Top 10 Best Water Resistance Rowing Machines in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Water resistance rowing machines are excellent alternative to traditional workout equipment such as indoor exercise bikes and treadmills. What set these machines from other equipment is that they deliver a full-body workout. That is to mean, you can replace several gym equipment with a water rower. Besides saving space, this would also mean that you don’t have to spend a lot of money purchasing several gym equipment. Another great benefit that comes with these machines is that they not only stimulate your muscle but also enhance your cardiovascular system. This enables you achieve fitness goals that you would not have achieved with another machine, or at least not in such a short time.

Better yet, the best rower machine also delivers an impact free exercise. Regardless of your age, body size, or fitness, you can successfully use a water rower without any injury risk. Note, a rower might not help you build arm muscles like weight lifting. However, unlike these exercises that focuses on only a set of group muscles, a rower targets lower and upper body muscles. As with any other exercise equipment, it can be intimidating choosing the right model when considering the multitudinous products available on the market. From the most innovative features to the latest technology, we have rounded up the best water rowing machines available on the market. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, our guide brings you top-notch water rowing machines designed to boost your fitness levels.

List of Best Water Resistance Rowing Machines

#10. CIRCUIT FITNESS Water Rowing Machine

CIRCUIT FITNESS Water Rowing Machine

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If you want an efficient, economic, and simple water resistant rolling machine, then CIRCUIT FITNESS Water Rowing Machine is the best choice for you. This machine features an adjustable water resistant system that allows you to decrease and increase the tension by adding less or more water. It is made from heavy-duty metal and has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

This rowing machine comes with a digital LCD screen that allows you to monitor your exercises progress. The LCD screen displays calories burned, pulse, time, SMP, distance, and stroke count. Furthermore, it has comfortable handles and seat to prevent stain on your hands, arms, and wrist. Also, it has large pedals with strap for safety and comfort. This machine measures 78.75 by 22 by 42-inches and requires less floor space.

Key Features
  • Dimensions: 42 X 78.75 X 22-inches
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Materials: Heavy-duty metal
Reasons to Buy
  • Has compact and lightweight design
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Requires simple assemble and maintenance
  • It has durable construction
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#9. Stamina X Water Rower Machine

Stamina X Water Rower Machine

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Stamina X is the best water resistant machine for full-body workout at home. This equipment is very easy to operate than other rowers. It comes with water tank that allows you to change the resistant by increasing or decreasing the water level. Furthermore, it has molded seat and padded handle to keep you comfortable while rowing. The frame of this machine is constructed from steel, which makes it durable and strong.

Another thing you will love about this rower is its multi-function LCD monitor that your progress. It shows calories burned, speed, pulse, distance, and heart rate. It also has built-in wheel for easy transportation. Besides that, it has compact design making it ideal for people with limited space.

Key Features
  • Dimensions: 63 by 20 by 37.5-inches
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Adjustable foot straps
Reasons to Buy
  • It provides progress tracking
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • It’s very easy and quiet to use
  • Perfect for professionals and beginners
  • It offers full-body workout

#8. WaterRower M1 HiRise Rowing Machine

WaterRower M1 HiRise Rowing Machine

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The WaterRower M1 HiRise rowing machine is the best option for commercial use. This machine uses water flywheel that provide efficient and smooth resistant. Nonetheless, this machine adjusts it resistant depending on how fast you stroke. The faster you stroke, the more the resistant. The less you stroke, the less the resistant. On top of that, this machine is made with a sturdy steel frame that can support up to 700 pounds.

At the same time, it has a metallic finish that makes it rust-resistant, easy to clean and attractive. This machine is outfitted with a user-friendly monitor that helps you to track your progress and exercises. Another exceptional feature of this unit is the extra-tall seat, which makes it ideal for short and tall users. It is also easy to assemble and requires less maintenance.

Key Features
  • Dimensions: 84 by 30 by 22 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 700 pounds
  • Material: Coated Steel
  • It has rust-resistant Metallic finish
Reasons to Buy
  • It is ideal for commercial use
  • Easy and reliable to use
  • Padded seat and ergonomic handle

#7. XtremepowerUS Water Rower Machine

XtremepowerUS Water Rower Machine

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The XtremepowerUS Water Rower Machine is another good water resistant machine without a high price tag. This machine is ideal for home use. It has a compact and attractive design that makes it perfect for your home gym. The XtremepowerUS rower machine uses a water tank that allows you to adjust resistant from low to high. You can easily change the resistant of this unit by removing or adding water to the tank.

In addition to that, this machine has wide texture pedal with adjustable straps to ensure securing and positioning of your feet. The XtremepowerUS rower machine also features a multi-function monitor that allows you to track important workout data like stroke count, calories burned, distance, and others. Another excellent feature that we love is the large textured pedals with safety straps. This allows it to fit a wide range of foot sizes at the same time, allowing the user t stay safe during the rowing routine.

Key Features
  • Dimension: 37 x 20.9 x 18.9 inches
  • Weight: 80 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 300 Pounds
Reasons to Buy
  • Adjustable Water Resistance
  • Has a large LCD monitor
  • Heavy Duty & Durable Construction
  • Fitted with a ergonomic PU seat

#6. pooboo Magnetic/Water Rowing Machine

pooboo Magnetic/Water Rowing Machine

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Coming at a reasonable price, this rowing machine offers exceptional versatile workout thanks to the smooth water resistance. By so doing, it creates a continuous rowing action, which allows for a low impact full body workout. With that being said, this machine will not only help in burning the calories but also strengthening the heart as well as building muscles. Equally important, this machine comes with a large fitness monitor. The monitor displays time, distance, row counts, as well as calories burnt.

In addition, your safety is guaranteed with the aluminum allow beam. The slide also ensures a smooth and stable workout. Likewise, this rower is made using heavy duty steel allowing it to withstand an impressive 220 pounds. What’s more, the foldable design makes it a great choice for homes with limited floor space.

Key Features
  • Dimension: 79.1 x 33.5 x 21.6 inches
  • Weight: 77LBS
  • Weight capacity: 220 Pounds
Reasons to Buy
  • Has multi-function Monitor
  • Adjustable Magnetic Resistance
  • Foam-covered Handles
  • Foldable Design for easy storage

#5. Stamina 1450’New and Improved’ Elite Wave Water Rower

Stamina 1450'New and Improved' Elite Wave Water Rower

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Boasting of a two in one design, this rowing machine is a great choice for people looking for a full-body workout. With this model, you cannot only row or bike, but also it comes with retracting top handle that retracts. This enables you to perform various upper body exercises such s bicep curls as well as triceps kickbacks. Notably, this machine also emulates real rowing with lifelike water resistance. Similar to rowing on a water body, the resistance increases infinitely the faster you row.

As you would expect, this unit also comes with different stroke speeds and intensities. This results in a more realistic water resonance. To increase or reduce the resistance, all you need is to add or remove the water using the siphon that is included. Moreover, your safety is prioritized. Unlike other mediocre products, this unit comes with a wide molded rowing seats and oversized footplates with adjustable straps.

Key Features
  • Dimensions: 85 x 20 x 33 inches
  • Weight: 71 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
Reasons to Buy
  • Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor
  • Padded, Textured Rowing Handle
  • Wide, Molded Seat with Ball-bearing Rollers
  • Adjustable-length Footplates

#4. Incline Fit Wood Water Resistance Rowing Machine

Incline Fit Wood Water Resistance Rowing Machine

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The incline fit water resistant rowing machine delivers a powerful exercise experience at the same time retaining a compact and easy storage design. From extra wide footpad and straps to firmness of the seat cushion, you will definitely appreciate the ergonomic design. These features also let you feel comfortable as you perform your exercise. Ultimately, this will also improve the overall workout as you can work out for longer.

Equally important, this machine fits people in various fitness levels from beginners to experts. Having included top notch features this machine enables you accomplish your health goals through safe and low impact exercise. Moreover, this machine delivers a real life outdoor rowing. This helps you to reap both cardio respiratory and muscle building benefits.

Key Features
  • Dimensions: 22 x 21.3 x 84.2 inches
  • Weight: 49.6 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 350 pounds
Reasons to Buy
  • Well-padded, ergonomic seat
  • Delivers a real life outdoor experience
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Simple yet functional

#3. Goplus Water Rowing Machine

Goplus Water Rowing Machine

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If you are looking for a compact water rowing machine, the Goplus rowing machine will not disappoint. Better yet, the compact design doesn’t mean that you will ever face any inconveniences. Actually, this model offers full range of motion, ensuring that your workout is not limited. Plus, this machine comes with precise water resistance control system. This feature reproduces the real sound of water rowing, bringing you lots of fun.

Different from other models on the market, this unit also comes with a mute design. With this model, only water sound is audible during your exercise. To hone your exercise program, this model comes with six adjustable water resistances. This enables you to adjust the exercise intensity to meet your needs. Furthermore, this machine is simple to operate thanks to the easy operation interface.

Key Features
  • Dimension: 79″ × 22″ × 29.5″
  • Weight: 70LBS
  • Weight capacity: 220 LBS
Reasons to Buy
  • Aluminum Alloy Slide Rail
  • Simple and Easy to Operate
  • Water Resistance Adjustment
  • Ergonomic PU Saddle

#2. XTERRA Fitness ERG600W Water Rower

XTERRA Fitness ERG600W Water Rower

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Well, for most of us, this time of the year doesn’t seem appropriate for paddling outdoors. However, this doesn’t mean that the fun of rowing has to stop. Bring unrivalled full-body workout at the same time enjoying lifelike rowing at the comfort of your home with XTERRA water rower. Coming in a versatile design, the machine enables you to exercise all muscle groups. In addition, with the full-body nature of rowing, the machine brings an efficient way to burn the calories.

Another main selling point is the zen-like water movement. Made possible by the unique impeller offers a meditative and soothing water movement sound. Also important, the multi-bladed impeller also generates more uniform and smooth strokes. Likewise, this machine has a well-contoured seat that is raised. This maximizes your comfort while the 6 adjustable resistant levels enable you to customize your workout.

Key Features
  • Dimension: 80.7 x 22 x 33 inches
  • Weight: 82.7 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 250 Pounds
Reasons to Buy
  • It offers full-body workout
  • Can be easily transported and stored
  • Has a large LCD monitor
  • Adjustable-length Footplates

#1. First Degree Fitness Newport AR Water Resistance Rowing Machine

First Degree Fitness Newport AR Water Resistance Rowing Machine

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With First Degree water rower, Cardio has never been so simple. We love the compact and portable design. This lets you move it around your home for added convenience. As this is not enough, it folds in a vertical position, making it a space saver. This rower also features a unique FDF’s patented twine tank that has variable fluid resistance technology. This enables you to enjoy a wide range of resistance levels.

Now to performance, this machine brings a unique blend of high-end features that will undoubtedly inspire you to push your limits. It delivers a low impact form of fitness that works on all group muscles simultaneously. Plus, it boasts of a innovative water based system that bring forth a consistent and smooth resistance levels. Additionally, the advanced computer monitor offers accurate feedback.

Key Features
  • Dimension: 20.9L x 77.8W x 20.1H in
  • Weight: 57LBS
  • Weight capacity: 300 Pounds
Reasons to Buy
  • Powder coated high-quality steel frame
  • Patented adjustable resistance water filled tank
  • Easy vertical storage
  • Durable belt drive

How to Choose the Best Water resistance rowing machines – Buyer’s Guide

Congratulations for taking this big step of getting water rowing machines. What sets these machines from the rest is that they deliver a full-body workout. Be that as it may, choosing the best water rowing machine might not be a walk in the park. To find something that meets your needs you need to know the exact features that you need. Below are some of the features that should help you in making an informed decision.

Rower Resistance: The best Water rower machines come with a dynamically adjustable resistance. What makes this rower stand out is the fact that the resistance changes depending on your performance. That is to mean, they mimic the resistance felt when rowing on a water body. As you probably now, the faster you row, the more difficult the exercise becomes. We also have other models with manual adjustment knob. This is a great choice for beginners venturing into this workout program. Note, manual adjustment resistance might not be such a big deal. However, you should always pick a water rower that can automatically adjust the resistance to meet your needs.

Water Rower Materials: As with any other workout equipment, the water rowing machines are crafted from different materials. The most common are steel, wood, and aluminum. Aluminum rowers offer the best performance in terms of durability and lightweight design. However, they tend to be more expensive than other models. The wooden rowing water machines are preferred due to their elegant look, which blends well with most indoor décor. On the other hand, the steel rowing machine is the best in terms of durability and affordability. However, moving them around the house might be a challenge owing to the heavy weight design.

Foldable design and Space-saving: Everyone can agree with me that indoor space is a major concern for most of us. Unless you are living on the countryside, most people always struggle to de-clutter their home. If you live in an apartment, it doesn’t mean that you need to pay expensive gym equipment. Luckily, there is foldable water rower that fits your space needs. Moreover, some models come with a standing storage design, which also help you save space.


As mentioned, there are multitudinous water resistant rowing machines on the market. True, very little single workout equipment rivals a rowing machine when it comes to providing a full body workout. While this is the case, these machines come in different sizes and features. To help you make the right choice, go through the above guide and pick the model that meets your needs.

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