Top 10 Best Inverted Umbrellas in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Getting rained on is not fun at all, especially if you are about to get to work without any spare, dry clothes with you. But it is a common scenario once you get out of the car and it’s pouring outside. Even with an umbrella, it is never a guarantee that you can stay absolutely dry. This is why in our top 10 best inverted umbrellas in 2024, we bring to you a wide selection of products in this category. Have a look at each one of these to help you pick out the right one that is truly worth your needs and expectations.

An inverted or reverse umbrella lets you stay dry during the rainy season. When you get in the car and fold your umbrella, it folds the other way to prevent you from getting splattered with water. It is a smart, practical solution that will truly make a difference in how you use umbrellas from now on. So if you are ready to start shopping for the best one, check out our recommended products below for some of the finest options in stores today.

List of Best Inverted Umbrellas in 2024

#10. ABCCANOPY Reverse Double Layer Umbrella

ABCCANOPY Reverse Double Layer Umbrella

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When choosing the right umbrella to buy, you need to check the materials used and its construction. We absolutely love this product as it is durable and convenient to use, making it a must-have during the rainy season. It features a smart inverted design, which prevents you from getting wet when you fold it after use. Your car and floor at home will stay dry as there will no longer be any dripping going on after folding the umbrella.

We think that this product does the job, which is a good thing about it. However, the dimensions of the umbrella is not as large as how some people want it to be. This is not entirely a big issue because it still does the job and prevents you from getting wet once you have folded it to close.

  • Made of Teflon for superior water repellant action
  • Ergonomic handle for your convenience
  • Weather-resistant umbrella
  • Sturdy carbon fiber support for maximum durability
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#9. EEZ-Y Inverted Windproof Upside Down Umbrella

EEZ-Y Inverted Windproof Upside Down Umbrella

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Another brand of inverted umbrella that we like is this item from EEZ-Y. We like that it is more practical to use than your conventional umbrella as it prevents you from getting wet once you close it. The water stays away from you or your floor, so this minimizes the amount of time spent cleaning. With a water-repellent fabric, you can be sure that you will stay dry the whole time with this umbrella.

It is without a doubt a great inverted umbrella that does the job. However, it is a tad too heavy for some people, which may be a bit inconvenient to use. But in terms of its function, it is absolutely practical and keeps you dry, just as it claims to do.

  • The durable dual layer shields you from the rain
  • Prevents your clothes from getting splashed on
  • Comfortable handle that is large enough for your wrist
  • Stunning interior for excellent aesthetics

#8. Bodyguard Windproof Inverted Umbrella

Bodyguard Windproof Inverted Umbrella

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Walk with ease and close your umbrella while staying dry, thanks to this windproof inverted umbrella. We like its design as it prevents water from splashing on your car rug, your clothes, and your house floor once you fold it down. The inverted design stops water from dripping, making it truly convenient to use when getting in or out of your vehicle.

One thing to note about this umbrella is that it tends to be just slightly powerful when you open it. This can be a little overwhelming for first-time users, so it takes some getting used to at first. But it should not be an issue at all with regular use.

  • Has a reflective stripe for night time safety
  • Made of Teflon for the canopy
  • Comes with a leather cover for that sophisticated appeal
  • Includes 12 ribs for optimum support

#7. Repel Inverted Dual Layer Umbrella

Repel Inverted Dual Layer Umbrella

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We are very well pleased with the performance and function of this high quality inverted umbrella. It features a unique reverse folding method, and this is what prevents water from dripping when you exit or enter your home or car and it is pouring outside. The Teflon coating is durable, and this helps to dry the umbrella fast with just minimal shakes. Plus, with its extraordinary design that allows it to stand on its own, this umbrella is definitely low maintenance for many people’s convenience.

This is quite a heavy umbrella, which only means the materials used are sturdy. But then it could also make it a little trickier for some people to carry it around, although it should not be a deal-breaker considering its ability to keep you dry.

  • Double layer of canopy crafted from Teflon material
  • Ribs are made of reinforced fiberglass for durability
  • Waterproof coating for the exterior repels moisture
  • Self-standing once collapsed

#6. Z Zameka Inverted Double Layer Umbrella

Z Zameka Inverted Double Layer Umbrella

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Thanks to this umbrella, you no longer have to be concerned about getting wet each time you close and fold it. It has a reversed design, which means that moisture will not go dripping on your floor once folded. This is a great solution to common concerns with conventional umbrellas. And with a handgrip C-shaped large handle, you can simply hang it on your wrist, and you have your hands free for your bag, phone, or other things.

Overall, we like the fact that this umbrella really works, which is the most important thing about it. Our observation, though, is that it does emit a bit of a chemical smell out of the box but this odor dissipates after use.

  • Comes with a UV-protection canopy
  • C-shaped comfortable handle
  • Dual-layer sturdy fabric for maximum shielding power
  • Smart and efficient to use during the rainy season
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#5. Newsight Inverted Upside Down Umbrella

Newsight Inverted Upside Down Umbrella

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What else can you look for in terms of the durability and functionality of this umbrella? This inverted or reversed umbrella does its job by keeping you dry whether it is closed or not. When open, the canopy can shield you well from the rain and once closed, it stops water from dripping on your floor. Either way, you can be sure that this umbrella gets the job done, which is the most important thing about it.

We like many things about this product, which is mainly its performance. Sure, it does have a bit of heft to it but for the most part, it keeps you nice and dry, which is the most important thing about this umbrella.

  • Features ultraviolet protection (about 50+)
  • Includes a carrying sleeve for storage
  • Has a C-shaped ergonomic handle
  • The umbrella can stand on its own

#4. Brella Reverse UV Protection Umbrella

Brella Reverse UV Protection Umbrella

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If what you look for is the best value for your money, you can never go wrong with this reverse umbrella. It comes with a special UV protection, which makes it a great deal for your needs. This umbrella also features a dual-layer of material for the canopy, and it is not your ordinary umbrella that is too thin and flimsy. It is definitely well-made and a great value for the price.

This is one of the finest reverse umbrellas you can find today. While it may have all the features you want, we just think that it is slightly pricey. But it gets things done, so it is absolutely worth it.

  • Inside out design for practicality
  • Automatic open frame with just a press of a button
  • Wind-resistant and durable
  • Easy to close and open

#3. Monstleo Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

Monstleo Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

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What type of umbrella can shield you from the rain and prevent you from getting splashed on once folded? This umbrella is the answer to your concerns! It is an inverse umbrella that works well in keeping you dry and eliminating any concerns with water dripping once you fold it. It is perfect for drivers and commuters who want to stay dry when they get in the car and once they get out. We highly recommend this product for the purpose it serves.

In terms of the construction and design of the umbrella, it is truly perfect. But it is quite a long umbrella, so it has a tendency to stick out of your bag. If you have a bigger bag, though, the length should not be a concern at all, so no problem with this product overall.

  • C-shape sturdy handgrip
  • Double layer for maximum thickness and shielding power
  • Inverse design for practicality
  • Stands securely on its own

#2. Bagail Inverted Dual Layer Umbrella

Bagail Inverted Dual Layer Umbrella

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Move over the conventional umbrella and check out this inverted umbrella that has all the features you need. It is drip-free and keeps you from having to hold it when being used. The inverted design is very functional as it lets you close it without getting wet. Plus, this umbrella is easy to store without splashing water on anything it comes close to. Overall, a sweet deal worth your cash.

When it comes to functionality, you can never go wrong with this product. The price is slightly steep but for the features and quality of the product you get, it is good value without a doubt.

  • Ultraviolet superior protection
  • C-shape ergonomically designed handle
  • Hassle-free to store
  • Prevents dripping concerns

#1. Siepasa Inverted Umbrella

Siepasa Inverted Umbrella

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Another high-quality inverse umbrella that we like is this one from Siepasa. We are impressed with the manual design, which lets you open it and close it with ease. The top portion is smooth and there are steel ribs that keep the frame steady. It can resist water and wind, so you can be sure your umbrella is always easy to use even when it is pouring hard outside.

There is a slight heft to this umbrella but it is not a problem at all. The size is just right, and it should be perfect for anyone looking for a practical umbrella that will keep them dry.

  • Folding design with a reverse-opening
  • Comfortable C-shaped grip handle
  • 8 pieces of steel ribs for the frame
  • Average size dimension
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Guide to Buying an Inverted Umbrella

Sometimes, the not so good thing about an umbrella is that you have to deal with the splashes when you enter your home or get in your car. This is a problem with conventional umbrellas, which is why we are pleased to find out there is such a thing as an inverted umbrella. Its reverse design prevents water from splashing on you when you close it, which just solves the typical issue with traditional umbrellas.

Now, there are certain features you need to look for when buying this type of umbrella to make sure that you get the right one you need. Here are some of them:

  • Manual or Automatic: Inverted umbrellas may either be manual or self-opening in the mechanism. The good thing about automatic is that you only need to push the button to open and close it. But a manual is good, too, because it is cheaper and there are no mechanisms to worry about in case it breaks.
  • Reflective Strip: This is another thing worth looking into when buying this type of umbrella. You can rely on the safety it offers when you are walking at night with your umbrella, which offers better visibility. It also helps provide added UV ray protection.
  • Dimension: Check the size of the umbrella. You want to be sure that it will fit your bag perfectly and not be a nuisance in case it ends up being too long for your needs.
  • Durable: This is non-negotiable. Be sure to choose a durable umbrella that is made of the finest materials not just for the canopy but also for the frame. Always stick to a dual-layer of polyester or any type of water-resistant material that will not get you wet while using it.


Buying an inverted umbrella may be challenging as there are dozens of options out there. But by referring to our list of highly recommended items, you should be able to find exactly what you need and get the best value for your money.

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