Top 10 Best Over The Toilet Storage in 2023 | Bathroom Space Saver

The home arrangement, storage, and organization have become common problems that people encounter in their lives. Whether it’s not ample cupboards, closets, cabinets, or sink space, people will try all means to fill the available space in these areas. However, there are units people have designed to combat old home storage problem. One of these units is over-the-toilets storage.

A bathroom etagere, or at times known as an over-the-toilet storage cabinet or toilet space-saver shelf are designed to optimize your toilet space. They also help in easing your distress about bathroom clutter. This unit will not only improve the functionality of your restroom but also impact the general appearance of your washroom.

List of Best Over The Toilet Storage in 2023

Amazon Basics 4-Tier Over-Toilet Bathroom Shelf
Amazon Basics 4-Tier Over-Toilet Bathroom Shelf
Metal steel shelving unit for bathroom use; Provides space for storing towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials
RiverRidge, White Ellsworth Spacesaver
RiverRidge, White Ellsworth Spacesaver
Assembled dimensions: 9.25-in. L x 27.36-in. W x 64.57-in. H; Features traditional shutter door design
ZPC Zenith Products Corporation Zenna Home 2501W, Bathroom Spacesaver, White
ZPC Zenith Products Corporation Zenna Home 2501W, Bathroom Spacesaver, White
Decorative bath storage unit fits over standard toilets to provide extra storage space; Durable white, powder-coated steel finish
Creative Bath 3-Piece Complete Bath Set, Bronze
Creative Bath 3-Piece Complete Bath Set, Bronze
Oil rubbed bronze finish; complete bath accessories; full color packaging; quick and easy assembly - assembly instructions and tool included
Honey-Can-Do 4-Tier Space Saver Shelf, Chrome, 24.02' L x 11.02' W x 67.72' H
Honey-Can-Do 4-Tier Space Saver Shelf, Chrome, 24.02" L x 11.02" W x 67.72" H
Creates vertical storage space—above toilets or other furniture; Four sturdy shelves for towels, plants, and other storage needs
Zenna Home Drop Door Over the Toilet Bathroom Spacesaver, Bath-Storage Shelves, White
Zenna Home Drop Door Over the Toilet Bathroom Spacesaver, Bath-Storage Shelves, White
IDEAL FOR A WET BATHROOM ENVIRONMENT: Durable particle board construction; ATTRACTIVE AS WELL AS FUNCTIONAL: Sleek white finish and chrome-finished hardware
Sauder Caraway Etagere, L: 23.31' x W: 7.44' x H: 68.07', (Soft White finish)
Sauder Caraway Etagere, L: 23.31" x W: 7.44" x H: 68.07", (Soft White finish)
Space-saving cabinet fits over toilet; Adjustable shelf behind frame and panel door with reeded translucent insert

#10. AmazonBasics Over-Toilet Bathroom Shelf (4-Tier)

AmazonBasics Over-Toilet Bathroom Shelf (4-Tier)

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By: AmazonBasics

Beautify your restroom with elegant yet space-saving over-toilet bathroom shelf by AmazonBasics. This product has shelving units that are made of steel metal. Also, it features durable steel construction alongside multiple shelving tiers. Interestingly, these Over-the-toilet Storage unit provides adequate space for storing bathroom essentials, toiletries, and towels.

Furthermore, it has rubber feet that not only prevents floors against damage but also prevent slippage. This unit is so exciting in the sense that they offer space-saving convenience and fits over the toilets.

Reasons to Buy This Product

The impressive this with this item is that it has rubber feet that prevent floor against damage and slippage as well. The unit has gleaming powder coated varnish, which complements most faucets and restroom fixtures.

Key Features
  • It weighs 7.98 pounds
  • Has rubber feet for slippage prevention
  • Made with long-lasting steel alongside multiple ranks
  • Has metallic shelving unit
  • Has gleaming powder coated varnish
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#9. Finnhomy Over-Toilet Rack (3 Shelf)

Finnhomy Over-Toilet Rack (3 Shelf)

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By: Finnhomy

Finnhomy over-toilet bathroom 3-Shelf provides extra space saving storage option for your bathroom. This over-the-toilets bathroom features a slim, sleek design that fits all standard size toilets virtually.

Additionally, it incorporates a beautiful chrome varnish that will match most existing décor. So too, it is suitable for holding and organizing essentials such as candles, shampoo, towels, and soap, and much more. It also features sturdy shelves that can support the 20 lbs.

Reasons to Buy This Product

The item can last longer and at the same time withstands humid setting in the bathroom due to classic steel alongside chrome finish. Impressively, it has large 3-tier shelves, and it is made of conventional steel alongside chrome finish.

Key Features
  • Has an attractive chrome finish
  • It weighs 5.7 pounds
  • Come with 3-tiers shelves
  • It supports 20lbs
  • Classic steel construction
  • Freestanding space-saving unit

#8. Spirich Home Over-The-Toilet Storage Shelf

Spirich Home Over-The-Toilet Storage Shelf

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By: Spirich Home

Maximize available space and organize your necessities in your bathroom with Spirich Home. Unlike the other brands of the same category, this one will not only occupies unused space but also provide display needs. It is engineered using durable wood and also features bead-board back panel and the soft white finish for a cheerful, bright look that will compliment your home décor.

Consequently, it has cubbyhole storage alongside an adjustable shelf. It also includes a louver door and two extended shelves suitable for a varied variety of medicines, toiletries, and more

Reasons to Buy This Product

The unit features concealed storage space, two extended open shelves, and two cubbyhole storage to provide ample space. It also includes a stylish and durable knob.

Key Features
  • Has Cubby Hole Compartments
  • White-Finished Storage
  • Adjustable shelf.
  • Hidden Storage Capacity
  • It weighs 33.8 pounds
  • Two extended open shelves
  • Made of high-quality hinges, wood and Louvre door alongside silver knob
  • Has bead-board back panel
  • Measures 223.2-inches (W) by 7.87-inches (D) by 68.1-inches (H)

#7. RiverRidge Ellsworth Over-The-Toilet Storage Collection Space-saver

RiverRidge Ellsworth Over-The-Toilet Storage Collection Space-saver

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By: RiverRidge Home

This over-the-toilet storage cabinet has a shutter door design that’s ideal for less spacious bathroom layouts. It also incorporates a fixed interior shelf, hidden storage space, and large fix and open shelf for optimizing the use of available space. For additional stability, you can easily fix it to the wall.

What’s more RiverRidge® bathroom storage unit provide an organized way of storing your toilet essentials. It is also ideal for limited spaces and affordable bathroom fixtures. The over-the-toilet storage offers a better way of ensuring that your bathroom is well spruced up with amazing home decor accents.

Reasons to Buy This Product

RiverRidge over-the-toilet storage will help in creating more functional toilet space in small room layout. It complements with Ellsworth collection items.

Key Features
  • It weighs 39 pounds
  • Elegant interior shelf
  • Wall anchorage installation
  • Have shutter doors
  • Measures 25L by 27.36W by 63.75H when assembled

#6. Best Choice Products Space Saver Modern over-The-Toilet storage

Best Choice Products Space Saver Modern over-The-Toilet storage

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By: Best Choice Products

Organize your toilet essentials with modern over-the-toilet storage. These units have a large shelf that holds toiletries. Additionally, over-the-toilet storage cabinet features smooth espresso finish and bead-board back panel that gives your restroom a modern feel. The cabinet is also suitable for bathroom convenience and organization. Over again, it is excellent for storing surplus bathroom, towels, toilets, paper, and soaps.

Furthermore, its design includes multiple yet adjustable shelves for storing small and large items. Also, it has external cubbies, and next to the framed panel door, there are shelves.

Reasons to Buy This Product

This over-the-toilet storage fits typically almost all standard toilets. It has a practical design that reclaims storage space, thus saving bathroom space.

Key Features
  • Wainscot panel finish
  • Multiple adjustable shelves
  • Overall measurements: 23.25-inches (L) by 7.25-inches (W) by 69-inches (H)
  • Weight: 29.5 lbs.
  • Medium Density Fiberboard material
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#5. Jensen ZPC Zenith over-the-toilet Bathroom storage

Jensen ZPC Zenith over-the-toilet Bathroom storage

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By: Jensen

Have you ever needed more over-the-toilet storage space for the toiletries or other essentials in your restroom? Reclaim the unused space over-the-toilet and make it useful storage space with Jensen rust-free, durable steel frame over-the-toilet space-saver.

More importantly, this elegant unit provides three 10.5-inches thick wire shelves that offer storage for bathroom accessories, towels, and other necessities. It also features an arch top that generally goes with every décor and works to hold items safe and free from accidental slipping behind the uppermost shelf.

Reasons to Buy This Product

The unit fits over any standard size toilets. Impressively, it accompanied by wall anchors, thus making it easy to install. It is also decorative over-the-toilet storage that fits perfectly over standard toilets and gives extra storage space.

Key Features
  • It weighs 1 pound
  • Durable powder-coated steel finish (white)
  • The unit provides three 10.5-inches dense wire shelves
  • 23-3/8-inches by 68-3/8-inches by12-3/8-Inch
  • Has three-wire storage shelves

#4. Creative Bath 3-Piece Complete Bath Set, Bronze

Creative Bath 3-Piece Complete Bath Set, Bronze

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By: Creative Bath

This over-the-toilet Space Saver from Creative Bath is beneficial in creating additional storage in your bathroom. It features a 3-shelf storage space to help you organize your bathroom accessories and supplies. Other than fitting perfectly above your toilet, this bathroom space saver has a classic look. You can see this from its decorative tops and stylish tapered legs.

Apart from the space saver, this bath set also includes one magazine rack and one over-the-door hanging rack. Assembly is easy and quick with its included assembly instruction kit. Also, this over-the-toilet bath storage set has an oil-rubbed bronze finish. About cleaning, wipe it using a damp cloth.

Reasons to Buy This Product

It comes with 3-piece bath set that includes magazine rack, over-the-door hook and space saver. About cleaning, you need to wipe it using a damp cloth.

Key Features
  • Weighs 12.2 pounds
  • Oil rubbed bronze varnish
  • Assembly instruction Kit
  • Metal Hand Wipe
  • Incorporates 3-piece bath set

#3. Honey-Can-Do 4-Tier Metal Shelf Space-Saver (BTH-05281)

Honey-Can-Do 4-Tier Metal Shelf Space-Saver (BTH-05281)

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By: Honey-Can-Do

This Bathroom Shelf Space Saver by Honey-Can-Do is also very essential in creating more space. Its sturdiness makes you store all your bathroom items suitably. This Bathroom Space saver features four shelves creating more space for storing your washcloths, towels, and other bathroom items.

Its design makes it fit perfectly over any standard toilet design to provide vertical bathroom storage. Moreover, its 68-inch height also ensures that all items are easily reachable. There is no need for minding about the unit scratching your floor.

Reasons to Buy This Product

The Honey-Can-Do bathroom space saver includes rubber bottoms to avoid scratches. Made of long-lasting steel, this bathroom space saver also has a chrome finish.

Key Features
  • Fits seamlessly over-the-toilet thus providing vertical bathroom storage
  • It weighs 1.2 pounds
  • Made of 0% Fabric
  • Stylish design with the unsurpassed appearance
  • Has four shelves
  • Measures 24-inches L by 11-inches W by 68-inches H
  • Incorporates rubber bottom

#2. Zenna Home Over-The-Toilet Bathroom Space-saver

Zenna Home Over-The-Toilet Bathroom Space-saver

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By: Zenna Home

Solve your little space problem with the Zenna Home over-the-toilet Space Saver. This bathroom space saver has both open and hidden storage for bathroom items. At the top, this space saver has two cabinet doors stocked with chrome-finished knobs to unfold a storage shelf.

At the middle area is another open shelf for storing attractive bathroom items. Below the open shelf is another hidden storage shelf with a drop door cabinet. Made of espresso-finished wood, this space saver is long-lasting.

Reasons to Buy This Product

More importantly, this bathroom space saver fits perfectly on most bathroom decor styles. Its step-by-step instructions make assembly easy. Also, the unit’s 31.75-inch height allows it to fit over any standard toilets. In the case of taller toilets, color-matched leg add-ons are available for additional height.

Key Features
  • It weighs 29.3 pounds
  • Bottom measures 31.75-inches
  • Has chrome-finished hardware and neutral white varnish
  • The trim bottom has a dimension of 29-inches
  • Durable wood construction

#1. Sauder Caraway Etagere Slate finish/Soft White (414111)

Sauder Caraway Etagere Slate finish/Soft White (414111)

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By: Sauder

Have your restroom looking orderly and elegant with this Sauder Bath collection etagere. This space-saving unit fits perfectly over-your-toilet and incorporates cubbyhole storage alongside an adjustable shelf. Also, it has an adjustable shelf just next to the frame panel door. This allows the storage of any restroom necessities.

To elaborate more, the unit incorporates bead-board back panel and faux slate varnish. These attributes will provide your restroom with a fresh new look.

Reasons to Buy This Product

The Caraway Soft Etagere from Sauder provides a convenient, durable, and reliable addition to a broad variety of residential bathroom arrangements. The unit has an adjustable shelf and translucent insert panel door for helping you in ensuring that there plenty of space for a bathroom without added clutter.

Key Features
  • The adjustable shelf next to panel door and frame
  • Soft White Finish
  • Cubbyhole storage alongside adjustable shelf.
  • Faux slate varnish shelf
  • Bead-board back panel.
  • It weighs 27.9 pounds
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How to choose the best over-the-toilet storage

Size: When you opt to use the over-the-toilet blank space, the first aspect to consider is the size. Ideally, the size entails taking the right measurement. However, some toilets feature different shapes and sizes. So too, the overall toilet dimensions, measure toilet tank height and empty wall space. The over-the-toilet storage should be a bit higher so that it does not hinder the removal of the toilet tank lid during toilet maintenance.

Style: Depending on personal needs, there are different brands of over-the-toilet storage. Most of them provide the ideal way of maximizing space in your restroom. Interestingly, there are still many styles, such as a cabinet with glass doors, with doors or without doors. Other may come in stylish colors. Ideally, the color shade depends on the general restroom décor. Also, the spacious restroom can perfectly accommodate big cabinets with no or with doors. If your room is less spacious, then you need to consider the over-the-toilet storage cabinet with simple shelves or glass doors.

Necessity or Design: Think about your principal purpose for acquiring an over-the-toilet storage cabinet. Perhaps your restroom currently has inadequate storage for towels and toiletries. Or maybe you require extra storage space for backup necessities that currently occupies treasured space in other bathroom cabinets. Or probably that big free space over-the-toilet attracts your eye any time you enter into the restroom, and you desire to put shelves or cabinet as an attractive accent to compliment the general appearance of the toilet.


To sum up, you may have noted that all the units listed above are of good quality and durability. So too, the buyer’s is comprehensive enough to give you excellent exposure to wisely selected over-the-toilet storage units. In all honesty, the above over-the-toilets storage is the best selected for your restroom needs.

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