Top 10 Best ND Gradient Filters Reviews in 2024

A noteworthy purchasing consideration is whether to opt for circular screw-in filters or purchase square filters which attach in a holder and join to the lens by means of an adaptor. The entire framework for a square filter normally work out expensive, yet you may end up sparing cash in case you’re purchasing more than one filters. A scope of basic adapter rings usually facilitates the usage of square filters as well as assortment of lenses which have diverse attachment thread sizes.

Furthermore, with high-density grad filters, it’s regularly preferable to focus the lens, compose the shot and read light meter before fixing the filter. This is on account of the viewfinder image may be extremely dark with the grad filter fitted, even under splendid sunlight. The square filters are popular for their ease of use, as you basically require sliding them all through the holder, as opposed to screwing them repeatedly onto the lens as well as unscrewing again.

List of Best ND Gradient Filters in 2024

#10. Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Grad ND kit

Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Grad ND kit

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The filters are crafted from the Schott glass of highest quality, with coatings of rare earth metal. The result is superb neutrality, not only across the discernable spectrum, still also into the infrared ranges and ultra-violet. The ND Grad kits with Soft Edge are on the market with both three filters 1-4 stops and 2-4 stops filters.

These premium kits do not include hardware but only the filters, so you have to purchase the hardware separately. Conversely, Formatt Hitech normally provides some particularly poor hardware, including the advanced Lucroit system and modular aluminum holders.

Key Features
  • Made of Schott glass
  • Include coatings of rare earth metal
  • Has soft edge
  • Has both 1-4 stops and 2-4 stops filters
  • Superb quality
  • Construction using premium Schott glass
  • Broad variety of sizes
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#9. Lee Filters ND Grads

Lee Filters ND Grads

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Like most rival manufacturers, Lee Filters provide a range of grad ND kits, normally including three separate filters. Filters are obtainable in half-stop augmentations from ratings one-stop up-to four-stop, each with the selection of very hard, hard, medium, and soft transitions.

This filters doesn’t come easy, they costly as compared to others. You’ll have to obtain some other parts separately. However, this could not please some buyers.

Key Features
  • 100mm filter width
  • Holder not included
  • 150mm Filter height
  • Superb built-up quality
  • Wide range of fittings and filters

#8. Tiffen Pro100 ND grad starter pack

Tiffen Pro100 ND grad starter pack

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Tiffen’s unit packs a solitary 4-stop filter of soft-graduated property, and a single regular 4-stop neutral density full for prolonged exposures. The two filters are 10cm square, meaning they’re sufficiently large to cover most wide-edge lenses, you don’t obtain the vertical positioning adaptability of the 15cm-tall Lee filters.

This glass is abnormally thick, however, and it’s fitted in an absolutely top-quality bundled holder. Tragically, it features optical quality which is not very impressive. You also obtain 7.7cm and 8.2cm adaptor rings. The ND grad produced a conspicuous yellow cast, to the point it could nearly be a specialized warming gel, then there’s just a 4-stop light decrease at the edge surface of the filter.

Key Features
  • Holder excluded
  • 100mm filter stature
  • 100 mm filter stature
  •  Includes a ND and grad filter
  • 100mm width

#7. Lee Filters Super Stopper

Lee Filters Super Stopper

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Well known for its high-quality, and hand-made filters. Big Stopper is most renowned filters that have a rating 10-quit.The Stopper scope of square filters have currently been extended to incorporate the Little Stopper, featuring a rating 6-quit, and the Super Stopper of 15-stop. There are availability of diverse physical sizes for each and every filter, to suit Lee’s Seven5 SW150, (150mm) and (75mm) 100mm holders.

Lee holder components and filters certainly don’t come inexpensively, yet construction quality is great all through. In general, the framework works very well and is preferably suited to professional grade photography. Indeed, the Mk II of SW150 filter system incorporates adapters resulting in ultra-wide lenses that feature built-in hoods, which directly preclude the holder attachment by means of the screw-in adaptor ring.

Key Features
  • high-quality filters
  • Ultra – wide lenses
  • Has super Stopper of 15-stop
  • Feature built-in hoods
  • Construction quality is excellent
  • System features superb Lee Filters
  • high-quality filters
  • Has super Stopper of up-to 15-stop

#6. B+W F-Pro 110 3.0 MRC ND Filter

B+W F-Pro 110 3.0 MRC ND Filter

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The B+W f-Pro line of filters is manufactured by the competent German photographic outfit. This organization features a multi-layer coating, that moisture and repels dirt and in addition offering scratch-resistant and anti-reflective properties, which are all helpful in filters of high-density.

Making quality is great, in light of a thin profile metal mount with a dark anti-reflective coating. Filters of 1 up-to 10-stop are accessible, for the major part with attachment threads extending from 2.55cm and 12.2cm. Of course, bigger filters are very costly to purchase, and not every density is available in every sizes. Overall performance is somehow good yet we encountered an observable red shading shift amid our tests.

Key Features
  • Filters of 1 up-to 10-stop
  • Has anti-reflective properties
  • Includes scratch-resistant properties
  • Threads extending from 2.55cm and 12.2cm
  • Features a multi-layer coating
  • Premium manufacture quality
  • Good scope of sizes and densities
  • high-density filters
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#5. Cokin ND Gradient Nuances

Cokin ND Gradient Nuances

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Cokin made the ND Nuances filter framework renowned, and additionally conveying inventive filters to the majority. Its most recent ND Nuances filters which are obtainable in 1 to 3 5 and 8 and 10-stop choices as well, in an ‘bigger’ size that is perfect with 10 x 10cm holders, including its own Z-Pro holder. The 5, 8 and 10-stop filters are additionally obtainable in ‘medium’ size, compatible for the P-arrangement 8.4cm holder, thus the filters of both 5 and 10-stop include a ‘XL’ alternative for X-Pro 13cm holders.

While numerous these filters are resin or plastic, these are produced using Schott mineral glass which incorporates a metal alloy coating of nano-structure, to streamline light transmittance hence limiting reflections. They demonstrated exceptionally powerful in the tests, with negligible color shift.

Key Features
  • Made of either resin or plastic
  • Include Nano-structure alloy
  • Incorporate schott mineral glass
  • X-Pro 13cm holders
  • P-series 8.4cm holder
  • Include wide variety of sizes
  • reasonably priced
  • When stacked produces little image degradation

#4. Cokin Gradual ND Kit

Cokin Gradual ND Kit

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Cokin’s most recent ND grad providing is obtainable as an elementary 3-filter kit. The three filters consist of two-stop and even one-stop ND grads that incorporates hard transitions; it also features 3-stop ND grad that encompasses soft transition. The combination normally gives perfect versatility, with an option of holding filters for sturdier effects. However, the plastic filters are fairly inexpensive, yet provide great neutrality to get rid of undesirable color shifts. These kits are obtainable in X-Pro, Z-Pro, and P sizes, with physical breadths of 130mm, 100mm, and 84mm respectively.

Plus kit with an additional of the plastic holder is very extra expensive. In fact, plastic holder feels second-rate. It is also confirmed that some kit selections include a holder

Key Features
  • Include 3-filter kit
  • Has extra kit that include plastic holder
  • Has 3-stop ND grad
  • Incorporates hard transitions
  • Three grad ND filters are includes
  • Available in different sizes
  • Reduce undesirable color shifts
  • Has perfect versatility

#3. ND grad filter kit plus holder from Cokin Gradual

ND grad filter kit plus holder from Cokin Gradual

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This kit comprises of a trio of filters and holder a in the prevalent P Series (8.3 x 9.9cm) size. That’s big enough to cover an 8.2cm-diameter lens perfectly, though you can anticipate vignetting on broad-angle optics, however, vertical adjustment is inhibited because there is no available room to suit the horizon position. These filters differ in both transition and density. You obtain 1-stop or 2-stop grads, both incorporating a hard transition. Additionally, the third filter with 3-stopper has soft transition.

Despite the comparatively low unit price, vertical adjustment is limited. Also the filter might be so small for large lenses

Key Features
  • 83mm filter width
  • Include holder
  • 100mm filter height
  • Include both 2-stop and 1-stop grads
  • Great value for currency
  • Affordable and effective
  • Good performance

#2. SRB ND Grad 1000 Filter

SRB ND Grad 1000 Filter

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If you need to experiment with the strategy of shooting using a high-density grad filter, then you have to consider your budget. The screw-in circular filter is amazingly cheap to purchase. The range extends from 4.05cm to 8.2cm, so covers wide eventualities.

Regardless of the low selling prices, performance and construction quality are exceptionally satisfying. The actual test images incorporate a moderately warm shading cast, however the light-stopping impact was even over the entire frame, and even vignetting was negligible, having wide-angle lenses. The ‘Rugged’ scope of ND grad 1000 filters is always accessible, with a grooved external ring which facilitate removal and fitting, and SRB additionally offers less powerful ND grad filters in 1 up-to 4-stop options.

Key Features
  • Groove outer ring
  • Wide-point lenses
  • Big stopping power
  • Circular screw-in filter
  • High-density filter
  • Has ‘rugged’ alternative of good quality
  • Relatively costly to purchase
  • High-density filter
  • Big stopping power

#1. Hoya 77mm Neutral Density ProND

Hoya 77mm Neutral Density ProND

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Similarly as Cokin manufacture square filters acclaimed, Hoya is the primary name a great people consider for screw-in, circular filters. Typical of the manufacturer’s yield, the ProND scope of filters features black frames and designed from top-quality materials that assist to reduce unwanted reflections. Power for light-stopping comes courtesy of metal coatings that empower exact reduction of light levels with insignificant color shift.

Unfortunately, the range has developed to incorporate 9 filters which provide reductions that run from 1 and 9 f/stops, almost all with an assortment of thread diameters from 4.9cm up to 8.2cm. For extremely high stopping power, it features 10-stop ProND grad 1000 filter in 4.6-9.5cm sizes, and even the 16.6-stop ProND grad 100000 out of 5.8-8.2cm sizes. Costs are quite competitive all through ranging, and all through the tests found performance to be remarkable.

Key Features
  • Features black frame
  • Features 10-stop ProND grad 1000 filter in 4.6-9.5cm sizes
  • Has thread diameters of from 4.9cm up to 8.2cm
  • Crafted from top-quality material
  •  1-stop up-to 16.6 stops densities
  •  Negligible shading shift
  •  has higher performance
  • Made from quality material
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Here are key factors to consider when choosing the best ND grad filter

  • Compatibility: Most importantly, not every filter is compatible with each and every lens. Being aware of what lens you need to utilize implies that you should pick filters that will perfectly on your model and brand.
  • Stopping value: Stopping value is the main feature of ND grad filters. Stopping value is necessary under circumstances which require pretty much quality. Ideally, you will need to pick a filter with a greater interval, because this is the ideal specification of grad ND filters.
  • Build Quality: The best neutral density grad filters should also incorporate a preferably a elegant design and good build as well, as these feature will determine its durability and results. There is still the subject of utilizing a square circular filter design.
  • Sharpness: A decent ND grad filter need to be sharp, as questionable and cheap filters may badly affect the color qualities and sharpness of the resulting image.
  • Cost: The cost should be considered, as more often than not the best neutral density grad filters are more costly than standard ones that lack the grad specification.


The best guidance when looking for the best ND grad filter is to comprehensively research before determining on what to buy, balancing the advantages and disadvantages of each option in relation to its price.

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