Top 10 Best Presentation Clickers in 2019 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

In both the educational and corporate world, giving presentations has become a very important part. However, sometimes those PowerPoint presentations might turn out to be annoying to the audience in attendance. In such instances, the problem isn’t about how you have designed the presentations but the medium in which you choose to display the presentations. Gone are days when people used to manually set up their PowerPoint slides. The modern-day presentations ought to be catchy and enticing. Thanks to the development of presentation clickers, this has been made quite easier.

As modernized presenters continue becoming more popular in today’s market, you should also be careful to ensure that you don’t buy a substandard product. As you plan on getting your audience excited through presentations, we’ve selected the 10 best presentation clickers for you. The quality of these models is incredible. Additionally, they have been well-designed by manufacturers to provide the best deals. As you read on, you will get exciting information about the factors that you should look for in presentation clickers as well as the best models that you can buy today.

List of Top 10 Best Presentation Clickers in 2019

Logitech R800 Professional Presenter R800 Professional Presenter 8.0000" L X 6.0000" W X 2.0000" H XBuy on Amazon
Kensington Wireless Presenter with Red Laser Pointer (K33374USB)Buy on Amazon
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Canon PR10-G Wireless Presentation Remote, GreenBuy on Amazon
Dinofire Presentation Clicker Green Light Pointer USB Rechargeable Wireless Presenter PowerPoint Clicker Hyperlink Presentation Remote Control Slide Advancer RF 2.4GHz For Keynote / Mac / PC / LaptopBuy on Amazon
AMERTEER Wireless Presenter, PPT Controller Presentation Remote Control Laser Pointer USB Mouse Clicker Flip PenBuy on Amazon
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AmazonBasics Wireless Presenter Remote Pointer for Computer or Projector PresentationBuy on Amazon
Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 Presentation Wireless Presenter with Laser PointerBuy on Amazon

#10. Logitech R800 Presenter

Logitech R800 Presenter

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For professionals who want the ultimate performance in terms of reliability, Logitech R800 is a fantastic clicker choice with a laser pointer and outstanding battery life. It features green laser which is easy to display on most presentation screens. It also works well regardless of the ambient light amount in a room. Apart from the laser pointers, the most
important highlight of this remote is its standout battery life. The included AAA batteries are capable of pumping out 1,050 hours in the presentation mode and 20 hours maximum battery life when in the laser pointer mod.

Keeping close track of the battery life is also made easy thanks to the LCD display. The display also adds silent vibrating alerts and timer to show you the battery status. The 100ft. wireless range on the remote adds freedom of walking around a room. Furthermore, the plug n’ play USB receiver also works perfectly on any Windows PC.

  • Outstanding battery life
  • Has a plug n’ play USB Receiver
  • Works on any windows OS
  • Effective up to 100 ft.

#9. Kensington Wireless Presenter

Kensington Wireless Presenter

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If you just need the basics, then there’s no need for you to look beyond Kensington presenter. The remote comes together with the laser pointer. Being compact and ergonomic, this presenter measures a 4 by 1.8 by 0.8 inches. The design will fit well in your palm. The 4-buttons interface lets you control the forward/back button. They also allow one to control play and stop.

Running on 2.4GHz connectivity, Kensington plugs perfectly into both Windows and Mac systems through an included USB receiver. It works right with PowerPoint right without requiring any extra software. With a 65ft. range, you will have plenty of room for movement throughout the presentation. In addition, the red pointer lets you easily highlight the parts of the slide that you would like to draw attention to.

  • Compact and ergonomic
  • Works with Windows and Mac Systems
  • Comes together with laser pointer
  • Offers 65ft. range

#8. Satechi Bluetooth Presentation Clicker

Satechi Bluetooth Presentation Clicker

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The Satechi Bluetooth presentation clicker is a favourite with Mac users and works with various presentation programs like PowerPoint and Prezi. It is not only used for giving presentations, but can also activate Sid without the worry of remembering any USB dongle. The clicker connects via Bluetooth 3.0 to help with the remote control of your Bluetooth-enabled computers, Apple TV3 and iOS devices which may be located a maximum of 33ft away. It uses the Smart Pointer’s Accessibility mode to enhance presentations or open apps on 105 devices.

The clicker has a hidden compartment holding a full 0-9 number pad and a mute button. It easily controls media playback by increasing and reducing volume, starting and stopping movies and songs and can fast forward, rewind and skip tracks on your Bluetooth computers or 105 devices. Its volume increase button also triggers the camera app so that you can click group shots after your presentation. The clicker even has a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Works with a wide range of presentation programs like Keynote and Google Docs
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty

#7. Canon PR10-G Presentation Remote

Canon PR10-G Presentation Remote

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The Canon PR10-G clicker has a very bright green laser light that’s 8x more powerful as compared to standard red lasers found on many presentation clickers. With no complex setup, you can easily jump into presentation mode using this clicker. It features a 100ft. range. It also has an LCD display that offers quick access to the signal strength. There’s also a timer that shows you how long you have been presenting.

You can add the preset alerts at your own designated times so as to keep the stage time in constant check. Its receiver works well with Apple and Microsoft systems, including any related productivity suite. Lastly, its ergonomic build is comfortable to hold and lightweight in the hand.

  • Works on Apple and Microsoft systems
  • Has 100ft. range
  • Easy to use
  • Has a powerful laser

#6. Dinofire FG01 Clicker Wireless Presenter with Green Light

Dinofire FG01 Clicker Wireless Presenter with Green Light

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Dinofire presentation clicker features an elegant body design with relatively large buttons. It also has a soft side surface which guarantees convenient and soft grip. The USB receiver has also been stored right on this gadget on a special so that you do not lose it. The buttons on this model are fairly large. Some buttons need one-time push while others should be pushed and held for some time. The presentation clicker is lightweight and compact with a 0.66lbs. weight.

This tiny remote will definitely help you to turn any PowerPoint presentation to an interesting and attention-grabbing event that the audience will appreciate. Its buttons are large enough so you will not miss or even confuse them. Dinofire remote features Black screen support when in Microsoft PowerPoint. As such, in case you decide to use this software during your presentations, switching the audience attention from the display screen to yourself is an easy task by clicking a button.

  • Elegant design
  • Has USB Receiver
  • Compact and lightweight to use
  • Easy to use

#5. AMERTEER Wireless Presenter

AMERTEER Wireless Presenter

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This wireless presentation clicker from Amerteer is made from ABS plastics in a scientifically agronomical design. It’s ready for immediate use because there is no need of installing any software to do so. All you have to do is plug it into your computer’s USB port and you are ready to go. It has five one-touch keys which help you easily control your slideshows. The buttons are for its laser pointer, launching the slide show and for moving the page up and down and a black screen to shift the audience’s attention to you. Its red laser pointer is easily seen against most backgrounds, and is useful for highlighting the slide’s important areas.

With a wireless remote control distance of up to 39 feet, you find it so easy to move around the room while interacting with audience. The clicker even has a built-in docking bay which facilitates easy pack up and portability, and reduces the chances of misplacing it. The clicker supports Window, Linux, XP and Mac OS.

  • Made of ABS plastics
  • Features 5-one touch keys
  • Effective for up to 39 ft.
  • Supports Window, Linux, XP and Mac OS

#4. Kiartten Wireless Presenter

Kiartten Wireless Presenter

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The modern PowerPoint presentations ought to be catchy. When you use Kiartten Wireless Presenter, you’ll certainly like the result. This ergonomic option functions well like other high-end presentation clickers. The remote’s design is slip-resistant. This will help you to avoid any embarrassing accidents as you present. In addition, the adjustable design of this presenter can be resized so as to fit different finger sizes.

This gadget has been well-made to last long. It’s therefore a great option for any presentation. It covers 100ft. range with wireless connection which means it can be operated from a distance. The design is also small making it comfortable to carry and use. Kiartten Wireless Presenter is perfect for most presentations whether it involves sideways movements or UP/Down scrolling. Once you’ve installed the device, it will start working right away.

  • Fits different finger sizes
  • Wireless connection up to 100ft.
  • Easy to install and use
  • Slip-resistant design

#3. Doosl DSIT001 Presentation Clicker

Doosl DSIT001 Presentation Clicker

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Doosl presentation remote features a very stylish metal body. It comes with convenient and soft silicone controls. The dimensions are 5.48 by 0.71 by 0.75 inches making it a thin and small device. Individuals who usually make many presentations require such devices every day. The pointer is convenient to carry anywhere, anytime. This model also features a special clip that allows users to keep it in the pockets of a shirt or suit. Besides, this clip makes the clicker utterly convenient for teachers or professors when giving lectures to students.

This remote will give you full control over all your presentations. It allows you to switch slides either manually or automatically. There’s also a USB receiver that’s kept in a very special storage space. The red laser pointer is bright enough for emphasizing on certain aspects of your presentation to the audience. Also, grabbing the people’s attention is easy thanks to the Black screen mode. With an array of useful, Doosl can’t miss out on the best clickers.

  • Features black screen mode
  • Stylish body
  • Allows users to switch slides manually or automatically
  • Bright laser pointer

#2. AmazonBasics Wireless Presenter

AmazonBasics Wireless Presenter

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If you are in search of a good presenter that can covers 50ft. wireless connection, then AmazonBasics Wireless Presenter is the right choice. The presentation remote is beautiful to hold and uniquely styled. It has also been made from eco-friendly ABS materials. This presenter is a great choice for people on a budget.

It’s a fairly small model with well-lit soft buttons. The red light allows the user to scroll the slides to all directions. Furthermore, this model has a very durable construction which will make it last longer. You’ll also enjoy how it works by getting the right results. It is extremely easy to make new slides using this device. Get AmazonBasics Wireless Presenter and the audience will certainly be happy.

  • Made of the environment-friendly ABS materials
  • Has well-lit soft buttons
  • Quite affordable
  • Offers powerful wireless connection for 50ft.

#1. Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 Presentation Wireless Presenter

Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 Presentation Wireless Presenter

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For perfect presentations, look no further than Logitech R400. This presenter is designed to provide memorable experiences. With user-friendly touch keys that are designed for easy control of PowerPoint slideshows, the wireless R400 clicker provides a good range of 50ft. This will give you enough freedom for moving around the room during presentations. The USB receiver also plugs in any compatible PC which hides in the storage compartment for quick access.

The included pointer helps to easily identify the notable points during a presentation. Logitech Wireless R400 features 2.4GHz wireless technology. It can connect to all wireless networks without any need of installing software. With close to 20 hours battery life, the clicker will serve you for a long period of time. It’s also compatible with Windows operating system.

  • Has user-friendly keys
  • Comes with 2.4GHz wireless technology
  • Compatible with Windows OS
  • Great battery life

Best Presentation Clickers Buying Guide

  • Design: The first factor you should consider when choosing a presentation clicker is its design. Consider the size and shape of the model. Also, look at the material that it has been made of. The top-rated presentation remotes usually have light indicators. These indicators will inform you about important issues like signal strength and battery charge level. The best models will also have a receiver together with a microSD card slot. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to copy all files to your SD card. That’s extremely important for busy people such as professors and like teachers.
  • Convenience: If the clicker is too big to hold in your palm, then using it will be difficult. You should buy a remote that you can hold comfortably. Also, in case the material used is slippery, it increases the chances of dropping the device. The best devices should have a USB receiver storage place. This way, you won’t ever lose this small but indispensable gadget.
  • Controls: The remote controls should also be easy to use. Learn how to control the device with ease in order to effectively get points to your audience. Some presentation clicker models are more complex and they need more functionality than switching slides. When shopping for a clicker, always opt for a model with easy-to-use controls.
  • Additional details and extras: It is also a great idea to ensure that your device is compatible with your computer’s operating system. Also, consider features like the power source. Most remotes usually use in-built batteries whereas others require 1 or 2 AAA batteries.


The above article has clearly highlighted the best presentation clickers today. All the models work perfectly with most OS and they come with a wide range of best features. Therefore, in case you’re planning to purchase a presentation remote, just pick any model from this list. You’ll surely enjoy the efficiency as well as results that will come after.

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