Top 10 Best Camera Glasses in 2020 – Hidden Camera Glasses

Every day, technology is progressing in various sectors and the more it does, the more the competition increases. The intelligence used to be played in the movies has partly availed in real life, and one example is the camera glasses. They are like the standard eyeglasses, but they have built-in cameras with built-in batteries for power supply. They make the video recording and photography work easier and as you do so, you can participate in other activities where your arms are required.

They are the trending tools for spies since they will hardly raise suspicion that you are engaging in secret filming or picture taking. Since these products have flocked the market with different designs and properties, we have prepared you a top 10 list of these glasses to enable you to choose the one that fits your needs.

List of 10 Best Camera Glasses in 2020

#10. Caluca 1080P Wireless Wi-Fi Eyeglasses with Mini Camera

Caluca 1080P Wireless Wi-Fi Eyeglasses with Mini Camera

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Caluca 1080p is another camera glasses that suit spy work for they look as good as the ordinary glasses from opticians. You can also leave them at home to record everything that is happening when you are not around. They feature a motion detection technology that alerts you unwanted presence. Once the motion is detected, alarm notifications will connect to your phone as the camera snapshots the photos which will instantly come to your email. It supports Android and IOS phones.

As you can see, this product does not only apply to outdoor activities but also as the indoor security system. It is wifi connected such that you will be able to access the internet. You will download the app and follow the instructions as stipulated in the brochure. If you follow these instructions, your android phone and the camera will create a connection to enable you, monitor, while away.

  • Weight: 1.6 ounces.
  • Dimensions: 7.2×2.5×2.5 inches.
  • Video resolution: 720×480/ 1280×720.
  • It supports micro SD card up to 64 GB.
  • WIFI: 30M radius.

Reason to buy this:

  • Can be used for indoors security and outdoors as well.
  • The built-design is hard to suspect it has a camera.
  • Wifi connection which enables you to access the internet.
  • Lightweight that makes it less bulky to wear.

#9. GoVision SOL 1080p HD Camera Glasses Video Recording Sunglasses

GoVision SOL 1080p HD Camera Glasses Video Recording Sunglasses

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If you want to participate in activities such as games and still record without struggling with your hands, this is your best choice. It features a v4.0 Bluetooth tech which enables you to connect to your Smartphone. It also features 0.5 speakers on both sides; you can receive calls and stream music on-the-go. It has flexible arm grips, and a cyclist can use these glasses to record videos while riding without dropping them. You can participate in other activities that require much hands involvement at ease with these glasses.

GoVision SOL 1080 camera glasses are Ultra Violet resistant and are suitable for protecting your eyes on a bright sunny day. The 15 megapixels lens between the glasses captures quality pictures without blurs. With 63˚ angle-of-view, the camera catches everything in front of it. Also, the glasses have a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that will sustain your recording for 2 hours.

  • Weight: 2.4 ounces.
  • Dimensions: 6×7×1.8 inches.
  • V4.0 Bluetooth tech for sound transmission from your phone.
  • Battery: lithium polymer.
  • Camera: 15-megapixel photo capture and 1080p HD Video.
  • 2 Bluetooth 0.5 speakers.
  • A USB port for charging.
  • Built-in microphone

Reason to buy this:

  • Battery life is excellent as it goes for 2 hours of continuous usage.
  • High-quality pictures and videos.
  • Bluetooth technology that allows you to pick calls and stream music hands-free.
  • Lightweight and flexible.
  • 1-year limited warranty for manufacturer defects.
  • Quality audio that matches your HD video.

#8. Hereta Spy Camera Glasses 1080P Video Camera Glasses

Hereta Spy Camera Glasses 1080P Video Camera Glasses

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The Hereta spy camera glasses look ordinary, and this makes it the best option for spy work. With less exaggeration on the outside and well built in electronic hardware, Hereta spy camera glasses will do an excellent job for you. Unlike other spy cameras, this one has a micro camera on the left side frame, and an all-function button inside the frame which makes it hard to spot. The camera sources power from an inbuilt battery to function.

The camera detects low battery power and saves your files automatically before shutting down. Its power consumption is accommodating since it can work continuously for around 1 ½ hour before depletion. 1920*1080p video and photo resolution can make quality images. You can use it in the clouds to spy, in sports and nature recording. You can turn it off where you don’t need to record and on where your interest arises.

  • Weight: 4.6 ounces.
  • Dimensions: 7.3×2.8×2.6 inches.
  • Storage: Supports micro SD card up to 32 GB.
  • AVI video format.
  • Multifunctional control button/shutter switch.

Reason to buy this:

  • The picture quality is high.
  • The battery life is excellent.
  • Looks ordinary and thus can spy without any suspicion.
  • Compatible for up to 32 GB micro SD card.
  • Saves your images and video recordings before shutting down.

#7. PowMax WW-81 Sunglasses Camera, Real Full HD 1080P

PowMax WW-81 Sunglasses Camera, Real Full HD 1080P

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If you want to go uncaught your spy work, you have to look less suspicious; these mini camera sunglasses come to serve you. The UltraViolet resistant glasses are elegant with a hidden camera placed in the middle. It can take photos and film videos up to 1 ½ hour when fully charged or even longer. The camera comes with 5 megapixels for incredible pictures, and if required, it can take snapshots from the recorded videos.

It has shockproof rubber thus will hardly break when dropped or engaged in a vibration. It also comes with a data USB cable which can as well be used to charge it when out of power. It also has built-in audio which helps to pick sounds during the recording. You can wear this glass wherever you go no need for straps or mounts on an excellent view captures. Additionally, the WW-1 Sunglass camera comes with Windows system and IOS for quality service.

  • Built-in lithium battery (450mah).
  • Real high definition 1920*1080p video resolution and 5.0-mp camera.
  • IOS and windows enabled.
  • Rubber pad frame for shock resistance.
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces.
  • Dimensions: 7.3 x3.4×3 inches.
  • 2.0 standard USB.
  • Free USB and memory card reader.

Reason to buy this:

  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • The sound and video images are simultaneous.
  • Comfortable to wear due to the shock absorbing rubber frames.
  • UV resistant glasses safe for your eyes.
  • The camera picks clear videos.
  • Wide angle view (14 degrees).

#6. iVUE Rincon 1080P HD Sport camera Sunglasses DVR Eyewear

iVUE Rincon 1080P HD Sport camera Sunglasses DVR Eyewear

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The ivue Rincorn camera sunglasses are the most advanced in the market. It comes with the tillable camera that adjusts 10-degree up and 12-degree downward. It is comfortable to wear for a long time since the frames are light and flexible. Another incredible feature is that it has 2.2 shock-resistant camera lenses that will not easily break on a hard impact. It has a 110-degree full camera that captures images within the frame dimensions.

The storage system is incredible as it supports up to 128 GB micro SD card; it is as usable as the ordinary camera. The glasses also feature the dual ACC stereo microphones in the front frame. Their sound transmission gives high quality and clear audio. For more convenience, it comes with built-in wifi which enables you to connect to the android app in your phone for instant settings changes.

  • Dimensions: 7.4×4.4×3.8 inches.
  • Weight: 12.6 ounces.
  • Li-ion battery (3.7V, 480Mah).
  • 2 AAC2 Stereo Microphones.
  • Video format: MP4H.264.
  • 8 MP that produces quality images.

Reason to buy this:

  • The dual AAC2mic transmits high-quality audio.
  • Low power consumption as it stays for 1.5 hours.
  • Convenient as you can change its settings via the android app by the help of built-in Wifi.
  • Flexible and lightweight frames which are comfortable to wear.
  • High-quality images.

#5. KAMRE Camera Glasses

KAMRE Camera Glasses

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If you are looking for the best camera sunglasses that can record high-quality videos then, you cannot go wrong with the KAMRE camera glasses. These glasses have a 78-degree wide camera Lens on the center of the frame that record full HD video at 1920 x 1080P. The audio quality is also excellent as well.

This pair of glasses has a built-in 450mAh battery that allows you to record videos for up to 1.5 hours on single charge. They are constructed from a high-quality rubber material that is more durable than ABS plastic. Furthermore, they are also easy to operate with just one touch button. The KAMRE Camera sunglasses are UV protection polarized to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. These glasses support Micro SD Card having memory up to 32 GB. They also look incredibly stylish, and you will look fashionable wearing them.

  • 1920 X 1080P resolutions.
  • Built-in 450mAh battery.
  • 65-degree wide angle Len.
  • Supports up 32 GB Micro SD Cards.

Reason to buy this:

  • Has user-friendly control.
  • High-quality video recording.
  • Long-life battery for up to 1.5 hours.
  • Perfect when cycling, traveling, hunting, fishing, diving, and fishing.

#4. Gogloo Sunglasses with Camera (Black E6)

Gogloo Sunglasses with Camera (Black E6)

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The Gogloo sunglasses with a camera are a perfect choice for outdoor activates such as cycling, hiking, motorcycling, skiing, climbing and much more. These goggles are equipped with a 10M pixel sensor camera which allows you to record high-quality videos. Its camera Lens has a 110° field of view allowing you to capture more area. This makes them perfect for outdoor activities.

Another great feature of the Gogloo glasses is the ability to record 1080P Videos. These videos are of high-quality and clear. On top of that, it has the dual stereo microphones and white noise reduction feature to provide high-quality and crystal clear audio. The glasses come with an inbuilt bigger capacity battery that offers uninterrupted video recording for up to 90 minutes. The one-button control design makes it easy to operate.

  • 10M Pixel camera lens.
  • 110-degrees wide angle capture.
  • 650 mAh High-capacity battery.
  • Has Unisex Design.

Reason to buy this:

  • Records high-quality video and picture.
  • Have a modern & stylish design.
  • Comfortable design and durable construction.
  • They are simple to operate.
  • Pocket-friendly glasses.

#3. Snap Inc Water Resistant Camera Glasses for Snapchat

Snap Inc Water Resistant Camera Glasses for Snapchat

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Snap Inc Spectacles are one of the top-rated and best-selling camera glasses on the market. These camera glasses are designed for Snapchat. The Snap Inc glasses capture HD photo & Video. They are very easy to use. You need to press the button to capture photo and video instantly.

The spectacles are compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices to allow you to share your favorite moments with friends. These glasses are waterproof so you can even take a video or photo under shallow water. They come with a powerful built-in battery that allows you to take over 70 videos on a single charge.

  • Highly water resistant
  • Bluetooth connectivity enabled
  • 1080p high definition recording.
  • Polarized lenses.

Reason to buy this:

  • Water resistant, shockproof and unbreakable.
  • They are comfortable to wear.
  • High definition camera.
  • Durable frame and lens.
  • Lightweight and flexible.

#2. OhO sunshine Waterproof Video Sunglasses

OhO sunshine Waterproof Video Sunglasses

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If you are a bike lover or sports enthusiast, the OhO sunshine Waterproof Video waterproof sunglasses are the best device for you to record all the exciting moments moment during bike racing, hiking, Surfing, or motorsports. The OhO sunshine sunglasses are considered as the world’s first ever waterproof sunglasses camera glasses having an IP66 level water protection. They are ideal for all water sports including swimming, surfing, water skiing, and Water Moto Bike.

These glasses record high-quality audio and videos with 1080P Ultra Full HD resolution. Additionally, these sunglasses feature advanced image stabilization which enables you to record professional videos and pictures. They also come with 32GB built-in memory which allows you to store your pictures and videos easily. The OhO sunshine glasses have impact resistant lenses and frame for face and eye protection

  • 1920 x 1080 Photo Resolutions
  • Impact resistant frame and lenses.
  • 32GB Built-in Memory.
  • IP66 Level Water Protection.
  • Battery Recording Time: 60 Minute

Reason to buy this:

  • Highly Water Resistant.
  • Long battery life.
  • They are simple to use.
  • Durable construction.
  • Good video quality.

#1. Forestfish Camera Sunglasses with Bluetooth Headset

Forestfish Camera Sunglasses with Bluetooth Headset

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If you’re searching for an affordable pair of camera glasses then, the Forestfish Camera Sunglasses are choice for you. These multifunctional glasses have lots of functions like record video, answer phones, take photos, and listen to music.

The Forestfish glasses feature 5MP Mega Pixels camera which can record high-quality videos at 1080P HD. Their frame is made from Swiss Grilamid TR90 material that is light-weight, durable and impact resistant. These camera glasses can last for more than 2 hours of continuous use when fully charge. Lastly, they come with a built-in 16-GB SD card for storing all your photos and recording.

  • Built-in 16GB SD card.
  • 5MP Mega Pixels camera.
  • Battery recording time: 2.5 hours.
  • View Angle: 64 degrees.
  • Lens: UV400, Polarized lens.

Reason to buy this:

  • Multifunction camera glasses.
  • Record high-quality videos & photos.
  • Good Built-in Memory.
  • Comes with affordable price.
  • They are comfortable to wear.
  • Simple to operate.

How to Choose the BEST Camera Glasses

The Camera Glasses are useful in some of our day-to-day activities, but you need to consider the factors below before you buy them.

  • Price: Price may vary from one camera glasses to another. It is always advisable that you buy that product that is ideal for your needs and friendly to your pocket. Also as you produce that amount of money, make sure the product you are buying serves its value.
  • Storage capacity: The more you record your videos and take pictures, the more the storage space you need. Some camera glasses support larger memory cards than others. If your activities evolve in long time recording and picture taking, then you will have bought those glasses that support larger storage memory cards.
  • Ease of use: Ease can measure by how portable the camera glasses are or by their quality and control. You require an easy glass camera to handle for you to conduct your activities smoothly. Shutter buttons should be simple to operate, and the temple tips should be able to hold onto your head firmly, so they don’t keep falling off. Also, the arm handles should be friendly enough to your fresh such that they will not hurt you when you wear the glasses.
  • The image, video, and audio quality: A good camera glasses will give you quality outcome concerning your specification. In your mind, you might be having the picture of how you want the image to appear, the video, or how clear the audio will come out. For you to manifest your requirement and readiness to buy the product in the picture, you have to research. The research to do will concern the measurements of the quality you, may desire.


You now have the list of the best camera glasses in the market with their incredible features. They are made to serve a lot of purposes and simplify some activities for you. It is now clear that it is easy to and maintain operate them. They use built-in power sources which various kinds of batteries that may differ from one gadget to the other. Don’t be left behind by this technology that eases your video recording for pressure and security.

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