Top 10 Best Camera Sliders Reviews in 2020

Do you require shooting a photo or a video for your project or assignment in your work? You may think that it’s difficult to have an incredible video that provides you the expert on the balance and stability of your video quality. You can make your video shooting to be flawless one same as the professional photo-man does. Get your awesome camera and introduce it onto the camera slider and get everything about the video the incredible quality. Here we have the list of decent ten decent camera sliders survey in 2020.

List of 10 Best Camera Sliders in 2020

#10. COOCHEER Slider for Camera

COOCHEER Slider for Camera

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This Coocheer slider camera would be an incredible beginning for this list. This slider is 80 centimeters, and pathway rail is around 19mm; these enable you to catch with stable and smooth sliding movement. This slider additionally has changeable edge legs and adjustable, non-slippery rubber feet for included flexibility and convenience. The slider is a flexible apparatus for a camera that is utilized as a crane at a tripod once you expel adjustable feet. Created with the aluminum combination, this long-lasting thing is simple to set up inside minutes only by setting it on a tripod or any level surface.

What’s more, this camera slider could hold up eight kilograms. It is very lightweight, and it has a substantial 3x4cm carriage and also a 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 connection screw, which suits ball head.

Key Features
  • Large Load Capacity
  • Durable Material
  • Stability and Smoothness
  • Widely Application
  • Convenient Adjustment
     Pros      Cons
  • Easily joins to a tripod for hands-free, secure activity.
  • Adjustable attaches help you glide speed of camera precisely where you need it.
  • some complaints about the brakes

#9. Ulanzi SL-40 15in 40cm Mini Video Slider

Ulanzi SL-40 15in 40cm Mini Video Slider

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Next, the small-scale camera slider could be packed simply in a movement pack anyplace you need with the size it is built in which is forty centimeters. The heavy-obligation camera slider ensures a shake stability that is free, and its capacity to help cameras while shooting gives you a decent cleaned film result. You could slop the slider on a tripod or simply straightforward straight level shots with no tripod. Likewise, the bearing strain can be tweaked to your want.

This Ulazi mount can be engaged off and attached very easily with various 3/8″ and 1/4″ screw gaps on the two finishes and in the center. Two removable legs that can raise slider two inches above the ground are incorporated into the park.

Key Features
  • Travel in Bag
  • Function on a tripod, or on a level surface
  • Provides without shake support and stability
  • The dolly slider has a twofold interior rail system
     Pros      Cons
  • Bearings of the Roller are adjustable for great sliding and are impervious to friction.
  • legs are adjustable for greater creativity in your work regardless of what kind of surface you set up on.
  • Brake handle may split because of pressure

#8. StudioFX 40″ Dolly Pro DSLR Track Camera Slider

StudioFX 40″ Dolly Pro DSLR Track Camera Slider

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StudioFX can mobile different equipment, for example, video camera, movie camera, and advanced camera. Its length is about 40 inches. What’s more, it has the capacity of holding at around 15lbs, which implies it can suit an extensive variety of camcorders and DSLRs. Bundle of this incorporates an adjustable strap and a carry bag.

This camera slider accompanies a sturdy and reliable construction. The bubble at the slider sled and adjustable stature on feet add additional fulfillment and stability to the shooting procedure.

Key Features
  • Length: 40 inch – The Max stack 15lbs
  • Very Smooth Bearing Ball Slide System
  • Includes 1/4″ and 3/8″ Mounting screw
  • comes with conveying case
  • mobilize any movie camera, advanced camera, video camera or another bit of equipment
     Pros      Cons
  • The Sturdy rails are more secure.
  • Sliding is very smooth and grating free for flawlessness in either activity shots or moderate movement.
  • Feet are adjustable to your needs, not pre-set at the factory.
  • Difficult to position when attached to piece screw
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#7. IMORDEN Ball-bearing 40″/100cm Typed Camera Slider

IMORDEN Ball-bearing 40″/100cm Typed Camera Slider

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The camera slider contains 4 roller bearings and a bubble level. In this way, it gives a smooth skim, making the recording more steady and high caliber. The slider accompanies a stainless harden shaft avoids rust erosion. Also, it is accessible in a couple of size choices and hues you might need to check it. This camera slider enables you to include a mouthpiece and light through intensifying gaps on main, two end sides, and center base of the track fill in as numerous mount choices.

The legs are adjustable and accompanied non-slip elastic feet. Also, it can position maybe a couple of tripods in the meantime at different points horizontal or vertical. This beyond any doubt is outstanding amongst other best camera sliders for your cash.

Key Features
  • Smooth slide
  • Stable and relentless: Bubble level over the plate. Adjustable legs with non-slip elastic feet
  • Compatibility: You could append easily your camera.
  • two Chrome Coated Shaft in the rail can avert rust and consumption
     Pros      Cons
  • Legs modify for uneven surfaces and make different edges simpler to accomplish.
  • Bubble level saves money on worry by guaranteeing you have everything similarly as you require it with primary main attempt.
  • Holes on either end help in associating with a twofold tripod for greater security.
  • Noise may meddle with sound

#6. Fotodiox SlideCam Pro 600 Slider Stabilizer

Fotodiox SlideCam Pro 600 Slider Stabilizer

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What we are certain of is that Hollywood has numerous expert cameramen and gear that can create such the great-quality video. What’s more, now the task holder can include proficient Hollywood-style camera development for their next venture with Pro Fotodiox SlideCam 600.

This camera slider provides you numerous incredible highlights that you will be happy with. The full element of this slider camera bolster the overwhelming obligation camera framework permitting the without shake while shooting. Alongside its rail there is a little metal roller slide system which can be utilized either vertically or horizontally. In addition, it additionally has the two years guarantee.

Key Features
  • 2 years Manufacturer Warranty
  • Smooth ball slide bearing system
  • Double Layer Sliding Anodized Aluminum Platform
  • Full featured camera slider
     Pros      Cons
  • Solid, made of strong materials and worked to last by skilled workers that take pride in their work.
  • Multi-entrusting. Works with an assortment of equipment, for example, DSLR, JVC or iPhones.
  • Adapters are accommodated tripods so you have all that you have to start utilizing this slider the minute you get it.
  • Grip of feet is questionable

#5. EACHSHOT ComStar CS-EBSL120 Electronic Motorized Camera Track Video Slider

EACHSHOT ComStar CS-EBSL120 Electronic Motorized Camera Track Video Slider

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Have you been endeavoring to discover the video slider which is particularly intended for producers and time-slip by video clients? Have each part of your camera, for example, speed and heading under your hand, and make the ideal out of it. EACHSHOT is all you require.

This camera slider offers both of you modes working choices which are manual and electronic. You can get more exact position and speed control when you modify it electronically. It additionally has the left/right twofold bearings control, one catch or rocker gadget control. With its steel wire of the transporter belt, it enables this camera slider to be more strong and stable in delivering a more noteworthy quality of the video. Get this extraordinary camera slider for the best video customization.

Key Features
  • Tracking Shooting
  • Panoramic Shooting
  • Linear Shooting
  • Time pass photography
  • 12-month guarantee
     Pros      Cons
  • All metal construction worked for capacity and sturdiness.
  • Friction screw takes into consideration a similar simplicity of development either level or at a point.
  • Utilizing a course framework as opposed to felt cushions for ultra smooth slides helps add a professional sparkle to your videos.
  • Transport sack isn’t exceptionally sturdy.
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#4. Neewer DSLR Camera 47″/120cm Track Dolly Slider

Neewer DSLR Camera 47″/120cm Track Dolly Slider

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This track slider dolly contains a twofold rail framework that utilizations 4 exactness bearings. Along these lines, the camera is ensured to give an ideal sliding at the sides. The bubble level is accessible to demonstrate your camera’s edge and additionally an adjustable bearing pressure. The openings on the two closures and amidst the sliding make it simple for you horizontal straight shots, vertically at the tripod.

Furthermore, this slider contains 2 removable legs with non-slip elastic feet that could increase the slide up to two crawls from the surface. Also, don’t hesitate to choose from the 4 estimate choices camera slider is accessible in.

Key Features
  • Full included professional camera slider
  • Two removable and legs
  • You can point the slider to get straight horizontal shots,
  • the slider has a twofold interior rail framework
     Pros      Cons
  • Adjustable legs needn’t bother with a smooth surface to hold their place; any genuinely level territory will get the job done.
  • Bubble level makes fine changes simple, speedy and peaceful.
  • User-accommodating slider accompanies a conveying case for safe, and helpful transport.
  • Slide smoothness is undependable.

#3. Selens 31″ Carbon Fiber 80cm DSLR Camera Slider

Selens 31″ Carbon Fiber 80cm DSLR Camera Slider

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Outlined with a twofold bolt catch to enhance stability and to protect the slider set up, this camera slider could be utilized on uneven areas while dolly track’s feet contain numerous modifying frameworks. When you slide your camera over the slider, a peaceful and smooth development is normal from its 6 bearing pivot outline. The slider is five pounds; sufficiently light for you to bear it with you to your task destinations.

Selens is produced using solid Fiber that makes it very lightweight, yet it can bolster the gigantic weight with the most extreme heap of 22pounds.

Key Features
  • Multi-level Adjustment
  • 6 Bearings Design
  • 8 Strong Carbon Fiber Tubes
  • Lock Button Design
  • Extensible
     Pros      Cons
  • Dolly slider considers clear activity shots or can go moderate movement simply.
  • Designed to enable you to catch consummate horizontal, vertical or corner to corner shots regardless of what the situation of your camera might be.
  • Double interior rail framework gives smooth sliding to more control.
  • Is influenced by rust

#2. GVM 48″ Track Dolly Motorized DSLR Camera slider

GVM 48" Track Dolly Motorized DSLR Camera slider

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With 120 degrees all-encompassing shooting and time-pass tracking, you can subtitle each minute with this GVM camera slider. The One of the observable highlights accessible is that you could set the separation of the development as it goes in a programmed cycle (noticed that programmed mode isn’t bolstered in vertical). The Adjustable foot configuration guarantees the Dolly Track can work at the horizontal and a forty-five -degree point.

Additionally, This camera slider is perfect with an assortment of tripods because slide rails are furnished with 1/4 “and 3/8” screw ports on the two sides and in the center.

Key Features
  • Multi-level Adjustment
  • Smooth quiet
  • Motorized slider Features
  • 120 degrees Panorama
  • Tracking Shooting
     Pros      Cons
  • Built-in stops give you one less thing to stress over so you can focus on the shooting, not the equipment.
  • Multiple mounting points increment your alternatives.
  • Legs are separable and all fit easily into the conveying sack gave.
  • Customer benefit is instant yet not continually fulfilling.
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#1. Neewer Carbon Fiber 39″/1m Camera Track Rail System Dolly Slider

Neewer Carbon Fiber 39″/1m Camera Track Rail System Dolly Slider

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Here, we have achieved one of the absolute best camera sliders available. This slider is 1 millimeter long; accessible to be utilized either horizontally or vertically. It likewise empowers 45 degrees shooting utilizing the strung openings in the slider. Its plate contains a ¼ strung opening to hold most cameras. There is a foldable legs configuration makes it less demanding to transport and set aside less opportunity to gather. Furthermore, the legs’ stature could be balanced from 13.5 and 10.5 centimeters.

The U molded metal rollers guarantee a smooth movement and scraped spot as well as to accomplish quietness and stability when slider is utilized. To maintain a strategic distance from scratches on your camera’s base, around elastic cushion is attached to the slider sled.

Key Features
  • U-formed metal rollers under the slider part to guarantee both smooth movement and least scraped spot on high-review carbon fiber tubes
  • Available for vertical, horizontal and 45 degrees shooting by utilizing the strung openings in the slider.
  • Height of legs could be balanced from 10.5cm to 13.5cm
  • Gear-molded joint interface and locking handles for better position locking for the legs.
  • Easy to convey with an included conveying sack, a phenomenal organization for video making.
     Pros      Cons
  • Self-greasing up rails guarantee smooth, calm activity, and with this slider, you won’t have to convey pointless equipment along.
  • Being steady and free from vibration amid shooting guarantees your videos are as well as can be expected be.
  • Rubber feet are adjustable and avert scratches.
  • As far no cons


Things to Look When picking the Top Camera Slider for You

Here is a portion of the critical points you ought to analyze while figuring out which slider you ought to get!

  • Length: This is the most critical factor you should look over. Longer sliders are practically objectively and better. Unless you are taking a video in an ultra-specific circumstance where you can just fit a little slider, the longer ones will dependably provide you more choices. However, longer camera sliders are additionally more costly, so whenever you are on a tight spending plan and simply require a little measure of movement, shorter sliders will give you fine video.
  • Build Material/Quality: Most sliders are made using carbon fiber, or an aluminum amalgam. Carbon Fiber has a tendency to be considerably lighter and furthermore more furrowed than aluminum, yet also comes at a higher cost. We saw a pattern while investigating these sliders – there were significantly more objections of smoothness problem with the aluminum sliders than the carbon fiber ones. Try not to stress, however, The aluminum compound ones perform fine in our tests.
  • Payload Weight: Contingent upon the material utilized as a part of the construction, every slider will have a different payload limit. If this limit is exceeded, the slider may neglect to slide smoothly, and it will nullify the point. The limit likewise tends to bring down for motorized units, so deliberately consider the heaviness of your camera before making a buy. A DSLR is only 2 or 3 pounds, yet bigger camera rigs with vast amounts of accessories can get very heavy quickly.
  • Accessories: A portion of the camera sliders we investigated accompanied free accessories like conveying cases and stands! While these are constantly incredible tools, a few individuals may as of now have equipment compartments or committed stands that they intend to utilize with their slider.


Look no more review audit since we said everything here. Get your hands on this main ten camera sliders. These folks are prepared to provide your photographs and videos an expert look and feel when you complete your task. Get one quickly while stock finishes.

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