Top 10 Best Mass Gainers Reviews in 2024

If you are serious about bulking up, then you need the help of a mass gainer, else you’ll have little to show for all your hard work in the gym. Weight gainers offer many advantages which go beyond ordinary weight gains. Many offer additional nutrients which are necessary for your overall health.

I put this list of the top 10 mass gainers together, with the hope that it’ll help you to decide on the right gainer package for your training.

List of Best Mass Gainers in 2024

#10. PROBURST Ultimate Mass Gainer Weight Gain Powder

PROBURST Ultimate Mass Gainer Weight Gain Powder

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Here is a versatile and essential mass gainer powder that you will find suitable for your daily workouts. It is a healthy powder that has been made from dairy-based powder; hence excellent for higher protein levels. Apart from this, it has a tasty chocolate flavor that is recommended by most users. The multi-purpose protein powder is ideal for enhancing the weight gain process, bodybuilding, and mass gain. It has a capacity of 3KG to offer more servings.

Other than this, the mass gainer has been enriched with minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and vitamins. This makes it a very healthy powder free of gluten and GMO. With this, you will always feel energized even after an intense workout session. Lastly, it also stimulates the metabolic functions and, therefore, enhance the overall body health.

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#9. Alpha Isolate Pure Whey Protein Powder

Alpha Isolate Pure Whey Protein Powder

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This mass gainer is not like the others in this list. The Alpha Isolate is made from pure protein, which has been quadruply processed to remove lactose and fats, leaving only pure protein for lean muscle growth.

Since it lacks calories, this mass gainer may not be ideal for beginners because it delivers only pure and lean protein. Those who would love to bulk up as quickly as possible will find better luck with other products. This one is for experts.

#8. Naked Nutrition All Natural Weight Grainer Protein Powder

Naked Nutrition All Natural Weight Grainer Protein Powder

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The safety of mass gainer is a vital factor that all buyers have to consider. This is a 100% and all natural weight gainer protein powder you need to try out. It is free from artificial ingredients; hence no side effects on the user. More interestingly, it has been made from coconut sugar, organic raw cacao, naked whey, naked casein, and maltodextrin. In every serving, the powder provides maximum nutrition of 50g protein, 11.6 BCAAs, 251g of carbs, and 1,360 calories.

It also provides the body with healthy amino acids that will enhance the protein synthesis better throughout the day. With the protein powder, you can make a number of shakes and recipes like smoothies, protein shakes, and your favorite recipes. Due to its effectiveness, it greatly enhances the process of mass gain.

#7. ProMix Nutrition Vegan Protein Powder

ProMix Nutrition Vegan Protein Powder

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For the vegans, here is a great mass gain protein powder that will suit your diet. It is a healthy protein powder free of dairy products, gluten, and GMO products. This implies that it will not cause side effects on the user. It comprises of complete vegan protein plus amino acids that are essential for building and repairing the lean muscles. The mass gainer also has bioavailable proteins, which is a great source of iron. Due to this, it is a beneficial protein powder that will greatly enhance the mass gain.

Additionally, it has different flavors like chocolate and unflavored + B12 to choose from, making it ideal for all vegans. In every serving, the protein powder provides you with 3 grams of fiber, 25 grams of proteins, and 5.3 grams of BCAAs. This makes it great for enhancing the fat burning process while you gain muscles plus limits the intake of carbohydrates.

#6. Optimum Nutrition Double Chocolate Mass Gainer

Optimum Nutrition Double Chocolate Mass Gainer

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If you love beautiful flavors, then you should love this one. Not only does it include proteins from up to 7 different sources, it also comes with some of the best flavor combinations you can find in a mass gainer formula.

There are 85 grams of carbohydrates per serving, including 60 grams of protein and 5 grams each of fiber and sugar. There are also 650 calories per serving, as well as 24 vitamins and minerals. You can either get it in the 10-lb or in the 5-lb packages.

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#5. MuscleTech 7-Lb Chocolate Flavored Mass Gainer

MuscleTech 7-Lb Chocolate Flavored Mass Gainer

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Available in 7-lb and 12-lb bottles, this MuscleTech mass gainer is also available in either chocolate, milk chocolate, or cookies & cream flavors. Each of the flavors tastes great, and a serving is also power packed with 80 grams of protein and 1,170 calories when you mix it with 2 cups of skimmed milk.

Although it is rather on the pricey side, the new and improved formula, plus the nice taste should be really worth it. You are guaranteed good gains from this mass gainer.

#4. Muscle Milk Protein Powder Mass Gainer

Muscle Milk Protein Powder Mass Gainer

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Muscle Milk Gainer is a great tasting powder for a great tasting shake. Every 4 scoops of the powder contain 650 calories, 32 grams of protein, and 3 grams of cow-milk leucine. It is designed to taste good and deliver good gains at the same time.

At $6.50 / lb, its price is rather on the high side. Still, this Muscle Milk formula offers a delicious and nutrient-rich shake that you can use pre-workout, post-workout or anytime at all when you feel like a protein-rich drink.

#3. Dymatize 100 Whey Protein Powder Gluten Free

Dymatize 100 Whey Protein Powder Gluten Free

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For a perfect whey protein powder, Dymatize 100 Whey Protein Powder Gluten Free is a great selection you need to look out for. It is a very healthy and safe powder with no gluten and lactose. In addition to this, it provides up to 23 servings thanks to the large volume of 1.6lbs. It has been made from 100-gourmet, which makes it a perfect pick for those who love the chocolate taste.

The ingredient included in the protein powder includes 5.5 grams of branched chain amino acids, 25 grams of proteins, and 2.7 grams of leucine for every serving. The content contains below 1 gram of super and fat per serving and, therefore, a very healthy protein powder. The good news is that the powder has been scientifically proven and it is fast digesting. Despite all these, it is a cost-effective protein powder.

#2. Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powder

Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powder

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With this mass gainer protein powder, you will always gain a higher fiber and soy free from gluten. In every two scoops, it provides you with 32 grams of protein, 280 grams of calories, and 3 grams of leucine. It is ideal for making tasty shakes by combining two scoops with 8-ounces of water. It is a very effective protein powder that is ideal for everyone. It is more essential when working out since it provides more proteins for intense workouts.

The high level of protein will bring about positive protein balance in the body and also enhances the recovery process. Moreover, it aids in building lean muscles plus offers sustained energy. Through this, it greatly speeds up the mass gain for a muscular body. With a volume of 2.47 Pounds, it offers more serving just as needed.

#1. Optimum Nutrition 12-Lb Mass Gainer

Optimum Nutrition 12-Lb Mass Gainer

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This is one protein powder formula that really gives you everything you need to bulk up in record time and healthily too. With 25 vitamins and minerals, including Glutamine and Creatine, it packs up to 50 grams of protein, 250 grams of carbs, and 1,250 calories per serving.

Although it would have looked better in a plastic bottle, its packaging is still okay. It is available in either 6 or 12 lb packages and can be had in banana, chocolate, or chocolate peanut flavors. If you decide to blend this formula with low-fat milk, you will be getting 1,600 calories per serving.

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Mass Gainers Buying Guide

Before making the purchase, you should know quite a few things about mass gainers. These will help you to make a better choice.

  • Ingredients: The ingredients in a mass gainer will make it either the right or wrong product. There is no fixed formula for mass gainers. Some will contain extra nutrients, while others may just be standard.
  • Carbohydrates & Proteins: These are the 2 basic ingredients in a mass gainer. Carbs are needed to provide the extra calories that the body needs to get bigger, while proteins make muscle building possible. Carbs and proteins should be in a 3:1 ratio, with carbohydrates being 3 times larger than proteins.
  • Taste: Some like chocolate, others like vanilla or banana. You should choose a mass gainer with a taste that you like. This way you can enjoy yourself while bulking up.
  • Extra Nutrients & Enzymes: Digestive enzymes are beneficial to your body, just as many nutrients help you to stay healthy. You may decide to choose a mass gainer based on the extra nutrients or enzymes that it offers.


We have reached the end of this 2019 top 10 mass gainers review list. Our number #1 recommendation is obviously the Optimum Nutrition mass gainers, but if you should have any reason to choose otherwise, please feel free to do so.

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