Top 10 Best Tree Swings in 2020 | Outdoor Swing

Are you shopping for a fun toy that can entice your kid to play outdoors? Trampolines are ideal. However, because of their size, you need a lot of free space to install one. Electric toy cars are also good but cost a fortune. To keep your child comfortable and safe without spending a fortune, opt for a tree swing. They work well indoors, on pouches, and outdoors. Most Tree swings also have weatherproof designs that are both comfortable and kid-safe. We have reviewed some of the most reputable brands in 2020 herein.

List of Best Tree Swings in 2020 | Outdoor Swing

#10. Sorbus Saucer Mat Swing

Sorbus Saucer Mat Swing

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Are you setting up a fun hangout spot for your kids? Do you want a versatile tree swing that your kids can play on every day without issues? Saucer is a spacious round mat that fits two to three kids comfortably. It also offers the ultimate relaxation outdoors because of its versatile design. For instance, you will love the gentle movements that this swing generates. Because it improves balance from a young age, it is beneficial on the growth and development of children. It also has a super comfortable hanging design that supports kids weighing up to 220 pounds.

Can this Saucer Mat Swing withstand elements such as the rain and UV rays? If you are setting up an outdoor entertainment spot, do not hesitate to order one. All materials are weatherproof. The fabric on its bed, for instance, does not grow mold over time, which makes it safe for kids. Suspension ropes are long (63 inches) and durable, while its padded tube frame (steel) does not rust or corrodes over the years.

Why Buy this Swing

Saucer is a kid-safe mat swing that is comfortable as well. You do not need special tools to install one. Its bed and ropes are durable as well.

  • Supports 220 pounds
  • Weatherproof ropes (63 inches)
  • Oxford/polypropylene fabric
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • Spot clean mat swing

#9. Springcoo Tree Swing

Springcoo Tree Swing

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With Springcoo, you will receive around tree swing with an adjustable height. As your kid grows, thus, you can adjust it to fit him or her without compromising its performance. Its spacious design (40 inches) also stands out. Two kids can stand or sit comfortably on it and play on it for long without its cords snapping. The tough material used to make its platform also withstands abuse well, which is a major pro. Fully loaded, it can support up to 400 pounds without stretching and or losing its shape.

Off the shelf, you get everything you will need to create a functional swing for your loved ones. Cords, for instance, come pre-installed on its platform. It also comes with sold metal clamps that you can use to secure it on a post or the branch of a tree in your backyard. This tree swing has a satisfaction guarantee. If its cord snaps or its platform grow mold over time, you can petition its manufacturer to send a replacement.

Why Buy this Swing

Your kids will enjoy playing and laying on this swings spacious platform. Measuring 40 inches, even adults weighing 400 pounds can sit and read a book in it without its frame buckling. Springcoo is satisfaction guaranteed. It is resistant to rainfall, harsh UV rays, and even the snow.

  • Supports 400 pounds
  • Heavy-duty cord and platform
  • Satisfaction guaranteed parts
  • Spacious design (40 inches)

#8. Swurfer The Original Tree Swing

Swurfer The Original Tree Swing

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Is your child passionate about skateboards? To introduce him or her into this sport without actually spending money on a skateboard, order the Swurfer Original. Most children and adults can ride this swing with ease without sacrificing safety for these reasons. Made from solid plywood, for instance, this skateboard swing is durable. Loaded to capacity, a new one can support 250 pounds. More than one kid can ride without issues. It also has wooden handles that your kid can adjust to enhance stability

Active boys and girls are less likely to develop cardiovascular problems or non-communicable diseases such as diabetes. To enhance this while making the process fun at the same time, buy Swurfer the Original. Its unique curved design is good for strengthening the core and the upper body. It also improves balance and tones the legs and arms of children, which is beneficial as well. This swing is easy to install. All you have to do is secure its mildew-resistant rope on the board and a sturdy beam.

Why Buy this Swing

Swurfer support 250 pounds. The risk of it breaking, even when jumped on by kid is low. Its plywood base has a comfortable curve to it. You also get two adjustable wooden handles for improving posture and stability.

  • Mildew-resistant rope
  • Solid plywood swing
  • Adjustable wood handles
  • Supports 250 pounds
  • Relatively easy to install

#7. Flying Squirrel Giant Rope Swing

Flying Squirrel Giant Rope Swing

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Most children want a swing on their backyards. Fortunately, with the development of tree swings, you no longer need one of the bulky metal ones found on parks. Buy Flying Squirrel to get a dependable 40-inch swing that fits multiple kids at the same time. Its installation is simple. Once assembled following manufacturer’s directions, all you have to do is hang it on a post or tree. You can also set it up on your large patio to create a soothing lounging space that your children can read in as well.

Due to its dependable and durable design, this is an outdoor-ready tree swing for kids. Its tough shell offers kids years of excellent service. During the weekends, for instance, kids weighing up to 200 pounds can jump and play on its platform without tearing it. Its metal frame and weather resistant cords are equally as durable. They last for years.

Why Buy this Swing

The Flying Squirrel is a good deal for parents whose children like to spend time outdoors. Even though it can support only 200 pounds, it is a good option for kids because of its stability. Its frame, cords, and cover are water resistant, while spacious swing can fit more than one child.

  • Supports up to 200 pounds
  • Spacious round swing
  • Smooth and controlled motion
  • Assembly is straightforward

#6. SUPER DEAL Spider Web


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This 40-inch SUPER DEAL spider Web tree is a spacious accessory that keeps kids entertained outdoors. Designed to support up to 600 pounds, it is one of the toughest products herein. Its ropes are long (71-inches) and durable, while its roomy nest accommodates up to four kids. During the weekend, kids can lay on this tree and gaze at the sky for hours. They can also invite friends on it and have an enjoyable time as well.

The reports of tree swings snapping and injuring kids are common. Moreover, because of low-quality parts, others grow mold or mildew over time, which are harmful to kids. SUPER DEAL is different. Wrapped in padding, its steel frame is non-irritant. The material also protects it from water, which prevents rusting. Made from polypropylene, its ropes are top-notch. Exposed to water or UV, they do not grow mold or weakens. At home, you can leave the swing on the yard without issues.

Why Buy this Swing

SUPER DEAL is a roomy and durable swing with a breathable spider web base that kids like. Its woven base is non-irritant. It is also spacious and has adjustable polypropylene ropes that are resistant to molds.

  • Durable polypropylene ropes
  • Padded metal frame
  • Comfortable spider webbing
  • Spacious swing (40-inches)
  • Collapsible for easy storage
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#5. Joychoic Extra Large

Joychoic Extra Large

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Tree swings are better than traditional ones in many ways. They are easy to install in most areas of the home. They also have comfortable and kid-safe designs that are beneficial to both boys and girls. With Joychoic, your children will enjoy these and many other benefits. Its spacious design (40-inches), for instance, stands out. For children weighing up to 400 pounds can lay and play on it for many hours. They can also read, sleep, and sit on it during their free time with good results.

By nature, kids are rough with toys. Products manufactured using low-grade materials do not stand a chance. Joychoic Extra Large is not one of them. Its steel frame is durable. It does not flex nor bends easily while under a load. The frame also has a protective foam padding that boosts the comfort of kids. Whilst in use for long, you do not have to worry about it scratching your kid or inducing pressure sores. You also get tough anchor cords that come ready to use. You simply tie them to a post or a beam to create a comfortable outdoor swing for your child.

Why Buy this Swing

Joychoic’s metal frame supports up to 400 pounds. This makes it an ideal product for parents looking for heavy-duty swings for their kids. Kids also love its padded frame and the spacious 40-inch platform on offer.

  • Durable metal frame
  • Assembles in minutes
  • Supports over 400 pounds
  • Padded frame (soft foam)
  • Spacious design (40 inches)

#4. Trailblaze Tree Swing

Trailblaze Tree Swing

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Do you have a hard time getting your children to play outdoors? The type of toys you have bought them over the years might be at fault. With this tree swing from Trailblaze, you will have a hard time keeping them indoors. It is a fun and recommended addition to most yards because of its versatility. Kids can sit and swing on this accessory for hours. Its 40-inch round base can accommodate two kids comfortably. It also has a sturdy design with a solid metal frame that can support 600 pounds.

You get heavy-duty carabiners and two heavy-duty straps with each product that you buy. These not only boost the stability of this swing but also its safety. Set up well, the risk of its straps snapping and this item tumbling to the ground is almost nil. Its 2-inch ropes are waterproof, while its foldable design is easy to transport and or store at home.

Why Buy this Swing

This popular 40-inch swing has an easy-to-store foldable design. It also has a durable design with straps and a mesh base that can support 600 pounds. You can leave it outdoor worry-free. Parts are water-resistant.

  • Foldable design
  • Waterproof ropes (2-inches)
  • Supports up to 600 pounds
  • Comfortable 40-inch base
  • Heavy-duty carabiners and straps
  • Airy net on its base

#3. HappyPie Nostalgic

HappyPie Nostalgic

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Classic wooden swings are in high demand because of their charm and longevity. If you are looking for a kid-safe brand for replacing the old swing in your backyard, HappyPie is a good brand. Manufactured using a two-piece pinewood, its solid base is durable. It also has a well-finished low maintenance surface that does not scratch or irritate kids. Its adjustable rope is equally good. You can customize its height (46-76 inches) to match that of your kid. It also has a water and UV resistant design that does not grow mold nor weakens over weeks or months.

How much load can HappyPie support? In addition to kids, this is a recommended product for adults because of its high capacity design. Overall, individuals who weigh up to 200 pounds can sit and swing on this accessory without issues. Find a solid anchor though. A beam on your patio or the branch of a large tree on your yard works well.

Why Buy this Swing

HappyPie supports. This in itself is a major reason why buying one is a good idea. Moreover, its plywood base (2-ply) not only has character, but also has a well-finished non-irritant surface. Your kid will love one.

  • Supports 200 pounds
  • Adjustable (46-76 inches)
  • Two-ply plywood base
  • UV and water-resistant

#2. M & M Sales Enterprises Web Riderz

M & M Sales Enterprises Web Riderz

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Have you been planning to surprise your child with a new toy for some time now? Check out this Web Riders tree swing. Designed to accommodate four kids at ago, it is a recommended product for people with large families. It also has a safe and dependable design, which consists of a 39-inch steel frame and a tight woven rope. In synergy, these components support up to 600 pounds. They are also comfortable and have a protective layer that minimizes damage from the elements.

Traditional brands of swings required a bit of hard work to install well. Web Riderz is different. In addition to its strength, most parents like its convenience. Using four monster clips, you can easily attach its ropes to its base. Once you have done this, all you have to do is secure it to a post or beam, which is equally easy. Buy worry-free for a loved one.

Why Buy this Swing

If you want a spacious tree swing or one with a long-lasting fabric platform, this is an excellent choice. It has a soft yet durable Oxford platform (600D). Its four ropes generate a smooth and well-controlled tree swing, while its weather resistant design works well outdoors.

  • 600-pound capacity frame
  • Tightly woven rope (weatherproof)
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Heavy-duty steel springs

#1. Royal Oak Giant

Royal Oak Giant

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Safe, comfortable, and durable, Royal Oak Giant has all the hallmarks of a high-quality tree swing. Its 40-inch design can accommodate multiple kids or an adult. The 600D Oxford fabric used to manufacture its top, on the other hand, is smooth and durable. Exposed to harsh elements, it does not fade weaken over time. Expect years of good service from it.

This is an exciting swing to play on. Its four-rope design, for instance, is easy to control. Moreover, because it is not as fast as some two-rope models are, it is safe for boys and girls. Off the shelf, you get simple instructions on its installation. It also has a warranty for 12 months.

Why Buy this Swing

With Royal Oak, you will get a dependable giant swing with a sturdy four-rope design. Its load limit is high (700 pounds), while the water-resistant materials used to manufacture it work seamlessly for years.

  • Large saucer (40 inches)
  • 600D Oxford fabric
  • Stable four rope swing
  • Water resistant parts
  • Approved for kids
  • Supports 700 pounds

Buying Guide for Tree Swings

While shopping for kid’s toys or accessories, the well-being of your loved one should be a major priority. The functionality and dependability of a product are also key if you want it to serve you for long. The get a tree swing that offers these benefits, look out for the following key attributes:

  • Load Limit: The thought of kids crushing to the ground from a tree swing worries most parents. To keep yours safe on these accessories, check the capacity of your swing of choice before ordering. How many kids can it support? How much load can its weight withstand? The sturdier your swing of choice the better it will be for you kid. Safety is paramount.
  • Comfort: Buying an irritant swing tree that might harm your kid in the long term is a poor decision. In addition to supporting your child’s weight, buy a swing with a comfortable design. All metal parts should have soft foam padding. This lowers the risk of injuries as kids swing. Swings with broad fabric or mesh platforms are also ideal. They lack irritant pressure points.
  • Durability: A tree swing that weakens when exposed to UV or water will never satisfy the needs of your kids. Avoid such products at all costs. Instead, look for a dependable one with a weather-resistant frame and platform. These work well all year round. Brands with braided and adjustable ropes are also ideal. They not only support a lot of weight but also last for long.


To get a comfortable tree swing approved for children, look out for the 10 products we have reviewed. Made from weatherproof materials, these are durable swings. Platforms are broad and comfortable, while their kid-safe designs benefit adults as well. You can lounge or read in one.

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