Top 10 Best Stihl Leaf Blowers in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

During dry months, plants shed their leaves to conserve water. Even though beneficial to plants, it is a challenge to some homeowners. The accumulation of dry leaves in their backyards creates an eyesore. Leaves also create good hiding places for pests such as mice and rats. These are equally hard to deal with. To maintain a clean and habitable backyard without hiring a professional, buy a leaf blower today. The best Stihl leaf blowers, for instance, are dependable household tools. They make cleaning yards fun.

List of Best Stihl Leaf Blowers in 2024

#10. Worth L402A00

Worth L402A00

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Hiring a leaf blowing company to clean your yard often is an expensive undertaking. Most people cannot afford it in the long-term. Instead of entering into such frustrating contracts, buy this Worth L402A00 leaf blower. For a few dollars, you will own a dependable battery-powered (8V Li-ion) leaf blower with a Plus Turbo three-speed system. Even though compact, its air speed (125MPH) and blowing capacity (500CFM) are admirable. If you have a large yard that is frustrating to clean, this device will offer you peace of mind. In addition to clearing leaves, you can use it to sweep light snow, dirt, and sticks from most surfaces. Its well-engineered system delivers good results always.

Worth L402A00 is a powerful device. Moreover, because of its compact and lightweight (5.7 pounds) design, most people can carry it and use it for long effortlessly. It does not strain the hands or back, as traditional snow blowers often do. It is also quiet, durable, and designed to run optimally for up to 70 minutes after charging for 40 minutes.

  • Lithium-ion battery (84V)
  • Long run-time (70 minutes)
  • Quick charging (40 minutes)
  • Lightweight (5.7 pounds)
  • Full three-year warranty
  • Three-speed control

Why Buy this Blower:

  • Portable design (lightweight)
  • High capacity blower (500CFM)
  • Good run-time (70 minutes)
  • Clears most debris on most surfaces

#9. Toro PowerPlex 51690

Toro PowerPlex 51690

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With Toro PowerPlex 51690, yard cleaning will be the least of your worries. Its powerful system moves up to 20% more air (480CFM) than similar leaf blowers. Its airflow is also fast (150MPH), which makes it perfect for clearing light debris such as leaves and twigs. During the weekend, you will not spend many hours cleaning your yard. You will also get good results always without straining your back and or hands. The light design of Toro is convenient.

The quality of this blower’s parts makes it ideal for heavy-duty cleaning. Its brushless DC motor, for instance, is one of the best. It is quiet, self-cooling, and has a variable speed system that you can customize to satisfy your needs. For light cleaning, for instance, you can set it at a low speed to save battery power. The oscillating nozzle kit on offer is also ideal. It enables people to clean open and tight spaces with ease. Toro has a 90W T90 battery.

  • High-capacity T90 battery (90W)
  • Three speed DC motor (brushless)
  • Versatile accessory attachment collar
  • Quick charging system (60 minutes)

Why Buy this Blower:

  • Long-lasting components
  • Good air capacity (480CFM)
  • Fast air flow (125MPH)
  • Convenient speed trigger

#8. SereneLife PSLHTM32 Electric Leaf Blower, Cordless

SereneLife PSLHTM32 Electric Leaf Blower, Cordless

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SereneLife PSLHTM32 is a 5-pound cordless leaf blower for clearing debris and leaves. Even though its 50MPH system is not as powerful as Toro PowerPlex 51690’s 150MPH one, it does the job well. Because of its lighter design, for instance, you can cover a larger area with ease. It also has a suitable height for most people and has a comfortable handle, which makes cleaning fun. Apart from yards, SereneLife PSLHTM32 is one of the best Stihl leaf blowers for cleaning driveways, garages, decks, and sidewalks to name a few. It does an excellent job always.

Good for cleaning on a regular basis, SereneLife PSLHTM32’s rugged design withstands abuse well. The heavy-duty ABS plastic (engineered) used to make it is durable. You can drop it a few times without it breaking. Its battery is also of good quality. Even though its long charging time is inconvenient (4 hours), it retains its capacity for long.

  • Engineered ABS plastic
  • 150MPH system (airflow)
  • Comfortable handle (rubberized)
  • Lightweight design (5 pounds)
  • Detachable exhaust nozzle
  • Convenient cordless design

Why Buy this Blower:

  • Easy to use (cordless)
  • Withstands outdoor abuse
  • Ideal for cleaning all surfaces
  • Non-irritant handle (rubberized)

#7. Oregon BL300 Cordless

Oregon BL300 Cordless

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This cordless Oregon BL300 leaf blower has improved how people maintain their yards. Powered by a 40V Max lithium ion battery, its all-in-one design is ready to use. After 60 minutes of charging, you can use it to clean your yard, sidewalk, and or deck for up to 120 minutes. Air volume is 507CFM. Its users also enjoy a no fade air speed of around 132MPH devoid of the cleaning job that they are working on. You will never struggle to clean your yard.

Most homeowners want lightweight leaf blowers that they can use easily for long. If you are one, you will like this cordless one from Oregon. Its lightweight design is not only comfortable to use, but also easy to control. You can maneuver it easily whenever you are cleaning a small or large yard. Its motor is quiet and has a conveniently placed speed trigger for adjusting speed. With the touch of a button, you can set the speed and power of this blower.

  • 125MPH air speed
  • 507CFM air capacity
  • Good run-time (120 minutes)
  • On-board speed trigger
  • 40V Max Li-Ion battery

Why Buy this Blower:

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Comfortable handle
  • Convenient on-board controls

#6. Makita XBU02Z

Makita XBU02Z

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Power tools by Makita are among the bestselling in stores because of their quality. They are durable, powerful, and have versatile designs that satisfy most people. Makita XBU02Z, for instance, is a dependable leaf blower for lawns and installations such as patios. Its 15,800-RPM system breezes through most tasks. It also has a portable and eco-friendly design that does not need oil or gas to work well. All environment-conscious individuals like this.

This is a good-looking product. The high-quality plastic used to manufacture it is not only stylish, but also durable. Both its speed and air velocity are adjustable (six stages), while its ergonomic design is easy to use. Whilst in use, you can maneuver it easily. Due to its good tonal balance, this Stihl leaf blower is gentle on the hands and back.

  • Adjustable velocity and speed
  • Eco-friendly design (zero emissions)
  • Good balance and ergonomics
  • Powerful system (15,800 RPM)
  • Rechargeable 18V Li-ion battery

Why Buy this Blower:

  • Safe for the environment
  • Easy to maneuver while cleaning
  • Variable speed system (adjustable)

#5. Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB

Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB

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Fitted with a 6-amp electric motor, Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB’s powerful system handles most leaf blowing jobs well. To clear the leaves and or twigs that have littered your home effectively, it is an excellent product to use. Air speed reaches 155MPH. This is sufficient for lifting dirt and debris. It also disperses air over a large area, which makes it suitable for sweeping large garages, driveways, and even patios. This leaf blower will make your life easy and fun.

Traditional cleaning items such as brooms are cheap. Unfortunately, because of their cumbersome and or manual systems, they require a lot of effort to use whilst cleaning. Do not buy such a product. An efficient leaf blower such as Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB will serve you better for many reasons. Its lightweight 3.9-pound frame, for instance, is ideal. Most people (including kids and the elderly) can use it for long. Maneuvering it on yards or patios is also easy.

  • Lightweight (3.9 pounds)
  • Good air speed (155MPH)
  • Long lasting 6amp motor
  • 13,500RPM no load speed

Why Buy this Blower:

  • Minimal assembly needed
  • Easy to maneuver (lightweight)
  • Sweeps most surfaces well
  • Dependable motor (6 amps)

#4. Worx WG546

Worx WG546

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For those looking for Stihl leaf blowers, Worx WG546 is a good option for many reasons. The unique turbo fan technology that it has, for instance, is ideal. Even though compact, it moves up to 340CFM of air. The two-speed motor it comes with is also one of a kind. In low or high setting, you can use it to clean your sidewalk and or yard for up to five hours. Its hyper-stream air nozzle channels air efficiently, while its lightweight design is fun to use.

Worx WG546 is a one-handed Stihl leaf blower. If you are tired of the bulky model in your possession, replace it with this one. Its compact design is light and portable. Its assembly is tool-free, while its ability to withstand day-to-day abuse well makes it a good professional-grade blower. Add one to your cleaning accessories worry-free.

  • Turbine fan technology
  • High capacity (340CFM)
  • Hyper-stream air nozzle
  • Detailed user manual

Why Buy this Blower:

  • Convenient tool-free assembly
  • Withstands physical abuse well
  • Portable/compact design
  • One-handed operation (ergonomic)

#3. Husqvarna 125B

Husqvarna 125B

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Say goodbye to the broom or rake that you use to clear leaves from your yard. With Husqvarna 125B, you get a 425CFM Stihl blower with an admirable 170MPH air velocity. Cleaning using this leaf blower is enjoyable for many reasons. Because of its power, for instance, you can clean a large yard on demand without breaking a sweat. Its automated system is easy to start and use, while the variable speed electric motor on offer is quiet and long lasting.

Unlike some brands that frustrate people over time, customizing Husqvarna 125B is a piece of cake. Using its intuitive on-board controls, for instance, you can adjust its speed with ease. Handling it is also easy because of its light and well-balanced design. Finally, its adjustable blowing tube enables people to clean hard to reach areas easily.

  • 425CFM air volume
  • Auto return switch
  • Adjustable blowing tube
  • Intuitive on-board controls
  • Variable speed throttle

Why Buy this Blower:

  • Easy to access controls
  • Light and easy to handle
  • High air speed and volume
  • Long-lasting components

#2. Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum

Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum

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Recommended for blowing leaves and mulching, Toro 51621 UltraPlus is a versatile leaf blower for contractors and individuals. In blow mode, it moves air at 350CFM. Air speed is around 250MPH, while its ability to move up to 410CFM in Vac mode appeals to most people. With the help of this device, you will clear leaves faster at home. You can also use it to pick up debris such as dirt or small twigs or to blow off snow from the patio in your backyard.

Like most recommended leaf blowers, Toro 51621 UltraPlus has a variable speed motor. Depending on the type of surface you are cleaning, you can customize its system to offer the best results. It also has a bag for catching debris, a long vacuum tube, and a bottom zipper bag for easy storage/transport. This is a perfect blower for homes.

  • 350CFM air capacity
  • 410CFM in Vac mode
  • Large catching bag
  • Bottom zipper bag for storage
  • Variable speed motor

Why Buy this Blower:

  • All in one leaf blower
  • Two modes of operation
  • Sweeps most surfaces

#1. Greenworks Cordless Blower

Greenworks Cordless Blower

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Greenworks is a battery-powered (2.0A 40V GMAX) cordless leaf blower with a powerful 150MPH system. Do not confuse its simplicity for a weakness. For heavy-duty blowing of leaves and other debris, it is one of the best tools to use. It set up is easy. Its battery and variable-speed motor are durable, while the long extension tube that it has boosts both its reach and efficiency. With a new one, you will be able to clear leaves from a large area effortlessly.

Some powerful Stihl leaf blowers are hard to control or maneuver. However, with Greenworks Cordless, this will never be an issue for you. Due to its lightweight structure, maneuvering it is easy. Even at full power, most people can control it and operate it for long without aggravating their joints or muscles. You get a free battery and charger.

  • Free battery and charger
  • 2.0A GMAX Li-ion battery
  • Variable speed motor
  • Efficient cordless design

Why Buy this Blower:

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Good blower efficiency
  • Adjustable speed
  • Battery has good run-time

What Makes a Good Leaf Blower?

Most of us struggle to keep the exterior of our homes clean during dry months. This should not be the case. With the help of a Stihl leaf blower, you can clear up leaves and twigs over a large area without breaking a sweat. You need a quality leaf blower though. Instead of gambling with a random leaf blower, follow these tips to find the best:

  • Power: What makes a good Stihl leaf blower? Many people think that large and bulky blowers are the best. This is far from the truth. To own a dependable product that you will enjoy using for long, check its power. What is the voltage of its electric motor? What is its flow rate? A powerful Stihl leaf blower with a high flow rate will serve you the best.
  • Weight: At home, most people have large yards that require a lot of effort to clean. Unfortunately, in their effort to lighten their loads, they buy heavy leaf blowers, which frustrate them in the end. Do not make the same mistake. Bulky Stihl leaf blowers are not always the best. Look for a powerful product that you handle comfortably for a long time.
  • Longevity: Leaf blowing is not a one-time event. To keep yards clean, people should clean their lawns at least thrice every week during dry months. Therefore, buying a Stihl leaf blower that cannot handle such a level of abuse is a poor decision. Your model of choice should have a durable design and system. Its parts should be professional-grade.


With the help of our Stihl leaf blowers, expect good and lasting results whenever you are cleaning your yard. These are convenient tools. In addition to their power, their maneuverability makes them suitable for cleaning yards and sidewalks. They are also affordable, efficient, and have low-maintenance designs that serve people well for years.

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