Top 10 Best Wheeled Rolling Backpacks in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

A wheeled rolling backpack can eliminate the pressure on your body as you carry a heavy load. This is particularly beneficial to those who suffer from chronic pains on their back, neck, and hips. By simply rolling the backpack in with a push or pull action, your life gets easier each time you travel. This is why we are here to bring to you our top 10 best wheeled rolling backpacks in 2024 reviews. We have scoured the internet for highly-rated rolling backpacks to help you choose the right one suitable to your needs and expectations.

Wheeled rolling backpacks come in different shapes, sizes, and capacities. We recommend that before you go ahead and buy one, you need to consider the amount of space you need. Think about the number of compartments and dimensions for each, so you can achieve a favorable experience in using your rolling backpack. The items below have met our strict standards including durability, comfort, and practicality. Go ahead and have a look at these products, which may be just what you have been searching for.

List of Best Wheeled Rolling Backpacks in 2024

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#10. Aoking Travel Rolling Backpack

Aoking Travel Rolling Backpack

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The Aoking travel wheeled backpack is a versatile bag that you can take with you during your trips. It is space-saving, allowing you to fit as many items as you need in your vacation, business meeting, and other activities. With a breathable back panel and harness, this pack is easy to carry for your comfort. There is also a reflector that adds to the security of using this backpack at night.

This is without a doubt a well-made backpack for your travel needs. But one thing to note about it is the wheel cover as it tends to slide right into the compartment area of the pack and falls out. However, it is not a deal-breaker since it works fine for the purpose intended.

  • Versatile and comfortable to use
  • Easy to maneuver with tough-terrain, rugged wheels
  • Includes a reflector as a security feature
  • Durable and made of sturdy materials
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#9. SKYMOVE Rolling Travel Backpack

SKYMOVE Rolling Travel Backpack

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Another brand of rolling travel backpack that we love is this one from Skymove. It is quite lightweight, which is only about 4.6 pounds. This gives you ease when using it during your travels without adding an extra heft. The aluminum rod is perfect for rainy days as it prevents the items in the pack from getting wet. Overall, this pack looks great and most importantly – it is very practical and convenient to use.

Overall, we think this backpack does the job when it comes to ease and comfort. The weight distribution is a bit off, though, as it tends to lean forward even when not stuffed. Other than that, we believe it is one of your best options because it has roomy compartments while staying lightweight.

  • Comes with a protective, laptop compartment
  • Measures 19 inches tall and 8 inches wide
  • Weighs 4.6 pounds, making it lighter than most wheeled backpacks
  • Convenient and space-saving design

#8. HollyHOME Multifunction Rolling Backpack

HollyHOME Multifunction Rolling Backpack

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When you need a lightweight backpack that is easy to bring and roomy, the HollyHOME rolling backpack is a fine choice to consider. It comes with rugged wheels that can easily roll around any type of terrain. There is a secure space for your 15-inch laptop and plenty of pockets for your smaller items such as your pen, wallet, keys, and so on. With a sturdy aluminum handle and waterproof exterior, this is definitely a great backpack to take with you – rain or shine.

The only thing that needs to be improved about this backpack is the zippers. They tend to get stuck sometimes on the upper edge when you zip it up quickly. But if you take it slow and be careful when you close the bag, it should not bother you at all.

  • Fits in the cabin or underneath the plane seat
  • Perfect for college students, business people, and travelers
  • Comes with a spacious storage
  • Wide shoulder straps and breathable back panel

#7. Kipling Alcatraz Wheeled Backpack

Kipling Alcatraz Wheeled Backpack

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Lightweight and comfortable to use, the Kipling Alcatraz rolling backpack is perfect for adults and children. The crinkle nylon material is water-resistant, which is a practical protective feature of this pack. There are padded shoulder pads and a retractable handle, giving you two options when carrying this bag. As this is a lightweight backpack, you will have no problem using it even when there is a heavy load inside.

For the most part, this backpack works well as it has a good amount of space in it. But it does not seem to fit underneath the airplane seat. You can always place it in the cabin compartment without any hassle, though.

  • Made of crinkle style nylon
  • Includes a 15-inch protective sleeve for a laptop
  • Smooth-rolling wheels
  • Stylish and practical to use for travel, school, and business

#6. Samsonite Rolling Backpack

Samsonite Rolling Backpack

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Packing for your travels is a breeze with this rolling backpack from Samsonite. It comes with a roomy main compartment, where you can fit your clothes, books, and toiletries. The laptop compartment is suitable for up to a 17-inch laptop, which is much bigger than other wheeled backpacks out there. There are also multiple pockets to help you organize miscellaneous items inside. Plus, with a headphone entry, you can listen to music while you wheel your backpack around.

We love the fact that the pockets and main compartment of this backpack are roomy and easy to organize. But we advise that you close the bag completely to prevent it from tipping forward. Everything else is great about this pack, and it is absolutely excellent for travel use.

  • Durable fabric that resists pulls and tears
  • Comes with heavy-duty in-line skate wheels
  • Organizational pockets and a roomy compartment
  • Includes a headphone entry for convenience
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#5. Matein Rolling Backpack

Matein Rolling Backpack

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This backpack from Matein is another practical choice for travelers, students, and business people. There is a main compartment for your laptop, as well as several pockets to fit in your smaller personal items. On the sides are water bottle pockets made of mesh material, and you can also strap in your small towel at the back using the Velcro pocket. Overall, this pack has everything you need at a reasonable price point.

Just take note that there is a foam padding located around the handle, which may not serve any purpose to you. In this case, you can simply remove it as you wish because it does occupy some space.

  • Fits multiple items for your travel and business needs
  • Has an adjustable aluminum handle
  • Breathable and padded straps
  • Water-resistant and protective bottom panel

#4. Rockland Rolling Backpack

Rockland Rolling Backpack

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You will find this backpack quite practical for your needs with all the spacious compartments it comes with. It also gives you the option to place smaller items in the front pocket, so these are just within your reach each time. As there are an adjustable handle and wheels, you can simply roll this backpack and not have to worry about carrying such a heavy load.

This is a practical backpack that you can use for school, travel, and other purposes. It is a little small for other users, though, but if you do not intend to bring several items, it should not be a problem at all.

  • Includes an adjustable aluminum handle
  • Rugged and practical in-line skate wheels
  • Front pocket for ease of organization
  • Comes with a spacious laptop compartment

#3. JanSport Driver Rolling Backpack

JanSport Driver Rolling Backpack

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Convenient and lightweight, this rolling backpack from Jansport is perfect for multiple purposes. We love the protective laptop sleeve and spacious organizer pockets to help you arrange smaller items in their designated spaces. The water bottle pocket is another plus point to this backpack for your beverage within your reach. Most importantly, the backpack is durable and can withstand tears.

This backpack may not look luxurious but it definitely gets the job done. You will love how spacious it is, along with the cool features for the compartment and pockets. Definitely worth your money.

  • Converts into a roller or a backpack
  • Has wide shoulder straps that can be tucked away neatly
  • Includes side pockets for your water bottle
  • Made of durable wheels and exterior fabric

#2. Targus Rolling Compact Backpack

Targus Rolling Compact Backpack

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Organize your items effortlessly in this well-made rolling backpack from Targus. It can easily fit your laptop and tablet in their designated spaces. This backpack can hold a maximum of 29 liters, which is plenty of space for travel and business needs. You can also fit it under your seat, unlike other backpacks that are just too bulky for this purpose.

This is hands down one of the best rolling backpacks there is. But it does feel a little rigid, making it a bit tough to push down to fit in tight spaces. Other than that, we highly recommend this pack that gets the job done.

  • Fits a 16-inch laptop
  • Made of polyester for the exterior with a neoprene-covered sturdy handle
  • Comes with elastic straps for your clothes and toiletries
  • Compact and lightweight with a 29-liter capacity

#1. J World Rolling Backpack

J World Rolling Backpack

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Made of durable, lightweight materials, this backpack is indeed very comfortable and practical to use. It is roomy, which makes it suitable for long-distance travel. You will love the thick and padded straps with ventilation to prevent you from sweating and getting hot each time you carry it. Plus, with sturdy wheels, you can count on it even on tougher terrain.

This is quite a spacious backpack without a doubt. But it may be too big for some people, depending on the purpose they have for this pack. Overall, a great deal for the price.

  • Measures 20 inches tall
  • Can fit up to 38 liters of items inside
  • Comfortable padded shoulder straps
  • Fits in the overhead compartment or under your plane seat
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Guide to Buying the Best Wheeled Rolling Backpacks

There are different types and styles of rolling backpacks out there. When choosing one, it is best to consider the following features to help you come up with a solid decision.

  • Wheels: Naturally, you need to make sure that the wheels are sturdy and easy to maneuver. A 4-wheel bag is more maneuverable than a 2-wheel one. You can also expect the former to provide better weight distribution, although 2-wheeled backpacks work best for cobblestones and dirt roads.
  • Space: Consider the amount of space you need for the backpack. It should be just right for your needs, otherwise, you may find the pack a bit too large for you. The extra space can also add to the weight of the bag.
  • Handle: It is best to check the handle, which must be easy to retract or adjust. Aluminum alloy is a good material as it is sturdy, yet lightweight. The top of the handle should also be soft with a generous amount of padding to prevent scratches or marks on your hand.
  • Compartments: There are many wheeled backpacks with special compartments for your devices such as your laptop, tablet, and headphones. If you are traveling with these delicate devices, be sure your backpack offers protection and padding to prevent damages to these items.

Final Words

Buying a wheeled backpack is crucial to ensuring your comfort and ease when traveling. After learning more about your best options and a quick buying guide you have just read, you should be all set to purchase your very own rolling backpack. Just make it a point to compare our featured items above to determine the best choice worth your time and money.

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