Top 10 Best Double Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Reviews for 2019

One of the most important considerations, when you are thinking of remodeling your existing kitchen or designing a new kitchen, is the sink. Do you know why? Well, the kitchen, by all means, is the central part of any home and the sink is vital for the health and safety of all the inhabitant of a home. In fact, any sink in a house is vital for the health and prosperity of the home. You can choose from many types of sinks but the one type that catches attention is the double bowl stainless steel sinks.

Many homeowners and even professionals prefer stainless steel because of its luxurious appearance, practicality, and durability. Steel is one of the strongest metals in the construction industry. Being stainless, it also does not rust or acquire the common household stains easily. That said; we have prepared for you in-depth and informative top 10 best double bowl stainless steel reviews along with a buying guide. First, the let us look at the important factors that should act as your guiding light in finding what you desire.

List of Best Double Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink for 2019

10. Z-Sinks Parma32 Z Series Double Bowl Sink

Z-Sinks Parma32 Z Series Double Bowl Sink

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Making it to our number two position is the Z-sinks Parma32 stainless steel double bowl kitchen sink. The brand may not be that popular but this sink is coming out as one of the most beautifully designed and versatile of the many sinks we have reviewed. It presents a simplistic but luxurious design of the parent company Zuhne. It features scratch resistant uniform gauge body with more steel per sink than most competitors. It presents easy to clean corners and the deep bowl does hide dishes and hold bulky items.

The only problem I see with this sink is the fact that it’s a newcomer that is yet to be tested. However, those who have had a chance to purchase this item have given it clean bill of health. It is also affordable but not cheap.

Key Features

• Scratch and rust resistant uniform gauge body for durability
• Deep bowl for maximum carriage and easy to clean corners
• Protects your kitchen cabinets from condensate damage
• Design maximizes countertop work area and blends imperceptibly with kitchen décor
• Comes with several useful accessories and installation components

9. Dayton D225193 50/50 Double Bowl Stainless Steel Sink

Dayton D225193 50/50 Double Bowl Stainless Steel Sink

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This Dayton sink, designed for dropdown installation, will give your kitchen a face life and make this important room the focal point of the entire house. It consists of double bowls of equal size and identical design. You can use them independently for a number of applications including washing, rinsing, soaking, drying as well as other household chores. The D225193 is large capacity and operates quietly.

Generally, I would recommend this great quality double bowl to anyone looking for style and versatility. However, it would be better if the 30-inch depth was a little deeper to provide greater room for larger kitchens. Besides this, I can’t find any reason to complain.

Key Features

• Top mount installation is easy and straightforward with admirable results
• Features double bowls of equal size that you can use independently
• Sound-dampening material lessens sounds and vibration as the sink operates
• Sink is easy to install thanks to mounting clips placed in the channel before installation
• Straight side-walls and flat bottom means added capacity for versatility

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8. Voilamart Handmade Double Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Voilamart Handmade Double Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

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If you are operating on a tight budget then the Violamart Handmade Double Bowl stainless steel kitchen sink would be an irresistible choice. It is made of high-quality 304-stainless steel that is well known for strength and durability. The sink’s curved corner design makes cleaning the bowls easy breezy. As with high-quality sinks, this one too features sound and vibration canceling design. Another unique feature is the spillway holes that prevent overflowing.

My research has not revealed any critical point worth mentioning concerning this perfect handmade double bowl sink by Violamart. However, further tests are needed to create a better review of this product. Anyway, I will still recommend it if you are looking for the best double bowl stainless steel sink under $200.

Key Features

• Top quality 304 stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance and is lead-free
• Superior grade brushed surface is extremely easy to clean
• Anti-condensation undercoating regulates temperature and prevents damage by condensing water
• Bowl is padded to cancel sound and vibration during operation
• Unique X-Fume design looks elegant and makes cleaning extremely easy

7. Ruvati RVH8150 Undermount Double Bowl Sink

Ruvati RVH8150 Undermount Double Bowl Sink

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The Ruvati RVH8150 is an elegant double bowl stainless steel sink that will make your kitchen the focal point room in your home. The 60/40 sink boasts of high-quality, durable and corrosion resistant stainless steel that will stand the test of time. It features a luxurious satin finish that is extremely easy to clean and long-lasting. You do not have to worry about unnecessary noise and vibration coming from the sink due to heavy duty sound guard and undercoating. The tight radius resulting from the inside curved corners make the sink extremely easy to clean and spacious.

Key Features

• 16-gauge premium quality 304-grade stainless steel for optimal durability
• Heavy-duty sound canceling padding and advanced undercoating for quiet operation
• Luxurious satin finish gives the sink a royalty class appearance
• Tight radius of the inwardly curved corners provides for easy cleaning

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6. Moen G222173 2200 Series 22 Gauge Double Bowl

Moen G222173 2200 Series 22 Gauge Double Bowl

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For a simplistic yet elegant design and optimal functionality at a very affordable price, go for the Moen G222173 2200. It is made from 22-gauge stainless steel capable of withstand years of abuse and lasting forever. Among the many great features include a technologically advanced SoundSHIELD undercoating limits excess noise caused by the vibration running water and clicking dishes. The 50/50 stainless steel sink measures 33 inches by 22 inches.

This double bowl sink is doubtlessly high quality in design and performance but the material should have been a little bit thicker than the 22-gauge. Otherwise, this kitchen fixture will more value for your money than you could ever imagine.

Key Features

• Stainless steel finish complements most kitchen décors
• Made from strong and durable 22-gauge stainless steel
• SoundSHIELD undercoating technology dampens excessive vibration and noise
• Three-hole design matches a wide range of kitchen faucets
• Quick and easy installation and includes an installation manual

5. Elkay Lustertone ELUHAQD32179 Stainless Steel Sink

Elkay Lustertone ELUHAQD32179 Stainless Steel Sink

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The Elkay Lustertone ELUHAQD32179 is a king in the world of kitchen sinks and fixtures. The Lustertone in the name denotes durable, handcrafted finish that will look as good as new up to a decade after installation. With it, light scratches will simply blend into the sink’s finish with time. It also features a unique low center divide that allows pan handles to extend across for easy washing. For durability, the sink features high-quality 18-gauge stainless steel construction.
It is difficult to find a flaw is such a great product. The only problem my research has revealed is that most of the units delivered to customers had tiny scratches that, as the company says, disappears with time. Other than that, the sink is a little bit costlier than competitor models.

Key Features

• Lustertone finish ensure scratches disappear well in time to leave the sink as clean as new
• Low center divide (known as Aqua Divide) allow utensils to stretch on both sides for easy cleaning
• Undermount installation means the sink will blend perfectly with your kitchen décor
• 18-gauge stainless steel material is extremely tough and durable
• Reversible design allows you to install the sink in either way as you desire

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4. Mowa HKN33DO Stainless Steel Double Bowl Sink

Mowa HKN33DO Stainless Steel Double Bowl Sink

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In case you are looking for top quality double bowl sink for your kitchen then look no further than the Mowa HKN33DO. This kitchen sink features premium quality AISI standard T-304 stainless steel construction that is resistant to corrosive effects of hard water and grease. It boasts of contemporary R10 tight radius corners stay in line with modern fashion while at the same time promoting drainage and adding to capacity. There is also noise and vibration insulation.

Although made of stainless steel, the sink may not be resistant to the corrosive effects of hard water. However, proper drying after each use can reduce the chances of that ever happening. Otherwise, the HKN33DO is a great sink to bring home.

Key Features

• IASI standard T-304 stainless steel construction for utmost durability
• Contemporary R10 tight radius corners match the modern sink fashion while promoting ease of cleaning
• Commercial grade satin finish is stylish and scratch resistant
• Exclusive, handcrafted channel grooves guarantees easy drainage
• Comes with a number of accessories including stainless steel bottom grid, drains, and basket drainer among others

3. Zuhne 33-Inch Farmhouse Apron Deep Double Bowl

Zuhne 33-Inch Farmhouse Apron Deep Double Bowl

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The 33-Inch Farmhouse Apron is currently a #best seller on Amazon for various reasons. Featuring a tank like construction, the sink features uniform scratch-resistant 16-gauge body with easy to clean corners. The sink has a rear set drain and extra deep bowl capable of hiding dishes and holding various items. In fact, the sink can help you with kitchen organization. It is designed with noise canceling technology to protect cabinets from condensate damage.

This sink is one of the most expensive according to our list. However, that’s what you must expect from a high-quality product. The only problem I can talk about is the fact that watermarks tend to stay unless you form a habit of wiping it clean and dry after every use. I believe you can do with this.

Key Features

• Scratch-resistant Uniform 16-gauge body that’s 25 percent more steel/sink other sinks in its class
• Extra-quiet and multi-functional operation to limit damage to your kitchen cabinets
• Blends imperceptibly with your kitchen décor
• Comes with various accessories including super absorbent towel, 3pc basket strainer, and scratch-prevention bottom grate among others
• Compliant with US and Canada codes and consists of non-toxic parts

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2. Kraus KHU103-33 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Kraus KHU103-33 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

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Kraus is a popular household brand because of the quality of products they manufacture and distribute. If you see the KHU103-33 double bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink from Kraus, you will understand the reasons why. This sink features t-304 stainless steel construction for unmatchable durability. It is sound insulated with thick rubber dampening pads as well as stone guard undercoating. The interior of the sinks features channel grooves designed for optimal drainage.

For unknown reasons, some users have found this sink to stain easier than expected. This could be due to the effects of hard water. Since only a few people have experienced this problem, it is not a reason to dampen your resolve to buy a great sink.

Key Features

• Premium high-quality t-304 stainless steel construction
• Strong and durable 16-gauge steel will last a lifetime
• Sound insulated with thick rubber dampening pads as well as stone guard undercoating
• A handcrafted sink, the work of skilled artisans
• Channel grooves in the interior improves faster drainage

1. Ruvati RVM4350 Undermount 32″ Low Divide 16 Gauge

Ruvati RVM4350 Undermount 32" Low Divide 16 Gauge

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At the top position is the Ruvati RVM4350. Without a shred of double, it is one of the finest double bowl kitchen sinks that you can find on the market. It boasts of strong and durable construction, quiet operation and uniquely low divide to make washing dishes easy breezy. It meets and even exceeds the US and Canadian plumbing standards. The sink carries Ruvati limited lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

Although some users have expressed concern that the middle divider is too low, such design has its own advantages. The reason for the complaint is that you cannot use the two sides independently as soap water will simply splash to the side where you set your rinsed dishes. Personally, if find the divide extremely helpful especially when I am washing my dishes.

Key Features

• 16-Gauge premium T-304 grade stainless steel construction
• Heavy-duty sound-guard padding as well as undercoating ensure quiet operation
• Unique low divide design offers extra clearance when washing dishes
• Meets Canada and US plumbing standards including CSA and ANSI
• Comes with many useful accessories

How to Choose the Best Double Bowl Stainless Steel

It only the person who mints money who would walk into a hardware store blindly and pick the first double bowl stainless steel kitchen sink he or she sees. Your decision must be informed by certain factors that define the best sink. In our expert opinion, here are the factors to consider if you are to make the right decision.

1. Size of the sink

Double bowl stainless steel kitchen sinks are available in many different sizes and designs. For some, the sizes of the two bowls are 50/50 while others are 60/40. Apart from the size comparison between the two compartments, you need to consider the size of your sink if you are to remodel your kitchen. Since the actual measurements of each sink may vary only slightly, ensure you buy the perfect size for your kitchen.

2. Strength and longevity

High-quality steel is known to last a lifetime so some people may not understand why this is even a factor to consider in the first place. Well, you have to know that steel is available in different grades. The discussion on each of these grades is beyond the scope of this article but you can carry out your own research to establish the best grade for kitchen sinks that will guarantee strength and optimal resistance to the effect of water and other chemicals.

3. Design

Of all the factors, the design is perhaps the most important consideration. You need to pick a sink that will match the vibe and interior décor of your kitchen. You can choose between something that is basic and efficient and something that is rather fancy. The choice is yours but you must peg it on the age of your kitchen as well as kitchen color.

4. Features

Each model of double bowl stainless steel kitchen has its own unique features. For instance, some models have room for only one faucet while other models may be fitted with luxurious features such as spray nozzle hose to make dishwashing easy. The choice is yours.


There you go. I believe you can now step out with full confidence knowing the best double bowl stainless steel sink to buy. Our reviews are helpful but not exhaustive. The good news is that you can use the buying guide we provided to carry out more research and find the best sink that will take care of your needs. Anyway, I recommend you check out each of the sinks reviewed here. With all confidence, I believe you will make the correct choice.

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