Top 10 Best LED Pool Lights in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

The party does not have to stop after the sun has gone down. This mostly happens during summer when evenings are warmest. The luxury of a great evening swim is among the best things that you can enjoy in your swimming pool. When you fit your swimming pool with quality LED pool lights, you can be assured of using it throughout the day.

Whether you simply want to raise the safety level around your swimming pool, make that space look more beautiful or you’re just having pool parties, getting quality LED pool lights is essential. If you are searching for the best pool lights you can be assured that you aren’t alone. In fact, several pool owners usually consider pool lights as a necessity as they also complement the outdoor lighting.

Finding quality pool lights is a tough task since there are many types and models with different specifications. Thankfully, we are here to help. We’ve created a comprehensive guide and reviewed the lights to come up with a list that will help you buy the best pool light. Read on and make your swimming pool look better.

List of Best LED Pool Lights in 2024

#10. Pentair 78428100 Amerlite Pool Light

Pentair 78428100 Amerlite Pool Light

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Amerlite incandescent LED lights represents the world’s standard of reliability for spa and pool lighting. In fact, the Amerlite systems usually light over 3 million swimming pools across the globe. With these LED lights, you will be able create different moods using the snap-on lens cover in amber, blue, red and green. Furthermore, the plastic snap-on rings let the user to coordinate with the swimming pool’s finish.

Amerlite lights have the prismatic tempered glass lens designed for optimal light diffusion. Also, they have heat-sensing cutoff feature for the low water protection. Their design will allow for bulb change without necessarily having to lower the water level. The Amerilte light also comes with the thermal cutoff feature that shuts off when the pool water is low. Another interesting feature is that this LED light creates a unique mood with its blue, green and red colors, which can be bought separately. This LED light also meets the UL standards and it’s ideal for freshwater use.

  • Stainless steel materials
  • Heat-sensing cutoff
  • UL listed
  • Perfect for freshwater

#9. Roleadro Led 47W RGB Pool Light

Roleadro Led 47W RGB Pool Light

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Make your pool colorful using this LED light. It has multiple color combination to give the best lighting. There are 7 static modes, 10-speed levels and 5 dynamic modes just to ensure that you get the best lighting. You can pick any mode that you prefer using the remote controller. The Roleadro LED light will certainly make your life to be more colorful.

The lights are of reliable quality and waterproof. The manufacturer adopted the high-grade steel and quality silica gel as the lamp body. It also comes with the excellent waterproof seal material. As such, quality is guaranteed with this product. There are also super shinning LED chips that ensures that the light from this pool lamp is bright and more uniform.

  • Safe work voltage
  • Effective control distance
  • Affordable price tag
  • Reliable quality

#8. Inter Forte TOP Swimming Inground Pool Light

Inter Forte TOP Swimming Inground Pool Light

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This product ranks among the best in-ground LED lights. The model is resistant, easy to install and beautiful at the same time. The colours feature over 50 changing effects. An added bonus on this light is the electric connector which makes the installation process much easier. By buying this LED light, you can be sure to save money and energy.

Featuring over 50 colour changing effects, the light gives you the chance to achieve any mood that you want using the remote. The LEDs bulbs are durable and guaranteed to serve you for a long period. They are also bright to illuminate 20,000-gallon+ swimming pool at 35 watts only. What’s also great about these LED lights is the fact that they’re easy to install. As a matter of fact, these lights have been well-designed to fit several Pentair Hayward Fixtures.

  • Fits several Pentair Hayward Fixtures.
  • Boasts of quality colour-changing LED light
  • Can be matched with pools with varying shapes
  • Saves money thanks to the LED technology

#7. AC/DC Color Changing Swimming Pool LED Bulb (120V 35W)

AC/DC Color Changing Swimming Pool LED Bulb (120V 35W)

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This amazing swimming pool light is designed with a switch and remote-control feature. This remote allows it to color-change easily and efficiently. It has a lifespan period of over 65,000 hours and operates on a 120 voltage 35-watt system. This LED bulb is also designed with a 15-setting ability to include 6 solid colors and 9 different color shows.

It is considered one of the best lights for your small to medium-sized swimming pools and has a manufactured lens geometry to provide a wide range of lighting. The bulb is an aluminum-built product that has a reflector to eliminate hot spots during use. It can also be controlled by an on/off switch installed in your home or elsewhere without having to restructure your pool wiring.

  • Best for small and medium pools
  • Has switch and remote control feature
  • Long lifespan of 65 000 hours
  • Features an aluminum-built bulb

#6. Floating Swimming Pool LED Light by Kem-Tek

Floating Swimming Pool LED Light by Kem-Tek

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This swimming pool LED bulb is designed with a floating feature that enables easy flow and rotation. It is made with a float element that allows the light to be atop the water (not submerged) and is initiated by batteries. It has an easy operation feature that allows for flexible switching on and off as well as easy storage. This LED bulb is suitable for small swimming pools, bathtubs, and jacuzzies as well as for kids’ water areas.

It is also functional for parties, social or private events as well as items such as your vase, stage or bowls. It is waterproof and once secure properly, can have a long duration. If you are seeking a way to have your baby take a quiet bath, then the floating Swimming Pool LED Light is a perfect choice. It is manufactured with user-friendly materials and as such, will not harm while being used in the water while occupied.

  • It’s a waterproof model
  • Manufacture with user-friendly materials
  • Easy to operate
  • Has a floating feature
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#5. Bulbwizards Poolbright Color Changing Bulb

Bulbwizards Poolbright Color Changing Bulb

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The Bulbwizard Poolbright Color Changing LED Bulb is efficiently made with 7-feature solid color abilities. It also features four color changing speeds to include rapid, slow (1-minute interval), slower (5-minutes interval), and slowest (20-minutes interval). Though not designed with a remote control, this LED bulb is easily controlled by an on/off switch.

The bulb can be easily installed without a professional and has a long duration period. The bulb is manufactured with a cooling feature that allows automatic cooling down after intensive high lighting usage. It also allows for synchronization of the LED bulb on the same compound electrical circuit. This bulb operates on a 120V system.

  • 4 color changing speeds
  • Easy to install
  • Operates on 120V system
  • Has a cooling feature

#4. AomeTech Waterproof Battery-Powered Pool Light

AomeTech Waterproof Battery-Powered Pool Light

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This swimming pool LED bulb is one of the most featured bulbs as it enables wireless operation, multi-color abilities and allows for submersion. The AomeTech LED Pool Light is waterproof though battery operated as it provides a protective covering for the internal system. The waterproof ability is made with a rubber-protective screwed-on area.

It can showcase up 10 different colors and also has a wireless remote control. It features 4 lighting modes to include flash, strobe, fade and smooth. It is perfect for your swimming pool, bathtubs, water fountains, parties, stage, vase, aquarium among other areas. It allows easy incorporation into the already installed electrical circuit. It operates on a 2.4 watts pressure and has a long duration period.

  • Waterproof
  • Features a wireless operation
  • Also has 4 lighting modes
  • Operates on 2.4 Watts

#3. P&LED Color Changing Swimming Pool Lights (120V,35W)

P&LED Color Changing Swimming Pool Lights (120V,35W)

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The P&LED Color-Changing Replacement Swimming Pool Lights is a 120V, 35W operating bulb. It features a switch control as well as a remote-control option. It is among the best choices for inground pools but is not suitable for 12V housing. This LED light has the capacity to light up over 25,000-gallon pool space and uses energy saving techniques to minimize electricity usage. For switch operation, you simply need to power on/off as well as the same option to change the color changing and pace of the light flicker.

The bulb has additional features to include cooling down of the bulb over an extended period. It can also be used for parties as well as for stage functions. It is durable, easy to operate and easy to store when not in us. It is also compatible with Pentair Hayward Lighting fixtures and serves as a great replacement for your pooling lighting

  • Has both switch and remote control options
  • Durable
  • Compatible with Pentair Hayward Lighting fixtures
  • Good for inground pools

#2. WYZM Color Changing LED Pool Bulb

WYZM Color Changing LED Pool Bulb

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The WYZM LED Pool Bulb operates on a 120V, 35W system. This bulb is designed for inground pools and fit perfectly with Pentair and Hayward Pool Lighting Fixtures. The bulb is able to light up to 25,000-gallon pool space and uses an energy saving technique for electricity conservation. It can easily be operated without a remote control as the lighting can be changed with an on/off flicker of the power switch. It is perfect for first-time installation as well as a great option for replacements.

The use of the bulb can also alternate for a stage production, parties, and other indoor activities. It has a duration of over 65,000 hours and is programmed with 16 light and show settings (7 solid colors and 9 color shows). It can replace a 500w or lower standard light and is best suited for a medium to a mid-large swimming pool.

  • Designed for inground pools
  • Has a duration of over 65 000 hours
  • Suits both medium and mid-large pools
  • Easy to operate

#1. Intex LED Wall Pool Bulb

Intex LED Wall Pool Bulb

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This LED Pool Light operates on a 110-120V system and works best with pools designed above ground. For pools designed with metal walls, this LED light may not function efficiently when initiated. The Intex LED Wall Pool bulb is a magnetic in-pool light that has a built-in flotation in the instance the magnet and the light get separated. It has electricity conservation capabilities and offers extra bright or low illumination.

It can be placed anywhere on the side of your pool wall and features a 12v transformer and 23-foot power cord for recharge. Though connected to your pool wall through magnets, it does not affect the environs as all the manufacturing materials are user and environmentally friendly. It is not battery operated and has an extended duration period once protected.

  • It’s a magnetic in-pool light
  • Made of user-friendly materials
  • Offers extra-bright illumination
  • Quite affordable

Best LED Pool Lights Buying Guide

Let’s now look at the main factors that should be considered when buying LED pool lights. We’ll also use them as a basis for the product reviews:

  • Installation Difficulty: Let’s just be honest, we are not all professional electricians and not many of us are ready to fork out huge amounts to hire electricians. Ideally, every person his/her LED pool light to be very simple to install, maintain or even replace the bulbs. Generally, it’s quite easy to install these pool lights. A good number comes with self-explanatory and easy-to-follow instructions. However, some low-quality lights can be a bit difficult to install.

Also, it’s important to note that all light bulbs won’t be compatible with most housing. Therefore, you should go for one that’s easy to install and compatible with your own housing.

  • Brightness Efficiency: In case you wish to get most value from your purchase while still keeping the bills down, then you will require maximum brightness using minimal power. Pool LED lights have just one job; lighting your pool. As such, brightness matters a lot since it determines how much area the bulb lights up.

In fact, the LED light should illuminate your backyard as well. Nonetheless, make sure that you do not buy an overly bright bulb.

  • Durability: You certainly don’t want a bulb that will offers only two hours of services. Therefore, make sure that your purchased model lasts longer, 10 years and more. No person likes it when they buy a product and it breaks down within a week’s time. LEDs usually last for a long period of time. However, these lights usually come together with other components that you’ll have to factor in.
  • Features: The bells and whistles that come with Led lights can actually be useful. Many swimming pool owners do not usually think about these additional features but quality pool lights usually come with some useful features such as different colored lights.

It might not apply to every person, but those with children will surely appreciate this feature. The unique ability to dim LED lights for your swimming pool is another important feature that can be useful to you as the pool owner.


The swimming pool is a very part in any home. As such, you should ensure that you fit it with quality LED pool lights. Regardless of the choice that you make, I believe that this guide has assisted you to be more informed and make the right decisions for your swimming pool. Whether you plan to get some early morning or late-night exercises in peace or you just want a memorable place where people can talk about general issues, there are many LED pool lights to choose from. The lights listed above will make your swimming pool to look stunning and keep you safe. In addition, they’ll allow you to swim at any time!

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