Top 10 Best Hand Blenders in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Looking to make a smoothie, sauce, dips, and soups? If so, then a hand blender allows you to make these – and more. You can simply set it up anytime and anywhere without any hassle. Plus, it is portable, so you should not have any problem with storage. As long as you have a container and an outlet for this hand blender, then you can start mixing ingredients in seconds. Thus, we encourage you to check out our top 10 best hand blenders reviews in 2024. Take a look at the features of each item, so you can determine the right one that suits your standards and expectations.

What should you look for in a hand blender? Basically, it all comes down to two basic things – your purpose and your budget. We will go into further detail into these features, along with a few others, in our buying guide below. But for now, let us take a look at the products that made the cut when it comes to quality, performance, and value for your money.

List of Best Hand Blenders in 2024

#10. VAVSEA Multipurpose Hand Blender

VAVSEA Multipurpose Hand Blender

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Are you interested in buying a compact and efficient hand blender for home use? In this case, the VAVSEA is a smart choice to consider. This product allows you to mix and blend various items in a snap. It features a multi-function design, which means that you can make soups, smoothies, and even sauces each time. The stick blender has a superior functionality of 1000 watts, as well as 12 speeds to choose from. And what’s more – it is very easy to clean. Just put the accessories in the dishwasher, and it should be ready to go to start cleaning.

Overall, this hand blender is a fantastic choice for your blending needs. It is a breeze to assemble, safe to use, and hassle-free to clean. It comes with all the accessories you need to get started with your food preparation.

  • Comes with accessories
  • BPA-free design
  • Includes a multi-speed design
  • Sturdy and durable blender
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#9. MegaWise Hand Blender

MegaWise Hand Blender

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The MegaWise immersion blender is truly a dependable tool for your food preparation and cooking needs. It is a game-changer because it is powerful, efficient, and convenient to use. This product includes a 12-speed hand blender, as well as stainless steel blades with titanium plating. With a 600-ml beaker, it should be more than enough space for your various ingredients. The turbo boost is an added feature, which makes whisking and blending much faster.

When it comes to convenience and practicality, you can never go wrong with this hand blender. It stands the test of time as it is durable and long lasting. This item is certainly a smart investment because of all the features it offers.

  • Sturdy and durable blades
  • Includes a 600-ml high-quality beaker
  • Comes with a 5-in-1 function
  • Various attachments included in the package

#8. Braun Multiquick Immersion Blender

Braun Multiquick Immersion Blender

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The Braun Multiquick never fails to impress users. This immersion blender is powerful and offers up to 350 watts of power. There is an easy click design, so you can be sure that attachments are released in a simple click. With all the accessories added in, this unit is pretty much ready to use right out of the box.

With a Power Bell Technology, this makes it possible to make finer and faster results with the blending. Another thing about this product is that you can never make a mistake in securing the attachments. Just one click, and it should be secured on the unit. A great add-on without a doubt.

  • Come switch stainless steel durable blades
  • Bell shaped shaft for finer results
  • Turbo boost for superior power
  • Comfortable soft grip

#7. MegaWise Immersion Blender

MegaWise Immersion Blender

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The MegaWise hand blender has everything you need in a portable and compact hand blender. It offers up to three times blending performance. Thus, you can expect it to work so fast and give you the results you want. The blades are durable. They are reinforced with titanium, which is a hard material to keep its lifespan long. And with 12 speeds to choose from, the consistency is always perfect.

In terms of usage and cleanup, this hand blender is definitely five stars all the way. It provides the right speed and there is much less mess everytime you use it. Also, the attachments can be detached quickly for a hassle-free cleanup experience.

  • Powerful motor at 800 watts
  • Milk frother and whisk included
  • Titanium-reinforced blades
  • Spacious container

#6. Nxone Hand Blender

Nxone Hand Blender

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Next up in our top 10 best hand blenders reviews in 2024 is this product from Nxone. It is super powerful, fast, and efficient. You can count on it to make you nothing but the finest blended recipes each time. You can also clean it with so much ease. The parts are all dishwasher safe. However, be sure not to soak the motor into the water to prevent damages

When it comes to performance, you can never go wrong with this powerful immersion blender from Nxone. It is also reasonably priced, which means you can get the best bang for your buck each time.

  • 4-in-1 powerful immersion blender
  • Multipurpose design
  • Can puree and blend
  • Stepless speed function
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#5. KOIOS Immersion Blender

KOIOS Immersion Blender

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The KOIOS is a truly exceptional hand blender you can count on. It is a 5-in-1 machine, which lets you froth, whisk, blend, and chop, to name a few. It is amazing for making baby food, meringue, crepe batters, and many more. The accessories and the unit itself are all BPA-free for your safety. Thus, you can make sure that there are no health risks at all in using this blender.

Overall, this is a fantastic immersion blender for you to use. We love the fact that it is reasonably priced and dependable at all times. And with a portable design, you should be able to fit it right on your kitchen counter without any hassle. A must-have without a doubt!

  • Comes with a milk frother, egg whisk, and chopper
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Low noise operation
  • Multi-speed blender

#4. UTALENT Immersion Blender

UTALENT Immersion Blender

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The UTALENT is another brand that we rely on for speed, performance, and value for the money. It is impressive for making soups and sauces, as well as making the finest baby food. And since there is a frother attachment included, you can make the creamiest milk foam for your coffee.

When making homemade recipes such as desserts, sauces, dips, and soups, you can always count on this immersion blender. It is highly functional and does an amazing job for the price you pay. We couldn’t recommend it enough and you can be sure it is a fine addition to your kitchen.

  • Includes a food grinder
  • 5-in-1 functions
  • Safe and a breeze to clean
  • Powerful and low-noise performance

#3. BELLA Hand Blender

BELLA Hand Blender

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The Bella hand blender makes mixing food fun and easy. This unit is dishwasher safe, so you can quickly clean it up right after use. Do you have a small kitchen space? No worries – this blender is absolutely perfect for your needs. The unit has an ergonomic grip, which makes it very comfortable to use. In addition, you can create easy and quick recipes with this tool.

We are very much amazed with the performance of this hand blender. It is a powerful unit with dual speed. So, you can select your preferred speed according to what suits your needs. It works great each time, and we are very well pleased with its fantastic design.

  • Make smoothies, purees, and soups
  • BPA-free contents
  • A great kitchen essential
  • Simple and hassle-free cleanup

#2. KOIOS Hand Blender

KOIOS Hand Blender

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The KOIOS never disappoints in terms of performance. It works not just as a blender but as a food processor, mixer, and puree equipment. There are numerous accessories included, as well. It comes with a chopper and whisk attachment, a 5-foot cord, as well as a mixing beaker. Right out of the box, it should be ready to use.

With the sleek and convenient design of this unit, you should be well on your way to using it upon unboxing it. We are pleased with the design and performance of this blender. With this unit, you can make all the best and healthiest recipes in seconds!

  • Stainless steel durable blade
  • Includes a food processor
  • BPA-free attachments
  • High-torque and powerful blender

#1. Mueller Austria Immersion Blender

Mueller Austria Immersion Blender

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Last but not least, we have this impressive immersion blender from Mueller. It is indeed our favorite for all the right reasons. The handle is ergonomic and comfortable on your hand. You will also love how durable the blade and the motor are. In fact, the motor is full copper. Thus, it should outlast competitors easily. This European-engineered blender is reliable and offers you the best results you want.

This is hands down one of the finest immersion blenders in the market today. We are very amazed by what it does in terms of functionality, build, and performance. A true bang for your buck, without any doubt!

  • Heavy-duty design
  • Stainless steel
  • Multi-purpose design
  • Comes with 9 speeds
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Guide to Buying the Best Hand Blenders

After learning more about the highly-rated hand blenders in the market today, let us talk about features. Surely, there are various brands out there. But the question is, how can you choose from them all? What are the features you need to be looking for? Here are just some of the things you need to keep in mind when buying this essential kitchen equipment.

1. Weight: Choose an immersion blender that is easy to use. This means that there should not be any excess weight to it, which only makes it tough for you to use it each time. Check the weight of the unit and if the motor is portable. This way, you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

2. Function: Does the blender work as another tool, perhaps a food grinder, processor, and frother? These are great add-ons to the blender, which makes it highly versatile. With this in mind, all the necessary attachments must be included in the package. Check the completeness of the accessories to make sure you get much more than what you pay for this item.

3. Convenience: And lastly, consider how convenient and efficient it is to use the hand blender. This means that the handle must be ergonomically designed and easy on your hand. Also, it should be quick and simple to start using this blender. Without any complexities to the design, you should have no issue with the user experience each time. This is why you need to pay attention to the design and function, as well as the settings for the finest experience you could ever ask for.


There is nothing more seamless than using a hand blender for making soups, sauces, and froth for your milk in the kitchen. You will love the ease of making these recipes without using any bulky or hefty tools. This is why we highly recommend that you invest in a good quality hand blender that will allow you to do all of these. With this handy tool, mixing, blending, frothing, and grinding food should be completed in just seconds. it is truly a must-have for busy homes, as well as individuals who prefer a practical way to prepare their dishes each time.

We hope our top 10 best hand blenders reviews in 2024 helped you in making the right decision on what to buy. Then, you can be confident with your purchase and expect an amazing value for your money.

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  • Preparing soups, smoothies, sauces- hand blenders can perform a ton of cooking activities. Also, if you compare them to the traditional jug blenders, they offer more convenience, in that they occupy less counter space and work more efficiently. In fact, present hand-held blenders come with food processors and whisk attachments.

    Based on your budget and cooking requirements, you may opt for a cheap, no-frills kind of hand blender. Other consumers may prefer pricier models, which have sophisticated features and are durable.

    If you are in the market for a hand-held blender, the following comprehensive review will be of help. It highlights the top 10 best hand blenders in 2020.

    List of Best Hand Blenders in 2020

    #10. Proctor-Silex 59738A Hand Blender

    If you intend to purchase a low-priced yet quality hand blender, the Proctor-Silex model is your best bet. Aside from having a simple and straightforward design, this appliance has two distinct speeds for handling your blending requirements. It also has an ergonomic grip that facilitates easy handling. The stainless steel blades are not only durable but can also perform tough blending demands. Overall, this hand-held blender is ideal for processing foods.


    Basic design
    Durable stainless steel blades


    Hard to clean
    Lacks attachments

    #9. Ovente HS585B Hand Immersion Blender Set

    This all-new Ovente hand blender features a 300-watt motor. With a weight of just 2.9 pounds, this appliance is lightweight; hence, easy to use. It’s equipped with two-speed settings and a slim stick that fits into the narrowest of beakers. The best feature about the Ovente HS585B blender is that it is available in three different colors, that is, silver, black and metallic red. Also, you can use this blender for the more demanding tasks such as chopping fruit and veggies. Thanks to the variety of attachments, you can perform different tasks such as whipping, pureeing, chopping and whisking.


    Powerful motor
    Performs heavy blending
    Can be used for extended periods
    BPA-free and dishwasher safe accessories


    Motor heats up when used for heavy blending

    #8. Vremi Hand Blender Stick

    This Vremi appliance is one of the best multipurpose hand blenders. It has a petite size, giving you the flexibility to store it either on a countertop or cabinet. Also, the blender can perform the same tasks as other bulky kitchen equipment, minus the hassle. Ideally, it can serve as a mixer and food processor. Vremi Hand Blender is fitted with multiple attachments including a beaker, blending bowl, food processing bowl, motorized blending handle, chopping blade, slicer, shredding blade and whisk.


    Easy cleaning
    BPA-free plastics
    Comes with 1-year warranty


    Motor not powerful enough

    #7. All-Clad KZ750D Stainless Steel Immersion Blender

    The All-Clad KZ750D is a professional-grade hand blender, designed to withstand intense usage. You can use this appliance to blend food or puree veggies. It does not come with a jar or base. However, it blends food quickly and only takes up minimal counter space. Equipped with a 600-watt motor, the All-Clad is one of the most powerful hand blenders. You can blend vast amounts of food without worrying about the blades getting damaged. As for the design, the blender consists of a long 9.25-inch shaft, which you will need to place directly into the food. This shaft is detachable, making cleaning a breeze. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to clean it immediately after use to prevent food from clogging the appliance.


    Has a 600-watt motor
    Long blending stick
    Variable speed settings


    Extremely large
    You need to purchase accessories separately

    #6. Epica 4-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender

    Epica is a relatively new entrant in the kitchen appliances industry. Their 4-in-1 hand blender is a decent alternative for individuals, who have a limited budget. In fact, it comes with several accessories that include a whisk, puree attachment, chopping bowl, and large-sized jar with a lid. It also has multiple speeds to enhance its versatility. This way, you can keep adjusting the speed to attain the perfect texture; regardless of whether you are using the blender as a chopper, grinder or juicer.


    Features an easy one-click attachment release
    Variable speed controls
    Powerful 300-watt motor
    Includes a blending cup and storage jar


    Higher price tag
    Slightly heavy

    #5. KitchenAid KHB2351CU 3-Speed Hand Blender

    A majority of the conventional hand blenders come with only two-speed options. Thankfully, the KitchenAid KHB2351CU has three different speed settings. Also, it features a plastic and stainless steel build, which ensures that the appliance holds up well over time. A key highlight of this blender is the five-foot-long cord, which allows plenty of maneuverability. In fact, you can even use the blender in a different space such as a cooktop. Included in this package is a whisk attachment that allows you to whip all sorts of products; from eggs to cream.


    Has whisk and chopper accessories
    5-foot long power cord
    3 different speed settings


    Blander attachment sometimes pops off
    Does not have a locking mechanism

    #4. Hamilton Beach 59770 Hand Blender

    Hamilton Beach is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to the manufacture of kitchen appliances. This particular hand blender offers impressive results when used in mixing shakes, creams, and soups. Retailing at only $19.99 on Amazon, Hamilton Beach 59770 is also one of the most affordable, yet feature-rich hand-held blenders. Firstly, it has a 200-watt motor which powers a detachable shaft. It also has several attachments including a whisk and blending wand, allowing you to perform a broad range of tasks. On the downside, the blender’s shaft has a plastic housing, which is not durable. Also, it generates too much noise when in use.


    Multipurpose blender
    Comes with a blending bowl
    200-watt motor
    Long cord of 5 feet


    Attachments are difficult to screw on
    Runs noisily
    Slightly heavy

    #3. Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick Hand Blender

    Given the factors that users look for in a hand blender, this Cuisinart offers the ideal balance between performance and pricing. At about a third of the Breville’s immersion blender, the Cuisinart offers virtually the same results that you would get from the former model. It is powered by a 200-watt motor, the standard for a majority of blenders on our review. It also features two speed settings: low and high. The variety of speeds let you perform various activities such as whipping batter mixing drinks and pureeing. The shaft can be detached, making it easy to remove and clean it using your dishwasher. Operating this blender is pretty easy since you only have to use the button that is strategically placed on the grip.


    Features an ergonomic grip
    Has two settings
    Convenient stick design


    May get messy if you are blending small amounts

    #2. Breville BSB510XL Immersion Blender

    Aside from making some of the smoothest textures, the Breville Control Grip excels at tough tasks, which other hand blenders cannot handle. For instance, you can use it to process fibrous items such as ginger. We attribute this to its powerful 280-watt motor. What’s more, it has 15 variable speed settings, making it the perfect multipurpose hand blender. Breville BSB510XL has a 42-ounce blending jar, providing ample capacity to hold your blended products. Although pricey, this immersion blender is worth every penny. For instance, it features stainless steel blades and an exquisite design that constitutes an 8-inch depth for handling large amounts.


    Has a bell-shaped base
    Efficient blending
    8-inch immersion depth


    Has flimsy plastic elements

    #1. OXA Powerful 4-in-1 Hand Blender

    It is one of the best seller hand blenders on Amazon, and for a good reason. It allows you to whizz, whisk, chop and blend with ease, thanks to the 600-watt motor. What customers love most about this appliance is that it is powerful but still quiet. Also, the handle is rubberized, providing an excellent grip. You can also use the 600ml beaker, which is designed for holding liquids.


    High quality
    Attachments are dishwasher safe
    Powerful 30-watt motor
    Numerous accessories



    Guide for Buying Hand Blenders

    Presently, there are tons of manufacturers offering hand-held blenders with various features. As such, it may be tricky to distinguish between hype and reality. Advisably, you should account for these aspects when shopping for this kitchen tool.


    One vital question to ask is: How heavy is this hand blender? If you are using the blender to make soups and purees, you ought to choose one that is lightweight. Experts recommend hand blenders weighing three pounds or less. If it is heavier than this, you are likely to get fatigued when using it.


    Put simply; wattage is a measure of how powerful the hand blender’s motor is. With this regard, the higher the wattage rating, the stronger the hand blender. Ideally, most hand blenders have a minimum of 300-watts motors.


    While some blenders are made of steel shafts, others feature a plastic construction. The advantage of steel shafts over their plastic counterparts is that they can put inside hot pans with boiling soups and not melt.

    Speed Controls:

    Another aspect you will want to consider is the availability of multi-speed settings. A majority of the current hand blenders come fitted with 4 to 6-speed controls; hence offering considerable flexibility and precision. However, those models with only 2-speed settings are also advantageous given their simplicity and user-friendliness.


    Hand blenders offer convenient and lightweight remedies for mixing, blending, grinding, chopping among other tasks, which would otherwise force you to use bulky kitchen appliances. Presently, the best models include the OXA Powerful 4-in-1, Breville BSB510XL, Hamilton Beach 59770, All-Clad KZ750D Stainless Steel and the Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick Hand Blenders.

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