Top 10 Best Face Creams To Use during Winters in 2023

The winter season can take a toll on your skin. The onslaught of cold temperatures, imbalanced PH, winds and harsh rays of the sun make the skin appear dark and dry during winter. With the right facial cream and moisturizer, you can keep your skin glowing despite the harsh winter weather. The creams also help revive your beaten up skin tissues. However with lots of manufacturers claiming to make the best facial cream you want a cream that is compatible with your skin without damaging the skin tissues.

List of Best Facial Creams for Winter in 2023

For the best experience, we recommend buying one of these facial creams.

#10. Cremo Face Moisturizer

Cremo Face Moisturizer

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The cream not only protects your face from the winter colds and winds but also heals and hydrates your skin for 24 hours without leaving the skin oily and sticky.

It contains the soothing, natural anti-inflammatory Triple-A complex that features a light formula that gets absorbed fast.

Key Features
  • It features some of the best natural ingredients- Safflower oil, jojoba oil, algae extract, avocado oil, aloe, Mugwort extract
  • The anti-inflammatory Triple-A complex formula allows it to spreads fast
     ros      Cons
  • Made of 100% natural ingredients
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Paraben-free
  • It is scented
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#9. Pure Biology Anti-aging Cream

Pure Biology Anti-aging Cream

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The manufacturer combines time-tested benefits of hyaluronic acid and retinol with its proprietary formulas- Baobab TienTM and FisionTM wrinkle fix. Coupled with various base ingredients, the cream penetrates the skin tissues to renew and prevent the skin from anti-aging symptoms as well as the harsh effects of winter weather.

The FisionTM formula helps bind the plant peptides to enhance cellular vitality while improving the skin’s natural ability to produce hyaluronic acid. Baobab TienTM formula, on the other hand, promotes skin recovery after exposure to UV rays and allows long-lasting hydration.

Key Features
  • It lifts and firms the skin around the eyes
  • Tightens the skin and removes dark pigments
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Restores the skin’s levels of moisture
     Pros      Cons
  • Free of parabens and fragrances
  • 90% of the ingredients are natural to aid in anti-aging benefits
  • Increases the risk of neurotoxicity caused by phenoxyethanol

#8. RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Facial Night Cream

RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Facial Night Cream

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This award-winning cream helps smoothen the skin and acts as a deep wrinkle treatment especially around the sensitive areas of the face. It is consistently thin and has a slight medical scent. Made of pure, stabilized Rentokil, copper, glycolic acid, and magnesium RoC Rentokil cream provides prescription strength results.

Be sure to apply the cream at night when the skin is most receptive for the best results. People with sensitive skin should consider performing a spot test to determine their skin’s reaction. During the first days of use, the skin gets firm leading to reduced expression lines.

Key Features
  • Contains essential mineral complex to smoothen the skin
  • It contains non-comedogenic and oil-free formula to remove wrinkles within twelve weeks
     Pros      Cons
  • It is lightweight making it work well under a moisturizer
  • Comes in a stable packaging to allow the ingredients to last long
  • It does not have a wide range of anti-aging ingredients

#7. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Moisture Cream

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Moisture Cream

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With Alba cream your skin stays hydrated for 24 hours. It is made of natural ingredients and tropical oils that give you a luxurious feel.

Its Hawaiian extracts and exotic fruit enzymes keep your skin radiant and smooth despite the harsh winter weather.

Key Features
  • Contains Vitamin E
  • Free of artificial fragrance, parabens and phthalates
  • Has anti-oxidizing properties
  • Has a non-greasy formula
     Pros      Cons
  • It improves the texture of the skin
  • It reduces the pores
  • It is gentle thus ideal for sensitive skin
  • It is expensive

#6. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

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This cream consists of repairing ingredients like vitamins E and B, hyaluronic acid, amino-peptides and carob extract.

Apart from the much-needed hydrating properties for the winter season, it acts as an anti-wrinkle cream giving your skin a new glow.

Key Features
  • Evident wrinkle removal results from the first day of use
  • Formula comes with an amino-peptide complex 11
  • Contains a moisture-binding formula for lifting surface cells
     Pros      Cons
  • It corrects, firms and plumps the face
  • Aids in the regeneration of surface cells
  • It is scent-free
  • It is more expensive compared to other options
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#5. Garnier SkinActive Moisture Rescue Face Moisturizer

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Rescue Face Moisturizer

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Ideal for dry skin, Garnier face cream acts by locking in moisture for 24 hours. It contains a soothing, oil-free lightweight formula which features Vitamin C, anti-oxidant complex and fruit water.

As such it helps defend the skin against external aggressors like pollution and stress that often strip off the skin vital hydration. Continued use not only strengthens the moisture barrier but also leaves your skin looking smoother and healthier.

Key Features
  • Soothes dry skin
  • Contains fruit water and vitamin C an antioxidant complex
     Pros      Cons
  • It is oil-free
  • Features powerful humectants
  • It is dermatologist tested
  • It is scented

#4. St.Ives (Timeless) Skin Facial Moisturizer

St.Ives (Timeless) Skin Facial Moisturizer

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It comes with a hydrating formula that captures the fresh-faced glow on your skin. The cream has been enriched with natural moisturizers found in plants to help protect and hydrate the skin. St.Ives skin moisturizer focuses on the restoration of collagen and elastin proteins which help the skin look young and more vibrant.

It achieves this using the thistle-like plant; Safflower. Native to Argentina and Australia, Safflowers are carefully picked, soaked and refined to extract the natural moisturizer. Be sure to apply it on your face and neck in the morning and before you sleep for a long-lasting glow on your skin.

Key Features
  • Contains Safflower seed oil and glycerin which nourish and protect the skin
  • Made of 100% natural moisturizer
  • It is lightweight
  • Paraben-free
     Pros      Cons
  • Improves the appearance of the skin after a week of use
  • Quick-absorbing for a healthy finish
  • It has been tested for allergies
  • Ideal for all types of skin
  • Aids in the restoration of elastin and collagen tissues for improved skin elasticity
  • Hydration may not be enough for extremely dry skin during winter

#3. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer

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Enjoy advanced sun protection with this SPF 30 daily moisturizer. It features SPF 15 variant as well for people living in areas that are not as sunny. Aveeno radiant moisturizer is a clinically proven total soy complex that acts as a natural light diffuser to even out the skin tone naturally.

The cream is gentle for people with sensitive skin and it is oil-free, noncomedogenic, and hypoallergenic. It uses the active benefits of Soy to even out the skin tone and texture thus revealing the skin’s natural radiance. For the best results you want to use it after taking a shower, or before bedtime for deep moisturization.

Key Features
  • Ideal for dry or chapped skin
  • Contains Vitamin E using soybeans
  • Has an SPF of 30
  • Has anti-oxidizing properties
     Pros      Cons
  • Softens the skin
  • Gets absorbed fast on the skin
  • It is not sticky or greasy
  • Has fragrance

#2. CeraVe Cream for Dry Skin

CeraVe Cream for Dry Skin

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The cream boasts a line of therapeutic skincare ingredients to help cleanse and moisturize the skin; the essential ceramides (1,3, 6-11).

CeraVe penetrates the layers of the skin to help restore a balance of lipids that act as essential skin barriers. What’s more, it aids in skin protection as it forms a protective layer on the surface of the skin to help lock in moisture.

Key Features
  • Contains ceramides 1,3, 6-11
  • It is free of fragrance
  • The formula is gentle and does not cause irritation
  • Features hyaluronic acid that retains the moisture of the skin
  • Ideal for normal and dry skin
  • It is not comedogenic
     Pros      Cons
  • It does not cause skin irritation
  • Features the three essential ceramides that aid in restoration of the skin
  • The essential ceramides also help hydrate the skin
  • Utilizes the proprietary MVE controlled-release technology that allows long-lasting moisturization
  • Does not have a sunscreen protection feature

#1. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Face Moisturizer

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Face Moisturizer

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It is a lightweight gel that absorbs fast on dry skin to deliver vital hydration essential for a glowing skin. Formulated using an essential ingredient-hyaluronic acid, Neutrogena Hydro Boost collection works by replenishing water and strengthening the skin’s moisturizing barrier. The gel acts as a sponge for dry cells as it holds up to one thousand times its weight in water hence its name- Hydro Boost hydrating moisturizer.

Key Features
  • Contains olive extracts known for moisturizing features
  • Features the purified hyaluronic acid that aids in hydration
     Pros      Cons
  • It applies and absorbs easily
  • It does not leave a greasy or oily feeling
  • It is lightweight and does not stick
  • Ideal for all types of skin
  • It is non-comedogenic
  • Does not have SPF
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Guide for picking the best Facial Cream

Before rushing to your nearest store to purchase a facial cream, consider these factors:

  • Type of skin: Manufacturers make special moisturizers for different types of skin- oily, dry and sensitive. As such you should pick a moisturizer that blends well with your skin type.
  • Sun protection: the sun has harmful effects on the skin hence the need to look for a facial cream that has an SPF of 30 or more and comes with UVA protection. This way you don’t need to purchase a separate sunscreen. Note that using different creams on your face leads to clogging of pores and breakouts.
  • The weather: the winter season causes most people’s skin to become dry. As such experts advise looking for a heavy and rich moisturizer to help keep retain the skin’s moisture.


A well-moisturized skin not only helps you to fight off the rigors of winter weather but also increase the skin’s resiliency. The guide should help you pick the best moisturizer that strengthen the skins’ barrier while hydrating the cells to defend itself against environmental stressors.

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