Top 10 Best Drafting Tables Reviews in 2024

A drafting table provides a perfect working table for creative professionals. The rigid support with a variable pitch enables drafters, architects, graphic artists, and interior designers to maximize their potential. I have collected this top 10 list of the best drafting tables, and I hope it will help you in reaching a reasonable purchase decision.

List of Best Drafting Tables in 2024

#10. Tangkula Adjustable Drafting & Drawing Table

Tangkula Adjustable Drafting & Drawing Table

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This table will proudly adorn any modern design studio or office. Made chiefly from powder-coated steel and tempered glass, it stands out with elegance. There are 2 drawers for your convenience, and the top-tilting mechanism can be easily operated with one hand. There is also a steel shelf beneath the top for storing your pencils and other tools.

Though glass is beautiful, some people may find it funny to work on a glass table. Also, even the hardest glass can still break.

  • Tempered glass top provides an awesome modern feel, powder-coated steel for durability
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#9. Tangkula Adjustable Drafting Table

Tangkula Adjustable Drafting Table

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This Tangkula drafting table is made from powder-coated steel for that modern look. Its top is made from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), and it includes 3 drawers and a metal shelf for maximum space. The package also includes a padded and comfortable stool.

This package needs a little work with the installation, and although its height cannot be adjusted, it includes an extra stool, which is quite a plus.

  • Lightweight table, 3 drawers and lots of space, modern design

#8. Dorel Living Drafting Table in Espresso

Dorel Living Drafting Table in Espresso

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Measuring 47 inches in width, 36 in height and 21 inches in depth, Darel’s drafting table is as sturdy as it is high-quality. It comes with 2 drawers and 3 shelves, providing you with all the space you could ever need. The sturdy wooden construction is finished in espresso tarnish, giving it a mature but old-style look.

Although this table is sturdy and will last long, it is as well heavy, making it a bit cumbersome to move around. Given its wooden nature, you should best hire experts to assemble it in order to get the best out of it.

  • Finished in lovely espresso varnish, lots of storage spaces, sturdy wood construction

#7. Alvin MiniMaster Drafting Table with Woodgrain Top

Alvin MiniMaster Drafting Table with Woodgrain Top

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Built from a 4-post steel with reinforcements, you can be sure that this table is lightweight, and sturdy at the same time. It is available with either a black or brown woodgrain top which measures 36 by 24 inches. The table is also mounted on casters and is guaranteed for 5 years.

Although this table’s height can be adjusted between 27 and 40 inches, its top can only tilt for about 30 degrees. This might be okay for most situations, but there will be times you will wish it was more.

  • Lovely woodgrain top, available in black or brown, 4-post steel, 5-year warranty

#6. Flash Furniture Adjustable Drafting Table

Flash Furniture Adjustable Drafting Table

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This drafting table is for those who need a lightweight solution. Its metal frame is black coated, and its top is very beautiful. It features an adjustable angle, has side compartment trays, and a pullout tray for your convenience. This table is also competitively priced.

The frame is lightweight, and this comes at the price of its sturdiness. Given its good price though, choosing this drafting table though can be a good compromise.

  • Large 30×23-inch top covered with cherry laminate finish, lightweight & multi-purpose
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#5. Coaster Desks Glass-Top Drafting Table

Coaster Desks Glass-Top Drafting Table

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This desk is a prayer answered for those who value style and functionality above all else. The top is adjustable and includes a lip on its lower end, which help to hold your items at such inclined positions. The frame is made from steel and finished in gray for a long, sturdy, service life. But it is this table’s design that makes it stand out, its combination of steel and glass. It also includes a mini cabinet.

Although this drafting table looks amazing, its top is made from glass, which remains a breakable material, plus its height is not adjustable. Else, it is a great table to work on.

  • Clean contemporary design, stylishly elegant, solid construction

#4. Martin Ashley Cherry Top Drafting Table with Stool

Martin Ashley Cherry Top Drafting Table with Stool

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Martin Ashley’s Cherry Top drafting table is as functional as it is beautiful. Its height is adjustable, while the top can be tilted as well. The package includes 4 drawers in total and comes with a vinyl padded stool. The top features a cherry melamine surface and also includes a pencil trough.

This package is the black version. The table and stool are also available in white and includes an all-white frame, plus a differently-colored top.

  • Stylish and beautiful, cherry melamine top, includes 4 drawers and stool

#3. Studio Designs Pedestal Vintage Drafting Table

Studio Designs Pedestal Vintage Drafting Table

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Featuring a very vintage design, this table is built in a pedestal style and features 90 degrees of adjustable angle. It is available in both a 36-inch and a 42-inch version and includes a built-in pencil groove. Made from oak, the table is the perfect beauty for lovers of vintage furniture.

Since it sits on 2 posts, its design is not the most stable. It is additionally not the best design for modern workspaces, having quite a vintage vibe.

  • Lovely rustic design, available in 2 sizes, includes built-in pencil groove

#2. Yaheetech 45-Degree Adjustable Drafting Table

Yaheetech 45-Degree Adjustable Drafting Table

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Featuring enough space to do your work on, this drafting table’s height can be adjusted between 30 and 42 inches (76-108 cm). The frame is made from steel for a long life, and the top is made from MDF and can be adjusted up to 45 degrees. The table includes rubber feet and a stool. This package is also easy to assemble.

It would have been great if this table was available in a range of colors because it’s not everyone that likes black-colored stuff.

  • Lovely & trendy design, 3 drawers, includes a stool

#1. Studio Designs Comet Center With Drafting Table

Studio Designs Comet Center With Drafting Table

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With a top measuring 36×23 inches, Studio Designs’ drafting table provides a functional and good looking workstation. This table is available in 5 colors including Pink, Silver, Blue, Purple and Black/White. The frame is made from heavy gauge steel, while the top can be tilted up to 30degrees.

There is a 24-inch pencil ledge, 3 drawers for storing your items, and an included stool. With six floor levelers, you can be sure that your table remains steady enough for you to do your job. For its overall high-quality, functionality and price, this Studio Designs’ drafting table takes the number #1 spot on this list.

  • Available in many colors, nice trendy design, a20-degree adjustable top.
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Drafting Tables Buying Guide

As you narrow down your choice for a drafting table, it’s important that you understand the most important aspects and features to look out for. They are as follows:

  • Office Space & Table Size: First things first. You must have enough office or workshop space before deciding on a table to buy. It works better if you can measure your working space so that you will know which table fits in, and which one doesn’t.
  • Fixed vs Adjustable Heights: Drafting tables are either available with fixed or with adjustable heights. Fixed height tables are normally about 30 inches high, while the height of the adjustable variety can be adjusted to fit different sizes of people.
  • Tabletop Material: The tabletop that you will be working on can be made from different materials, including plastic, hardwood, fiber-resin and epoxy resin. Plastic is the cheapest and least durable, followed by hardwood, which can be quite durable and romantic looking. Fiberesin boards are high-quality but somehow costly, while epoxy resin is the most expensive but durable material. Your choice then should be a compromise between price and quality.
  • Table Styles: There are different table styles as well. There are sturdy tables on 4 posts, which will neither wobble not move when leaned on, though they are more expensive and bulky. Pedestal tables can be easily and quickly switched from an office to a draft table. It can also be tilted up to 90 degrees. There are also foldable drafting tables, which are cheaper and more portable, but they are not very sturdy.
  • Accessories: After purchasing a table, you will also have to purchase a few accessories to make your work on the table easier. These include straight-edge parallel bars for drawing straight lines, a drafting chair or stool, a drawing board cover, a lamp, and storage trays. A table that offers all these extras will be a great buy.


We have come to the end of this list of the top 10 drafting tables in 2024. We have shown you our number #1 pick and told you why we picked it. The turn is now yours to make your choice. Feel free to choose any of these 10 wonderful drafting boards, including our number #1 recommendation.

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