Top 10 Best iPhone XS and XS Max Cases in 2024 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max smartphones are premium devices with a wealth of admirable features. Even though similar to the iPhone X, they have a sleek appearance. iPhone lovers like this. They are also light, dual-sim-compatible, and have technologically rich systems with an admirable processing power. Unfortunately, iPhone XS and XS Max have two major flaws. First, the sleek and glossy material used to make them is prone to scratching. Moreover, as most models of the iPhone, they are susceptible to water damage if not protected. To avoid such issues, install a good iPhone XS and XS Max Cases on your phone.

Buying Guide for iPhone XS and XS Max Cases

  • Fit: Do you own the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max smartphone? Are you looking for a premium case that can protect it from scratches and the elements? Buying a small 5.8-inch case is a poor decision. It will not fit your phone and or protect it the way you want. For the best results, check the fit of your preferred case on the outset. It must be of the right size. It should also have accurate cutouts.
  • Material: What is the material of your iPhone case? Silicone is one of the commonest materials because of its soft and phone-safe structure. To get a case that you can install and remove easily without damaging your phone, look for one made of silicone. The material is protective, light, and non-slip as well. Polycarbonate, TPU, and hybrid cases are also ideal. They offer the highest level of protection to phones. A fitting case made from either of these materials will serve you well.
  • Functionality: Does your iPhone XS/XS Max case of choice lower the touch sensitivity of your phone? Does it hide ports or lower the functionality of phone accessories such as speakers and buttons? Avoid such products. Instead, look for a product with accurate cutouts. Models with touch-sensitive protectors are also ideal.

The iPhone XS/XS Max cases we have reviewed in this article offer these benefits.

List of Best iPhone XS and XS Max Cases in 2024

#10. I-Blason Ares iPhone Xs Max Case

I-Blason Ares iPhone Xs Max Case

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The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are costly phones. Fortunately, with the help of a full-body case such as i-Blason Ares, you can protect yours from scratches easily. This rugged bumper case also absorbs shock well and has a built-in protector for the delicate screen of the iPhone XS Max. Released in 2024, it is a new product. However, because of its unique style, it is a well-known iPhone case for men and women. You loved one will appreciate receiving one as a gift.

The rugged design of this iPhone case is protective. Furthermore, unlike some cheap cases, it does not affect the functionality of the iPhone XS Max. Its 6.5-inch design fits the iPhone XS Mas accurately. You can install or remove it with ease on demand. Its cushioned corners and multi-layered bumpers have good shock absorbing properties. Finally, its cutouts (screen, speaker, and ports) are accurate. You can access and or use such components on demand with ease.

     Pros      Cons
  • Functional screen protector
  • Cushioned/protective corners
  • Multi-layered bumper (TPU)
  • Accurate size (6.5 inches)
  • Stylish backing (transparent)
  • Somewhat bulky for some people

#9. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series

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Does the safety of your 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max concern you whenever you are using it outdoors? Are you struggling to protect it from scratches and environmental elements such as the rain? Look for this pro series of the SUPCASE Unicorn case today. Its rugged holster design offer full-body protection to the iPhone XS Max. Dropped from heights of up to 20 feet, its polycarbonate and TPU (multi-layered) shell limits damage to phones. It is effective on grass and on hard surfaces such as tarmac, concrete, or wood.

Some brands of iPhone cases limit access to controls such as buttons. Others impair the touch functionality of phones, which is frustrating. Fortunately, with SUPCASE, these are non-issues. Its screen protector has good touch functionality. You can access phone menus and or open your applications without removing this case. Cutouts for ports and buttons are accurate, while its kickstand is ideal for watching movies. This black-themed iPhone XS Max case has a limited one-year warranty.

     Pros      Cons
  • Accurate size (6.5 inches)
  • Sturdy built-in kickstand
  • Drop-tested to 20 feet
  • Accurate phone cutouts
  • Full body protection
  • Traps air (bubbles) easily

#8. CASY MALL Hybrid Case

CASY MALL Hybrid Case

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Hybrid cases are popular due to the high level of protection that they offer phones. They also come in many eye-catching designs that boost the value of phones. CASY MALL, for instance, is an affordable dual-layered one for the iPhone XS. Manufactured using TPU and polycarbonate, its slim hybrid shell is tougher than some bulky ones. As such, it offers excellent drop protection without adding unnecessary weight and or bulkiness. Its crystal-clear 5.8-inch design improves the outlook of the iPhone XS phone.

CASY MALL is a stylish hybrid case for the iPhone XS smartphone. Installed well on phones, its low-profile shell works seamlessly for these main reasons. First, its well-placed easy-to-click buttons are very responsive. You can switch your phone on and off with ease. You can also adjust its volume and or make calls on demand without removing this protective case. Finally, CASY MALL has accurate cutouts for ports and speakers and a raised lip that protects screens from scratches.

     Pros      Cons
  • Light low-profile case
  • Easy-to-click buttons
  • Hybrid shell (PU/TPU)
  • Good drop protection
  • Protective outer lip (raised)
  • Material yellows quickly

#7. TORRAS Love Series iPhone XS Case/iPhone X Case

TORRAS Love Series iPhone XS Case/iPhone X Case

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With this Love Series phone case from TORRAS, you will never worry about scratching your iPhone XS again. If you hate using hard PU/TPU cases, this is a better option. Made from liquid silicone rubber, its light and slim design fits comfortably in the hand. The material is also phone safe and has a non-slip surface, which boosts the safety of phones further. If you have sweaty hands, for instance, the risk of your phone slipping from your hands and falling is low.

During installation and removal, some brands of phone cases scratch phones or leave unsightly residues on their surfaces. TORRAS Love Series is not one of them. Because of its flexible design, you can install it and remove it with ease without scratching your phone. Moreover, its plush microfiber cushion and raised edges protect phones further. The latter, for examples, prevents the screens of phones from scratching when placed on hard or flat surfaces. With TORRAS, you will never have a problem accessing the ports, speaker, and or buttons of your phones. Its overall size and built-in cutouts are very accurate.

     Pros      Cons
  • Microfiber cushions
  • Accurate size and cutouts
  • Liquid silicone rubber
  • Light and non-slip case
  • Lifetime warranty (factory)
  • Stylish baby blue theme
  • Good shock absorption
  • Shrinks over time

#6. Yesgo Clear for iPhone Xs Case, iPhone X Case

Yesgo Clear for iPhone Xs Case, iPhone X Case

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To protect an iPhone XS without concealing its logo or limiting its performance, look for a clear high-performance phone case. Yesgo, for instance, is a clear and anti-scratch case for the iPhone X and the iPhone XS. Its shock-absorbing property is impressive. Even though slim, the hard polycarbonate and flexible TPU materials (hybrid) used to make it absorb and dissipate shock well. It also has a novel airspace cushion technology, which boosts its efficiency further. When dropped, thus, the risk of your iPhone scratching or shuttering is low.

Yesgo Clear lacks the hard and irritant feel of some rugged iPhone XS cases. If you want a fun-looking and protective case for day-to-day use, therefore, it is one of the best iPhone XS and XS Max Cases to buy in 2024. This case has a smooth and comfortable grip. Its non-slip tactile feel and the accurate cutouts it has have also made it sought-after. Speakers, buttons, and ports are accessible.

     Pros      Cons
  • Non-slip tactile feel
  • Comfortable grip (smooth)
  • Eye-catching clear case
  • Protective hybrid design
  • Low-maintenance case
  • One-year warranty
  • None

#5. Spigen Tough Armor Designed for Apple iPhone XS Case

Spigen Tough Armor Designed for Apple iPhone XS Case (2018)

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This 2019 version of the renowned Spigen Tough Armor case works well on the iPhone XS. If you are comfortable with its gunmetal theme, a new one will serve you well. Its dual-layer shell offers extreme drop protection. The air cushion technology (Mi-grade certified) on offer, on the other hand, improves its impact resistance. Dropped on hard floors or gravel, it protects phones from scratches, dents, and dings, to name a few. Buy one with a peace of mind.

Do you enjoy watching movies on your iPhone? Are you looking for a light and comfortable case that you can travel with easily? This Tough Armor case from Spigen will satisfy your needs. Its ergonomic form-fitted design, for instance, is pocket-friendly. Its slim and lightweight structure is suitable for traveling. It also has a soft grip and a built-in stand that secures it well on most surfaces.

     Pros      Cons
  • Light form-fitted design
  • Built in stand (sturdy)
  • Impact-resistant shell
  • Air cushion technology
  • Stylish gunmetal theme
  • Pocket-friendly design
  • None

#4. Spigen Liquid Crystal Designed for Apple iPhone Xs Case

Spigen Liquid Crystal Designed for Apple iPhone Xs Case

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Designed for the iPhone XS phone, this 2019 Spigen Liquid Crystal case has many admirable attributes. Its slim design, for instance, stands out in many ways. First, it non-bulky design is pocket-friendly. You can carry it around to work or school with ease. Its low-profile non-slip finish, on the other hand, is grip-friendly. Set up well, you will not struggle to make calls or browse the Net.

Some rugged phone cases impair the outlook of the iPhone. Others fade over time or lose their functionality when exposed to elements such as UV. With this Spigen Liquid Crystal case, however, expect better results. It does not fade nor stains easily. Its watermark-free Dot pattern, on the other hand, offers a clear 360-degree view of the iPhone. Finally, cutouts are accurate.

     Pros      Cons
  • Watermark-free Dot pattern
  • Stain and fade-proof case
  • Pocket-friendly (non-bulky)
  • Certified air cushion technology
  • Comfortable non-slip grip
  • Fits oddly around cameras

#3. ESR Slim Clear

ESR Slim Clear

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This slim and clear iPhone case from ESR is a charming and effective item. If you own an iPhone XS, which you use on a daily basis, look for one now. The soft TPU material used to make it is safe for phones. During installation or removal, it does not scratch nor lowers the value of phones in any way. It also has an eye-catching jelly clear design with a thin 1mm structure. Even with this case on your phone, therefore, you can browse and make calls easily.

Even though soft, the ability of the case to protect phones fascinates most people. Like most PC/PP cases available online, it offers full coverage of phones. Dropped on hard surfaces, it also absorbs and disseminates shock well, which protects phones from damage. Finally, its raise edges protect screens and cameras from scratches, whenever you place your phone on a hard surface. This can be a table, a desk, or the countertop in your kitchen.

     Pros      Cons
  • Stylish jelly clear case
  • Raised edges (screen/camera)
  • Ultra-slim (1mm) structure
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Soft and non-slip TPU material
  • Yellows over time

#2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

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The stock phone cases that some smartphones come with protect them from scratches. Unfortunately, their dated designs not only compromise the look of phones but also their value. To enjoy the same level of protection without lowering the aesthetics of your phone, look for this Spigen Ultra Hybrid case. Its rigid back has admirable shock absorbing properties. When dropped on hard surfaces, it protects phones from physical and mechanical damages. Its flexible bumper, on the other hand, eases its installation. On your iPhone XS smartphone, you can install and remove this case easily.

You do not need one of the bulky and heavy cases to secure and protect your phone. Even though light, Spigen Ultra Hybrid performs better than most of the hyped brands that people spend a fortune on. Its grip-friendly design, for instance, enhances the functionality of phones. It also has a pocket-friendly design that resists yellowing over time. Expect memorable results every day.

     Pros      Cons
  • Air cushion technology
  • Protective back panel
  • Resistant to yellowing
  • Easy to install/remove
  • Grip and pocket-friendly
  • Inaccurate sizing

#1. Maxboost Screen Protector

Maxboost Screen Protector

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People go to radical lengths to protect their iPhone XS smartphones. Some hide their phones in fancy belts. Others buy bulky cases, which compromise the functionality of their smartphones. Do not make these mistakes. A fitting screen protector such as Maxboost will serve you better. It has a thin (0.25mm) and durable (tempered glass) structure. It also absorbs impact well and has a touch-sensitive design that retains the functionality of the iPhone.

Are you looking for a screen protector that can also highlight the beauty of your iPhone whilst in use? Maxboost is one of the best iPhone XS and XS Max Cases to buy in 2024. The clear tempered glass used to make it is stylish. Moreover, its open edge design protects the iPhone while highlighting its beauty (360 degrees) at the same time. You get a lifetime warranty for it.

     Pros      Cons
  • Durable tempered glass
  • Stylish outlook (open edge)
  • Ultra-thin design (0.25mm)
  • Touch sensitive material
  • Pocket and hand friendly
  • None


Companies have developed many radical products for protecting the iPhone. However, iPhone cases are the most sought-after because of their cost and effectiveness. Recommended for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, for instance, our top 10 picks offer good results. Their shock absorbing designs protect phones from dents and scratches. They are also charming, durable, and most importantly, fun to use.

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