Top 10 Best LED Ceiling Lights in 2019 – Ceiling Light Fixture

Light emitting diode lamp innovation is broadly publicized to be an innovatory mode for lighting modern homes. As such, the likelihood of replacing the regular lighting facilities in use today, which incorporates fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. It is wise to note that conventional lighting differs from LED lighting like heaven and earth in various ways. The LED fixture might feature bulb components and combined fitting.

LED ceiling lighting is recessed lamps which are entrenched in the ceiling. They are ideal for application in many places like shops, offices, homes and other commercial settings. Moreover, with this lighting, you can improve the visual look of your residential spaces while still lowering the overall home utility bills. Luckily enough, these lights can reduce over-all electrical consumption bills to 85%. Below are vital things that should be considered before selecting an ideal LED ceiling lighting.

List of Best LED Ceiling Lights in 2019

#10. GE Lighting 20433 12-Inch LED Ceiling light

GE Lighting 20433 12-Inch LED Ceiling light

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No more replacement of light bulbs. GE Lighting LED flush mount unit doesn’t often require light bulb replacement. The incorporated bulb design dispenses light uniformly, creating a warm glow all-round the LED appliance. They are suitable for use in task areas, closets, hallways, and more. The time to have fun with GE LED’s long-lasting performance, exceptional energy efficiency, and the right brightness is now. The unit includes GE LED 6-inches recessed ceiling sleek bulb that blends well giving it an elegant ambiance.

Its size opening is similar to that of the R30 bulb, meaning medium-base light bulb can be replaced merely into the existing bulb’s trim ring for an elegant appearance.

Reasons to Buy This Product

GE Lighting’s recessed lights come in GE reveal (2850K) and Soft White (2700K) styles, offering options based on your task requirements. LED Indoor ceiling lights offer instant-on illumination with no flickering or delay. Semi-omnidirectional 220-degrees brilliant light output.

  • Soft-white 2700K light
  • Replacement of 60 watts utilizes only 15 watts
  • Semi-omnidirectional 220-degrees light output
  • Lasts 22.8 years for 3 hours of use per day
  • High-quality Recessed Lighting
  • Delivers light output of 975 lumens
  • Aesthetic Design

#9. AFSEMOS 13.2-inches LED Ceiling Lights

AFSEMOS 13.2-inches LED Ceiling Lights

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Nothing is disappointing than to live in a poorly lit space. It even becomes worse of when your old bulb accidentally blow due to overvoltage. However, with SMD 5730 LED ceiling mount light, you will undoubtedly enjoy constant current drive which supplies power using the isolated drive. This isolated will provide overcurrent, overload and overvoltage protection.

Moreover, these Flush mount lights incorporate 70w halogen bulbs equivalent to 1450 lumens making it economical. The superior yet diffused PMMA material is used to design lampshade making it 90 percent light efficiency. The chassis is constructed using long-lasting anti-shock, anti-rust stainless steel excellent heat dissipation compared to plastic chassis.

Reasons to Buy This Product

The ceiling light is integrated with smart IC chip with high-quality drive power. The chip is intelligent enough to handle overload protection, efficient protection, adjustment circuit problems, and easy installation of lamp lifespan.

  • Has over 50000 hours Lifetime
  • Has 70w halogen bulbs
  • Weighs 1.6 pounds
  • Lampshade implements acrylic plastic
  • Durable stainless steel, anti-shock, anti-rust chassis construction

#8. OSTWIN 11-inch MS Series LED Ceiling Light

OSTWIN 11-inch MS Series LED Ceiling Light

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Optimize ambiance with OSTWIN LEDs ceiling lighting. The lighting features smooth dimming functionality that ranges from 10-100%, with no humming or flickers. OSTWIN LEDs ceiling lighting is Integrated LED chips that virtually help in eliminating the unnecessary replacement of the bulb. Besides that, with 35,000 hours lifespan, the need for frequent replacing of the lamp is now an issue of the past.

Surprisingly, with the use of 20 watts, 1864 lumens is produced making this LED flush mount preferably. More so, for quality assurance, the fixture is well ENERGY STAR and ETL approved for safe operation and premium grade standards. It is amazing that the unit does not emit infrared, UV or radiation. Luckily enough, these fixtures feature lightweight acrylic white shade that minimizes its weight.

Reasons to Buy This Product

The eye protection functionality is implemented by designing certified LEDs, and acrylic white lampshade fixtures emit off evenly and lively without flickering, safeguarding your eyes from the possible severe glare of antique lighting. 5-year limited warranty. Ideal for damp locations.

  • Come in acrylic white shade
  • Integrated LED chips
  • Waterproof: ip44
  • Has 35,000 hours lifespan
  • 20W is equivalent to 1,864 lumens
  • Color Temperature: 5000K

#7. Ustellar Waterproof 11-inch LED Ceiling Lights

Ustellar Waterproof 11-inch LED Ceiling Lights

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With IP44 damp location rating, this LED lighting by Ustellar has got no effect of water splashing thus becoming the ideal option for bathroom application. The LED ceiling light provides vivid light alongside 80+CRI, high-luminous efficiency and 950 lumens for workspace.

By adopting certified LEDs and pure white casing, it emits lights evenly without flickering thus protecting your eyes from glare and severe lights. UV radiation or No IR. With a beam angle of 120-degrees, this solid LED ceiling light emits off adequate lights. With an IP44 damp location rating, it is ideal for your laundry kitchen, garage, and basement.

Reasons to Buy This Product

The eye-protective design is implemented by adopting certified LEDs and pure white casing, which help in emitting lights evenly without flickering thus protecting your eyes from glare and severe lights. UV radiation or No IR.

  • Luminous Flux: 1200lm
  • Wattage: 15W
  • Color Temperature: 6000K
  • Incandescent Equivalent: 100W
  • Broad beam angle: 120-degrees
  • Waterproof: IP44
  • 220V-240V AC Input Voltage
  • Lifespan: 50000H

#6. LIT-PaTH 7.5-Inch LED Ceiling Flush Mount Lighting

LIT-PaTH 7.5-Inch LED Ceiling Flush Mount Lighting

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Safety assurance if the not quality guarantee is something that requires strict consideration when it comes to shopping for your ideal LED ceiling light. This assurance will only come true if and only if you acquire a LED ceiling light from LIT-PaTH. The unit is made of Harmless PC and aluminum plate for a longer lifespan.

Moreover, this lighting does not emit IR radiation, mercury or lead hence ensuring safety. What’s more, the unit has a wide location area of the application making it appropriate for residential and commercial applications. For versatility, it is IP44 damp location rated hence ideal for under the eaves, balcony, bathroom, and outdoor corridor.

Reasons to Buy This Product

This damp lighting location rated because of its yellowing proof and rust-proof aluminum and PC material construction. The lighting has no flicker and Mercury free to safeguard eyes. The allowed 3-years warranty and lifespan of 50000 hours is what make this lighting a must-have product.

  • Made of Harmless PC and aluminum plate
  • Has 50000 hours lifespan
  • Damp location rated
  • Luminous Intensity of 800 Lumen
  • Has 3000K Warm White

#5. ZHMA 8-Inch Round LED Ceiling Lights

ZHMA 8-Inch Round LED Ceiling Lights

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Prettify your space with LED ceiling light from ZHMA, which is entirely made using weather resistance, chemical stability, and transparent polymer acrylic plastic material. This material can be recycled hence making it concur with the travel theme and modern green living.

Elegant and lightweight, this LED ceiling light features aluminum shade-side shell and acrylic plastic. It also has iron chassis metal which forms corrosion resistance and high compression, long-life, and excellent heat dissipation. Therefore, it ideal for Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, meeting room, showroom, showcase School, university, hospital, hotel Supermarket, department store or even more Beautiful decoration, make life more comfortable.

Reasons to Buy This Product

The fixtures guarantee quiet operation with no flickering without obstructing other electronics. The thing the incorporated 85% energy saving functionality which directly translates into lower electricity bills. The allowed 1-year for quality assurance is also a beautiful thing that could make this popular.

  • High-quality steel plate
  • Seiko aluminum construction
  • 10W sufficient wattage
  • Intelligent driver
  • High-quality plastic material lightweight casing
  • Anti-glare light shade

#4. Cloudy Bay 7.5-inches LED Ceiling Light

Cloudy Bay 7.5-inches LED Ceiling Light

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The ceiling light by Cloud bay features a 7.5-inches LED disk unit which diminishes “glare focus” in the center. It not only characterized by diffuser but also the pre-installed insulated transparent casing for protecting you from possible electric hazard.

The unit comes in oil rubbed statuette or white, brushed nickel, providing the magnificent beauty to your existing home decor. The best aspect that could make this LED ceiling light a must-have product is a wide selection based on your preference. You can either decide to make the use of 4000k cool white or 3000k warm white. The unit is suitable for bathrooms, living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, stairways, and porch lighting.

Reasons to Buy This Product

The most impressive aspects with this unit are a diffuser and the pre-fitted insulated transparent casing for protecting you from the possible electric hazard. It, therefore, offer options like 4000K cool white or 3000K warm white.

  • Has 10%-100% functional dimmable range
  • 4-inches module
  • Cloudy Bay ceiling lights
  • Has 4000K cool white or 3000K warm white
  • Seal against moisture and insects sponge inside
  • Come in oil rubbed bronze or white, brushed nickel

#3. Lithonia Lighting FMLRDL 14840 M4 White LED Flush Mount

Lithonia Lighting FMLRDL 14840 M4 White LED Flush Mount

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Lithonia Lighting is a distinctive LED ceiling light with very bright LEDs that delivers overall ambient lighting. The lighting has a lifespan of 13 years or 30000 hours when utilized for 6-hours daily. It is designed with cost-effective LEDs that help in catching up with time wasted in replacing the bulb. More often it requires multi-installation that meets the highest standards. The 11-inches unit has a lifespan of 50000 hours, producing 1400 lumens, color temperature of 4000K cool white.

As if it’s not enough this, brand incorporates the hidden or cam-latches or white acrylic diffuser that facilities the removal of diffuser for easy maintenance and installation. In general, all white Lithonia Lighting fixture is compatible with virtually all standard dimmers from Lutron and Leviton allowing ease of installation. For quality guarantee, the brands are cUL certified and Energy Star Certified.

Reasons to Buy This Product

This Lithonia Lighting brand incorporates the hidden or cam-latches or white acrylic diffuser that facilities the removal of diffuser for maintenance and installation. It also has cost efficient LEDs that can last for 13 years or 30000 hours when utilized for 6-hours daily. For quality guarantee, the brands are cUL certified and Energy Star Certified.

  • Has lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Color temperature: 4000k cool color
  • Incorporates white acrylic diffuser
  • Produce 14000 lumens

#2. Hyperikon LED Dimmable Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Hyperikon LED Dimmable Flush Mount Ceiling Light

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The unit is designed to beautify dining room, hallway, living room, or any other ceiling area in the chamber, and the Hyperikon 14-inches circular LED ceiling light requires no skill during installation. The other pleasing aspect with this light is that it features smooth dimming functionalities ranging from 100-20% alongside contemporary LED dimmers which regulates the feel and appearance of your space.

Moreover, controlling the room’s mood is much possible with this dimmable light. And, with the 5-year warranty and lifespan of 45000 hours, there will be no replacement inconveniences.

Reasons to Buy This Product

This LED Ceiling Light by Hyperikon uses integrated COB Diode innovation combined with lights of 45,000-hours lifespan to get rid of unnecessary bulbs replacement. It has quality guarantee allowing 5-year unlimited warranty.

  • Weighs 3.2 pounds
  • 150W incandescent lights
  • Integrated COB Diode modern Technology
  • Modern LED dimmers
  • Has a lifespan of 45,000 hours

#1. LB72118 LED Ceiling Light from Light Blue USA

LB72118 LED Ceiling Light from Light Blue USA

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Add sleek stylishness to your home setting with this 15W dimmable flash mount 12-Inch LED ceiling light. Stylish and affordable, this LB72119 ceiling light with 3000K Warm White is ideal for little spaces, but it features lighting that can powerfully illuminate a large area.

The energy-saving lamp is dimmable and energy-star rated enabling always to regulate the mood. The light incorporates an acrylic statuette varnish shade that offers silhouettes space. Moreover, it can deliver 1050 lumens output and safety certified by ETL. It is suitable for stairways, hallways, offices, bedrooms, and many more residential or commercial applications.

Reasons to Buy This Product

Acrylic light shade with oil-rubbed statuette varnish steel creates a glossy silhouette suitable for illumination and as well as great for lower ceilings. The other impressive factor is that it is as well ETL safety certified.

  • Deliver 1050 lumen
  • Has 3000K Warm White
  • Powered by 15-Watts
  • Double ring 12-inch design
  • Incorporates antique brushed nickel

What to consider when selecting LED Ceiling lights

  • Power: The unit for measuring power is wattage. Therefore, LED ceiling-light wattage is as well the unit used in calculating energy efficiency. Ideally, it precisely determines the lumen value per watt. An LED ceiling light consumes much-reduced wattage to offer equivalent light lumens as a traditional halogen ceiling-light or incandescent bulb. For instance, a halogen ceiling-lighting utilizing 55W is equivalent to LED Ceiling light intensity utilizing 4.5-14 watts. Therefore, LED ceiling lighting are considered more energy efficient as opposed to other brands of ceiling lights.
  • Beam angle: Beam angle defines the coverage from the lighting element over the overall illuminated area. The required beam angle for suiting your requirement depends on the available space. Therefore, the ideal beam angle for lighting the rooms and offices where light focusing is supposed to be high is 60-degrees. Likewise, the recommended beam angle for the balcony for extensive coverage over the walls and corridor is 90-degrees. If you wish to acquire the LED lamp for accent lighting purpose, then you should consider buying the light with a narrow beam angle for concerted lighting.
  • Light intensity: The light intensity has direct proportionality with the Lumen value, which entails that the higher the Lumen value, the greater the light intensity. Lux is the unit that calculates specific light intensity. Thus, you are required to be aware of the light intensity’s magnitude needed for different spaces in general.

For instance, 40 Lux LED ceiling lights are ideal for walkways and corridors. Likewise, 320-400 lux is recommended for homes and offices, 160 for public entrance room, etc. You should define the light intensity of your preference based on your purpose.

  • Bulb color: LED bulbs feature in many different colors, the same case applied to standard lighting services lightings. Nevertheless, LED color factor, in other words, can be defined as the lamp’s white color factor. A white color factor can be ideally denoted as the form of illumination for the LED light supplying element emitted under normal lighting conditions. The unit for calculating this color factor is known as Kelvin (K) Orange and Yellow LEDs lies under 2000K, neutral and white bulbs features about 4000K while bluish lamps possess the maximum color temperature rating. LED driven lighting is energy efficient yet affordable. Consider the above options before opting for this modern form of the LED ceiling light.


To sum up, each LED ceiling light reviewed above is tested, certified and approved for quality assurance by experts and consumers. What’s more, the outlined lightings provide you with variety to pick from based on whichever LED lamp you prefer as your better option. The list comprises of budget-friendly LED lighting making them affordable to many if not all people. Grab your choice of spectacular lights today!

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