Top 10 Best Travel Toilets in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Travel toilets are quite often referred to as the “camping toilets.” However, they aren’t just limited to the camping trips. These toilets are usually used in any place where the traditional facilities are absent or inconvenient to use from campsites and cabins to boats and workshops.

At a certain point in our daily lives, we’ve made the mistake of going for outdoor activities or setting out for a ride that shall take lots of time or even plan for boat rides without having the necessary solution to one of the most important questions: Where will you visit the bathroom? Luckily, these travel toilets will make it appear as if you’re still at home. They have been made in such a way that you’ll be able to easily carry them around, and remove the wastes with ease.

List of Best Travel Toilets in 2024

#10. Palm Springs Outdoors 5 Gal Toilet

Palm Springs Outdoors 5 Gal Toilet

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Many individuals will agree that this toilet is among the best travel toilets on the market. This portable toilet is ideally-suited for campers and the outdoor use. The unit is lightweight to allow for easy carrying and handling. It’s also crafted from very strong materials. As such, it has a very sturdy design that can handle even heavy people.

The 5-gallon capacity is adequate for all daily requirements whereas its simple design will make installation a breeze. This unit features a very smooth surface designed for comfort and feels warm as well. Thanks to its leak-proof design, the chances of wastes leaking or even spilling during carrying are also minimal.

  • Handles a significant volume
  • Cleaning is hygienic and easy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good design as well as support

#9. Best Choice Products Camping Hiking Dual Spray Jets Travel Outdoor

Best Choice Products Camping Hiking Dual Spray Jets Travel Outdoor

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Next, we’ve got the Best Choice Product Travel Toilet. This toilet surely comes in a very compact size that’s very convenient for most users. Moreover, it is designed to save water. The waste tank has also been well sealed so as to prevent any odors from escaping.

The toilet’s design is a perfect fit for road trips and campings. Also, this unit has a removable waste tank that is designed to allow users to clean it up easily after using.

  • Lightweight and also easy to carry
  • Effective and odorless
  • Easy to use and water-saving design
  • Good capacity

#8. Dometic Portable Toilet

Dometic Portable Toilet

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You will certainly love what this Dometic toilet if you are a long distance driver or an avid camper. This model is practical and amazingly powerful. While it does not have all the features of those high-end units, it comes together with a very responsive button that’s designed for the pressurized flush.

Moreover, unlike most travel toilets in today’s market, the Dometic toilet has a very easy-view prismatic tank that comes with the level indicator. In simple terms, this feature will allow you to know exactly when you can add fresh water before it actually runs out. In addition, this unit also has the adult size seat along with a lid for your safety and comfort.

  • Good built and also comfortable
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Compact and lightweight

#7. JAXPETY 5 Gallon 20L Flush Porta Potti Outdoor Indoor Travel Camping

JAXPETY 5 Gallon 20L Flush Porta Potti Outdoor Indoor Travel Camping

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With the 5-gallon waste capacity, the JAXPETY toilet is indeed among the best travel toilets. This unit features the adult size seat that’s complete with its own sturdy lid. Its wall is also remarkably thick whereas the whole structure is strong enough for you to stand on. Topping it off is the fact that you do not require external power or water connections to use it. It’s completely self-contained.

JAXPETY travel toilet comes with clamps and latches to secure this unit in place. In addition, it comes with fresh water tank. The toilet will not take much time to be set it in the right position. As a matter of fact, all that you have to do is finding a flat surface then start using it right away; there are no tools that are required.

  • Thick and sturdy walls
  • Completely self-contained
  • Good quality and also comfortable
  • Disposing waste is easy

#6. Thetford Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet

Thetford Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet

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This award-winning travel toilet is versatile and a worthy choice if you want a unit for use on a frequent basis. It is a little bit smaller than the one’s we’ve reviewed earlier. Even then, this unit has the capacity of 4 gal. of freshwater along with 5.5 gal. of wastewater tank.

The one major thing which sets this model apart from the rest is its battery power flush feature. As a matter of fact, it’s arguably among the most powerful travel on our list. The bowl is large whereas the seat height also incredibly comfortable. Its curve design is contemporary and elegant with homelike looks. Also, there’s a curve that separates so as to give users easy access to holding tanks when you want to clean, empty or refill the toilet.

  • Good design and also comfortable
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Good holding capacity
  • Hygienic and portable

#5. Cleanwastes Go Anywhere Toilet

Cleanwastes Go Anywhere Toilet

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As hinted by its name, this travel toilet will clean wastes from anywhere. This toilet is simple yet it does a great job more so in campsites. It is well built so as to handle weights that are close to 500 pounds. Furthermore, it is very simple to set up. All that you need is to spare some minutes and then it will be up and running within no time.

Its design and good weight also makes carrying process to be easy. The unit has 3 locking legs that are designed for support and good steadiness. The integrated handle makes sure that it does not fall or even open accidentally when carrying it. The toilet also has a very easy to clean surface which guarantees best hygiene.

  • Good design
  • Good load capacity
  • High-quality construction
  • Easy to setup and hygienic

#4. Zimmer Comforts Portable 5-Gallons Toilet

Zimmer Comforts Portable 5-Gallons Toilet

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If you are in search for a portaloo that’s usable by adults and kids as well, then here comes the perfect choice. While this model has the full-sized seat, it will accommodate children also which makes it a good pick for social gatherings and family use. Do not be swayed away to think that Zimmer won’t meet your expectations in case you are hosting large crowds.

It comes together with a 3-gallons freshwater tank and 5-gallons waste holding capacity. Thanks to the bellow pump that’s attached to it, this unit will provide you with 70 flushes before requiring a refill. Disconnecting waste and the freshwater tanks is easy. Both tanks are designed with removable caps to allow for dumping and straightforward filling. Besides, Zimmer toilet has a very convenient handle so the process of moving it should not be a problem.

  • Versatile with a good holding capacity
  • Leak-proof
  • Sturdy built and durable
  • Good odor-locking

#3. Reliance Fold45 Toilet

Reliance Fold45 Toilet

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The Reliance Fold toilet deserves mention among best travel toilets. Being among the cheapest models, it is designed to thrive on simplicity. For the starters, this is a collapsible and lightweight model. It can fold down to around 5 inches and it weighs just 4.5 pounds. In this essence, it means that you it can take be moved anywhere.

It also features an integrated handle that you can lug around with a lot of ease. You will also notice clever leg locking feature that brings some impeccable sturdiness. Thanks to the minimalist design, Reliance Fold toilet is ideal for RV’s, boating and hunting. In addition, there are no problems if you decide add it on your pile of the emergency survival kits.

  • Good dimensions and quality
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Hygienic and portable
  • Comfortable and lightweight

#2. Thetford 92820 Travel Toilet

Thetford 92820 Travel Toilet

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This travel toilet prides itself on a sleek and modern design with a large bowl. Additionally, it has a comfortable seat height that makes it unique from its competitors. The other unique feature of this toilet is that it has in-built tank indicators for the water level. You will therefore eliminate the guesswork of understanding how full the tank is.

If you are looking to entertain a large crowd or planning for a trip, this toilet is the best pick. In short, it has been designed both for personal and group uses. With more than 50 flush capacity for every single fill, you will find it very effective to use. Additionally, this travel toilet has minimal maintenance which makes it very convenient to use. It is also very easy to detach for simple cleaning.

  • A refreshed and modern appearance
  • Comes with a standard lid latch
  • Features an ergonomic carrying handle
  • Industry-leading performance

#1. Camco Standard Travel Toilet

Camco Standard Travel Toilet

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At the top of our list is this travel toilet by Camco. There are many different reasons why it’s a top product. For instance, has a large seat size when compared to close competition and also has an increased bowl size that matches other top brands. The unit uses a very efficient flush action that rinses the bowl quickly.

This is a 5.3-gallon travel toilet which comprises of long-lasting polythene in an ingenious design. The toilet comes along with sturdy side latches that firmly locks its tank, comfy seat as well as well-made side valves which contain bad odor while still safeguarding against leakage. Besides, there’s a bellow-type flash and it can support around 330 pounds.

  • Good design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good holding capacity
  • Portable and lightweight

The Best Travel Toilets Buying Guide

The reasons for you to invest in a travel toilet are so many and so are characteristics that one should put into consideration before making your purchase. They include:

  • Volume: Depending on the time that you plan to spend on your trip, you should remember to pick the size of the toilet accordingly. For instance, for the standard overnight camps, you’ll obviously require a smaller toilet as compared to when you are going for several days.
  • Waste Disposal System: Regardless of which toilet that you choose, they will all require emptying at some time. You may go for water flushable toilets in this respect because of their convenience. In fact, most RV sites usually have fully operational facilities that run for this same purpose. A reliable alternative to this option are biodegradable sacks that are specially-designed to be disposed easily without having to be worried about leaving too much mess behind.
  • Size: Whenever it comes to the size, you should opt for a travel toilet that will suit your needs. Different individuals usually have different requirements whenever it comes to lavatory needs. This is the main reason why other people prefer certain shapes or sizes when squatting. In case space isn’t a major problem when you’re traveling, then try accommodating a larger toilet by all means.
  • Privacy: Although it’s quite rare, some travel toilets come with the privacy shelters for people to use. This will allow you to easily attend to your needs in utter solitude, without necessarily having to look over the shoulder. As such, you should look out for a toilet that won’t compromise your privacy when using it.

Having looked at the key factors that you should consider before buying a travel toilet, let’s now look at the best models that you can purchase today.


The thought of answering the call of nature while camping or when in the wild does not have to be difficult. You do not have to walk for long distances so as to access public toilets or talk to homesteads to use their facilities. You still can enjoy the similar experience as if you’re at home just by using a travel toilet. And just as its name implies, the toilet designed for travel and other outdoor activities. In the above review, we’ve selected the best 10 toilets that you can buy today. All that you need is choosing a product that suits your personal needs.

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