Top 10 Best Ice Makers Reviews in 2020

There’s nothing like drinking an ice cold drink during the hot season. For that to happen, you’ll need ice makers at home. Besides, how are you going to put ice on your drink when you don’t have one? While some ice makers are within the fridge, some stand on its own. Good thing, Amazon is a great source for dozens of amazing products such as an ice maker.

List of Best Ice Makers in 2020

#10. Hamilton Beach PIM-2-3A Portable Ice Maker

Hamilton Beach PIM-2-3A Portable Ice Maker

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Those who are looking for ice immediately will be glad to come across this item as it actually produces 9 ice cubs every 7 minutes. There’s also the option to choose between two ice cube sizes. After all, not everyone will be contented with the small size. Some members of your family may prefer big cups.

At 19 pounds, the item can easily be carried from one place to another. In fact, even ladies and small kids can carry this product. Furthermore, it’s pretty easy to operate the machine as the buttons have labels on them. There are also indicators that state when you need to have the water refilled or when the storage basket is completely full.

#9. hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker for Countertop

hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker for Countertop

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This product is ideal to be used at a restaurant since it produces as much as 26 pounds of ice per day. While making the ice, it doesn’t produce any noise. Hence, you won’t notice how much ice is already in the container. Also, when the ice is full, there’s no need to worry about ice spilling onto the ground because it will automatically shut off.

One unnoticed feature is that if the ice melts without getting used, the water will go back to the reservoir. That means instead of the water getting wasted, it will go back to making more ice. Also, it comes with an ice scoop so you won’t need to use your hands when getting ice. Obviously, there’s a chance your hands are very dirty and that won’t be good for your health when you use them in getting the ice. Best of all, it comes with a removable ice basket and a portable ice scoop.

#8. RCA 26 lbs. Ice Maker Counter Top

RCA 26 lbs. Ice Maker Counter Top

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Due to the fact that it can produce a whopping 26 lbs. of ice each day, this item is perfect for a bar. Imagine the number of customers falling in line at the bar. They would definitely not be happy if they don’t get served their drinks right away. Good thing, this product guarantees the service will be super fast since it can produce fresh ice again in as little as 6 minutes. It’s even easy to get a grasp on.

When it’s not making ice, it’s highly recommended that the machine is shut off. Those who want a fresh batch of ice immediately won’t have to wait long because this machine can give ice in as little as 6 minutes. Also, you have the option of the size of the ice it produces whether you want it to be small or big. Plus, it’s easy to navigate through the control button as you just need to push a few buttons and you’re on your way to making ice. There’s no doubt it’s one of those products you need to get excited about.

#7. Igloo ICE450 Ice Maker from Curtis

Igloo ICE450 Ice Maker from Curtis

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One special thing about the ice that Igloo ICE450 Ice Maker creates is that it doesn’t melt fast. Also, it doesn’t make much noise. The only thing you’ll hear is when new ice drops onto the container. Hence, you won’t notice how much ice it makes in a short period of time. Besides, there’s nothing like enjoying peace and quiet while the machine is making ice. The last thing you’d want to happen is to be bothered by the noise it makes.

At Amazon, buy this product and have it delivered straight to your doorstep for free. Yes, there will be no need to worry about how you’re going to get this product from the seller. The only thing you need to worry about is fully enjoying the product’s features. Besides, if it’s one thing the manufacturer is known for, it’s making amazing products such as this one. Therefore, you can expect nothing but great things coming from this awesome product.

#6. Aicok Portable Ice Maker

Aicok Portable Ice Maker

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Due to its stainless steel finish, there’s no doubt you’ll have this item for a long time. There’s no need to even think about buying another for the foreseeable future. Besides, there’s a 2-year warranty so there’s no doubt the manufacturer was extremely confident about the durability of this product.

For safety, you have the option to set the time the machine makes ice cubes. For example, you can set it so that it makes ice cubes for only 2 hours. Since it makes a lot of ice cubes in so little time, there’s no need to set the time for a duration of 5 hours or something like that. The feature is best for those who have an upcoming event. Best of all, there’s no need to install anything before using this product. All you need to do is to put it on top of a wooden table and it’s all set to be used.

#5. Costway Counter Top Ice Maker Machine

Costway Counter Top Ice Maker Machine

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With its stylish and chic design, the Costway Counter Top Ice Maker is a great fit wherever you decide to put it. It was definitely designed by the manufacturer with the customer in mind. It was built to last too as they made use of high-quality materials to build it. Also, one look at the panel and it’s pretty obvious what each button can do. Yes, there’s no need to read an instruction manual before you can use this magnificent item.

Businesses that need ice every minute won’t be disappointed with this product. Its productivity is nice as it can produce up to 26 pounds of ice in one day. Also, when there’s not much water in the reservoir, it will signal you to put more. Its ice basket is pretty heavy so you won’t need to worry about removing ice every now and then. Best of all, due to its portability, it would fit in anywhere you decide to put it.

#4. Opal Nugget Ice Maker

Opal Nugget Ice Maker

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Believe it or not, it’s possible to schedule when the Opal Nugget Ice Maker will start making ice on an app. That means you can schedule it when you’re not at home. Imagine coming home and it’s already full of ice. That means if you planned an impromptu get-together with colleagues, you’ll be able to serve them ice cold drinks immediately. There’s even an option where you can plug this item into an electric socket or you can bring it with you wherever you want.

With its outstanding quality, you’re getting what you paid for with this item. Due to the outstanding materials the manufacturer used to make this item, you won’t need to worry about buying another ice maker for a long time. Perhaps, its capacity is what the product is best known for as it can hold up to 3 pounds of ice. It may be loud but that’s because it makes high-quality ice. Therefore, it’s best to put this ice in a place that’s far from your bedroom like the kitchen. Finally, remember that this ice maker is not meant to be used at a restaurant or a bar though.

#3. NewAir Al-100VO Portable Ice Maker

NewAir Al-100VO Portable Ice Maker

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The unique design for this product is best to be used in places like a boat or the kitchen. Due to how powerful its compressor is, it can produce as much as 28 pounds of ice per day. That means you can completely rely on this machine for your icy needs. There’s no need to go to the nearest convenience store to get ice.

It’s easy to know when the ice basket is already full and if you need to put water because indicator lights will alert you. There’s even no need to wait long because a new batch of ice is created every 6 minutes. There’s no doubt this item is a great option when you have a lot of people come over for a party.

#2. MRP US Portable Ice Maker IC703

MRP US Portable Ice Maker IC703

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Whether you need an ice maker for making ice cubes at home or making a batch of ice every 10 minutes at a restaurant, this product is the perfect fit. There’s even a transparent window so you can immediately see how much ice can already be used. Due to its large storage tank, you can put a lot of water so you’ll get a lot of ice within the next few hours.

Those who are too busy to have time to clean this item will be glad to know it has a self-cleaning feature. Also, the LCD indicator light display can easily be controlled. For its size, the machine has a lot of features. Of course, its number one priority is making you feel comfortable about making ice.

#1. YONGTONG Ice Maker


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YONGTONG Ice Maker is so pleasing to the eye that it makes your interiors look even better. Due to its nice design, you’ll have no problem putting this item anywhere whether it is aboard a cruise ship or in your own living room. You won’t even need to exert time to learn this product as its very easy to use.

There’s also an ice scoop included so you can easily put ice in your glass and toast your other guests. Also, there are two ice sizes to choose from as some may want a bigger mug.

Considering Before Buying

There are many factors to consider before investing in ice makers. First, it would be important to consider the size. If you’re a big family and everyone loves cold drinks, it would be better to invest in a big one.

On the other hand, if you live by yourself then there’s no reason to invest in a big one as a small ice maker would be sufficient. Another thing to consider would be the speed of the machine. If you want to use the machine for a business, then you need to buy a machine that makes ice in a fast manner. On the other hand, if you just plan on using it at home, it doesn’t have to make ice that fast.

Last but not the least, consider the manufacturer. If they’ve been making ice makers for a long time, then you can be sure you’ll get a high-quality product from them. Considering all these factors, all of the above products are a great choice. You’ll definitely not regret your purchase when you end up buying one of those products.

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