Top 10 Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners Reviews in 2024

Some people think that it is hilarious thinking about pencil sharpeners nowadays. Everything we do is on computers. We prefer to use physical tools. Therefore pencils are still basic working equipment.

That is why good electric pencil sharpener is essential to keep your writing tools in best shape. Electric sharpener keeps your pencils in the perfect state so that you could bring your ideas to life.

Don’t let the sad state of your pencil drive you away from ideas. So let’s have a look the best electric pencil sharpener which is suitable for you.

List of Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners in 2024

#10. DUSA Electric Pencil Sharpener

DUSA Electric Pencil Sharpener

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This excellent pencil sharpener is powerful enough to sharpen one pencil in only three seconds with ease. It is perfect for No. 2 pencils and colored pencils. There are two separate holes: 9-12 mm and 6-8 mm.

You don’t have to worry about safety because it contains auto-stop safety feature. You cannot use it if any part is missing from the assembly. It is ideal for classrooms and around children.

You can use it with 4 x AA batteries or through AC plug-in, but you can also charge it through USB. It is simple to transport. Perfect for both colored and standard pencils.

     Pros      Cons
  • Children friendly
  • Double hole design
  • Perfect for heavy use
  • Simple to transport
  • Battery and USB powered
  • Not suitable for children under five
  • It doesn’t spin right enough
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#9. Bostitch Personal Electric Pencil Sharpener

Bostitch Personal Electric Pencil Sharpener

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This is silent, stall-free electric pencil sharpener that contains tamper-proof safety switch. The best thing about it is that it shuts down when shaving compartment is full and removed for cleaning.

You will enjoy in 6 size selector dial that will expand your pencil’s life. The idea is in tip saver technology and oversized base. The motor is fast and quiet for additional comfort. The suction cup is the reason for immersive stability. That way you will be much more secure while using it.

     Pros      Cons
  • HHC Cutter technology
  • Compact design
  • Safety switch
  • Powerful motor
  • Clean sharpening and expert precision
  • Only for standard size pencils
  • It is not for colored pencils

#8. AMERTEER Portable Electric Automatic Pencil Sharpener

AMERTEER Portable Electric Automatic Pencil Sharpener

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If you want to purchase portable electric automatic pencil sharpener with heavy quality, this is the perfect match. You can use it for heavy materials or home, classroom or work. It works on three sharpening settings. You can choose between blunt, medium or sharp.

It works on two power options. You can add 4 AA batteries in case that you are not home. The other option is to plug it with AC power adapter. This particular electric sharpener is convenient for both when you travel or enjoy at home. It is small and with the perfect design that will not take too much space.

     Pros      Cons
  • Quiet motor
  • Two power choices
  • Small design
  • Heavy-duty use
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor use
  • Not great for soft pencils
  • You have to buy extra steel blade

#7. AFMAT Electric Pencil Sharpener

AFMAT Electric Pencil Sharpener

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If you need a sharpener that will sharp pencils with ease, in less than 5 seconds, then this is the tip that you need. AFMAT contains two holes with 9-12 mm and 6-8 mm. You can sharp pencils efficiently with softer lead and colored pencils.

This particular electric pencil sharpener works with 4 x AA batteries or through USB. You can charge it through PC, without any additional problem. The best thing about it is that you can remove cutting blades for more convenient cleaning. The motor is quiet and small enough to fit in your backpack.

     Pros      Cons
  • Two sharpening holes for bigger and smaller pencils
  • Works through USB and 4 x AA batteries
  • Children friendly
  • Cutting blades are replaceable
  • Quiet and portable
  • You have to use it few times for better results
  • Sharpening lasts up to 10 seconds

#6. Tepoinn Electric Pencil Sharpener (Heavy Duty)

Tepoinn Electric Pencil Sharpener (Heavy Duty)

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You need electric pencil sharpener that can handle any sharpening task. It is time to consider this kid-friendly Tepoinn sharpener. It contains durable blades that you can use for 1500 times. You just need to replace blades. That is very convenient and simple task.

It is small and lightweight. Tepoinn is the perfect choice for school, classroom or office for heavy duty work. The best thing about Tepoinn is that you can use it for pencils in different sizes. It doesn’t matter whether it is ordinary or colored.

     Pros      Cons
  • Perfect for heavy-duty work
  • The safe lock for additional safety for kids
  • Double blades
  • Stops when pencil is sharp enough
  • Works on 4 AA batteries
  • It is slower than similar sharpeners
  • You can easily break it
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#5. Laneco Heavy Duty Helical Blade Pencil Sharpener

Laneco Heavy Duty Helical Blade Pencil Sharpener

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Laneco is an excellent choice for a heavy workload. It incorporates a stainless steel blade that will keep your pencils sharp promptly. It only needs a few seconds. This sharpener also contains an array of useful features. It is the practical product for office, school, and home environment.

The best thing about it is a safety feature. You can remove shaving tray, and it won’t work until you install it back. It is effective, but yet, simple measure to ensure safety especially in front of children.

     Pros      Cons
  • Simple to clean
  • Works on 4 AA Batteries
  • The battery life is efficient
  • Fast operation
  • Built-in feature for safety
  • Not precise enough
  • No auto-stop

#4. Victagen Electric USB Pencil Sharpener

Victagen Electric USB Pencil Sharpener

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Victagen is excellent electric pencil sharpener that works from three power sources. You can use AC adapter that you will get in the package; 4 AA batteries, but you have to buy them separately; USB cord, you will get it in the box.

The next important feature is built-in safety cut-off that activates when you remove the pencil. You cannot operate if you move shaving door, which is safer for children. You will get professional pencil sharpener with helical steel blade perfect for heavy-duty use. It is simple to clean, so you don’t have to worry about that.

     Pros      Cons
  • Safe for children
  • Heavy-duty
  • Precise
  • Reliable
  • Convenient to clean
  • You shouldn’t connect it to
  • It is little bulkier

#3. Elmer`s 19500 Mighty Might Desktop Electric Pencil Sharpener

Elmer`s 19500 Mighty Might Desktop Electric Pencil Sharpener

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The best thing about Elmer is modern, compact design that makes it perfect for any size workspace. It contains helical and hardened cutters for maximum durability and precision.

You can effortlessly sharp crayons and pencils. In the package, you will get gearbox design that will maximize the difference between efficiency and power. It comes only in one color: mineral green.

SmartStop, auto-stop technology, will prevent over sharpening and reduce additional waste. The motor is strong and quiet. You don’t have to worry about overheating because it contains an auto-reset feature that will prevent it.

     Pros      Cons
  • Maximum durability
  • Precision
  • Helical cutters
  • Compact design
  • Auto-stop technology
  • You have to clean it frequently
  • You have to empty smaller cups more often

#2. Evergreen Art Supply Electric Pencil Sharpener

Evergreen Art Supply Electric Pencil Sharpener

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If you need an ultimate pencil sharpener, for office, home, school or art, this is the perfect one for you. Evergreen Art Supply is ideal sharpener that contains mighty helical blade. You can sharpen it quickly, and it runs quietly, so you don’t have to worry about that.

You can easily choose sharpness. Just set blunt for soft lines, or pick sharp for crisper lines. It is entirely clean and safe. You can remove the tray and it won’t run because of safety feature. You can utilize it with USB, wall adapter or batteries for portable use.

     Pros      Cons
  • Perfect for standard and colored pencils
  • Powerful helical blade
  • Triple power supply
  • Clean and safe
  • Great for mobility
  • It is not for graphite pencils
  • You have to maintain it properly

#1. Trip Worthy Electric Pencil Sharpener

Trip Worthy Electric Pencil Sharpener

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The main features of this sharpener are portability and safety. It is both durable and small and perfect for people in business, students, and teachers. It comes only with battery power, so it is convenient for traveling.

You can merely sharpen both colored and standard pencils. It contains an auto-stop feature that will stop grinding when the pen is ready. It is children-friendly because of safety features. You won’t be able to turn it on until you put everything back in the rightful place.

     Pros      Cons
  • Small and compact
  • Perfect for traveling
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great for colored and standard pencils
  • Children friendly
  • Not for heavy-duty use
  • Only one size for sharpening hole
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How to choose the Best Electric Pencil Sharpener

There are few questions that you should ask yourself and research before you decide best electric pencil sharpener:

  • How heavy should it be? – This question has no correct answer. Both lightweight and bulky pencil sharpeners have advantages and disadvantages. The lighter sharpener is comfortable, and you can take it with you wherever you go. On the other hand, bulky sharpeners are much more stable and therefore secure.
  • For what you will use it? – It is the crucial question with obvious answer – pencils. There are lots of types and sizes of pens, therefore different types of electric pencil sharpeners.
  • What Type of Environment – There are different models of electric pencil sharpeners for a different Some of them can make more and less noise. The loudest could be distracting for schools and focused settings. On the other hand, quitter models are not that efficient and quick.
  • Who Will Be Using It? – There are small and longer ones available on the market. Some of them are lightweight, some heavy, as we have mentioned above. Therefore, you must have some idea who will use it. Buying biggest one for your child is useless. So you have to find the perfect solution.
  • Batteries vs. Cords – When you have corded electric pencil sharpener, you don’t have to worry about losing the juice along the way. That could be frustrating. But still, sharpeners that work on batteries are lightweight and more convenient but not too overpowering.


We have presented you a thorough guide to Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners. You have to consider the reason for purchasing before you engage in it. We recommend you to read this review one more time for thorough analysis.

The idea is to find the perfect sharpener and to ease your pain. Finally, your thoughts will have the tool for creation.

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