Top 10 Best LED String Lights Reviews in 2024

LEDs have taken center stage in the conventional lighting industry for some reasons, most notably, their extended lifespans, energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements. According to the DOE, LED lighting is estimated to save up to 190 terawatt hours of electricity annually, by the year 2030. Given the decreasing pricing of lamps and other light fixtures, a majority of facility managers are switching to LED lighting systems.

Although pricier than their incandescent counterparts, investing in LED string lights pays off handsomely in the long run. They are brighter than the conventional incandescent bulbs, use less energy and generate less heat.

Whether you want to hang these strands during the holidays, or you just cherish keeping the vibe aglow round-the-clock, we have reviewed the top ten Led string light models, to help you pick one that meets your needs.

List of Best LED String Lights in 2024

#10. Hyperikon LED Outdoor Commercial String Lights

Hyperikon LED Outdoor Commercial String Lights

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A must-have light fixture for your summer deck setup is the Hyperikon’s 48-foot strand with 24 Edison-style LED bulbs. Aside from the LED bulbs, the manufacturer also incorporates 24 standard E26 sockets, which are designed to fit any of the bulbs. This way, you can switch up the bulbs to complement the style of your patio décor. Also, the lights have built-in loops for hanging. The socket loops make the hang-up and installation process a breeze. The sockets are fully sealed, a characteristic that makes this product extremely durable and weatherproof. Hyperikon backs their high-performance string lights with a five-year warranty, allowing you to replace them if a problem crops up.

  • Have built-in loops for easy installation
  • Allows you to connect two strings for 96-feet of lighting
  • Comes with five-year warranty
  • Lack quality ambience
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#9. AKAPH LED Outdoor String Lights The AKAPH

AKAPH LED Outdoor String Lights The AKAPH

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Model is one of the most efficient LED string lighting for commercial spaces. They also add style and elegance once they are installed in residential areas, particularly in gazebos and patios. The bulbs hang on a 48-foot, black-colored, weatherproof cord. The bulb sockets contain parallel circuit wiring, which allows for the transmission of excess current. Installing the AKAPH Led string lights is a piece of cake, thanks to the cup hooks, guide wires, and zip ties.

  • Backed by a ten-year warranty
  • Light enhances the look of outdoor environments
  • Features Weather-Tight technology
  • Not as bright

#8. 48 FT LED Outdoor String Lights by Proxy Lighting

48 FT LED Outdoor String Lights by Proxy Lighting

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The Proxy Lighting allows you to take your outdoor entertainment a notch higher. They are durable, elegant and provide you with optimal and quality ambiance. Furthermore, these lights are designed to weather all kinds of external elements. Ideally, the manufacturer has incorporated Weather-tight technology, which is meant to handle extensive exposure to UV rays and extreme temperatures.

  • Built-in loops for a quick installation
  • Versatile functionality
  • Resilient bulbs
  • Somewhat expensive, but this should not worry you, given their quality performance

#7. LED Outdoor & Indoor Edison Style String Lights

LED Outdoor & Indoor Edison Style String Lights

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You can create a romantic, celebratory and cozy ambiance with these LED outdoor & indoor string lights by LED Concepts. This product is thoughtfully crafted and includes 15 Led bulbs, each of which has 2 watts. The Edison-style lights boast uniform spacing and can be connected from end-to-end, allowing you multiple décor patterns. The LED string lights, which are hung on a 48ft long cord, can be used in numerous areas such as porches, restaurants, commercial buildings and outdoor parties among others.

  • Energy efficient
  • Bulbs never get too hot
  • 48ft long cord included
  • No replacement bulbs
  • No guarantee on bulbs

#6. JACKYLED 48Ft Outdoor String Lights Heavy Duty Cord

JACKYLED 48Ft Outdoor String Lights Heavy Duty Cord

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If you are in search of highly-recommended outdoor string lights, the JACKLED model is a wise choice. While a majority of bulbs usually have 3000 lumens, these lights offer 4000 Lumens; hence, providing bright-enough lighting. Also, these lights can power up to a maximum of 1560 watts. This wattage is high enough to meet heavy-duty lighting requirements, particularly for commercial usage. JACKYLED has incorporated an array of handy features into the 21 bulbs, including waterproof element and heat-resistant materials. These components improve durability by offering protection against extreme weather conditions.

  • Ideal for commercial lighting
  • Has safety features
  • Comes with three-year warranty
  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Heavy-duty cord
  • Expensive
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#5. 48 Ft LED Outdoor String Lights by Fulton Illuminations

48 Ft LED Outdoor String Lights by Fulton Illuminations

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These are one of the best-selling string lights, which are backed by UL certification for safety and high-performance. Included in this package are eighteen LED bulbs; 15 lights and three additional ones. Furthermore, the 18 bulbs are suspended by a 13-ft matching strand. It makes it convenient for a majority of users since they do not have to go shopping for other cords that match with the bulbs. Fulton Illuminations allege that all their products are high-quality. They have backed this by providing a one-year warranty for these string lights. Alternately, you can register for a lifetime warranty on their website.

  • Comes with 18 LED bulbs
  • You can link up to 40 strands together
  • Matching extension cord
  • Slightly difficult to install

#4. Cymas Outdoor String Lights

Cymas Outdoor String Lights

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The Cymas model is a bright string light that comes fitted with fifteen LED bulbs, each of which generates 1.5 watts. The bulbs hang on a 49-foot solid strand, with the distance between two bulbs being about 39 inches. Cymas outdoor string lights provide a warm white light, making them the perfect choice for a romantic night décor. Moreover, you can use them in an outdoor or indoor space. Equipped with IP65 waterproof level, these are some of the most weather-resistance string lights. They are also relatively easy to install, given the array of accessories provided by the manufacturer. These attachments include cup hooks, guide wires, and the built-in loops.

  • One and a half year warranty
  • Easy installation
  • 49-foot long strand
  • Strand may be too long for some applications

#3. Enbrighten Vintage Seasons LED String Lights

Enbrighten Vintage Seasons LED String Lights

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The Enbrighten Vintage are some of the most vibrant string lights on the market. They are perfect for an array of occasions including holidays, cocktail parties, BBQ just to mention a few. The best thing about this fixture entails their selectable color modes. Ideally, you can choose between one distinct color or two-color combinations for a more versatile look. And, that is not all, Jasco equipped these LED bulbs with remote control capability, meaning that you can switch up these color patterns from the comfort of your seat. With the Enbrighten Vintage LED bulbs, you reduce your home’s energy consumption by up to 95%.

  • Linkable for up to 750 feet
  • Feature adjustable color modes
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Not as bright as other string lights

#2. Jasco Enbrighten Café LED String Lights

Jasco Enbrighten Café LED String Lights

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The Jasco Enbrighten Café LED Lights are second on our list, and for good reasons. Firstly, these lights employ revolutionary LED technology, which enables them to generate consistently white and attractive lighting. Secondly, you can use them in both indoor and outdoor settings. Most customers install them in decks, offices, patios, and homes in a bid to accent their lighting. Improving the style an atmosphere of outdoor space, the Jasco Enbrighten features acrylic bulbs that can handle a ten-foot drop as well as weather elements. In this package, you will get nine bulbs hang on an 18-foot string.

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Feature durable and impact-resistant acrylic bulbs
  • Short cord length

#1. Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor Light Strand

Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor Light Strand

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The Brightech Ambience Pro string lights help you to upgrade your backyard to a well-lit and cozy haven. They provide ample lighting, making a space look beautiful and feel warm. What customers love most about these lights are their durability and weather-tolerance. Brightech, the mastermind behind this remarkable invention, has equipped these lighting fixtures with WeatherTite technology that provides additional levels of protection from storms, rain, and wind. The string lights are hung on a 48-foot long cord, giving you plenty of flexibility in the way you arrange them.

  • Bright enough for enhanced performance
  • Look elegant
  • More expensive than most string lights
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Led String Lights Buying Guide

Before purchasing LED string lights, you should take a couple of aspects into account. These include:

  • Brightness: One crucial factor to consider before buying LED string bulbs is the level of brightness. It is vital that the bulbs have enough brightness to light up your outdoor or indoor space. Without compromising on other features. To determine how bright the string lights are, look for the Lumens rating that provides the output of light.
  • Durability: Another aspect, which you should account for is the durability. High-quality Led string bulbs feature an exceptional lifetime expectation. We can attribute this to their competent thermal management, which prevents the bulbs from heating up; hence, prolonging their lifespan.
  • Energy efficiency: Also, you should invest in Led string lights that are energy efficient. Fortunately, a majority of Led bulbs are designed with this particular aspect in mind. In fact, some of the strings lights that we have reviewed, help you save up to 95% on your power bills.


Led string lights offer an unparalleled way of lighting indoor and outdoor environments. These string lights confer numerous perks that include increased brightness level and a reduction in energy consumption. If you are looking to invest in Led string lights, consider the Brightech Ambience Pro, the Jasco Enbrighten Café, and Hyperikon Led Commercial models.

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