Top 10 Best Wakeboard Combo Racks in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Wakeboarding racks have proven to many users by how they come in handy while carrying your skiing, kneeboards, and wakeboard on your boat. Most of the wakeboard combo racks offer ideal support and protection to the vigorous boat sailing. The wakeboard combo racks keep the boards in place and help with boat organization. However, you need to ensure you get the best quality with the best results.

When it comes wakeboards combo, few options are available for various needs, as far as quality and budget are concerned. The guide below guide is here to give you the best wakeboard combo racks and some considerations to help you. You don’t have to struggle anymore.

List of Best Wakeboard Combo Racks in 2024

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With the above guide, it’s time now you get to know the top best models available for you to buy. Each model here is high quality and judged according to performance, basic crafting, and durability.

#10. Reborn pro combo tower rack

Reborn pro combo tower rack

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By: Reborn

The last in the list is a highly durable, versatile wakeboard combo rack from Reborn. The Pro 2 comes as a kneeboard wakeboard that comes to a bright polish. Since it’s a tower rack ideal for holding all type of kneeboards and wakeboards, it does feature a CNC machined solid 6061 aluminum. The construction gives it excellent robustness and durability.

Additionally, it does come with stainless steel hardware. The two materials used here keep it rust-free, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight yet secure. On top of all this, it does feature mushroom-shaped hard rubber inserts that are UV treated for protection. The inserts material provides an ideal anti-slip surface for the wakeboards and the kneeboards. But it might not be suitable for the small boards.

  • Solid CNC machined aluminum
  • Universal tower tube angle
  • UV treated rubber insert
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Fully adjustable

#9. Big Air Hydro Combo Rack

Big Air Hydro Combo Rack

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By: Big Air

The next model in the list is the Big Air Hydro Combo rack. It’s a wakeboard tower combo that fits 2-inch, 2.25-inch, and the 2.5-inch tubing sizes. It’s designed to hold one wakeboard and one kneeboard. The best part is, it comes with a billet aluminum construction employed to give it top strength, robustness, and also long durability.

Above that, it also comes with rubber inserts designed to protect your precious top-quality wakeboards. As a versatile is fully adjustable to fit any pipe angle. The rack also does feature a high polish finish giving it an elegant look while also keeping it from rust and corrosion. It also comes with Bungee straps which are ideal for securing your boards. Some might not like the fact that it handles two boards only.

  • Newly redesigned construction
  • Billet Aluminum Design
  • Durable rubber inserts
  • Strong Bungee straps
  • High polish finish

#8. Krypt Towers Combo Tower Rack

Krypt Towers Combo Tower Rack

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By: Krypt Towers

Krypt Towers Kneeboard Wakeboard Combo Tower Rack is a heavy-duty, top-quality combo rack that comes with a quick-release knob. It’s also made from high-quality polished aluminum giving it the necessary qualities to stay robust and perform well when exposed to water. Additionally, it comes with rubber bumper inserts, which are UV-treated. The wakeboard combo racks inserts offer ideal protection to the boards.

It also features a clamp that rotates in 45-degree increments allowing easy mounting to a tower tubing at virtually any angle. The included is a quick release hand knob helps remove this rack from clamp fast and easy. The Krypt Towers combo rack does fit all horizontal and vertical tubes. It also adjusts to any angle in between. One issue on this combo board rack is the plastic material used on the knob. Many consumers complained of wearing out quickly.

  • 360 degrees adjustable Clamp mount
  • Secure tight board protection
  • Board securing Bungee cord
  • Unique curved backplate
  • Polished 6061 Aluminum
  • Soft rubber inserts

#7. X-Haibei Wakeboard Rack

X-Haibei Wakeboard Rack

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By: X-Haibei

Next up is the X-Haibei Wakeboard Rack ideal for tower boat. It’s a uniquely designed model with a polished aluminum construction which gives it superior strength to support your boards. The building and the anodized finish also give it long durability, considering you it will be exposed to all kind of weather elements.

It is a rack you can use safely, even in saltwater. Its clamp is designed to fit the size of between 2.25 inches and 2.5 inches. The best part is, it does come with a durable rope ideal for tying up the boards. Still on that, there three UV-treated rubber inserts which protect the boards while cruising. There is also a heavy-duty rubber ring which reduces the racks wear and shake.

  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • UV-treated rubber inserts
  • Buffing and anodize finish
  • Hard rubber ring
  • Non-slip design

#6. Yamaha Wakeboard Tower Rack

Yamaha Wakeboard Tower Rack

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By: Krypt Towers

Yamaha Wakeboard Tower Rack is another high-quality, well-crafted wakeboard combo rack worth your investment. It’s made to mount on your Yamaha OEM factory reverse arch or forward-swept boat tower. The best part is, for rust-free, super-strong, corrosion-resistant durability, this rack is made from superior 6061 polished aluminum.

On top of that, the rubber hand knob makes it easy to mount and easily remove the rack from the board tower. You will also love to hear that it also come with rubber clamp inserts, which ensures that your boards are protected. The inlaid rubber inserts on the arms also ensure the boards stay secure and protected from hits. However, the rubber used on the tightening knob wears out comfortably.

  • Polished 6061 Aluminum
  • Quick Release Knob
  • Soft rubber inserts
  • Special Back Plate
  • Bungee cord

#5. Monster Tower Ski Rack

Monster Tower Ski Rack

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By: Monster Tower

Monster Water Ski Rack is another well-crafted combo rack that deserves your investment. It’s designed to hold two slalom skis or any pair of skis. Its universal size allows it to fit any tower between 1 5/8 inches and 2.5 inches. The 25 inches distance between the forks allow easy loading.

It’s made from sturdy materials like 6063-T6 aluminum for the body, 303 stainless steel for the fasteners and components. On top of that, it does come with an elegantly polished surface with a bright anodized finish. Everything on these racks construction ensures it stays secure and extends its durability. The quick-release offers straightforward mounting and removal.

  • Rust free components and fasteners
  • UV resistant heavy duty shock cord
  • Beautifully polished bright finish
  • Tough, durable materials
  • Universal Inserts

#4. Tengchang CFR-KWA-1 CNC Wakeboard Rack

Tengchang CFR-KWA-1 CNC Wakeboard Rack

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By: Tengchang

Tengchang CFR-KWA-1 CNC Wakeboard Rower Rack is a plus wakeboard and kneeboard combo rack. It a widely compatible board tower that’s that fits most universal towers. It features a peculiar and robust construction that relies on the performance of sturdy 6062 aluminum.

Above that, it also comes with a Bungee cord safety strap which secures the board safety. The strap allows it to fit horizontal and vertical tower bars at almost every angle. Even though it comes with soft rubber inserts for tight board protection, they are quite thin, meaning they wear out quickly.

  • Fit most universal towers
  • Bungee cord safety strap
  • Spray treatment surface
  • 6061 aluminum crafting
  • Soft rubber inserts

#3. B.B. Oval Polished aluminum wakeboard rack

B.B. Oval Polished aluminum wakeboard rack

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By: B.B.

When looking for a durable wakeboard combo rack, you have to ensure that you pick a model made from high-quality materials like the B.B. Oval wakeboard rack. It’s made from top-quality and polished aluminum material which gives it a perfect robust structure allowing it to handle two boards at once. Apart from that, it comes with rubber inserts designed to offer ideal board protection from scratches.

On top of that, the rack uses stainless bolts which ensures you get a tight mounting. There is also a bungee cord provided to help you secure the boards tightly on the combo rack. The clamp does use rubber spaces, which reduces the clamp size to fit on low tower tubes. Even though this rack is adjustable from the clamp, it gives users a hard time to balance it.

  • New polished aluminum construction
  • Rubber inserts and spacers
  • Convenient Swivel mount
  • Robust bungee cord
  • Stainless steel bolts

#2. Origin OWT-WKI wakeboard combo rack

Origin OWT-WKI wakeboard combo rack

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In the second place is the Origin OWT-WKI board combo rack. It’s also a high-quality model sold at an affordable price. The one thing that makes this model quite famous is that it’s durable and at the same time super active. The installation is super straight-forward with a quick-release for easy removal.

The durability and construction on this rack aren’t questionable. It offers everything you need to handle and carry your wakeboard and kneeboard safely. Its shining polished surface ensures it remains elegant while also making it weatherproof. The bungee cord is included, but the quality is somehow low quality.

  • Horizontal to Vertical mounting
  • Elegant shining polished
  • Suitable for any angle
  • Durable bungee cord
  • Easy installation

#1. Krypt Towers Wakeboard Rack

Krypt Towers Wakeboard Rack

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By: Krypt Towers

The first model in the list and the highly-rated is the size wakeboard Tower Rack with a universal clamp that fits most tubing sizes. It’s made from durable, Aircraft grade 6061 aluminum to give it the much-needed strength to handle two boards at once. Above that, it has a double polished exterior which provides it with the ideal elegance and rust-free design.

Additionally, the forks are carefully designed to ensure it keeps its form even after years of use. The swivel mount can easily be mounted on any tower in almost 360 degrees to level out the boards horizontally with the boat. Consumers didn’t love the rubber inserts so much as they didn’t last as expected.

  • Rust-free, corrosion-resistant construction
  • Top-quality universal swivel
  • Durable aluminum crafting
  • Safety rubber inserts
  • Unbeatable strength

Factors to Consider Before Buying Wakeboard Combo Racks

Best Wakeboard Combo Racks: You do not need to be experienced with wakeboard combo racks to buy the ideal model. Be it that you’re purchasing a new model or you want to replace your old one, you have to ensure you buy the right one. These considerations will make your process straightforward.

Types of boards to store: You need first to know what type of board you want to store. Is it a kneeboard, a ski-board, or a wakeboard? With a combo rack saving more than one board, meaning you got options to weigh. With that in mind, most of the combo racks are designed to hold either a kneeboard or a wakeboard. If you would want to keep a ski-board, then you will need to get the right model.

Construction quality: For your wakeboard rack to pay for itself, you will need to make sure it’s made from high –quality materials. It needs to withstand any weather elements, water exposure, corrosion-resistant, and also rust-free. The structural strength needs to be top-high to make sure that it stays strong to handle the boards well even in those rough rides. You also need to buy a model that brings or add some more elegance to your boat or whichever the place you’re installing the rack. Additionally, UV-resistant coating will ensure it never fades.

Safety features: How long are the forks? Are the wakeboard combo rack forks covered or dipped with rubber and does the wakeboard combo rack have a Bungee cord? Does it come with rubber inserts? These questions will help you understand the features required to keep your boards secure and safe on the rack.

Long forks will keep the boards well fitted in, and covered forks will prevent them from scratching your boards. The fastening cords/Bungee cords tighten and secure the boards on the rack to avoid shocks and shaking while you’re cruising.

Ease of mounting: The adjustability of the rack is crucial depending on your tower angle. The mechanism can save you from the attachment hassles. That also makes it easy to mount on either vertical or horizontal, creating more space in your boat.

Remember, not all combo racks are adjustable, and that means their forks are at the same angle with the tower. That can give you a storage angle you aren’t happy with.

Quick-release is another thing you need to consider to have an easy installation. With a quick-release knob, you get to mount the rack in minutes if not seconds.


After reading everything in this guide, you will get a clear picture of what you need. Every product on the list is top quality and require very little or zero maintenance. It would be great if you bought the ideal sized model that will fit your boat tubing. Remember to make sure it’s perfect for your boards and also match your preferences.

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