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A mouse pad is one of the most overlooked peripheral, but for those who are professional gamers, they do know its handy benefits. A gaming mouse pad provides a better and ergonomic surface to play on. It’s also durable and does a great job cutting down on mouse wear-and-tear of the mouse pad.

With that said, would you want to have one and feel the experience, or are you searching for the best replacement for your worn-out mouse pad?

If so, then here is a guide for you. Here, you will find the best gaming pads you can buy and a buying guide to help you buy the best. With it, you will have a better and easier to find the ideal game mouse pad for your needs.

List of Best gaming mouse pads in 2024

Here are the top 10 best gaming mouse pads you can buy in the current market. Each of the models listed here is proven and rated to perform best and also stay in shape for a long time.

#10. Ruifengsheng Professional Gaming Mouse Pad

Ruifengsheng Professional Gaming Mouse Pad

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By: ruifengsheng

Ruifengsheng Gaming Mouse Pad is an extended 2-times extra-large with a non-slip professional precision tracking surface. What does that mean? The bottom of this gaming mouse pad is non-slip, allowing it to stay in one spot while you move your mouse. It’s portable and has a cloth surface that offers an ergonomic placement of your hand.

The surface is also smooth and soft, providing the best comfort you’ll ever need from a gaming mouse pad. The best part is it’s designed by gamers who understand their needs well. It’s a perfect gaming pad and also an ideal office work mouse pad, but the synthetic smell on it might not be suitable for some.

  • Smooth and Soft, Comfortable Surface
  • Low Friction for speed and control
  • Great for gaming and office work
  • Supports full-sized keyboard
  • Portable with cloth surface
  • Good Quality Material
  • Anti-slip rubber base
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#9. JIALONG Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

JIALONG Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

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The next mode in this list is the Extended Gaming Mouse Pad, but this time from jialong. It’s an ergonomic multipurpose gaming pad with a 2-times extra-large surface enough to place your laptop, a mouse, wireless keyboard, and more. It’s also a professional mouse pad with delicate stitched edges that prevent it from degumming or fraying.

Besides that, it does adopt a high-quality weave fabric surface, which keeps it tighter and smooth. It does also employ high precision technology and improved picture detail. Another thing you might love is the world map feature on it in HD graphics, with much detail of each country. Yes, it has a great look, but after some time, the map will fade away.

  • High elasticity natural rubber material
  • Ergonomic multipurpose comfortable
  • Adopts double weave fabric surface
  • High precision printing technology
  • Provide maximum comfort
  • Anti-fray stitched edges
  • Durable stitched edges
  • Tight and smooth

#8. HyperX FURY S Professional Gaming Mouse Pad

HyperX FURY S Professional Gaming Mouse Pad

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By: HyperX

Another model that you can trust to give you a professional improved gaming experience is the HyperX FURY S, a Professional Gaming Mouse Pad. The mouse pad features a high-quality cloth surface that provides optimized precision and comfortability. On top of that, it does come with textures natural rubber on its bottom, which holds it on the table, eliminating movements.

Furthermore, it has seamlessly stitched ant-fray edges designed to give you a flat, uniform surface. Another thing, the mouse pad comes in multiple sizes to provide the versatility of being used in various spaces. Even though the black logoed surface looks great, it’s too dull, with no other graphics or prints except the logo.

  • Comfortable, textured natural rubber
  • Accurate Optical tracking
  • Anti-fray stitched edges
  • Densely woven surface
  • Portable and durable
  • Soft cloth surface
  • Multiple sizes

#7. Ktrio Premium Gaming Mouse Pad

Ktrio Premium Gaming Mouse Pad

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Unlike the previous three, this next model, the KTRIO Extended Gaming Mouse Pad, is a sizeable waterproof pad ideal for use in various applications. It’s designed to give enough space to fit your mouse, gaming keyboard, and other game items. It’s a great way to de-clutter your gaming desk. It also helps improve the gaming experience or work efficiency.

Another thing you might love is a high-quality manufacturing design, which employs durable stitched edges. On top of that, the unit uses high-density premium texture and a high-pressure chamber. All these are to ensure you get the comfort you need and long durability without deforming degumming. The waterproof coating employed here prevents the pad from any liquid damage.

  • Durable Manufacturing Design
  • Excellent accuracy and control
  • High-density premium texture
  • Ultra-smooth Lycra Cover
  • High-pressure chamber
  • Non-slip Rubber Base
  • Waterproof Coating
  • Extended Size

#6. Corsair MM300 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

Corsair MM300 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

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By: Corsair

Corsair MM300 is another exceptional gaming pad you might want to put your hands on. It comes as a high-performance mouse pad fitted with optimized gaming sensors for the extraordinary gaming experience. It also features high-endurance, premium-grade cloth for use with high DPI gaming mice. Besides this, the mouse pad comes with reinforced stitched edges which guard it against surface peel.

It also has an optimized textile weaved surface design that offers superior control and unbeatable precision tracking. It’s quite lethal in-game accuracy. Another thing, the bottom has a non-skid rubber ensuring your mouse pad doesn’t move as you game. However, you might not love the plain black design on it if you fancy a graphic or printed game mouse pad.

  • Superior control and precision tracking
  • High-Performance Gaming Sensors
  • Optimized textile-weaved surface
  • Surrounded stitched edges guard
  • Designed for Maximum Control
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Spaciously sized
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#5. VicTsing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

VicTsing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

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By: VicTsing

VicTsing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad is another best-extended mouse pad ideal for gaming. It comes in a sizeable perfect size to fit your desktop perfectly and also provide ideal mouse movement space. It’s compatible with all types of keyboards and mice. Apart from this, the mouse pad has an ultra-smooth surface thanks to the superfine fiber braided material used in its construction.

The smoothness provides a more accurate mouse movement. It’s also optimized for fast mouse movement and maintain fabulous speed and control. And that’s not all. It comes with a water-resistant coating that adequately protects it from accidental damage form spilled fluid. It’s also easy to clean and won’t delay your game or work.

  • High elasticity natural rubber material
  • Durable and comfortable material
  • Optimized for fast movement
  • Water-resistant coating
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Easy to clean

#4. FLOPAD Large RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

FLOPAD Large RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

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If you’re yet to find your best gaming mouse pad, here is another option you can invest in, the FLOPAD Large RGB Gaming Mouse Pad. It’s a unique model design to give you fabulous gaming experience. It comes with a unique RGB lighting system with 11-static light mode and four dynamic light modes. Apart from that, this mouse pad comes in a sizeable perfect size enough to fit your mouse and keyboard.

You might also want to know that it does also come with a laboratory tested Nano-textured Surface proved to be ideal for enhancing in-game response. It also ensures that every mouse movement you make translates into a precise and accurate cursor movement. It’s USB powered and requires no driver; it also uses a quick touch control button for optimized sensitivity.

  • High elasticity natural rubber
  • Nano-Textured Cloth Surface
  • High-quality construction
  • Large movement space
  • Nylon stitched edges
  • 15 RGB Light Modes
  • Quick touch control

#3. Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

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By: Blade Hawks

If you’re looking for a classy, soft yet comfortable gaming mouse pad, then you might want to put your hands on this durable Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad. It’s an extra-extended large pad ideal for use as a computer, keyboard, and mouse mat. It is ideal for use with all types of mice and keyboard, and provide you with plenty of movement space.

It’s a mouse pad designed to take your gaming experience to another level. It is fitted with RGB backlit lighting system featuring 10-lighting modes, 7-static lighting modes, and three dynamic lighting modes. It’s a great mouse mat to make your gaming atmosphere warmer and more fun. And you know what, it does have a power-off memory function which remembers the last-mode selection.

  • One button light control modes
  • High-quality micro-textured
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Ultra-smooth surface
  • Waterproof Surface
  • Plug & play

#2. GGLTECK Large Gaming Mouse Pad

GGLTECK Large Gaming Mouse Pad

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GGLTECK Large Gaming Mouse Pad is another well-designed mouse pad ideal for use with all types of mice and keyboards. It comes in an extra-extended large size, which is needed to give you enough space for your PC, keyboard, and mouse while also giving you enough mouse movement space. Besides that, its surface is exceptionally smooth to ensure accurate and controllable movement while maintaining speed while you game.

Its soft-feeling material and the stable quality is also a plus for this mouse. It’s made from high-quality multi-spandex material, which provides you with a comfortable user experience. You’ll also love the anti-fraying edge stitching employed here as it ensures your mouse does not fray or craze. Many of its users were also amazed by the fact that it’s washable, non-toxic, risk-free, and non-skid. The dull black color, however, is a minus, especially if you want something warming.

  • Soft-feeling material w/stable quality
  • Super large gaming mouse pad
  • Extremely smooth surface
  • Non-toxic, and risk-free
  • Washable

#1. SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad

SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad

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By: SteelSeries

In the first place, we have this highly-rated, top-performing SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad. It’s the bestselling mouse pad of all time and sized to cover your PC desks. The mouse pad uses a legendry micro-woven cloth to provide a soft, smooth, and comfy surface for accurate and speedy mouse movements. The general construction employed here to ensure it delivers performance and innovation.

Another thing, the mouse pad, uses engine software, which unlocks impressive Engine Apps arsenal for easy customization and intuitive. With its dynamic 2-zone RGB backlighting, this mouse pad is able to create complex lighting effects to warm your gaming experience. It also optimizes the mouse tracking accuracy for both laser and optical sensors. Even though the plain black design is not a favorite style to many, the LED lighting makes provide attractive effects.

  • Dynamic 2-zone RGB illumination
  • Exclusive QcK micro woven cloth
  • Maximize accuracy and control
  • Legendary Micro-Woven Cloth
  • Pinpoint Mouse Accuracy
  • Discord Chat Integration
  • Rev Up the Engine
  • Never-Slip Base


Best Gaming Mouse Pad Buying Guide

While buying, you will be faced with lots and lots of options to choose from, and it can be tricky to select the best model. However, here is a list of some aspects you can keep on your finger next time you go shopping for a gaming mouse pad.

1) Material: The material used in the mouse pad construction determines how durable it is and give it the texture and make ergonomic. Mostly, the gaming mousepads are made of either plastic, rubber, cloth, or any other synthetic material. The material used needs to make the pad last long, feel better, and offer the best mouse-sliding surface. Mostly the pricing will also be affected by the type of construction elements used.

2) Size: Gaming mousepads are of different sizes, and the sizing is a preference factor. However, you might want to buy a gaming mouse pad that you can comfortably use without needing to move it. Most gamers will tell you to buy the larger mouse pads as they offer enough space for the mouse movement. While sizing your gaming mouse pad, also consider the size of the area you have available.

3) Design: The mouse pad design is also a factor you have to consider while you make your purchase. There are some features you need to check when it comes to design, such as the wireless charging, lighting options, and the overall style. Gaming is all about fun, and it would be great if you picked a model that can be charged wirelessly to give you some classy RGB lighting and also something that has some gaming look and style like graphics or prints.

4) Thickness: Apart from the style and form, you also need to consider the thickness of the mouse pad as it can affect your gaming experience. When the mouse pad is too thick, your gaming mouse might slide off it quite quickly, especially when the mouse pad has no edges. Additionally, if the thickness higher than the keyboard, it can get on your way as you play.

5) Texture: The texture is also another crucial thing you’ve to check if you want to have the best gaming experience. While play, your hands slide a lot on the gaming pad. On top of that, mice react differently to different pad textures. A mouse is likely to freeze or catch when you use it on a shiny pad without enough touch. Also, the much-textured mouse pads can turn your wrists raw when you’re playing a marathon game.


With all the info provided here, you can now smile, knowing your next stop in a while making your purchase. It’s far simpler to put your hands on a better gaming mouse pad that improves your gaming experience. If you still having some selection issues, pick any model in the list and proceed to purchase.

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