that it doesn’t feel as robust or stable as other power towers.

Key features
  • Weighs 54 lbs
  • Made in the USA
  • Ideal for small rooms and apartments

#1. BowFlex Body Tower Review

BowFlex Body Tower Review

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The good: This sturdy power tower from BowFlex is made from commercial grade steel. The dip bar is height adjustable which allows users to tune the tower to find the ideal height for them. It can be used for other types of exercises like decline push-ups. It also has sling traps which can prevent swaying when you lift your legs.

The bad: Though the height is adjustable, tall users may still find the maximum height too short to perform pull-ups and similar exercises adequately.

Key features
  • Modern design
  • Many additional functions that improve versatility
  • Sling traps included which are useful for beginners
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Here are the most important features to consider when looking for a good power tower

  • Build quality: A power tower should be made from durable materials like strong steel so that it has no trouble supporting the weight of a person, or a person along with weights.
  • Stability: This goes hand in hand in hand with build quality. A well designed and manufactured power tower sits on the ground very stable and inspires confidence in users to perform all sorts of exercises without worrying about if the tower will be able to support it.
  • Capacity: A power tower with a high weight capacity is more versatile since it allows you to perform exercises not just under the load of your body weight, but with additional weights too.
  • Ease of assembly: A tower that isn’t assembled properly can lack stability. Clear instructions and easy to fit parts are important for this metric.
  • Extra features: Extra features such as sling traps or the ability to hang a punching bag can improve and extend the usefulness of a power tower.
  • Height: Considering that some users are going to use their tower in their basement, this is an important metric to take note of to ensure that it fits within the bounds of the basement roof. It’s also something which tall buyers, in particular, should note since some towers could be too short for them.
  • Movability: Some users, especially those living in apartments where space is limited, could require a power tower which they could easily move away when it’s not it in use.
  • Price: It goes without saying that a power tower that ticks all the above boxes but is priced too high is not worth your money. Likewise, a cheap tower that fulfils the basics well can present great value.


With all of the best options presented here on this list, it can be hard to pick out a favourite. However, making a choice should be substantially easier if you know your budget and what you require from a power tower as well as what your own skill level and experience with fitness is.

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