Top 10 Best Tree Tents in 2024 | Camping Hammock

If you love camping, owning a tree tent can be a good idea. Tree tents are designed for any outdoor activity where they can be suspended on above the ground, or you can choose to keep it on the ground. They are made with different materials and designs where you have to look for a tent that will provide enough comfort when camping. If you are looking for a tree tent, choose one of the tree tents in the guide below.

List of Best Tree Tents in 2024 | Camping Hammock

#10. TAPINSTER Camping Hammock

TAPINSTER Camping Hammock

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This tent comes with 2 carabiners and Hammock straps equipped with wire gates that allow easy setup. Each strap comes with 16 loops for easy adjustments. Setting up of this tent is simpler where the mosquito net is integrated into the Hammock.

It is made with a micro-mesh design that allows easy breathing, helps you feel warm and relaxed when sleeping, and protects you against strong winds. The tent is made of a lightweight and heavy-duty nylon material that makes it durable and easy to carry. It comes with a carrying bag that allows you to easily fold the bag and keep it in its bag.

This tent is equipped with sturdy zippers that enhance easy get in and out without interfering with the tent.

  • Made with a breathable and cozy design
  • Quality and durable
  • Equipped with sturdy zippers
  • Has a unique design
  • Heavy duty
  • Comes with a carrying bag

Why buy this product?

This is a quality tent that will make you feel like you are sleeping in a small room without disruptions.

#9. covacure Camping Hammock w/Net- 772lbs. Weight Capacity

covacure Camping Hammock w/Net- 772lbs. Weight Capacity

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This camping hammock features quality 210T nylon materials that make it resistant to tears. Owing to these materials also, the hammock will dry very fast and remain very breathable as well. The Covacure camping hammock will support a maximum weight capacity of 772lbs. it also comes along with sic adjustable loops that make it sturdy enough for the family to enjoy natural sceneries together.

This hammock proves to be an ideal camping choice given the fact that it has a lightweight design. Even better, it has an extremely simple setup. You can therefore use it for camping, hiking, travels, emergency survival, and adventures as well.

  • This is a reliable and durable hammock
  • The hammock comes with a convenient net
  • Lightweight and very easy to set up
  • 2 iron carabiners with 2 nylon hammock straps
  • This is a reliable money-saving alternative
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

Why buy this product?

One of the reasons why you should buy this hammock is that it has a very simple setup. It has also been made from a reliable brand and best of all, it comes from a reputable brand.

#8. Unigear Hammock Mosquito Net

Unigear Hammock Mosquito Net

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It is made of a pure polyester material that prevents insects and mosquitos from getting into the tent. No other tent has more interior space and more headroom like this tent where you will sleep peacefully without interruptions. It is compatible with all Hammocks where you can apply both single and double hammocks to create more space.

Made with a lightweight design where it weighs 600g, and this will give you an easy time when carrying. It is easy to set up the tent with your hammock where collapsing the tent is also simple. The tent comes with a strong and long string where the rope is made of sturdy material to withstand the pulling stress. Has a dual zipper that allows easy movement in and out of the tent.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Spacious
  • Compatible with all Hammocks
  • Easy to set up
  • Has dual zipper that gives you easy access to your tent
  • Comes with a powerful and long string
  • Durable construction

Why buy this product?

This tent encloses your hammock and offers 360 degrees protection from mosquitos and other insects.

#7. Texsport Hammock Mosquito Net

Texsport Hammock Mosquito Net

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This Hammock tent is an ideal choice for those who love forest adventures and hunting. The tent holds a maximum weight of 250-pounds. It has enclosed cotton mesh built around the shelter to keep you protected from pests and mosquitos.

The top part of the tent is made of a fire resistant nylon that enables you to use the net near your campfire. It also has a strong polyurethane coating that keeps your tent warm when it’s wet. Has a sturdy zipper closure and reinforcements at all stress points to enhance durability. It comes with a carrying nylon and storage sack.

  • Perfect for hunters and forest adventurers
  • Holds a maximum weight of 250-pounds
  • Has an enclosed cotton mesh
  • Fire-resistant and waterproof top
  • Features a sturdy zipper closure
  • Comes with a carrying and storage bag

Why buy this product?

The best thing about this Hammock net is its reasonable price that suits your budget.

#6. pys Hammock Bug Net

pys Hammock Bug Net

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Currently, this is the largest hammock net in the market that fits any camping hammock. It keeps all bugs and mosquitos out of your net where you will sleep like a kid without disruptions. It has a 100% mesh that has a wide coverage of 360 degrees.

The net is breathable and offers maximum ventilation to give you a cool environment when relaxing. To enhances easy access into and out of your tent, it is equipped with a strong vertical zipper. You can hang the tent on the tree straps with hooks, or you can tie the tree with ridgelines.
Made with a portable and lightweight design where it weighs 21.5 ounces where it can easily fit into your backpack. It is easy to set up where you will require less time to get the job done.

  • Spacious
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Equipped with a vertical zipper
  • Two hanging options
  • Offers you a 360-degree wide coverage
  • Easy to assemble

Why buy this product?

This is the largest bug net you can find in the market that fits all hammocks.

#5. isYoung Hammock Mosquito Net

isYoung Hammock Mosquito Net

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This camping net is sturdy and spacious to meet all your camping needs. It has a 7D breathable and anti-bacterial nylon material that is good for your health. This is a multifunctional tent where it works as a swing, sleeping bag, and tent and Hammock. The net supports up to a maximum of 440.9lbs, and this makes it perfect for 2 adults.

It can be folded down and kept in storage, and this makes it a perfect choice for traveling, beach camping, hunting, and many other outdoor activities. isYoung Mosquito net comes with two steel carabiners and 118” ropes that helps to provide support to the tent. It’s equipped with easy to use zippers that give you easy access to the tent.

It is easy to install where you only fix the steel carabiners with two ropes and tying the ropes on the poles or trees.

  • Has more interior space
  • Multifunctional
  • Simple to install
  • Equipped with smooth reversible zippers
  • Made of a 70D nylon fabric
  • Portable

Why buy this product?

This is a durable net that is made with a unique design to give you the maximum comfort you require.

#4. UBOWAY Hammock Camping Tree Tent

UBOWAY Hammock Camping Tree Tent

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This tent gives you the freedom to sleep off the ground to keep yourself safe from water, insects, and predators. Each tent has an insect resistant mesh surface that enhances air circulation and gives you a nice sleep without being disrupted by bugs, mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects. It has a mesh roof with a waterproof top that protects you from the rain.

The tent comes with 3 hammock straps with enough tensile strength to hold up to 882lbs. Whether you are hunting, hiking, exploring the forest, or any outdoor activity, this tent is easy to set up within minutes. You can assemble it anywhere because it comes with 1 ratchet to save on weight and where it is compact such that you can set it I between trees.

  • Has an enclosed mesh roof
  • Versatile design
  • Easy to set up
  • Assembled anywhere
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Have 3 hammock straps for support

Why buy this product?

The tent is easy to set up where you can also assemble it anywhere between trees provided you have the straps, poles, or trees depending on the one that you feel comfortable.

#3. Tentsile 2-Person Camping Tree Tent

Tentsile 2-Person Camping Tree Tent

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This camping tent has a water-resistant and UV-resistant polyester fabric that is removable and clear to see through inside. The fabric also keeps insects from interfering with your sleep at night. It weighs 16lbs where it can be set on any terrain even on the ground, but it depends whether you want it high or low.

You can set it on any terrain like on riversides, dense tropical rainforests, between rivers, and enjoy forest exploration without stress about the shelter. To keep the tent unmoved and sturdy on the ground, the tent comes with 3 sturdy ratchet straps. It holds a maximum of 2 people where it gives you the freedom to sleep away from rocky, wet, and snowy grounds. The tent is made from durable materials that cannot be damaged easily unless a knife and fire are used.

  • Can be set any terrain provided it’s high and flat
  • Has a UV and waterproof, resistant polyester fabric
  • Holds up to 2 people
  • Comes with 3 sturdy ratchet straps
  • Durable

Why buy this product?

With this tent, you can rise above the ground and avoid terrain problems like water, dangerous animals, bugs, and other problems. It is also made to be durable where it is very hard to be damaged.

#2. Tentsile Flight 2-Person Camping Tree Tent

Tentsile Flight 2-Person Camping Tree Tent

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This tent holds a maximum of 2 persons where you can easily fold it and pack it in your backpack for easy carrying. The sleek tree tent allows you to build suspended campsites over rocky, wet, and hard terrains. It is equipped with 1 quality ratchet and 3 powerful straps to provide stability and keep the tent into position.

To make sure it is stable, it is attached to 3 trees using the straps that are wear resistant. It fits campers 5” tall with your entire luggage. Has a UV-resistant and water-resistant surface that protects you from bad weather conditions. The tent is made with a unique design that provides spacious and accommodation in any terrain. It is safe to use where it will not drop you on the ground and cause injuries.

  • Equipped with a quality ratchet and 3 straps
  • Made with a sleek design
  • Attachable to 3 trees
  • Has a UV and water-resistant surface
  • Spacious
  • Safe to use

Why buy this product?

It is made with a spacious design where it holds up to 2 campers with your luggage.

#1. Lawson Hammock Camping Tent

Lawson Hammock Camping Tent

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It has a patented design that allows using the tent when suspended, like a hammock, and on the ground. The tent is easy to set up, bring down and pack where it is perfect for all types of camping. Has a spacious interior to hold your entire luggage.

It is equipped with a mosquito net that keeps bugs away to give you an undisrupted sleep. To keep everything you need safe, it has 2 interior storage pockets for keeping your phone and other important things. It is made from quality materials that keep the tent functioning for a long time. Have aluminum arch poles that enable you to hold the tent steadily on the ground.

  • Has a patented design
  • Easy to set up
  • Has a spacious interior
  • Equipped with a mosquito net
  • Constructed of quality materials
  • Have 2 interior storage pockets

Why buy this product?

The best thing about this tent is that it is easy to set up and bring down using a few minutes.

Things to Consider When Choosing Tree Tents

  • Portability: Tree tents that are easy to set up and bring down are the best choices because less work will be required. You should also purchase carry bags that will help you carry the tents if you have a large tree tent. You can choose the tents that come with their carrying bags. The tent should not be too tiring when installing and taking down.
  • Material: Most of the tree tents materials are made of robust poles and fabric materials that enhance durability. The attaching straps should be sturdy and strong to make sure the tent is stable and kept into position. A tent made from weak materials is not safe to use because you can fall and get injured. Mostly, choose the tree tents with powerful and sturdy materials to give you the best service when camping.
  • Size: This is an important consideration where you have to know how many people will be in your tent. Mostly, choose the tree tents that hold a maximum of 2 people to save on the cost of buying 2 tree tents. The interior space should also be large to occupy all your camping things. Avoid buying a tree tent with a small size because it can fail to give you the comfort you require.
  • Durability: The period the tent will last determines a lot whether you will go back to the shop again to purchase a new one. Look for a tent that will be resistant to any form of damage like wind, rain and hot sun. Choose the tree tents that are made from damage resistant materials so that you can rely on it anytime.


Tree tents are one of the things you should not lack in your home especially if you love going for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, hunting, and other outdoor activities. Tree tents are made with different designs where you have to look for a tent that will make your trip enjoyable. You should look for a tent that will protect you from all insects especially mosquitoes, bad weather, and other obstacles.

You have to look for many things before buying any tree tent because you can buy a poor quality tree tent. The guide above will help you choose the top 10 best Tree tents in 2024 | camping hammock.

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