Top 10 Best iPhone iPad Flash Drives in 2019 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

If you need to create extra space on your iPhone or iPad, then one of the options you have is transferring the files to an external drive. By just hooking the flash drive to your phone, you will be a few taps away from the extra space you need.

However, there are a number of iPhone iPad flash drives in the market today. If you are a beginner then making a great selection could be overwhelming. But don’t worry that is exactly why we exist, to help you with pro tips that enables you pick a functional device of your choice.

Whether you are looking for storage capacity, value, security, speed, or design we bring you a list of the best iPhone iPad flash drives to suit your needs. But, before we look at some of the top best flash drives, let’s first begin with a buying guide.

List of 10 Best iPhone iPad Flash Drives in 2019

#10. Sunany Flash Drives for iPhones iPads Drives 128GB

Sunany Flash Drives for iPhones iPads Drives 128GB

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Do you need the ultimate flash drive for your iPhone or iPad? This is a great flash drive that assures of a great reading speed of up to 80 MB/s plus a writing speed of 40MB/s. With this, you can easily backup all your photos, documents, and videos. The flash drive has a capacity of 128GB, which makes it excellent for storing a large volume of data. You can easily free up all the space in the flash by just a single click; hence a great selection for all users.

More interestingly, the flash drive is widely compatible with the multi-port plus supports a number of devices. You can use it on iPhone X, XS, XS MAX, PC, and Mac book among others. The flash drive has a compact design, which makes it excellent for use anywhere.

  • 128GB capacity
  • Thumb drive access security
  • One click backup
  • Multi-port system.

#9. Silicon Power xDrive Z30 128GB Flash Drive

Silicon Power xDrive Z30 128GB Flash Drive

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The capacity of the flash drive is a consideration to check out for before making the purchase. Here is a 128GB flash drive, which makes it excellent for storing a number of files at once. You can, therefore, use it for storing your videos, documents, and music among others. Moreover, it suits both iPad and iPhone plus all USB based computers; hence a great selection for all. It is a highly durable drive that has a sturdy anti-cap lost design, making it great for protecting the connector from both damage and dust. Due to this, you will find it excellent for long-term use.

The good news is that the flash drive has a user-friendly design thanks to the extended connector. This allows you to just plug into the drive without removing the phone case.

  • Plug and play design
  • Extended connector
  • Sturdy anti-cap lost design
  • Apple certified
  • 128GB capacity.

#8. OLALA iDisk 64GB USB 3.0 Lightning Flash Drive (Apple MFI Certified)

OLALA iDisk 64GB USB 3.0 Lightning Flash Drive (Apple MFI Certified)

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Olala iDisk is another best flash drive in our list. First, this drive is Apple MFI certified and comes with lightning connectors. It offers you a hassle free means of transferring files between your tablets, PC, iPad or iPhone. Another feature worth mentioning is its outstanding performance. Designed with USB type 3.0 it offers a read speed of 32-100 MB/s and write speed of 8-30 MB/s which are quite fast.

What’s interesting with this drive is that is not just a for expanding your storage, the 6 inch long flash stick can be used in place of a charging cable. Additionally, its plug and play property allows faster access to data, and you don’t need any extra software on your computer be it MAC OS 10, vista, windows 7, windows 8, or windows 10. Its design is also exceptional with a high quality construction using foldable silicon with an attractive candy color.

  • Super fast transfer speed & charging.
  • Access security and humanization design.
  • Friendly powerful app.
  • Apple MFi certified & longer connector.
  • Plug and play.

#7. HooToo iPhone iPad Flash Drive 64GB USB 3.0 (Apple MFI Certified)

HooToo iPhone iPad Flash Drive 64GB USB 3.0 (Apple MFI Certified)

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If you need flash drive with an amazing speed, then this drive with USB 3.0 won’t disappoint you. It’s 30 MB/s writing speed and up to 80 MB/s reading speed allows you to transfer files as big as 4 GB or even more. The device also comes with a convenient lightning connector with Apple MFi certification which makes it fully compatible with your iPad or iPhone and has an extra extension enabling you to use it without taking off the case.

With a format-friendly streaming application, you can stream directly any type of music, or video formats from the pen drive without wasting space or time. The premium aluminum constructions gives it lightweight for easy carrying. Its durability is enhanced by the aluminum alloy, and the 64 GB storage capacity will help you extend your memory easily and enjoy keeping larger files.

  • Format-friendly streaming app.
  • Premium aluminum design.
  • Convenient connector base.
  • USB 3.0 file transfers.
  • Instant plug-and-play storage.

#6. RAVPower Flash Drive 64GB for iPhone iPad USB 3.0

RAVPower Flash Drive 64GB for iPhone iPad USB 3.0

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Featuring USB 3.0, the flash drive delivers a great speed of up to 80MB/s reading speed. Due to this, you will find it appropriate for transferring individual files of up to 4GB from your PC. It also has a writing speed of 30mb/s. Second, to this, it is widely applicable since it supports different video formats like MOV, MP4, M4V, MOV, RM, and MP3 among others.

The flash drive is user-friendly as you just need to plug and play. With a capacity of 64GB, the flash drive is ideal for storing all videos, documents, and music among others. The device has a compact design, which makes it easy to carry around. In addition to this, it has a secure data encryption technology for top-notch security of your files.

  • 64GB capacity
  • Secure data encryption technology
  • Superfast USB 3.0
  • Instant plug-and-play
  • Widely applicable.

#5. ZeroLemon iMemStick Lightning 64 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (Apple MFI Certified)

ZeroLemon iMemStick Lightning 64 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (Apple MFI Certified)

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The ZeroLemon iMemStick is designed to allow you free up memory on your Apple device and backing up data instantly. Its 3.o USB is responsible for the remarkable file transfer speed. It provides you with dual functionality; file transfer and charging. The transfer speed of files from your PC is up to 65 MB/s writing speed and up to 100 MB/s reading speed. Therefore, you can send several photos or even a 4GB video in seconds.

When you plug in the flash drive, the free iMemStick 3.0 app immediately pops up. By accepting to download in on app store, it provides you the best experience browsing contents such as PPTs, word, videos, and images on it. The user friendly app also supports browsing a variety of formats ranging from MP3, MOV, MP4, PNG, GIF, JPG, EXCEL, WORD, PPT, PDF, TXT and much more. Backing up and restoring your contact list is also hassle free with one click. This flash drive is also Apple MFi certified allowing wide compatibility with most Apple devices.

  • Quick and easy file transfer.
  • Apple MFi Certified.
  • Extended lightning connector.
  • Compatible with the latest Apple devices and systems.
  • Supports various file formarts.

#4. Luboton IOS 64GB USB Flash Drive for iPhone iPad

Luboton IOS 64GB USB Flash Drive for iPhone iPad

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The Luboton IOS 64GB USB Flash Drive is a user-friendly device that you can use for transferring all your files, videos, and music. The device allows for a super-fast transfer thanks to the USB 2.0 interface. With this, it can easily connect to iPhone, iPad, and PC devices. Secondly, it allows for easy browsing of the stored files directly once you install needed on your IOS device.

The large storage capacity of 64 GB makes it great for all users. It provides ample storage space for all your files; hence an excellent selection for all users. With the flash drive, you just need to plug in and play. The quality flash drive has been built from the best quality of material, which suits it for long-term use.

  • USB 2.0 port
  • Quality built
  • 64GB storage capacity
  • Multiple compatibilities
  • User-friendly and convenient.

#3. SanDisk iXpand iPhone iPad 64 GB Flash Drive (Apple MFI Certified)

SanDisk iXpand iPhone iPad 64 GB Flash Drive (Apple MFI Certified)

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SanDisk iXpand is another great flash drive with amazing features. The device offering you extra 64 GB is Apple MFI certified which implies that it will work well with your apple device. It is designed with flexible connector that can perfectly fit most iPhone cases. This means that removing the case before using it not necessary. Another important feature about this flash drive is that it allows you to automatically backup your files.

When it comes to performance, it is designed to allow fast transfer of files with incredible speed thanks to its high speed USB 3.0. The speed will enable you transfer even large files in a matter of seconds. What is interesting about this flash drive is that it support iXpand drive app which enables you to manage your files such as videos and photos with much ease. Its durability can’t be questioned as it is designed to deliver a long functional life which makes the device worth your money.

  • Flexible connector design.
  • Automatic files back up.
  • High speed USB 3.0 file transfer.
  • Easy files management using iXpand drive app.
  • Wide compatibility.

#2. iDiskk USB 3.0 iPhone Lightning 128 GB Flash Drive (Apple MFI Certified)

iDiskk USB 3.0 iPhone Lightning 128 GB Flash Drive (Apple MFI Certified)

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If you need a large extra storage space, then you will find this iDiskk flash drive that comes with 128 GB quite useful. Apart from its large space, transfer of files is quite faster and it takes only plugging in the flash drive and immediately start moving your videos, photos or any other files from your iPhone/iPad onto the flash drive. You can also transfer the files to your computer or any other device if you need to.

The device also allows you to stream movies from the flash drive thanks to the plug and pay feature. The good thing is that it can supports various formats enabling you to enjoy several video and music formats. Whenever you connect the flash drive with your apple device and use the iDiskk Pro app camera shooting photos or video, they will be stored automatically into the flash drive. Its USB type 3.0 feature allows faster transfer of files an you will be amazed that it will take nearly 20 seconds to transfer a file as large as 1 GB. Additionally, the drive is compatible with a many apple devices which means that yours can hardly miss out.

  • Stream movies and music directly from the flash drive.
  • Automatic video and photo backup.
  • Fast transfer with USB 3.0.
  • Wide compatibility.
  • Apple MFi certified.

#1. Transcend 128 GB JetDrive Go 300 Silver Plating

Transcend 128 GB JetDrive Go 300 Silver Plating

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Transcend JetDrive is designed to allows you easily expand the memory of your iPhone or iPad devices. What makes it suitable is the Apple MFi certification which gives you assurance that it will function properly woth your Apple device. It also comes with dual connectors; USB 3.1 Gen 1 and lightning, which enables the drive to transfer files at a super-fast speed to get the job done within a few seconds. The extended lightning connector design is another great feature for easy plug-in.

Furthermore, the drive can play videos and music directly from the flash drive using the Jet Drive Go App. The app supports a number of file formats for viewing different files. Backing up your files using the flash drive is also made simple and fast, with a single touch you can get the backup process running. The material construction is also impressive with a high quality metallic construction that enhances its protection enabling the drive to last long.

  • Apple MFI-certified.
  • Supports various file formats.
  • Stream videos and music from the drive through Jet Drive Go App.
  • High-quality metallic body.
  • Dual connector design; Lightning and USB 3.1 Gen 1.

Top 6 Tips to Buying the Best iPhone iPad flash drives

1. Lightning Connector: Does the manufactures offer lighting connector? And if so, what is their length and do they have a covers? These are the questions that you should answer when choosing the type of flash drive you need with this feature in mind.

An excellent device should come to a lightning connector that has an additional 2-4 mm to allow you easily hook it on your phone without removing the protective casing.

2. Apple MFI Certification: Having a lightning connector alone is not enough, for it to function properly with your Apple device, it should meet the Apple’s MFI certification requirements.

In fact, Apple provides the MFI certification to genuine flash drive producers who follow their manufacturing standards and policies. Therefore, if the device is not certified then it won’t work well with your device.

3. Read and Write Speeds: Speed is another important factor to consider. In order to have a nice experience using the flash drive, you should ensure that the read and write speeds are excellent. A USB type 3.0 will offers the best speed, and we recommend it.

4. Storage Capacity: When choosing the size of the flash drive, it is essential to know the size of files that you intend to transfer from your iPad or iPhone. For example, if your iPad’s internal storage is 64GB. It means that you need a device with an equal or higher capacity than that.

5. Flash Drive App Features: Efficient iPhone iPad drives come with integrated apps for enhanced interaction with your stored data. The apps have several features that’s reads the data formats.

Hence, you should check the drive apps that the flash drive has before purchasing it. An optimized app should be able to do various operations such as media format detection, document reading, back up options, video recording and direct photo capturing among others.

6. Flash Drive Design: iPhone iPad flash drives come in various designs with a lightweight offering great portability. However, the best flash drive should be designed with robust and durable materials. While most of them are made using aluminum alloy and plastic, those made of premium aluminum alloy and sturdy plastic are most suitable. This is because the materials enables the device to withstand various Impacts and have a long life.


When it comes to choosing the best iPhone iPad flash drives, it is important to make wide considerations into it. This is because if you make some mistake and buy a wrong device; that gets easily damaged, then you could end up losing your important files.

This is why this list on some of the best drives available in the market today is quite useful to anyone who needs to get an efficient drive. It also provides you with some of the factors to consider when making a section which will enable you to make a great pick.

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