Top 10 Best GPS Speedometers in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Primarily, a speedometer calculates the speed of a vehicle. It is usually placed on the automobile dashboard, behind the steering wheel. While this is the most convenient position, unfortunately you will need to look down when checking your cruising speed. However, with the Best GPS speedometers, you can drive safely without looking down. Better still, these gadgets are more accurate than the normal speedometers that come with your car.

Besides precise speed-reading, GPS speedometer is multifunctional gadgets that offer more detailed metrics that are useful to the driver. They display real-time location, time, and driving direction. More importantly, these gadgets are compatible with your vehicle, sea vessels as well as off-road automobiles. Nevertheless, there are so many models on the market, making it a bit confusing especially when you are looking for the best model. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have reviewed the best-rated GPS speedometers that are currently on the market.

List of the Best GPS Speedometers in 2024

#10. ELING Universal MPH GPS Speedometer

ELING Universal MPH GPS Speedometer

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There are various advantages for equipping your automobile with this versatile GPS speedometer from ELING. For starters, this unit works perfectly for your vehicle, boats, motorcycles, and off-road automobiles. It features a large LCD that shows you the exact cruising speed and location. The display has a backlight that allows you to get these readings at a glance.

When it comes to performance, ELING is a solid performer. For starters, it features solid construction that is not only dustproof but also waterproof. This enables you to use it almost anywhere. Secondly, the unit has a fast start-up and precise location identification. Moreover, it installs in minutes, almost anywhere on your dashboard.

Key Features
  • Solid construction boasting of dustproof and IP67 waterproof construction materials
  • Ideal for your vehicles, boats as well as other off-road automobiles
  • Features a curved glass with antifogging function
  • High precision with quick start-up and location identification
Reasons to Buy
  • It has a decent miles range from 0-160MPH
  • Has a wide voltage design for enhanced compatibility
  • Super easy installation almost anywhere in your dashboard
  • It has a large LCD display
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#9. LATNEX SP-GPS95 GPS Speedometer

LATNEX SP-GPS95 GPS Speedometer

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If you prefer a digital GPS speedometer, then the LATNEX universal speedometer will suit your need. Unlike the classic speedometers, this unit features a good backlight digital display that enables you to read the metrics at a glance. It boasts of a super-fast installation that takes less than five minutes. This versatile unit also delivers the metrics in customizable units to suit your needs. You can use the KM/H, MPH, or NMI/H. the display also has a voltage detection and clock function.

In the same breath, this unit comes advanced features that boost your safety. The real-time monitoring shows you the driving speed and maximum speed recommended. There is also an over-speed alert that shows you when you are driving too fast. What’s more this unit is weatherproof, allowing you to use it in all weather conditions.

Key Features
  • Super easy installation makes it ideal for all automobiles
  • It indicated the driving speed in your desired metrics
  • Comes with a large backlit digital display
  • Also indicates the maximum speed and has an over speeding alarm
Reasons to Buy
  • It has a 0.2-0.5 refresh rate for enhanced precision
  • Solid construction makes it for motor vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and other automobiles
  • It has EEPROM memory and data storage
  • Energy-efficient and impressive weatherproof construction

#8. SAMDO Universal GPS Speedometer

SAMDO Universal GPS Speedometer

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Designed for all cars, boats, motorcycles, and off-road automobiles, SAMDO universal GPS speedometer lets you know you exactly where you are and indicates your speed. This intuitive speedometer retains the classic design with a red indicator and a well-calibrated scale from 0-160miles. It also includes a digital display that enables take the readings at a glance.

Installing the speedometer is super easy. You can install it anywhere on the dashboard, giving you the flexibility you need to add extra gadgets. Even better, this marine-grade speedometer is characterized by IP67 waterproof construction, antifogging, and dustproof construction. It also has low power consumption, short startup, and unparalleled precision.

Key Features
  • Universal compatibility makes it ideal for all vehicles, boats, motorcycles and off-road automobiles
  • It indicates speed, current location, and time
  • Also includes a power-off memory function
  • Marine-grade construction makes it rugged enough to use anywhere
Reasons to Buy
  • It installs incredibly fast on any dashboard
  • Has a decent speed indicating a range from 0-160MPH
  • Features a short start-up and location indication
  • Versatile enough to use on all automobiles

#7. ACECAR Upgrade T800 Digital Speedometer

ACECAR Upgrade T800 Digital Speedometer

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With a universal fit, the ACECAR digital GPS Speedometer is compatible with any automobiles and boats. It features a fancy design that adds a stylish appeal to your vehicle while its advanced features make it not only practical but also efficient. Unlike other models, this unit features an easy plug and play installation. This saves you both your time and energy.

Besides, it features IP67 water resistance, which allows you to use it in all weather conditions. This means you don’t need to worry about the rain or when using it for your boat and other marine vessels. Moreover, this unit boasts of rich metric indication including the compass, speed, driving distance, over speed alarm, voltage, and driving direction.

Key Features
  • A multifunctional speedometer that indicates the speed, driving direction, satellite speed, and over speed alarm
  • Classic digital display with a backlight
  • It switches between miles and kilometer
  • Multifunctional display that is switched easily to indicate your desired metrics
Reasons to Buy
  • Versatile design with multilingual capability
  • Easy to adjust the brightness depending on the environment
  • Plug and play installation by plugging it into the cigarette lighter interface
  • Full HD display and multiple operating interfaces

#6. KingNeed Universal GPS Speedometer

KingNeed Universal GPS Speedometer

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Looking down on your dashboard speedometer is dangerous especially when you are driving. surprisingly, if you are driving at a casual speed of about 65MPH, looking down for a second would mean you are driving blind for a distance of up to 95 feet. Prevent avoidable accidents by equipping your vehicle with this on the head-up display.

Besides, this versatile speedometer will not only provide you with the driving speed. It is a versatile multifunctional speedometer that indicates the real-time driving speed, time, distance driven, and your location. What makes this unit stand out is the plug and play installation. Dissimilar to other models, you simply need to plug it on the cigarette lighter. It is also compatible with most automobiles.

Key Features
  • Heads up display eliminates the need to look down
  • Indicates the distance driven, speed, location and time
  • Plug and play setup by simply attaching it into the cigarette outlet jack
  • Includes an over speed alarm
Reasons to Buy
  • Compatible with all vehicles and off-road automobile
  • It comes with an auto-adjust brightness sensor
  • Rugged construction makes it withstand heavy-duty usage
  • Wide compatibility and easy setup
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#5. TIMPROVE Universal Digital Car Speedometer

TIMPROVE Universal Digital Car Speedometer

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Simple, functional, and accurate, what more could you ask in a GPS speedometer. The best selling feature with this unit is probably the universal design. This means you can use it anywhere globally. It also boasts with a plug and plays setup that eliminates the need for scheduling professional installation. This handy device requires no wiring and powers through the cigarette lighter.

Notably, this unit boasts of a multifunctional digital display. The display indicates the driving speed, driving speed, direction, and location. The backlight green light display will also protect your eyes from glare. Other crucial features in this model include the preset fatigue simulation, over speed alarm and switchable speed metrics from MPH to Km/h

Key Features
  • Has a large Green digital display with large readouts
  • Indicates the real-time speed, direction, driving direction and location
  • Compatible with all vehicles, bicycles, and off-road automobiles
  • No professional installation required thanks to the plug and play setup
Reasons to Buy
  • It features a large 4.5-inch display
  • Connects to a Powerbank making it ideal for bicycles and motorcycles
  • It has a settable over speed and fatigue simulation alarm
  • Available at a surprisingly low price point

#4. VJOYCAR C60s Digital GPS Speedometer

VJOYCAR C60s Digital GPS Speedometer

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Get more with this advanced speedometer. The standard speedometer indicates the speed and location. However, this model goes beyond the standard metrics and brings you other useful metrics to boost your safety and convenience. To begin, this unit comes with a settable fatigue driving alarm. This reminds you of your driving time, to avoid drowsing.

Next, the digital GPS speedometer has a large display that enables you to take the readings at a glance. It has customizable speed-reading from Km/h to MPH to suit your needs. You will also get an over speed alarm. Moreover, this universal speedometer is compatible with your vehicle, boat, bikes, scooter, and any other automobile.

Key Features
  • It has a large green-lit display
  • Universal compatibility with all automobiles, sea vessels, and bikes
  • The USB input allows for easy plug and plays installation
  • Solid construction to ensure optimal durability and performance
Reasons to Buy
  • It displays the driving speed, driven mileage and driving speed
  • It has switchable MPH to KM/H speed measuring metrics
  • Also has an over-speed and fatigue alarm
  • Quick refresh rate ensures real-time results

#3. TIMPROVE T600 l GPS Speedometer

TIMPROVE T600 l GPS Speedometer

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Ordinary is boring, so if you are looking for something stylish, we recommend going for this unit. This digital speedometer boasts of modern yet functional design that you will love. Better yet, unlike other models that you often worry about compatibility, this unit works with just any automobile. It features an HD LCD screen that displays all the metrics clearly than your regular windscreen HUD.

As expected, this unit includes a list of rich features that are hard to find on other models. It displays all the metrics you need when driving your automobile. This includes speed, direction, driving time, and mileage. Moreover, it has a fast load time, ensuring real-time updates all the time.

Key Features
  • The multifunctional interface has six distinct interfaces
  • Has an automatic light sensor
  • Decently sized multi-color smart display
  • USB connector allows for fast plug and plays setup
Reasons to Buy
  • Rich content as it indicates all the information that you need
  • Comes with advanced features such as brake performance test and accelerating competitive node
  • Suitable for all vehicles, boats, and bikes
  • Stylish yet functional design

#2. SEI GPS HUD Universal Speedometer

SEI GPS HUD Universal Speedometer

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Keep your eyes on the road with this heads up display speedometer. Unlike the standard speedometers, this unit utilizes the GPS to determine the precise speed. Various features may results in the wrong speed-reading in your vehicle. This includes aftermarket modifications and calibrations set by the manufacturer. Luckily, this unit uses the satellite to bring you the true speed, location, driving direction, and time.

More importantly, this ingeniously designed speedometer allows your eyes to stay on the road. It has automatic brightness control that ensures you can get the precise reading at a glance. Also important, this unit is compatible with most cars thanks to the plug and play setup. Moreover, you get to use some advanced features such as adjustable over speeding and fatigue simulation.

Key Features
  • Compatible with all car models
  • It has an automatic brightness adjustment
  • Head up display eliminates the need to look down on your speedometer
  • Displays accurate readings from the satellite
Reasons to Buy
  • It comes in a stylish, modern, digital design
  • Works with all vehicles, sea vessels, and bikes
  • Easy setup by plugging it on your cigarette lighter
  • Also includes a mounting bracket

#1. LeaningTech Original Universal Speedometer

LeaningTech Original Universal Speedometer

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Functionality meets style! If you are looking for a functional, stylish, and easy to use speedometer, this unit will not let you down. It boasts of a plug and plays design that allows for instant installation and wide compatibility. Since it requires no wiring, you don’t need a professional to do the installation for you. You can also use it interchangeably on your vehicle, sea vehicle, and motorcycle.

Similarly, this multifunctional speedometer offers you all the relevant information when driving. The head-up design ensures you don’t look down to get any of the readings. More importantly, it provides you with accurate readings on speed, direction, location, and time. When compared to other models, this unit is affordable too!

Key Features
  • Head up display ensures you don’t drive blindly
  • It displays accurate speed, direction and time straight from the GPS
  • Plug and play setup through the cigarette lighter
  • Displays customizable KM/h or MPH
Reasons to Buy
  • It has an automatic brightness sensor
  • Comes in a large green color display
  • It also supports a power bank as an alternative power supply
  • It has three display modes
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The Best GPS Speedometers | Buyer’s Guide

Whether for your vehicle, boat, scooter, or even your bike, there are innumerable benefits for having a GPS speedometer. Howbeit, the numerous models on the market may make it hard for you to pick a model that meets your need. The following tips should set you in the right direction when it comes to selecting the best GPS speedometers.

Is it accurate?

Standard Speedometers on out vehicles only serve the basic purpose. Unfortunately, they are not always accurate. The GPS speedometers are more accurate since they rely on the satellite rather on the automobile’s running speed. While this is the case, ensure that you pick a model that provides an accurate, real-time response. Check on the load time and ensure it has a fast refresh rate.

Easy to read

Next, ensure that you pick a model that is easy to read. For starters, it should have a sizeable display. Next, ensure that the unit has simple controls to help you with customization. It should also have a backlit display.

Is it durable?

Well the construction materials determine the performance and durability of a GPS speedometer. A model made from tough construction materials offers you a service you can depend on. Look for a model with a dustproof, waterproof, and anti-fog capability.


With the right information, finding the best GPS speedometer isn’t a difficult task. In our guide, we have included only the top-selling models. You simply need to set your priorities right and pick a model that meets your needs. Go through the above top picks and select the model that works diligently to fit your desired application. Best of luck!

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