Top 10 Best Pen Scanners Reviews in 2024

Have you ever wondered how you can easily copy text from books or magazines into your computer? It’s certainly not a good feeling to do it manually as that will take up a lot of your time. Believe it or not, it’s actually possible to do it in a fast manner. Thanks to recent advancements in technology, that’s highly possible once you make use of pen scanners. Good thing, a lot of companies saw how useful this product is. They continuously manufacture it and update the item with lots of new features. This year, these products are the best on the market:

List of Best Pen Scanners in 2024

#10. Informatics WASP WWR 2905 Pen Scanner w/ USB

Informatics WASP WWR 2905 Pen Scanner w/ USB

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Perhaps, one of the best things about the Informatics Pen Scanner is its design. There’s no doubt it’s going to attract the most avid collectors out there. This is actually the perfect device to read bar codes. No matter how hard of a time you’re going to have of reading them, using the device will make you have an easy time.

Informatics is known as one of the best manufacturers around. Hence, you can expect nothing but high-quality items from them. Remember that this item is wired though so you can only use it when it’s near a socket.

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#9. IrisPen Express from IRIS USA, Inc.

IrisPen Express from IRIS USA, Inc.

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If you want to talk about speed, you need to take a long look at this amazing product. It recognizes 3.15 inches per second which would amount to a thousand characters per second. Aside from being very fast, it recognizes more than 50 languages including German, English, Dutch, and Portuguese.

The IrisPen Express reads both text and numbers. Even if the text is on a colored background, there’s no need to worry about that because that won’t be a factor. The device can still read the text. Perhaps, the best thing about this product is there’s no need to look for a socket to plug it whenever you need to charge it. It’s USB powered so simply plug it in the USB port and it will only be a matter of time before it’s fully charged.

#8. WizCom Quicklink Pen HandHeld Scanner

WizCom Quicklink Pen HandHeld Scanner

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Despite how small it is, it can store up to 1000 pages of text. In fact, it’s so small, you can just put it in your pocket and nobody will notice you have it. Yes, it can even fit in an old pen case you weren’t using anymore. In addition, it’s convenient to hold so you’re copying text to the scanner like you’re highlighting text in a book. Yes, there’s not much difference in the two.

As easy as it is to transfer the text, it’s also going to be easy transferring it to your mobile phone. Imagine you’re in a movie trying to transfer files to your phone. Thanks to this item, it’s going to be accomplished fast. One of the biggest advantages this item has over its competitors is there’s no need to hold a button while scanning text. You can now say goodbye to the discomfort you’re experiencing if you were used to holding the button before. Best of all, one look at the button and you’ll already know what each one is for. There’s no doubt WizCom designed it with the user in mind.

#7. PenPower World PenScan

PenPower World PenScan

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Thanks to its Bluetooth feature, the scanned text can be sent to Microsoft applications instantly. In addition, the product is magnificently designed. There’s no question the manufacturers built this product with the customer in mind.

In case you’re having any difficulties with the product, give their customer service team a call. They would be more than happy to assist you with whatever you need.

#6. Ectaco C-Pen 3.0 Handheld Scanner For Scanning and OCR

Ectaco C-Pen 3.0 Handheld Scanner For Scanning and OCR

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This device is highly compatible with the latest Windows device. Also, it’s very easy to install since it can be connected to the USB port. Of course, that means there’s no need to look for a socket to plug it in when you need to charge it. Perhaps, the best reason to buy this is that it’s very easy to use. In case you need a manual, it can easily be downloaded from its website. After all, there’s nothing like being able to take full advantage of a product’s features.

If you’re worried about it not being able to recognize Greek or Latin characters, you can put those worries to rest. Yes, it can easily recognize those characters even the hardest ones. No matter what surface the document is on, you can guarantee it can easily recognize the text written on it.

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#5. I.R.I.S. Air 7 Pen Scanner

I.R.I.S. Air 7 Pen Scanner

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The I.R.I.S. Air 7 Pen Scanner can be connected to Macbook or any laptop so work can be done quickly if you bought your computer. It can read more than a hundred languages so there’s no need to worry when you’re reading a Chinese newspaper or an Egyptian book. In fact, it also gives you an opportunity to learn a new language. Everyone knows translators earn a lot of money so here’s a very affordable way to learn a language you’re not familiar with. Yes, this device is certainly hitting two birds with one stone.

Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, it’s completely wireless so you can easily bring it anywhere you like. Due to how light it is, you’re not going to have any difficulties putting it in your pocket. Best of all, it’s made to scan any type of document so it won’t matter whether you want to scan a long book or a today’s newspaper. The handy device will easily scan the text onto your computer. This device is perfect for children because it leads aloud the text which means kids will know how the words are pronounced. I.R.I.S. is known for making products that perform very well for a long time. They have more than 20 years of experience so expect great things coming from this product.

#4. IRISPen Express 6 Pen Scanner

IRISPen Express 6 Pen Scanner

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Those who are worrying about the text or book they want to copy is in an entirely unrecognizable language, there’s no need to panic because this item can scan up to 128 different languages. Yes, that includes languages you probably haven’t heard of. Believe it or not, it even recognizes a mix of different languages. Yes, whether the document is a mix of Japanese and Korean, that would be no problem for the device. Other than the many languages it recognizes, it also recognizes distorted images, signatures, and mathematical symbols. Yes, no matter how confusing the image looks, it can still recognize it. It can even recognize any text no matter what the font size is.

Since it comes with a USB port, the data can easily be transferred to your MAC or PC. Hence, you can bring your computer to the library and transfer it there immediately. It’s definitely perfect for those who want to get a lot of things accomplished in a short amount of time. Furthermore, it scans as fast as a roadrunner as it can scan 3.15 inches per second. To make life easier, you can easily assign shortcuts. Good thing, the scanner provides templates you can choose from.

#3. IRIS 457887 Executive 7 IRISPen USB Pen-Scanner

IRIS 457887 Executive 7 IRISPen USB Pen-Scanner

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Other than text, the IRIS Executive 7 Scanner can also recognize numbers. Furthermore, it’s also possible to translate the scanned text into another language. You even have a ton of variety with 55 different languages available. When it’s connected to your computer screen, you’ll see the text you scan using the scanner actually appear on the screen. Hence, it’s perfect for those who are having a tough time reading from newspapers. Believe it or not, it even scans images and signatures that are hard to read.

There’s no need to look for a socket to charge the scanner as it can be charged in your computer’s USB socket. Other than working in any application in your computer, it can also translate in more than 40 languages. It’s perfect for those who want to know how to pronounce certain words in other languages since it reads the words aloud. For example, there are a lot of Chinese words that could mean a different thing when you pronounce it differently. Therefore, it would be important to notice how the scanner reads the words.

#2. C-Pen Reader

C-Pen Reader

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A device that’s perfect for those who have a hard time hearing is this beauty. Once it scans text, it can perfectly read the text aloud. Believe it or not, it can also give the definition of the word so there’s no question you’ll learn a lot of things while using this product. A lot of users applaud its voice recording feature though as it proves to be very useful.

The package includes a lot of goodies including a casing, earbuds, and an instruction manual. There’s no doubt you’ll use all those things when the time is right. Also, this pen scanner is suitable for young kids since it’s half the size of similar products.

#1. Scanmaker Air Pen Scanner

Scanmaker Air Pen Scanner

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Those who are always in a hurry will be surprised at how fast this item is. After all, it’s easy to use as you just need to slide the pen onto the text you want to copy. In addition, it’s accurate so there’s no room for error. For those who have a hard time knowing the pronounciation of some words, this device has a read-aloud feature. Yes, the scanner reads each word as it copies the text onto the device. Due to the many languages, it can translate, it’s even possible to master a new language. Have you ever dreamed of mastering Korean? How about French or even Chinese? That’s highly possible with the use of this item. Yes, there’s no need to enroll in a language class. It will only be a matter of time before you mastered a new language.

It’s perfect to transfer text into any Microsoft Office application like Word. After you do that, it’s going to be easy to edit the text in your own words. Of course, it’s not smart to just copy/paste it as that would be plagiarism. The main purpose of the product is for note taking and copying the text you need for either studying or research.

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Any of these items would be a big asset whether you’re studying for an exam or doing research for a job. If it’s a big exam you’re preparing for, you’d want to copy as much text as possible. After all, you’d want to prepare for the exam at a much more convenient place rather than the library. It’s possible you’d want to study at a nearby coffee shop so you can read the books while sipping your favorite coffee. Thanks to this product, the possibilities are endless. If you’re the type who likes to study at the comforts of your home, that can be accomplished too. This is one of those items that are worth every penny.

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