Top 10 Best Recliner Chair Covers in 2019 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

When you are caring about something, you actually need to accessorize it; however, it is necessary to make sure you preserve it. Recliners are of no different as many people usually choose an option of going for the recliner covers because of their chairs to ensure that if there is something which can harm the materials; a recliner is being protected by a cover.

This is certainly the top way of protecting the reclining chairs, and it’s actually the great way of protecting the general furniture too. These covers are cheap therefore this aspect of purchasing the recliner covers need be the minimum of your concern.

List of Top 10 Best Recliner Chair Covers in 2019

Stretch Sensations Crossroads Recliner Stretch Slipcover, CocoaBuy on Amazon
MAYTEX Reeves Stretch 4 - Piece Recliner Arm Chair Furniture Cover/Slipcover with Side Pocket, RedBuy on Amazon
MAYTEX Torie Stretch 4Piece Recliner Furniture Cover/Slipcover, TanBuy on Amazon
Perfect Fit Serta | Slip-Resistant Form Fitting Recliner Slipcover, Lightweight Ultra Durable Stretch Grid Fabric (Putty, 4-Piece)Buy on Amazon
Easy-Going PU Leather Slipcovers, Waterproof Sofa Covers with Pocket, 4 Pieces Stretch Furniture Protector, Anti-Slip Elastic Strap Shield (Recliner, Dark Gray)Buy on Amazon
SureFit Stretch Pinstripe 1-Piece - Recliner Slipcover - ChocolateBuy on Amazon
Maytex Collin Stretch 4 Piece Recliner Chair Furniture Cover Slipcover, BlueBuy on Amazon
One piece Stretch Recliner Chair Furniture Slipcovers with Remote Pocket Fit most Recliner Chairs (Blue)Buy on Amazon
Madison Stretch Jersey Recliner Slipcover, Large, Solid, AquaBuy on Amazon
Orly's Dream Pique Stretch Fit Furniture Chair Recliner Lazy Boy Cover Slipcover (Light Yellow Gold/Beige)Buy on Amazon

#10. Stretch Sensations Crossroads Cocoa Recliner chair Stretch Slipcover

Stretch Sensations Crossroads Cocoa Recliner chair Stretch Slipcover

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Stretch Sensation Crossroads Stretch Recliner Slipcover is a stylish cover which is well known. The material being used to produce this product is a combination of spandex and polyester. With this great quality, we actually need to ensure that it’s very safe when washing it.

With a size of 11 by 4 by 11 inches, generally, this is a standard product that can fit very well with nearly all types of the furniture. To ensure a perfect fit, the elastic is being added too.

This is not the typical recliner cover since it strays away from a tradition for not covering an entire recliner together with leaving the spots vulnerable. With this model which is from the Stretch Sensations, we will see that an entire body of a chair is being covered which benefits it by protecting sofa furniture totally with the microfiber technology.

  • Form-fitting stretch fabric
  • 4%Spandex and 96% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Recliner chair slipcover
     Pros     Cons
  • Stretch fabric
  • Fit most chairs
  • Machine washable
  • Totally shields the body
  • Attractive chocolate-brown cover
  • Not very durable
  • Elastic vulnerable to damage

#9. MAYTEX Reeves Stretch Red 4 – Piece Recliner Chair Slipcover/Cover with Side Pocket

MAYTEX Reeves Stretch Red 4 - Piece Recliner Chair Slipcover/Cover with Side Pocket

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Here we’re faced with another full body recliner cover which is awesome. These recliner covers are few in the marketplace but are gradually rising up in the ranks as it’s really the tremendous chair protector. It’s very stretchy which fit even the largest recliner chairs variations by making it the perfect fit. Essentially reeves are the stretch fabric slipcover which has the small rectangle textured being design with the soft touch. These slipcovers easily install using the elastic corners for the semi-custom fit.

  • Inbuilt elastic corners
  • Lightweight stretch fabric
  • Decorative grid design
  • Machine washable
  • Reeves recliner-chair cover
     Pros     Cons
  • Totally covers most recliners
  • Durable
  • Very protective
  • Easy care
  • Can get hard to set seat cover

#8. MAYTEX Torie Stretch Tan 4-Piece Recliner Chair Slipcover/Cover

MAYTEX Torie Stretch Tan 4-Piece Recliner Chair Slipcover/Cover

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Maytex Torie Stretch cover is actually the slipcover for the recliner which comes with four different types of pieces. Most importantly, this product is essentially produced from and spandex and polyester; thus, you will clean this cover very easily. For a convenience and a perfect fit, a corner for it is properly attached with the elastic material.

It is well produced using the top quality materials since it is very safe when washing it using the washing machine which has the size of 40 by 37 by 38 in inches.

  • Made using polyester and spandex
  • Weighs 2.8 pounds
  • Small geo-medallion design
  • Embellished stretch knit fabric
  • Semi-custom look
     Pros     Cons
  • Easily accessible pocket
  • Cover fits virtually all standard size recliners
  • Separate seat cover enabling for complete reclining
  • Assembled from 4-pieces
  • None

#7. Serta 4-Piece Stretch Putty Grid Recliner Slipcover

Serta 4-Piece Stretch Putty Grid Recliner Slipcover

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This is the best covers for the recliners that are properly produced using the top quality of the materials like the spandex and the polyester. The package for this cover usually comes with four different pieces. It’s an ideal product which you need to consider when you need to make the old furniture to become the new one.

For convenience to the users along with the comfortable feeling when you are sitting, it produces the very soft materials. You will slip this cover into the furniture using some few times and a little effort too. The full dimension which this product usually carries is 43 by 42 by 24 inches.

  • Soft stretchable fabric
  • Machine washable
  • 10% Spandex & 90% Polyester
  • Features in 4 different pieces
  • Weighs 2.5 pounds
  • Measures 43 by 42 by 24 in.
     Pros     Cons
  • Easy to use due to its stretchable and soft nature
  • Easy to care due to its Machine washable nature
  • Offers clean finished look
  • Amazingly comfortable and soft
  • Not that good as one could expect

#6. PU Leather 4 Pieces chair cover/ Slipcovers stretch

PU Leather 4 Pieces chair cover/ Slipcovers stretch

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This is an awesome Leather PU Slipcovers. This is the best recliner leather covers being designed with the pockets. It’s well-known because it can give a better protection for your furniture. Because this cover is known of waterproof, it’s an ideal product which you need to consider if the children are there in a house who may at times spill the water accidentally.

If you like to give this type of cover the thoroughly clean, essentially you will do it in the snap too. More than the cover, it will decorate your own house at the same time likewise. The materials being used to produce these products are the high-quality polyester, PU, and spandex.

  • Installation Instructions Included
  • Made using 40% PU, 50% Polyester and 10% Spandex
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Have elastic straps
  • Leather slipcovers
  • Features one-sided pocket
     Pros     Cons
  • Superb quality and affordable price
  • Stylish and coziness of the leather
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-toxic and environmental protection
  • May not fit perfectly

#5. Sure Fit Stretch (SF37383) Pinstripe 1-Piece – Chocolate – Recliner Slipcover

Sure Fit Stretch (SF37383) Pinstripe 1-Piece – Chocolate - Recliner Slipcover

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This recliner cover which we are highlighting carries many pronounced features. The Sure Fit Stretch Pinstripes is an unbelievable recliner slipcover that is being produced from spandex and polyester with a great design, it will adapt to a shape for the furniture very well. In addition, there is the elastic being added in a bottom part; therefore, a perfect fit is being guaranteed.

The pocket and handle are being attached sing this cover likewise. Since size for this product is 34 by 44 by 40in., it will be used with different types of the furniture. For effective and fast way for beautifying the old furniture, you need to choose this right choice.

  • Manufactured using the two-way stretch knit
  • Seat incorporates two elastic loops
  • Features light side handle
  • 6% Spandex and 94% Polyester
  • Machine Washable
  • Incorporates continuous footrest and left side pocket
  • Elastic bottoms
  • Features in multiple colors
  • Weighs 2.8 pounds
     Pros     Cons
  • Made to fit
  • Offers reupholstered look
  • Easily-installed covers
  • Fits cushion recliners and box cushion
  • Offer cost-effective decorative solutions
  • Refined stripes create the balanced look
  • May look unattractive

#4. Maytex Collin Stretch Blue, 4-Piece Recliner Furniture Slipcover/ Cover

Maytex Collin Stretch Blue, 4-Piece Recliner Furniture Slipcover/ Cover

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If you like to give an extra protection to your furniture, we’re glad to bring to you the best recliner protector which is called the Maytex Collin Stretch four-Piece Recliner Furniture Covers. This product actually comes in four pieces. For a convenience when slipping this cover to the furniture, it’s designed using the wide opening.

Moreover, the elastic to the corners are being added to give a perfect fit. For renovating old furniture to a new attractive one, you need to think of the cover which has 42 by 26 by 36 in inch cover.

  • Separate seat cushion
  • Weighs 2.15 pounds
  • Machine Washable
  • Elastic Corners
  • polyester/spandex construction
  • Opening for Lever
  • 4-piece patented structure slipcover
  • Wearable fabric
  • Super Soft Fabric
     Pros     Cons
  • Easy to install
  • Stretch fabric enhances dimension and interest
  • Offers semi-custom fit and look
  • Clean solid colors
  • Available in various sizes and colors
  • Offers comfortable feel
  • May not fit some recliner

#3. One piece Recliner Chair Stretch Furniture Slipcovers (Blue)

One piece Recliner Chair Stretch Furniture Slipcovers (Blue)

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This is also the high rated recliner seat cover, Sure Stretch Fit Pinstripe that is creatively being produced from durable materials like spandex and polyester. To begin with, it is being attached using the elastic in a corner; therefore, it will offer a perfect fit for all sizes and types of the furniture.

Since it is only highest and the best quality materials being chosen, the quality being given as a result is ensured unbeatable. Lastly, this type of product is one which you need to consider when you’re looking for the best way of renovating the old sofa.

  • Side pocket design
  • Weighs 2.91 pounds
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight
     Pros     Cons
  • Quality recliner cover
  • Fully elasticized
  • Stylish slipcovers
  • Slip-resistant chair cover stretches
  • Too large for some chairs

#2. Madison Stretch Jersey Aqua Recliner Slipcover, Solid, Large

Madison Stretch Jersey Aqua Recliner Slipcover, Solid, Large

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Madison Designs generally came out using the best recliner slipcover as it is the one which is highly popular. It is great recliner cover which will totally protect the chair from rougher things like the pet scratches, whereas it provides with you a peace of mind of knowing it that it will protect it from the pet hair and the specks of dust too.

  • Cozy knit fabric
  • 20 available prints and solids
  • Machine wash
  • Weighs 1.9 pounds
  • Stretch Jersey covers
     Pros     Cons
  • Heavily padded
  • Reversible design
  • Very comfortable slipcover
  • Small for certain chairs

#1. Orly’s Dream Pique Chair Recliner Cover Stretch Fit Slipcover

Orly’s Dream Pique Chair Recliner Cover Stretch Fit Slipcover

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Coming like the first and the best product in a list today, Orly’s Pique Dream Recliner Stretch Slipcover essentially is a stylish cover which is much popular. The material being used to produce this product is a combination of the spandex and polyester. With the great quality, it will ensure you that it’s very safe in washing.

With a size of 12 by 4 by 12in., this is a standard product that will fit very well with nearly all types of the furniture. To ensure a perfect fit, elastic is being added too.

  • Weighs 2.6 pounds
  • 3% spandex & 97% polyester
  • Waffle textured fabric
  • Right-side handle
  • Machine washable
  • Features side pocket
     Pros     Cons
  • Soft & comfortable
  • Looks nice
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Fit virtually all standard size
  • Not that durable

Consideration when selecting recliner chair cover

  • Texture: Textures generally add more to the feel and look of the furniture. Contemplate the use of the texture even before you choose the recliner chair cover. The textured fabric like twill, denim or damask will add the visual interest which also resists wrinkling.
  • Materials: Slipcovers actually can be made using cotton, polyester, wool, linen and spandex, almost any blend or fabric. If you have determined that the furniture may be getting the heavy traffic, you need to search for the durable slipcovers which are made from the heavy cotton. It is also the best to get the dark-colored slipcovers or one which has the pattern which will hide the stains if you are buying the recliner chair cover for protecting the furniture. If you essentially prefer the slipcover which fits like the second skin and appears stylish, try the thin slipcover which is made from the cotton-spandex stretchy blend. Indeed this style of the slipcover offers best options in form of the texture and the appearance because it comes in the fabrics like corduroy and faux suede.
  • Measurement: Before you purchase recliner chair cover, you will be required to measure the chair, sofa or loveseat so you will find the slipcover in a right size. To look for the correct measurement for your furniture, you need to measure from outside edge of the one arm to outside edge for another arm. The sofa-sized recliner chair cover can fit furniture which measures 74 to 96 in inches; the loveseat-sized slipcover can fit the furniture of between 58 and 73 inches long, while the chair-sized slipcover can fit the furniture measuring 32 to 40 in inches.
  • Look: Recliner chair cover generally come in different looks ranging from flowing and loose to the much-tailored ones which you need to decide on the look which fits your own room. You can choose the loose or the relaxed look for the casual effect, or even select the tailored look which fits lines for your chair or sofa very closely for the much formal look. Allow the overall decorating style to dictate the look together with the shape of a piece.
  • Fit: Slipcovers generally fit best on the round-arm furniture which has the rectangular seat cushions, though you may now find the recliner chair cover for the hard-to-fit furniture, like the wingback chairs and T-cushion sofas. You will also need to consider if you need one-piece slipcover or the one which has several pieces. The one-piece slipcovers actually offer the wider variety of the sofa sizes and will simply be removed by washing. The recliner chair cover set which has the individual pieces in every each cushion can fit the best and will offer much seamless appearance.
  • Fabric Weight: Not all the fabric is fit for the recliner chair covers. As the general rule, it’s best to evade heavy fabrics like velvets and chenille since they will not adapt well to a shape of the sofa or the chair. But the rules are expected to be broken where these materials will be very good for the very custom-made and structured look. Like the general rule, the slipcover fabric needs to be of the medium-weight and easily fit the furniture.
  • Shape: Not all the shapes which lend themselves very well will be slipcovered. If the chair or the sofa has the wooden frame around it or the wooden arms, the slipcover will not be the best idea because they can be felt from a fabric. A piece which is covered in the fabric brings you to accept that it will have a soft feel, and hardness of the wood underneath cannot feel pleasant.
  • Weave: When you are choosing the recliner chair covers, select the fabric which is tightly woven. Choose the color or the pattern which does not allow fabric underneath to show through except if there is an effect after that.


With above review, the reality is that each of these items is superb and functions as expected. With this in mind, making choice based on your desires and needs are guaranteed. Therefore, these recliner chair covers are great suitable. The recliner chair covers are exceptional for covering up and protecting all sorts of the set of furniture comprising theater recliners, kids recliner chairs, massage chairs and gaming chairs. Wish you well as you select the ideal product.

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